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Jenny Jett Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip


My pussy belongs to my master

Your masters servant

Jenny, my ex-girlfriend who left me the moment she won the Lottery jackpot, is quite surprised when I show up at her new big a... mansion. Needless to say, she believes it was perfectly ok to leave me or I should better say, disappear, after she won the jackpot. I am actually not ok with that which is why I showed up here in the first place. Of course she wants me to leave asap but that is not going to happen. Let's take her into mindless trance for some, let's call it, attitude adjustment, shall we? Jenny drops, her eyes turn dim, her will diminishes and now she has to learn to crawl, bow to her master and beg and plead for forgiveness. Now she loves to spread her pussy wide open so we get a better look at how wet she is before driving her close to orgasm. Needless to say, there is no orgasm, after all, she has been a bad girl. Masturbation, limp play.

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Jenny Jett Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Forever mindless and mine

No master I cannot control my thoughts

Now, my unfaithful ex learns that she is a servant and nothing more. First off (after dropping her into deep trance again) we have her change into the maids costume right there in front of us and then she has to dust and to vacuum the carpets. Let's have some fun with her by freezing her in place before letting her slowly become aware of her situation. Needless to say, she is confused about all this but what really worries her is when I mention that she will sign over the money and remain my servant forever. Of course there is a lot more female training to come but you will see all that once you watch this.




Jenny Jett Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't need your consent honey

Jenny, my sneaky ex girlfriend is still frozen and helpless which is a good time to mess with her. I am sure you all agree. Now we get see her crumble and beg when I place the Hitachi on her wet pussy until she begs me to spilt the money (jackpot) with me. Interesting what excessive lust can do to a girls will. Jenny's beautiful hard body quivers and shakes, her fingers twitch but there is nothing she can do. She is at my mercy and I certainly don't need her consent, I take what I want.

Time to put her to sleep for a bit. After waking up again, she now believes that masturbating in front of me, is the only way to get rid of me. I wonder what makes her think that? Poor thing freezes up again and now she sits there with the Hitachi frozen to her pussy while she is becoming aware of her unfortunate situation. You think we can drive her so crazy for lust that she actually wants to cum or maybe cannot stop anyways ?




Jenny Jett Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Robo maid

I am Jenny the Robot

Jenny, my ex girlfriend, wakes up not quite remembering what just happened and still, the idea of sharing her fortune with me seems out of the picture despite the fact that she bought the lottery ticket with my money. I guess that's "women's logic" when it comes to money. Oh well, looks like we need to use the "blinking hat" once again to, let's call it, change her mind. Sure enough, despite the fact that she is wondering why the hat has all those blinking lights, she puts it on and... Her body stiffens, her eyes lose all expression and she turns into a robot toy. A few alterations later, Robot Jenny is ready to be used. Let's have her strip and vacuum while masturbating, after all robots can easily multitask. It gets really hot though when I activate her "seduction program" Jenny really knows how to jiggle that sexy ass of hers.




Jenny Jett Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
The power of self-hypnosis

Dr. Jett, a famous hypnotist, does not seem too happy about the fact that she has to deal with a guy who has been sent by his wife because of his enormous sex drive. Needless to say, Dr Jett also believes (just like the guys wife) that having sex twice a day seems way too much. Well, I don't think so but let's find out how oversexed our therapist is. It is really amazing to watch Jenny's personality change as soon as she believes to be Dr. Jett. Anyway, her attempt to put me under fails miserably and leaves her in deep trance. Ready to be turned into a mindlessly obedient ass-jiggling and very seductive slut. Again, Jenny really knows how to shake that sexy butt of hers. Of course there is a lot more going on than just that but you will see al that once you watch this segment.




Jenny Jett Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
A hypnotic conversation

After some brainwashing our sexy girl wakes up again and....

Dr Jett still does not think that my sexual needs and desires are quite normal and again, she wants to help me change my thinking through hypnosis. Needless to say, her oversexed client wants to know all the details and how it works first. The fun part about this segment is that Jenny is programmed to feel penetrated when she hears the word entranced, the term "alpha state" makes her feel a dick in her mouth, the word trance makes her expose her pussy, bound makes her feel tied up, the term love struck makes her feel loving and the word hypnosis makes her finally orgasm. Oh and last but not least, there is the "mute" trigger. Believe me, Dr. Jett will never forget that conversation ever. Check "the colorful conversation" clip from her last visit, both are amazing.




Jenny Jett Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
The session was not supposed to go like this

Here we get to enjoy watching our famous hypnotist being switched back and forth between desperately wanting to show her client those beautiful feet of hers and then absolutely hating to show her feet while being unable to stop herself from doing it. Really hot and intense. Jenny turns into an incredibly hot seductress who knows how to entice with her feet and body when triggered to do so and within a spit second she hates doing it, which makes her feel confused and frustrated. What do you think happens when I tell her that I will put her to sleeep soon so that I can mess with her feet.



Jenny Jett Clip Fifteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Enough is enough

Dr Jett finally had enough (who could blame her) and all she can think of is to get the he... out of the office, despite the fact or maybe because of the fact that her oversexed client is still trying to talk to her.

Poor thing barely makes it to her car but before she can take off, she is put to sleeep by her client who has his own plans for her. What follows is a lot of limp play and pedal pumping in a public parking lot. Really hot and no guys, it is not my car. Did I mention that Jenny is brought to orgasm while.....?



Jenny Jett Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Dream schoolgirl

Here she was, minutes away from being activated for the first time, my new schoolgirl/companion droid. I have to say, I was proud as can be and the best part about all this is that I built and programmed her without my parents having a clue as to what I was up to for the last few month. Anyway, all seemed good, my parents were gone for the day and she was ready to be turned on. Sure enough, she boots right up, opens her eyes and starts talking in that adorable voice I gave her.

 I have to say, she was exactly what I dreamed off, cute, sexy, a bit different looking thanks to the glasses I gave her (I am wearing those myself and I thought it was cool to make her look the same) and most importantly very subservient. It was amazing how she went on and on about my great looks, my muscles and what a great owner and protector I am. I don't get to hear that all that often which is probably why I built her in the first place. As mentioned everything worked well, all I had to do was tweak her settings and the fun could begin. OK, there were some glitches particularly after activating various programs like the sex program and yes she did malfunction but at the end....





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