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Jordan Skye Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Finding peace

Jordan Skye, sexy, seductive and very sexual brunet with the most beautiful set of natural breasts, recently decided to change her life to explore and experience her wild side. What does that mean for us? Well, for one, we get to enjoy her living out some of her deepest hidden fantasies while being captured on video. Jordan turned out to be very sexual, naturally submissive (after being put into place that is) very playful and charming and most importantly very horny once under control. Jordan was certainly nervous at first which quite common, after all, this is a very different kind of shoot for pretty much all the girls, no matter how much experience they might have. It took some deepening and reinforcing here and there but once she felt save, she dropped like a rock. Enjoy.

I noticed right away that she needed a slow induction to get her where I needed her to be. Towards the end, I decided to use deepening technique, which is to make the subject repeatedly open their eyes and then have them go back under after only a few seconds. Lots of flickering eyelids, twitching and other body language, hand held close ups as well as eye checks.

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Jordan Skye Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
You will submit

Jordan's beautiful body starts to quiver under the penetration she is made to feel. It is time for her to let go of all control and to understand that there is no other way than to submit. I can feel how it turns her on to have no choice. After some more programming, I decide to take her to the brink of her first orgasm without allowing her to actually explode though. Her eyes are wide open which again, seems to turn her on and she keeps repeating, I let go of all control. A lot of the girls respond very well to the, what I call, "the good little girl" trigger and Jordan is certainly no exception. It is obvious how badly she wants to submit and to be a good little girl for her master. Still, too early. I have no choice master. After some more programming, she is finally allowed to cum for me.

 I am cuming for you master. Of course that is just warm up. Jordan's eyes are fixated on the light which I am holding and I can feel that she surrenders her mind and thoughts as they are sucked out of her. She keeps repeating, you are my master, you control me. Still we are not done yet. Now she really has to show and let me feel that she is a good little girl. Ordered to pleasure herself for me while standing up, Jordan's quivering body leaves no doubt that she is ready for the takeover. Time to take her down again and to pose her limp body/arms while she stares into nothingness. Yes masters.



Jordan Skye Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
You cum anytime I want you to

I am under your power master, I am your mindless willing slave

All I want is to obey my master

Intense breath controlled orgasm training, kneeling, slow mind removal and deepening, yes masters, slowly repeated mantras, denied orgasms and obedience training

Jordan still just stands there in front of my. Her eyes keep following her masters every move as if she was afraid to miss anything that I might make her do or feel. I decide to take her further down for more programming. Her repetitions of, I am under your power master, are slow and monotone. Suddenly she feels hit by a very intense orgasm, which makes it clear to her that she has no more control of her thoughts, mind and body. Looks like this clip description is getting long again and we have not even gotten to the breath controlled orgasm training, the kneeling, the slow mind removal, the stares and the forced penetration.



Jordan Skye Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Your body and mind belong to your master

This next one is (for the most part) all about Jordan's beautiful breasts which are sensitized to the point that she feels every touch on her tits as if she was stroked between her legs. Our little girl goes nuts when I have her pinch her nipples and caress her breast for me. Her body quiver and shakes and she almost goes to the ground when she is finally allowed to cum. Time for some more deepening and the slow repetition of a mantra. Jordan's mind slowly runs out while she keeps repeating, I don't need thoughts. She drops deeper with every snap of my fingers until she just stands there. I start posing her arms and open her mouth without her noticing any of it. Of course there is more. Placed on all for with her cherry ass pushed out, our little girl is now made to feel helplessly fucked and taken. She keeps screaming, I am your orgasm slave master, until she...




Jordan Skye Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
It feels good to please your master

This next one is all about feet and how she learns to please her master with them, intense masturbation to exhaustion, sleepy orgasm at the end while her eyes are held open, deepening at the snap of my fingers, breast play, repetitions, yes masters, stares and more. After the intense training described above, Jordan is put to sleep and then programmed to wake up for a few seconds and to then slowly go back under. Different and very hot...




Jordan Skye Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Nothing is happening

Are you one of those guys who runs around with a watch trying to...

Jordan, our sexy pizza delivery girl, does not seem to be too impressed with me and or what I do for a living. The fact that she is wearing one of those funny shirts, has nothing to do with her believing and or liking the subject. In fact, the only reason she is wearing it, is because some ex-boy friend gave it to her and she does not mind getting it dirty while at work.

Anyway, I can live with the fact that she does not seem all that impressed by me and or what I do, but does she have to steal some of my rare coins as soon as I leave the room (so she thinks) to get the money for the pizza delivery. It gets even better when she picks up the pocket watch, you know, the one she made fun off earlier. Her face goes from triumphant to dim in a matter of seconds and she is ready to be trained. Yes master, I have been a bad girl, I need to be punished. Sleepwalker pose, mantras, yes masters, stares, nipple torture, kneeling, blow job demo with the vibrator, masturbation, denied orgasms and so much more. Slaves don't need thoughts, they have a master. Really nice transformation



Jordan Skye Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
This is not how you help somebody

You talk too much honey

Jordan, who still believes to be the delivery girl, wakes up and now she is in a hurry to get out of here. Somewhat confused but not sure about what just happened, she keeps talking about having to leave quickly. Not so fast honey, let me find my check book first Luckily (with a little bit of help of course) she does not seem to remember the power of the watch and sure enough, she makes the same mistake again. This time though, she freezes up and becomes a mindless statue. Let have some fun with her and those unnecessary clothes she is wearing, shall we.

