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Jenny Jett Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Can't do without it

Jenny Jett, definitely one of my favorite subjects back for more fun. I am certain that most of you were waiting to see more of her after her last visit, which is why I invited her again. Get ready for another absolutely amazing session. In case you are one of our brand new viewers, here is how I described her last time.

Jenny Jett, beautiful blond with a sexy little hard body was a delight to work with. Sexy, smart, naturally horny, adventures and funny at time is probably the best way to describe her. Needless to say, she was a great subject and, like many of my girls, she learned a lot about herself that day.

Needless to say, we went right into the action and here are some of the highlights of this segment

Jedi mind-trick puts her right back under, slow and monotone repetitions of," I am your entranced slave master," while in the zombie pose, hypno bound while being made to feel a thrusting vibrator, questions and (entranced) answers, mindlessly posed, nipple stimulation and orgasm training, deep trance and unblinking stares and so much more intense female training. Some of the things she says are : I am bound by you M, I love your power over me M, I need your control M and so much more. Really intense and diverse start of her session.


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Jenny Jett Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I love to turn you on master

Some of the highlights here are : slow incredibly seductive strip dance, mindlessly frozen, entranced blank and unblinking stares (until her eyes tear) Auto posing mannequin (poses included the angry wife pose, schoolgirl, dominatrix, self spanking girl, seductive temptress, mindlessly posed mannequin (I pose her body and then place different objects in her hands) intense masturbation, yes masters, adult toy store model and more. Jenny is incredibly seductive in this one. The way she dances, spanks her own ass and so on is hot and it shows how much she seeks approval while she enjoys turning us on.




Jenny Jett Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I came to obey my master

I am your slave girl master

Here we get to enjoy watching her being switched from and adult toy store model to becoming an obedient, well trained and horny love slave. Needless to say, there is a lot of intense "slave girl training, forced orgasms, masturbation, yes masters and so on yet to come. At some point( in midst orgasm) she is dropped back into deep mindless trance and now.... Intense and not for the weak




Jenny Jett Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Why can't I move master

Towards the end of this segment, Jenny wakes up frozen stiff and with that unable to move while feeling a very intense orgasm. Needless to say, she is orgasmed without having any control over it and what makes this even more fun to watch is that she does not remember that the session had already started. As far as she is concerned, she just got here and all of a sudden she is frozen stiff and orgasmed.

The main part of the clip though is all about our sleeepy girl being slowly moved, posed, dropped and other wise manipulated while out. Of course we take our time (and zoom in) while checking her pussy, eyes, ears, hands, navel, remove her shoes, feet and so much more. Time to freeze her and...




Jenny Jett Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Slut training

I am under your power master

I am your little slut master

Because your master says so

Jenny now believes that she just got here and that the session has not yet started. Suddenly she is overcome by the desire to masturbate herself to orgasm for my viewing pleasure. Her legs are spread wide for me while she gives her wet pussy a workout. She keeps repeating, " it feels so good master to please you master." Of course that is all just the beginning. Her slut training gets even more intense when she is dropped to her knees and driven through a series of very intense breath controlled orgasm. Jenny goes crazy for lust while her sexy hard body goes into lustful convulsions. Once at the peak, she is dropped back into deep mindless trance. No mind no will master. Again, her unblinking eyes stare into nothingness (for quite some time) Time for her to learn that sluts crawl and beg. It gets really intense when she is made to feel fucked and used from behind while on all four. Jenny goes nuts again when she feels me spanking her ass until she is orgasmed again and... It all ends with our little slut seductively trying to seduce her master by offering her beautiful body (and wet pussy) to him. Includes ass and pussy spanking, lots of yes masters, slut training and......




Jenny Jett Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Foot slut training

You make my toes curl master

Jenny is now consumed by the desire to show and offer us her beautiful feet while telling us all about her feet and why she desires me to touch them as well as admire them. Our little slut seductively crawls to the couch where she poses her body and feet for us. Of course that is all just warm up. Jenny wrinkles her feet, spreads her toes, runs her fingers through her toes while begging me to touch them. We all know by now that Jenny likes it rough and sure enough, she goes crazy for lust again when I start to spank those sexy feet of hers. Lots more to come after this. Go check it out




Jenny Jett Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Horny sluts need to be hypnotized

Please master look at my wide open pussy

Jenny, who believes the session just started now tells us why she wants and even more importantly, why she needs to be hy.pnoed. She keeps about needing to be controlled or otherwise her wet pussy gets out of hand. Of course that is only one of many reasons why she sees the need to be controlled. Our little girl goes on and on about how much she needs a strong hand (and mind) to keep her under control and how much she loves being told what to do and when to do it. I can't mention all of her arguments why she needs a master who as total control over her but it is sure well worth watching her begging to be put under by her master.

The best part is that she does not know that she is already hy.pnoed. Suddenly on my command, she snaps at attention and starts to talk in a monotone robotic voice. Let's have some fun with robot Jenny before we activate her "dick sucking doll" program. Now our horny "doll" is consumed by the idea to suck dick and to masturbate. Of course we have her do some jumping jacks before "switching" her back into being a horny and very seductive slut who tries to seduce her master.

Towards the end, I make her aware of what she just did (her finger is still in her wet Pussy) which leaves her confused and very surprised, after all, as far as she is concerned, the session hasn't even started. Slow sleep and limp play still to come




Jenny Jett Robot Movie Part one Members - Click here to view this clip
Dream schoolgirl

Here she was, minutes away from being activated for the first time, my new schoolgirl/companion droid. I have to say, I was proud as can be and the best part about all this is that I built and programmed her without my parents having a clue as to what I was up to for the last few month. Anyway, all seemed good, my parents were gone for the day and she was ready to be turned on. Sure enough, she boots right up, opens her eyes and starts talking in that adorable voice I gave her.

 I have to say, she was exactly what I dreamed off, cute, sexy, a bit different looking thanks to the glasses I gave her (I am wearing those myself and I thought it was cool to make her look the same) and most importantly very subservient. It was amazing how she went on and on about my great looks, my muscles and what a great owner and protector I am. I don't get to hear that all that often which is probably why I built her in the first place. As mentioned everything worked well, all I had to do was tweak her settings and the fun could begin. OK, there were some glitches particularly after activating various programs like the sex program and yes she did malfunction but at the end....


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