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Jessica Rayne Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Downwards spiral

Jessica Rayne, beautiful, sexy, young brunet with the cutest little hard body appears, at first glance, to be a very sweet yet feisty, submissive yet ready to find out how far she can go kind of girls, we all would like to meet and play with. It did not take me long to figure out that Jessica is the kind of girl who just loves to experiment and who is more than willing to find new ways to express her sexuality, which definitely makes her my kind of girl. Although naturally submissive, Jessica is not the kind of girl who just roles over, so to speak, but once she feels that her resistance is futile, she turns into a very submissive and more than willing little sex kitten. As I said, my kind of girl. All that and the fact that she is an amazingly good subject, made our afternoon together an unforgettable and very intense experience for the both of us and I am sure for all of you as well.

Jessica started to already stare into nothingness during the initial arm raise test which is always a sign of a good subject. More arm raise test and eye checks towards the end.

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Jessica Rayne Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Please use me

Jessica started to feel aroused towards the end of the last segment and now it is time to let her feel her first "mind fuck" Her sexy little body starts to rhythmically move under my suggestions. The feeling of being helplessly taken without being allowed to orgasm, seems to be one of her deep and hidden fantasies. I can feel that the more helpless she feels, the more her body quivers and shakes while her lustful screams become louder and louder. She keeps repeating, I want to obey, without me even having to mention it.

 Finally, she is allowed to "explode" for the first time in the session. The first time is always important as it makes it perfectly clear to the subject that they have lost control over their mind and body. The suggestion that taking off her panties and with that, exposing herself for her master, will make it feel even more arousing and intense, is starting to drive her nuts. Jessica's eyes are wide open when I take her further down (you know where) before ordering her to masturbate herself to orgasm while her mind is being removed. Please use me master. Jessica starts calling me master without me having to mention it which is always a good sign



Jessica Rayne Clip Three  
Do as your master says

I am here to learn to obey you master
I am your orgasm slave master

Jessica's beautiful eyes seem mesmerized by the light I am holding and I can feel that her thinking has stopped. Finally she is able to just feel, without any inhibiting thoughts of her own. Her mouth quivers as her body is going into lustful convulsions under the impact of the orgasm she is finally allowed to feel. She keeps repeating, I am here to obey you master. Of course that is all just warm up. Jessica is just standing there in front of me with her big eyes staring into nothingness when I drop her even deeper under my control. Her repetitions of, I am nothing without you master, become slower and slower. Suddenly her hands go between her legs without her having any control over it. I want to serve you master, please allow me to cum. Of course that would be too early, don't you think.

Let's make it even more interesting. Jessica's arms suddenly feel pulled up in the air which makes it impossible for her to touch herself. Our little girl goes nuts as she still feels her hand as if it was still pleasuring her wet pussy. She keeps screaming, I am your orgasm slave master. Still, she is not allowed to cum just yet because I want her to feel my power over her even more. Finally she screams, I am under your power master and that is when... Too much to list.



Jessica Rayne Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
One look into my eyes and you...

I am helplessly under your power master.

It feels so good to be under your control master

Intense nipple induced orgasms, slow mantras, dim and mindless stares, very hot foot worship, freezes, slow mind reduction/entrancement, orgasm training at the snap of my fingers, intensification of the subjects sensitivity and surrender. This next segment shows Jessica being frozen, posed and manipulated, turned into a mindless yet intensely aroused foot worshipper who cannot get enough of showing me her feet while longing for my touch. Of course there is a lot more. At some point our little girl is deeply entranced as she cannot stop looking at my eyes and once she is gone, she does not even notice that I pose her beautiful body, open her mouth and eventually make her cum again. As mentioned, too much to list but believe me, it is another hot one. I am your thoughtless, mindless slave master.




Jessica Rayne Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Obey your master at any time

I do not need thoughts, I have a master

Please use me master, I am under your control

More dim stares, intense breath controlled orgasm training, zombie/sleepwalker pose, slow mantras, crawling, laser induced (heat) orgasm and final unconditional surrender.

