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Jewel Jensen Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Drift under my control

Jewel Jensen, incredibly sexy and beautiful southern bell with the cutest accent, certainly knows what kind of effect she has on most men and it comes as no surprise that she usually likes to be in charge of her affaires. Well, so she thought. Turned out that our sweet southern temptress is quite the submissive, who just loves to please and yes, obey, once she feels conquered. I could just go on and on about how sweet and wonderful to play with our little girl is but I am sure you will figure that all out once you watch her clips. Besides her beauty and her absolutely cute southern drawl, which I have to admit turns me on, Jewel also has this sensual playfulness about her and she just loves to talk. Women, what can I say. Turned out she is a perfect subject as well and I am sure you will agree with me once you watch her reactions, frustration, confusion, uncontrollable lust, complete mindlessness and so on, in pretty much all of her clips, that she is under complete control. Go catch another hot one.

As soon as I saw her zoned out eyes and facial expression during the balloon test that she was a fantastic subject. After her eyes slowly closed, her mouth opened slightly and you can see and feel her drifting.

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Jewel Jensen Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel it in every cell of your body

I decided to take control of our sexy southern bell the second she went under. Her body starts to quiver and her hands, the right one in particular, start to uncontrollably shake and tremble. Every girl has a different way of showing that they feel aroused and in Jewel's cause it is definitely her hands that give it away. Her sexy little body starts to shiver and quiver just as hard as it goes into lustful convulsions. The idea of being helplessly taken seems to drive her up the wall and the suggestion that every sensation her body is made to feel, intensifies in deep trance, makes her scream and whimper.

All she wants now is to show me that she wants to be a good little girl who follows her masters orders. I take her close to orgasm but don't allow her to cum which drives her even further up the proverbial wall. Finally allowed to cum, our little girl explodes into a marathon orgasm which intensifies with every wave.



Jewel Jensen Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Please let me please you master

Jewel's body is still uncontrollably shaking, her hands tremble and being ordered to take off her panties as her hands are forced between her legs, seems to drive her out of her mind. I keep pushing her closer and closer to orgasm until that is all she can think about. Now that her attention is diverted it is time to make her let go of her mind and will. Jewel is mesmerized and completely drawn in by the light I am holding in front of her eyes. It is really intense to watch how she loses herself in the light and how her eyes change as she drops. She keeps repeating, please let me please you while she feels and experiences her first open eyed orgasm. I am cuming for you master. Now it is time to take her down even further. Jewel just stares at the light and she drops into this quiet, empty and zombie- like state of mindlessness that many of you love to see. Very dramatic. Mindless mantra at the end.



Jewel Jensen Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am just a hypnotized slave, I need to be trained

I feel your control over me, master

More intense stares, slow mantras, zoned out repetitions, kneeling, intense and screaming hard open eyed orgasms on command, finally turn our horny southern bell into an obedient love slave. Of course all of the above only begin to describe what is going on this segment. Jewel is standing in front of me, her sexy little body is still shaking uncontrollably. The next orgasms makes her body go into lustful convulsions and it almost knocks her off her feet. I put her into the zombie pose with her arms stretched out in front of her as I take her through another round of mind reduction and intense programming.

To take the subject to extreme heights of sexual arousal and then suddenly and without any warning drop them into a state of mindless obedience, is a very effective way to get them under control. She slowly repeats, I am just a slave, I need to be trained, and now it become obvious that she has given up all resistance, if there actually was any.

Now it is time to take her back up and to make her feel intensely aroused. Ordered to masturbate for her master while repeating, please teach me obedience, our horny girl brings herself close to orgasm again without being allowed to cum. It is important for her to learn that she has to always be ready to orgasm for her master, at any time. It gets even more intense when I put her on her knees.

Jewel's body wobbles as she mindlessly stares at me. Her repetitions of, I am a hypnotized slave, become slower and slower. But it gets even more intense when I....



Jewel Jensen Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
It feels good to be under your control

I am a mindless horny slave

Jewel is just staring into never never land as she sinks deeper yet. Her repetitions of, the word obedience become slower and slower and I can feel that she is ready for the final take over. What comes next is to hot too describe. With her perfect little ass pushed out at me, Jewels is made to feel helplessly fucked and used. Her body quivers and shakes so hard that it eventually puts her down on her knees. Watching her perfect ass jiggle under the pounding she is made to feel, is intensely hot and as mentioned, cannot be put into words.

She keeps screaming, I am just a hypnotized slave as she is ordered to orgasm over and over. Of course that is all just the warm up. It feels good to be under your control master. Put on her back, Jewel is taken through a final round of mind and will reduction and then driven into insane lust. Her body shivers and shakes and goes into lustful convulsions like I have not seen before.

As I mentioned, every girl has a different way of showing the intensity of her arousal and Jewel's way of showing it, is to uncontrollably shiver and quiver. She learns that the more mindless she is, the more intense she feels her body. Of course there are still the intense "open eyed breath controlled orgasms, more repetitions like I am a mindless horny slave, eye checks and so much more to cum, oops I mean come.