Of course things really get confusing ounce I let her become aware of the fact that she is frozen and quite at my mercy. I tell you, that girl can talk your head off and the only way to shut her up (maybe not the only way but sure a fun way) is to place the vibrator in her mouth. Finally quiet, well sort of. There is too much happening to describe it all but our little thief definitely learns that it does not pay off to mess with a hypnotist like me. Sleepwalker pose, forced orgasm (vibrator stuck between her legs) waving hand into mindless stillness, pinched nipple training, posing and lots of mind games.



Jordan Skye Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Women are not easy

Jordan who believes to be applying for the job of the assistant in a magic show, is not too thrilled when she finds out that my kind of magic is a bit different. In other words, being the assistant in a show is not really what she had in mind. Luckily though, she likes the kind of money the job pays and although she seems to believe that the dress she is supposed to wear during the show, is a bit too short and revealing, she goes along when I offer her to give her a demonstration of my "power". What can I say, my new bracelet works like a charm and as soon as it flashes, our little girl drop like a rock.

 Ready to be messed with, Jordan just dimly stares into nothingness while I am "freeing" her tits and move her limp body. Next time she wakes up, she starts to masturbate as if it was the most normal thing to do. What makes it even more funny is the fact that she keeps talking about her dress being a bit too short and revealing and that she cannot be easily controlled. Anyway, at some point I decide to make it even more fu by letting her become aware of what she is doing and why she is doing it. Poor thing cannot seem to stop her hand from caressing her clit despite her desperate attempts to stop the madness.



Jordan Skye Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I am so, so sorry

This next one has it all, some freeze, some tickling, a few very intense scenes where she puts herself to sleep by holding her hand over her mouth and nose, lots of embarrassing moments, apologies for her strange behavior, the waving hand which shuts her up in mid sentence, mind games, dim stares, flashing lights and so much more. Really a fun clip in which Jordan goes from being completely unaware of her situation (nakedness, exposed tits and so on to becoming completely aware of it all without being able to do anything about it. Of course, every time she is out, she loses some of those unnecessary clothes.


Jordan Skye Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Never sleep on the job

This next one is short and sweet. Jordan keeps passing out over and over. What makes it even more fun is the fact that it usually happens when she tries to stand up. Every time she wakes up though, she cannot seem to remember what just happened and sure enough, the second she stands, she goes back down. Yes, at some point she does become aware of the fact that she seems to have problems concentrating but in the middle of her apologizing, her hand goes up to her mouth and nose and she puts herself out again. Imagine her embarrassment when I repeatedly give her a hard time about her naked breasts, I mean after all this a PG rated show. Poor thing cannot seem to catch a break.




Jordan Skye Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
This might be a good time to leave

Let's have one more round of fun with our young job hunter. This time Jordan has to find out the hard way that trying to oppose my will only leads to failure. The second she wakes up from her last, let's call it, adventure, she seems to have forgotten what happened so far. Needless to say that when I mention the fact that I am looking for a young lady like herself to become my foot slave, she decides to leave. I guess I cannot blame her, after all, she was looking to become and assistant in a magic show. Oh well, the second the laser pointer beam hits her forehead, she goes into mindless bliss and becomes my willing and at times eager foot slave. Mindless as well as seductive foot worship, masturbation, forced orgasm at the touch of my hands, willing and eager foot worship, freeze training and so much more. Needless to say, after putting her to sleep, I take my time to inspect her sexy feet and mess with her limp body.





Jordan Skye Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
You are staying home tonight

Jordan, who believes to be my wife, seems very surprised to see her husband (me) come home early. The fact that I caught her finally wearing the dress I bought her, makes the situation even more awkward, after all, I bought her the dress to wear whenever we are playing the "robot game", which btw. she does not particularly like at all. Anyway, she gets even more upset when I mention that I just got laid off from work. Just like her mom always said, good for nothing. It is a long story but you will know what I mean by all this once you watch the clip. It sure looks like my sexy little wife is due to find out what the "light wand" does to her.

The second she turns it on and looks at it, she loses all mind and will and transforms into my personal robot. Programmed to serve and obey, she has no other desire than to please her master/owner. After some intense bottomless masturbation, lots of yes masters, strip-dance and reprogramming, I decide to set her body to minimum power while her mind (temporarily) comes back. Stuck in the robot body and unable to move, my sexy little toy has no other choice than to... Lots more to come and way too much going on to describe it all. Robot dance and walk, monotone speech, salutations and...


Jordan Skye Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Don't ask

This week’s robot segment has been suggested by one of our greatest and loyal supporters and we hope it came out just the way he envisioned it.

Most of the androids, Fembots and robots and what have you, who come to see me have something to hide which is why they come to see me and not the cyber institute down the road. Don't get me wrong, it is not that I am not good at what I do; I just have a hard time keeping my license up to date. The main reason though is that I don't ask questions. I don't want to bore you with all the details but I remember that I did feel a little uneasy when she called to make the appointment. I have to admit, she was my first 3000 series and as we all know, they have a hell of a lot of foreign parts in them which makes it so hard to work on them. Anyway, it took her two days to finally show up and boy was she glitchy. Poor thing tried so hard to stay in control but it just kept happening and I had a feeling that I was in over my head but then again, I needed the money.

Turns out, she knew some of the Fembots who were, lets call it, resting in my repair shop and she noticed that those were all 2000 series models which almost made her run off. As I said, I needed the money which made me convince her that I was the right guy for the job. Not a good Idea, BTW. Speaking of money, it turned out that she could only pay me lousy $700 which of course is not even nearly enough. What made me decide to work on her anyways was her offer, that once I fix her she would repay me in, let’s call it extracurricular services. Come on, who could resist that.


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