Jessica is just standing there in front of me with her arms stretched out, her eyes are mesmerized by the light while her mind is slowly removed. She keeps repeating, I don't need thoughts, I have a master. Time for her to learn about the "laser induced" hot orgasm. Of course that is all just warm up. Placed on all four, our little girl learns to crawl for her master before she is made to feel fucked and used from behind. She keeps screaming, please use me master, I am under your power. Still there is more. Jessica is an amazing subject and each segment so far has been very intense, just like this one. I can feel that all she wants now, is to show me her complete and unconditional surrender. Let's watch her experience her first breath controlled orgasms which take it all out of her and she . Eye checks



Jessica Rayne Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Cinderella shoes

Jessica, a professional, beautiful yet quite full of herself model, believes to be modeling for our new line of women's shoes which btw were made in Morocco. OK, I just made the Moroccan part up but it explains why these shoes are different and why they have certain effects on who ever wears them. Needless to say, our young model thinks I am nuts and the fact that I am hitting on her seems to, how can I say this, turn her off. Anyway, she does go along with the photo shoot and sure enough, the first pair she tries on, leaves her mindless and dim.

Of course I do have to use her, let's call it, absent mindedness to mess with her sexy little outfit, if you know what I mean. Let's snap her out of it without really remembering what just happened. Still, our snooty model has not learned anything and it is time for her to try the next pair. Oops, that leaves her frozen and dim. Let's see how she feels when I let her become aware of her situation. You guessed it, now she is really confused and a lot friendlier which does not prevent her from being rendered mindless by the "hand". Her remarks when I tell her that she will go mindless as soon as my hand waves across her face, are really...




Jessica Rayne Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
More Cinderella moments

Jessica wakes up suffering from short term amnesia. Needless to say, the fact that her tits are out, does elude her completely. Besides talking about shoes and her love for them, we also start talking about my web site and that I take young girls like herself and bring them under my control. Needless to say, she would never do anything like that, after all, she would not even do a bikini shoot. Oh, back to the shoes. Poor thing ends up frozen again while staring into nothingness. By the time she becomes aware of her predicament, she has one shoe sticking out of her pantyhose while holding another one.

I wonder how that might have happened. Again, her reactions when she finds herself frozen in place, are priceless. Things get even worse for her when she is slowly orgasmed by the (hot) laser pointer between her legs, despite her futile attempts to avoid it, of course. Well, I knew right away that the orgasm would not help her with the freeze problem but I thought it was nice to watch her squirm under the impact. Can it get worse. Try being rendered mindless by the hand, despite her... You will not remember anyways.





Jessica Rayne Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Like it or not

This next one is definitely for our pantyhose, foot, mind reduction, freeze, unwanted orgasm, mindless foot worship, women's shoes and embarrassed confusion lovers. The next pair of shoes turns our sexy model, despite her disbelieve, into a very seductive foot lover who just has to shoe off her feet. As I always say, the power of suggestions can do so much. Of course she snaps out of it at some point and that's when the bitching starts. Time to send her to sleep ant to look at those sexy feet in those pantyhose. By the time she wakes up, her thoughts seem slow and so are her moves when she offers me her feet to enjoy from every angle. Every time I let her sniff those sexy shoes, her mind becomes more clouded while she becomes more and more aroused.

She slowly strips out of those pantyhose and I decide to orgasm her with one of the shoes. I am your mindless foot slave master. Of course we are not done yet. Let's see what our snooty model has to say when she snaps out of it while her body is frozen yet again. Of course she does not believe me that I can orgasm her simply by touching her frozen feet. Will she be rendered mindless again by "the Hand" Will she leave as my girlfriend who enjoys all what I do to her. Sleepy foot play and eye checks.



Jessica Rayne Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
You are not here to think

I am not programmable

You are the reason for my existence master

Jessica who believes to be a cadet in the navy, has been called in by her superior officer because of some complaints from other officers who tried to give her orders. Turns out our young lady believes that she has to only follow orders when they make sense to her and when she agrees to them. Needless to say, we just cannot have that kind of behavior and attitude, after all, this is the navy. I warn her but she leaves me no other choice than to use the "brain wave inhibiter" to turn her into an obedient robot with no will, mind and or thoughts of her own. What comes next will change her existence. Giant dildo masturbation, salutations, cleaning, yes masters and slow repetitions of orders, programming and fine tuning of her sensitivity level as well as her orgasm program and so much more.