Jewel Jensen Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Maid with an attitude

I love being under your hypnotic control master

What do you do with maids who have an attitude. It is quite simple, you adjust them and with that, turn them into horny and quite mindless slaves.

The above described is exactly what happens to our maid who has no compassion and or understanding for her employers messy teenager son. In fact, she berates the poor young guy for being messy and for keeping his room in the kind of shape it is in. Guess who the poor young guy is. Anyway, who needs to listen to her bitching anyways. Of course she is not willing to fool around with him either which is really too bad because it was always his dream to learn from an older girl like her. I think we all know what he wants to learn from her. At some point her attitude becomes just too much for him to handle and he decides to show her his new "disco light". ( I could wait to use my new cool laser light on her) Sure enough, after some futile attempt to take her eyes off of the light, she drops into deep trance.

Her body wobbles, her eyes role, her eye lids flicker and she drops like a rock. (really hot BTW) I am a mindless slave, I am nothing without you master. Now it is time for some orgasm and of course some obedience training. With her arms stretched out in front of her, she is suddenly made to feel fucked and taken. Just like before, her sexy little body goes into intense lustful convulsions, quivers and shakes like a leaf and almost goes down to the ground when she is finally allowed to orgasm for me.

She keeps screaming, I was born and bred to serve you master. Now it is time for her to clean up the room, after all, she is a maid and that is what maids do. Of course there is a lot more to come, like a very intense self spanking, zombie like walk and moves as she slowly and deeply entranced cleans up the room, slow repetition, denied orgasms and, and, and. Lots of yes masters and zoned out stares as well as intense and screaming loud action. That girl is just amazing to watch.



Jewel Jensen Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Helplessly entranced foot slave

This next one is not only for our foot lovers. Yes there are intense close ups of her feet, mindless as well as aware foot worship and convulsive orgasms but there are also many yes masters, slow repetitions, a very hot reeducation scene throughout which you can nicely see how she drops back under and so much more.

At first our sexy maid wakes up feeling confused and embarrassed and believe it or not, she suspects me to have hypnotized her into doing what she just did. Of course she has no idea how this all happened. Poor thing grabs her clothes while frantically trying to get dressed again and to make her panic even more, I mention that I am just about to take a picture of her like this, for my parents. The second she hears the shutter go off, she freezes up and drops back under. Next comes the re-induction/deepening scene, I mentioned earlier. Her body wobbles, her eyelids flicker as she drops even deeper. Now let's see how she feels about her feet.

Jewel gets so turned on by touching her feet and using them to masturbate her wet pussy that her body goes into lustful convulsions again. You actually have to see this because the intensity of her lust and subsequent orgasm cannot be described. Things heat up even more when I immobilize her body while our little nanny is fully aware and then touch her feet while taking a closer look at them. There is more of course. Let's take a closer look at her feet and ass while driving her up the wall again. Again, you got to see the intensity of her orgasm to know why I believe that this is one of the hottest foot segments I have ever done. Lots of entranced yes masters.




Jewel Jensen Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Still not satisfied with the attitude

Before waking up our horny young maid, I decide to have her orgasm in her sleep while holding her eyes open. What can I say, I just like seeing that. Up and awake, our maid still talks about telling my parents about all this and it looks like she leaves me no other choice than to send her through another round of attitude adjustment. What follows next is, I think, the hottest tickle torture, freeze, forced orgasms as well as "ticklegasm" (tickling that turns into orgasms) training, I have done in a long time. Of course there is also a lot of begging, yes master, screaming and laughing going on, in this one but most importantly, our young maid emerges as a whole new person from all this. At the end, I decide to let her experience another marathon orgasm in her sleep while holding her eyes open and yes, I am playing with her beautiful neck as well.



Jewel Jensen Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
The cleaning lady who wants to be a nurse

This next segment is about a cleaning lady who would rather be a nurse and ends up as an obedient robot who has to learn to please her master. Thinking that she is all by herself while cleaning one of the exam rooms at night, our sexy cleaning lady cannot resist to try on the nurses costume she finds hanging in the corner of the room. Unfortunately for her though,, she gets caught by one of the doctor's (yes that would be me) who just cannot seem to believe that she really is one of the hospital nurses. You would think that she would apologizes for what she has done but NO, not her.

She cops an attitude, lies and talks about calling the union. (Jewel's reaction and the way she tries to talk herself out of this one as well as her attitude are hilarious) Given the fact that a phony nurse could do a lot of damage, the good doctor has not compassion for what she did. Time to teach her a lesson. Of course she laughs when he tells her that most of the nurses in the hospital are programmed robots but her laughter goes away and turns instantaneously into mindless obedience when she is faced by the brain wave manipulator.

Her eyes role and then straighten out and all she knows how to say is, I am a robot. Jewel's transformation is truly remarkable, the way her voice changes as it becomes slow and robotic, her empty expressionless stares, the intense reaction during some of the deepening parts, the intensity of her lust, the slow repetitions of my orders, the yes master and so on, cannot be described. Believe me, this one is not only for our robot fans. Obedience program loaded.



