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Joseline Kelly Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
Right into the action

Joseline Kelly, beautiful young seductress with the perkiest natural breasts I have seen in a while and stunning big eyes (particularly when staring into nothingness) turned out to be not only sweet as can be but also very submissive, which makes for a great subject btw. To best describe her I would say she is the right mix of beautiful, seductive, smart, sweet and as mentioned submissive. Of course she did not really know that (the submissive part) when we started the session but before long, she was deep, uninhibited and he... bend on serving and pleasing. Go ahead and check it out for yourself, I am sure you will come to the same conclusion.

Sorry folks, no induction this week thanks to a technical problem. Let's dive right into the action, shall we?

Joseline's young beautiful body starts to slowly show the enjoyment she is made to feel as I slowly drive her up the proverbial wall for lust. Her pelvic area starts to thrust as if she was deeply penetrated. Her body quivers, shakes and she slowly slides of the couch while lustful screams fill the room. Of course that is all just the beginning. Her eyes slowly open in deep trance and she experiences her first orgasm ever without being allowed to touch herself. Time for our entranced beauty to stand up and please us with her masturbation. Let's see how she responds to her first forced orgasm with her hands "bound" on her back while she is made to feel the thrusting vibrator right on her pleasure center. Yes masters, intense orgasm training, dim stares and...


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Joseline Kelly Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't need thoughts

I am my masters mindless toy

Now we get to enjoy watching our entranced beauty being posed while zoned out and or watching her seductively and mindlessly pose her sexy body for us. Time to make her feel horny again. Her repetitions of, "I am my masters mindless toy," while pleasuring herself for us become more and more forceful and eventually (crazy for lust) she starts to beg me to let her orgasm as a sign of her surrender. Still we are not done yet. Let's have her bend over the couch, then freeze her while making her feel fucked and used from behind. Joseline's sexy and stiffly frozen little body quivers and....



Joseline Kelly Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
At her masters mercy

Joseline's lustful screams fill the room (and most likely the neighborhood) while she is ordered to please us by pleasuring herself. She is still kneeling on the couch for our viewing pleasure while mindlessly pleasuring herself. It is truly a beautiful site and well worth watching.

Next we make her feel intense pleasure simply by showing off her well taken care of feet. The idea of being pleasing and seductive makes her lustfully squirm again. The intensity of what follows next is not easy to describe. Her fingers run through her toes as if she was caressing her clit and pussy. Savannah just loves showing of her feet and body. Just the idea of being seductive for her master turns her on and the more I train her the more aroused she gets. Time to make her feel her pussy in her well taken care of feet whenever she runs her fingers through her toes. Lot's more to come



Joseline Kelly Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Limp and mine

Joseline's beautiful body slowly loses all strength as if dru.... and slowly goes limp. Unable to move yet fully aware, she has no control over what I do with her while in this vulnerable situation. Her wide open eyes slightly widen when I move her around while slowly making her feel deeply penetrated. Needless to say, she has no control over her orgasm either. Her young body quivers yet stays in place when I make her climax.
Joseline, my beautiful love slave slowly passes out, leaving her beautiful young body to me. Unable to control and or feel anything, her limp body is mine to do with as I please. ..

Enjoy a very hot limp/sleep segment. Like I mentioned this clip is all about our sleeepy girl being slowly moved, posed, dropped and other wise manipulated while out. Of course we take our time (and zoom in) while checking her pussy, ass, eyes, ears, hands, navel, remove her shoes, feet and so much more. Eye checks of course as well.


Joseline Kelly Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Total control

Joseline slowly wakes up and the first thing she feels is a powerful orgasm tearing through her sexy little body. Unable to control and or stop it, she gives in to the blissful sensation while her body goes into lustful convulsions during her marathon orgasm (over and over) I gets even more intense when I make her hold her breath (breath controlled orgasm training) Joseline goes crazy for lust before almost collapsing.

Time to drop her into deep mindlessness, place her into the zombie/sleepwalker position for the slow repetition of her mantra. "I am your obedient slave master."

Of course there is more. After allowing her to dance seductively for us, we get to enjoy watching her pleasuring herself while standing up. Slaves don't have to be comfortable.



Joseline Kelly Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
With rolling eyes into the abyss

Have you ever come home to find your beautiful girlfriend all dolled up from head to TOE (sexy red polish) and ready to go out. Needless to say, looking at her makes you want to do all kinds of stuff to and with her but going out is definitely not on the list. Well, looks like my sexy new girlfriend needs a "change of heart, or I should better say, a change of mind. Luckily she agrees to let me give her a quick demonstration of what I just learned at the hypno institute. After only a few seconds of looking at my swinging watch, her eyes show signs of trance (roll back) The
mesmerizing effect of the swinging watch and my voice take her slowly into deep trance and now she is ready to show me her beautiful little feet (sexy red polish and all.)



Joseline Kelly Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Entranced foot slave

Deeply entranced and willing, Joseline slowly takes off her shoes and starts to show us her feet and body in the most enticing and sensual way. Joseline actually does have a foot fetish and it certainly shows that it is even intensified in deep trance.

Let's enjoy watching her pose those pretty feet while also showing off her beautiful body. It gets really hot though when she starts to describe her feet /toes while pleasuring herself... In the mood for some great arches, wrinkles, spread toes, sensual foot massage, licking and.... and more? Go ahead and enjoy this one.



Joseline Kelly Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
My first creation

Horny schoolgirl program activated
Here she was, minutes away from being activated for the first time, my new girlfriend/companion droid. I have to say, I was proud as can be and the best part about all this is that I built and programmed her without my parents having a clue as to what I was up to for the last few month. Anyway, all seemed good, my parents were gone for the day and she was ready to be turned on. Sure enough, she boots right up, opens her eyes and starts talking in that adorable voice I gave her.

I have to say, she was exactly what I dreamed of, cute, sexy and most importantly very subservient. It was amazing how she went on and on about my great looks, my muscles and what a great owner and protector I am. I don't get to hear that all that often which is probably why I built her in the first place. As mentioned everything worked well, all I had to do was tweak her settings and the fun could begin. OK, there were some glitches particularly after activating various programs like the sex program and yes she did malfunction but at the end....


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