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Juda Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Place of no return

Juda, beautiful exotic Asian/South American mix surprised the he... out of me and I am sure you might feel the same way once you watch her amazing session. Despite her sexy wild look, she almost seemed shy at first but that was certainly a misjudgment on my part. The moment she went under my, let's call it, spell, she turned into a sex and pleasure hungry little nymph who simply could not get enough of my "treatment."

Did I mention that our young lady likes it rough and wild, which btw, is exactly what she got that afternoon. I had a feeling that she is (deep down inside) a pleaser but I had to find a way first to bring that out in her. Too make a long story short, this week's update is another hot, wet and wild one. Juda's eye lids started to flicker after a brief struggle to keep her eyes open and from there on out, her body language and the twitches in her face showed that she was on her way (way) down.

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Juda Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
No more thinking

This next one shows again how deep our little girl went. We had some problems with the lights that day and several times throughout the first part of the shoot, our lights went out and Lana had to run to the flip the circuit breaker to turn them back on. Now whenever that happens the light comes on with a flash but her eyes never even flinched despite the bright lights shining right into her eyes. You will see what I mean by all this once you watch this.

Anyway, I start off making her feel finger fucked (first gently) while her legs are helplessly spread apart. I also suggest that whatever I do will make her drop deeper into helpless bliss. Juda's sexy young body quivers harder and harder the more she is made to feel helplessly used and played with. Time for her to learn that I am her master and that she has to address me as such (plenty of yes masters) before she is ordered to please us by pleasuring herself. After all, she has to show that she wants to be a good little girl who has no will of her own. Juda is going nuts and her body now goes into lustful convulsions. As soon as I suggest that she is learning to cum harder than ever before, she starts to scream for lust while her hands claw into the couch.

Of course we are not done quite yet. Juda's body just stands there while her mind seems gone and she stares into complete nothingness. After enjoying my "empty shell" for a bit, I make her feel hit by a powerful orgasm, just like that. My hand on her throat makes her cum even harder as she feels that I could just... Her little body is still quivering when I drop her back into mindless stillness and the end of all thinking. Time to use the sleeep trigger which makes her fall right back onto the couch.




Juda Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Empty horny orgasm slave

Highlights of this are the slow repetition of mantras while in sleepwalker pose, empty zoned out stares, yes masters, very intense orgasm training (some are interrupted by the sleep trigger) limp body manipulation while out, hand on throat trigger, masturbation/finger fucking and begging for more.

Juda is still out from before and I decide to place a vibrator on her wet pussy. As expected, there is no reaction as she has not been allowed to feel the stimulation. If you want to test how deep your subject is, simply place a thrusting vibrator on her clit and see whether she reacts to it without your permission. Anyway, our little girl passes the test and now it is time to not only let her feel it but to also drive her absolutely crazy again. As you can see above (highlights) there is a lot intense training to come in this one.

This next one shows again how deep our little girl went. We had some problems with the lights that day and several times throughout the first part of the shoot, our lights went out and Lana had to run to the flip the circuit breaker to turn them back on. Now whenever that happens the light comes on with a flash but her eyes never even flinched despite the bright lights shining right into her eyes. You will see what I mean by all this once you watch this.




Juda Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I follow and obey my master

This next segment is just as hot and again, it shows how good of a subject our little girl is. At some point, while on her knees, I suggested that her hands and arms are pulled up in the air and tied up to the ceiling while she is driven crazy for lust by a thrusting Hitachi between her legs. Our little girl goes absolutely crazy for lust and the repetitions of, I am your orgasm slave master, make her orgasm over and over. Now the part I wanted to mention is that after I put her to sleep, her arms and hands stay up in the air as if she was still tied up to the ceiling.

Wow, after I suggest that the ropes are removed, her body drops like a rock. Of course that is only a fraction of what is happening here. Wait until you see her freezing up like a statue while driven crazy by the desire to touch herself for us. Her hand (two inches away from her clit) trembles as she is trying to move but there is no chance. I decide to let her feel my power over her by making her cum hard simply through tapping her forehead. Did I mention the very intense breath controlled orgasm training, the yes masters, the eye checks, limp body manipulation, neck play and or the intense and or zoned out repetitions. How about the cross eyed entranced stares and....  




Juda Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Final and unconditional surrender

Here we get to enjoy her going absolutely crazy for lust as well as her unconditional surrender. Some highlights are : Crawling while being made to feel fucked by a stranger, trained to become the perfect foot slave who loves to pose her body and feet, wrinkle them and so much more, slow removal of her stockings, begging for more, trembling hard orgasms, cross eyed mindless stares, yes masters and of course lot's of limp body/foot/neck and what have you play. Really intense and definitely another director's choice.




Juda Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you master for making me your orgasm slave

Juda, who believes to be a test candidate at the new meditation center, does not really believe that music laced with subliminal messages can actually change a person's behavior and or change their moral contact. Looks like she is only doing it for the money we are paying her. Oh well, let's see what happens next.