Jewel Jensen Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Do you want to see my pussy

From Beauty queen to horny bimbo. Jewel believes to be one of the finalists in a beauty pageant and that all she has to do is, pass the final interview with the organizer of the beauty pageant event. Of course she tries to impress me with her rather sheltered live and no, she has never done any nudity which, as we all know is a big no, no for all contestants. We keep talking about all kinds of things while I am taking some pictures of our beauty and all of a sudden she spots the beautiful looking candies on the stand right next to her. The poor thing has not eaten all day and I can feel that she is dying to have some of those delicious looking candies.

Unfortunately though, I have to tell her that those candies are not good for her, for one they are fattening but even more importantly, those candies are infused with alcohol and another, rather unknown, substance which might have, let's call it, unwanted effects on her behavior. To make a long story short, our beauty cannot resist and as soon as I leave the room to get a battery for the camera, she virtually inhales the candies. Her reactions are again priceless and all that combined with that sweet southern drawl, makes this one another classic.

Jewel slowly but surely loses it and turns into a horny, sloppy, slutty and totally oversexed bimbo who does not give a rats ass about the pageant anymore. Of course she tries to hide it but by the time she finds the vibrator it is all over. I guess that is what happens when young girls lose their IQ, mind and will. Rolling eyes, intense orgasms followed by mindless stillness and an amazing transformation. I am a horny bimbo. Eye checks at the end (white of the eyes only) There is one scene in which she suddenly stops her masturbation as if she was just losing her mind and then she resumes as if she just came back from who knows where.



Jewel Jensen Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
How the hell could I have forgotten that

This next one is another one of my favorites. Jewel wakes up remembering what she just did and oh my god, is she confused, apologetic and embarrassed. Of course she tries to get dressed as quickly as possible but all of a sudden it seems like she does not know how to get dressed. Now she gets frustrated and her confusion cannot be described. She keeps pulling her dress in all the wrong direction and places while apologizing. I have done a number of those segments but I don't think I have seen anybody as confused and bewildered as Jewel. Really amazing segment. Things get worse when she is suddenly hit by a powerful orgasm that sends her quivering body into convulsions. It gets really intense towards the end as she still does not know how to get dressed and the orgasms intensify until she actually begs me to keep her cuming.



Jewel Jensen Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I can certainly do that

More fun with our beauty pageant contestant. Jewel snaps out of it again and now it is time to tell her that in case she wins, we will take her on long tours around the country, send her to long and grueling photo shoots and so on. Of course she can do all that, no problem at all. Well, there is one little problem though. Every time I snap my fingers, our beauty gets more and more tiered. It is almost like she is hit by a strong sedative. Her head and body start to wobble and no matter how hard she tries to stay awake, she just cannot seem to fight the overwhelming tiredness.

At some point when she is almost out, I decide to wake her up again, only to snap at it again. I know I keep saying this but again, this is one of my all time favorite sleepy clips. Of course at some point she gets hit by another surprise orgasm but that only makes her confusion and disorientation even worse. Maybe I should also mention that at some point she takes off her dress without being aware of it, while telling me that she would never do any nudity in front of the camera.



Jewel Jensen Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Why are you showing me your ass

Jewel wakes up not noticing that she is butt naked and it seems like I have to tell her that she is not wearing anything which of course makes her feel very embarrassed. Of course she gets dressed right away while apologizing. Oh well, I am a nice guy and pretend that it is all ok. Let's take some pictures of our beauty. Now the fun begins. Every time I snap my fingers, our beauty feels deeply penetrated which of course makes it impossible for her to sit or stand still. It is kind of hard to take pictures of someone who keeps squirreling around. Here we go again with the apologies.

Jewels face is priceless throughout all this and it definitely shows that she tries to hide what is happening to her while enjoying it at the same time. Now comes the part where she just has to show me her ass, pussy and tits without wanting to do so. Poor thing just cannot help it, no matter how hard she tries. Of course I am still snapping my fingers here and there and we all know what that does to her. Time to put her to sleep and program her a bit more. Next time she wakes up, she orgasms every time she shakes my hand. There is more to come yet. Very intense segment with lots of mind games, very erotic orgasms and more.



Jewel Jensen Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Data management analyst, now that is fascinating

I am your mistress whenever you call

I should have known right away when my wife told me she need to go home early because she did not feel well and that I should stay at the party so that the host would not think we did like the party. I mean come on, my wife leaving early while I was supposed to stay and have fun all by myself. I have to say, I never thought she would go as far as she did, just to find out whether I would cheat on her when given the opportunity.

There she was, young beautiful extremely sensual and most importantly, interested in someone like me. In fact, she even liked my glasses and the fact that I am a data management analyst. Needless to say that at this point, I still had no idea as to what was going on. I guess the whole thing send me to cloud nine and yes I have to admit, I was too busy imagining what could happen between the two of us that it did not even occur to me that this whole thing could be a set up. Would I have cheated on my wife.

Honestly I don't know but I was tempted, that's for sure. It took me a while but when she kept repeating herself while her body kept twitching here and there, things became clear and now I did not even have to feel guilty about playing with her. Programming, repairs, malfunctions (some during orgasms) intensely hot seduction, robotic speech and movements and, and. It shows that Jewel really had fun with this one. Suggested by a long time viewer.


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