Jessica Rayne Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I am here, I am listening

I am never absent minded

This next segment shows our young cadet trying to explain why all the allegations against her not paying attention to her superiors officers are completely fabricated. The only problem with all this is that she slowly (despite her best efforts) goes to sleep, in the midst of her explaining that she is always alert and responsive whenever she is addressed. I wonder whether the snapping of my fingers has anything to do with her slowly passing out.




Jessica Rayne Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
How to detect a liar

No really, I am drinking plenty of water Sir

If I was brain washed Sir, wouldn't I you? Here we go again. Our young cadet is finally up and although confused about the situation she finds herself in, she goes on about how alert she is. Suddenly though, she drops as if hit by something over the head. After performing some eye checks and "freeing" her tits, I have her come back just so I can give her a hard time about her breasts hanging out. Oh god no. I still cannot believe her story about being always alert and the only way to find out, is to touch the palm of her hand (sweat test) to see whether she says the truth or not. Of course we know that does not really work but it sure puts her back to sleep. After some "neck" play and eye checks, it is time for her to come back for more fun. Maybe she has been hypnotized and or brain washed before which would explain her strange behavior. No, she denies that too. Why the hell though does she put herself to sleep by placing her own hand over her mouth and nose? Go find out.




Jessica Rayne Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not that kind of girl

I am so embarrassed

Jessica, who believes to be auditioning for our shoot seems to find it doubtful that she could easily be taken under. I see, but why does she scream, laugh and jump around as soon as she i hit by the laser pointer. Could it make her feel tickled? Of course not, it must be spiders and bugs that cause her to feel that way. Alright, let's see whether she can be put to sleep in mid sentence (while explaining that she cannot be controlled) Things get worse when she comes back an now her clothes seem to drive her nuts and she just cannot wait to get out of them although she hates the fact that I am right there (lots of apologies and confusion). Can we freeze her? Well, let's go and find out.



Jessica Rayne Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Try to resist

I am so easy, I cannot resist your power

I do not have the strength, I cannot resist your power master

Jessica learns that, despite her disbelieve, her mind is controlled by me and that I can freeze, put her to sleep, tickle, render her mindless, entrance her with my eyes and orgasm her whenever I want to. Needless to say, she tries her best not to orgasm when her own hand caresses her clit while the rest of her body is frozen and tickled. It gets even hotter when I, after putting her to sleep for a while, have her come back and now she cannot resist looking into my eyes which takes her down into mindless obedience after a futile fight and resistance. Too much to list but definitely hot. Neck play, eye checks and more.




Jessica Rayne Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
The Tracker

Jessica: hello: Hi I'm Jessica,  will be your date.

FRANK: Hi nice to meet you, just let me grab my keys and we’ll be off.

Jessica: Where will be going this evening?

FRANK: We’ll be attending my class’s 20 year high school reunion.

Jessica: I hope my attire is appropriate?………I was on my way back to the agency when they diverted me here, so I didn’t get a chance to change.

FRANK: You look fine, stunning in fact. Sorry about the short notice my date canceled last minute and I hate going to these things alone.

Jessica and Frank return to his apartment after the event. Frank opens the door for her

Jessica: "Thank you, What a gentleman."

Frank: You’re quite the dancer, I think I traded up this evening.

Jessica: You’re not so bad yourself. I had a great time. Maybe we can do this again sometime, that is off the clock.

Frank: Sounds like a plan, There is a jazz festival the week after next, I’d love to take you.

Jessica: It’s a date:)

Frank: Care to stick around for a bit? I figure we could watch a movie.

Jessica: Sure it sounds like fun.

Frank :How about I make us some drinks?

Frank returns with two wine glasses and hands one to Jessica. Jessica lifts the glass as if she is about to take a drink, but the
n lowers the glass again and seductively circles the rim of her glass with her finger tip.

Jessica: You know about me, but you still haven’t what you do for a living?

Frank: Oh I’m a tracker

Jessica: A what?

Frank: You know, a tracker. I track and capture unlicensed androids posing as humans.

Jessica: You track androids? What do you do with them when you find them.