We cannot help noticing that the subject keeps repeatedly shaking her head while uttering statements like, "the volume needs to be turned up," when does the music start" "my brain is melting", "I am transforming" and so forth. It is also noted that the subjects posture slowly changes and that at some point, she just sits there while staring into who knows what. Makes you wonder whether the music has any effect on her. Of course it does and now she is ready not only for some more trance deepening but also for some programming. Needless to say, our test subject ends up a horny, begging, overly orgasmic, yes master screaming orgasm slave with no mind, will or thoughts of her own. The way she transforms into am oversexed, pleasing and very horny love slave is hooooooooooooot.




Juda Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Music cannot do this

Our young test subject seems to have no memory of what had just happened and again, she seems to be only interested in the money we are paying her. Subliminal messages changing people's thinking seems way strange and not possible. Well let's see what happens next.

Again, she puts on the headset and this we notice again a shift in her body. The difference though is that she seems to stiffen up while drowning into mindless bliss. Once the subject is allowed to become aware of her frozen body and the fact that I am messing with her, she seems not only surprised but also quite confused. We also notice that the test subject starts calling me master without really knowing why she does so. Still, the idea that music can have such an effect on people seem absurd.

Even when she is orgasmed (without her wanting to do so) she tries to reason. Time to turn up the heat by making her freeze even harder which makes her cum even harder. Still, we need to conduct a lot more tests to make sure "the music" works. Juda goes crazy again as soon as I turn up the heat by freezing her standing up while holding a vibrator between her legs. Lot's more begging, screaming, orgasm training, yes masters and so much more yet to come. Very intense freeze segment!



Juda Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
We country girls knows our music

I am so very fu... horny, please...

Juda now believes that she is a well paid model who came to the new center for "Tantric Sex" to shoot a promo for our new "subliminal music" series. Needless to say, our young lady has no idea what I am taking about when I bring up tantric sex, mind control and so on but that all does not matter because all we want her to do, is to listen to our music. Here we go again.

Now this time though the music not only seems to make her extremely horny but she also seems overcome by the desire to make love to the other woman in the room (mannequin) Her young body starts to quiver and shake as she feels everything she does to the mannequin in her own body. Juda goes nuts again and by the time I make her aware of what she is doing, she is already to consumed by her own lust to stop riding herself to orgasm. Unfortunately for her though, she freezes up before reaching her "happy end." Things get really intense when I snap her out of it, frozen yet aware. Now she begs me to let her move and to allow her to finish herself up. Again, her quivering young body goes into lustful convulsions when finally allowed to move. Really intense and very hot but there is still more to come.




Juda Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Everything has its price

Juda, who believes to be a guest at one of my elaborate entrancement parties, cannot resist taking the beautiful pocket watch, she finds on the couch. Sure enough, our little thief lets her new possession slide ride down her cleavage and I guess, it is needless to say that she lies about having found my watch when asked. We chitchat for a while about all kinds of things, like hypnosis and of course her beautiful feet but it seems obvious that she has no intention to become clean about the watch, go out with me, show me her feet and or let me hypnotize her.

Oh well, let's see what happens when she feels alone. Sure enough, she raises the watch and looks at it. I don't think I have to say more here. What follows is a lot of foot slave training, yes master, posing of her body and feet, spread toes and of course, screaming hard orgasms (just because she touches her own feet and or takes off her dress) sucking and kissing of feet, begging and limp body and foot play.




Juda Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Robots don't feel

Juda, who still believes to be at my party has no idea that I out her into a different costume while she was, let's say, napping. Now we talk about robots and how exciting the robot game is. Well, I am the one doing the talking while she seems to desperately try to get back to the party. Oh well, I did warn her to not look at the light she just found laying on the floor. I think we all know what happens next.

Her body becomes ridged, her arms go into the 90 degree angle position and she is ready for programming. First though we need to delete some of those unnecessary programs that seem to make her believe she is a human. Next comes the testing of her pleasure zones. Our new toy is ordered to place a vibrator on her clit but not allowed to feel it (not even quiver) until her arousal program is activated. Of course those are just a few highlights. Stiff walk, turning in circles while being programmed to orgasm, yes master, monotone robotic repetition of orders, masturbation and a very long orgasm. Different and hot.







Juda Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not just an android

Juda, a beautiful young woman accidentally overhears her husband's phone conversation with one of the sales guys at the Cybertech center. What the hell is he talking about and what does he mean by wanting to trade her in because of some recent problems with her soft- ware which makes her "glitchy". This can all just be a misunderstanding or does he want a younger woman? Confused and upset, she confronts her husband who, despite his best efforts, cannot deny the conversation and his explanations sound ludicrous to her, after all, she is not an android. Unfortunately for her though, his concerns seem to be right on and even she has to slowly but surely admit to her true nature. Juda is absolutely amazing.


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