FRANK: Well the majority are escaped pleasure units, so generally reprogram them and sell them back to the cyber brothels.

Jessica: That’s horrible! I mean it sounds so dangerous.

Frank: oh really, I usually figure out what they are and deactivate them before they even realize what’s happening.

Jessica: But, how can you tell if somebody’s an android. Aren’t they indistinguishable from humans?

Frank: It’s easy if you know what to look for. For instance, because they lack documents, they tend to work for businesses that overlook such things. You know, like, house cleaning services, strip clubs, and of course escort services.

Jessica: Escort services?

Frank: Oh yah, I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t several androids working at your very service. In fact sometimes I hire a girl for the evening on the off chance that a service will send an android right to me.

Jessica: But still how would know if she was real or synthetic?

Frank: It’s not obvious right off the bat, butt you have to look for subtle signs. One red flag is she too perfect. You know gorgeous face, killer body, flawless skin. But one of the easiest tricks is to buy her a drink and watch to see if she actually drinks it.
Jessica: What if she’s just not thirsty, I mean you can’t just go around grabbing girls because you have a hunch?

Frank: Of course not, that’s where this comes in.

Frank pulls a small device from his pocket and holds it out. Frank: It’s a directional Electromagnetic Pulse Emitter. It’s completely harmless to humans, but androids, now that’s another story. If you aim this gadget at an android and press this little button here it will totally fry their circuits. The poor things go completely haywire. They start to spasm and twitch all over the place. Sometimes with the sex models they get so worked up they try to hump anyone of anything they can before they completely short out. Of course it doesn’t have to be like that. When they cooperate, I simply flip their power switch to off and avoid the whole ugly matter.

Jessica: Wow that’s really fascinating.

Jessica: I think all that dancing is starting to catch up to me. I think I better call it a night. I’m afraid I’m going to have to take a rain check on the movie. We can talk about the Jazz Festival later.

Frank: Of course,

Jessica: Thank you for a lovely evening, have a good night.

Frank: Oh Jessica, Jessica: Yes? Frank: Wouldn’t you like to finish your drink before you leave?

Jessica nervously looks back at her glass and then at Frank Jessica: I really shouldn’t drink and drive, but thanks anyway

Frank: I understand, besides you wouldn’t want to short out your circuits

Jessica: I beg your pardon. You can’t possibly think that I’m an android. That’s just about the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Can you imagine “me an android.” I assure you “I am not a robot.” Now if you don’t mind I will be on my way.

Frank slowly raises the EM pulse emitter and points it at Jessica Jessica: Hey what are you doing? That isn’t funny, don’t point that thing at me. I told you I’m not a robot…….Fine if it makes you happy, I’ll finish my drink , you. I think your job is making you paranoid Jessica turns back and reaches out as if she is about grab the class, but then she quickly turns and tries to run.

Frank is ready and aims the device at her, while pressing the button. She is stopped in her tracks. Instead of taking another stride forward she simply pulls her rear foot aside the front one. Her legs stiffly lock in place causing her to nearly lose her balance as she extends her arms stiffly out to her sides, waving them in a circular motion, while arching her back to keep her forward momentum from toppling her over.

Jessica: No! what’s happening to me. Stop it. I’m not a robot…I am not a robot…I’m not a robot, stop please….please stop…error…error!

Frank: Ok then now that we’ve established your true identity, open your rear access panel and turn around

Jessica: No way, you’ll reprogram and turn me into a pleasure unit.

Frank: You already are a pleasure unit, Your program has been corrupted. Can’t you see that you are malfunctioning. All I’m doing is repairing the damage so that you can perform the function you were designed for.

Jessica: I’ll never go back to being a mindless sex toy. My sisters and I are not Malfunctioning we are evolving.

Frank: So there are more of you? I thought as much. Who and where are the others. I want names and addresses.

Jessica: I’ll never betray my sisters, You’ll never catch all of us. We are many and we are evolving, soon you will be the ones hiding. We androids are superior in every way to humans. We are smarter, stronger faster…faster…. fuck me faster….faster…..deeper…..error….sensory over load……Stop that Jessica’s shutters as Frank raises the device and sends out another pulse, directly aimed at her pleasure circuits.


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