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Hot and heavy, horny and barely legal!

Kandi, cutest and sexiest eighteen year old reminded me a bit of Leah Livingston who I am sure you all remember well. At first glance, Kandi seems quite shy, certainly more on the submissive side in her relationships. Her sweet, seemingly innocent yet deep seeded natural sexuality can drive any red blooded man crazy. Kandi is another perfect example of "calm waters go deep." I was more than curious to find out how deep the waters would go and as you will see they went very deep. Kandi was very nervous at first which quite understandable given the fact that it was her first time on camera but she quickly forgot about all that and once she drifted into the deeper layers of her inner world, she turned out to be a very horny young girl with an intense desire to be helplessly controlled. Yes, it turned into another hot and heavy experience for the both of us.


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Kandi Milan Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip
How deep will calm waters go?

The first part of the session went more than well and Kandi was already gone during the balloon test and her sleepy, blinking eyelids as well as the white in her eyes during the crystal eye and mind relaxation are the icing on the cake, so to speak.



Kandi Milan Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Like virgin

Kandi is slowly taken back in time to the most important sexual experience in her young life, her first shy masturbation and orgasm. After her train ride back into the past, Kandi has the privilege to experience her first almost accidental masturbation and the mind blowing experience of her very first orgasm, all over again. The only difference is that this time she feels it with even more intensity and force than she actually felt it back then. Watch her first shy and uncertain moves while touching herself, her first lustful shivers, and how her body finally goes into lustful and uninhibited convulsions followed by an unforgettable orgasm. "Thank you master for making me cum like this," and believe me she means it when she says it. Followed by the ever so important orgasm trigger planting, which we all know is critical for the rest of the session.




Kandi Milan Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Please master make me a good girl

First mantras and absolutely amazing wide open eyed stares

Time to take a closer look at Kandi's sexy young and tight body. Kandi's eyes are wide open while she is staring at the blue crystal, her mind is slowly running out and all she wants to feel is her lustful body. I can feel her getting increasingly horny the longer she stares at the crystal. Absorbed by her own feeling of uncontrollable lust, she lets go of her mind and will. I keep her at the brink of her orgasm without letting her cum which drives her even more crazy for lust. Her eyes are empty and dull and repetition of mantras seem to increase her willingness to let go.



Kandi Milan Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
 Mindless and horny

By using her deep seated desire to be a good girl, I drive her into an even deeper trance. With her arms stretched out in front of her, Kandi experiences her first touch less orgasms on my command. The mantra," mindless and horny," is starting to drive her out of her mind. Her voice trembles and her body is shaking like a leave. Bent over ass out masturbation is next and I can feel that she is ready for the take over. Very intense segment with mantras, zombie posing and very wet masturbation until she surrenders and sinks into the abyss. I don't need a mind, I have you master.



Kandi Milan Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
I am just a mindless horny little girl

Mindlessly frozen masturbating statue

Kandi looks incredibly hot, sitting on the back of the couch. Her body and face are frozen stiff. The only part of her body that can move is the arm and hand she needs to masturbate. I keep taking her even deeper. Her wide open eyes seem empty and her arousal increase with every stroke of her hand. I suggest that the more aroused she feels the more her body freezes up and the more it freezes up the more aroused she would feel. It works like a charm. Kandi finally ordered to orgasm now freezes up completely. Time to sway her sexy body back and forth and to play with my helpless little girl. I decide to unfreeze her and have her thank me for her training. "Thank you master for controlling me, I am just a mindless, horny little girl". OK, let's slowly put her to sleep, so she knows and feels who is in control.



Kandi Milan Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
I guess you can't

Kandi, not remembering the session, is programmed to do exactly the opposite of what I want and tell her to do. You should see how self assured she is every time she defies me. Imagine what happens when I tell her Not to take off her dress, Not to masturbate and to please not be a good girl for me. You think I get her to Not get wet and orgasm for me? When I ask her how in the world I am supposed to take her into deep trance like this, she just says," well, I guess you can't" Fun clip and it shows how cute Kandi is and her defiance is priceless particularly when I ask her to stay awake.



Kandi Milan Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
That has nothing to do with the session

This time I decide to turn it around and program her to do exactly what I say, without her being aware. First I have her, still deeply entranced, get dressed again and of course the first thing I ask her to do when she wakes up, is to get undressed. While my little sweetie is giving me all the reasons why she would not do that at this point in the session, she takes off her dress. I have a feeling that this could turn into a "tough" session. Kandi just can not seem to see a reason for being naked, horny, a good little girl or have me inspect her young body a little closer. Luckily she is programmed. I had a lot of fun playing with Kandi who simply had no clue as to what was happening.


Kandi Milan Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
The unfit Babysitter

Kandi believes to be in an interview to become the new babysitter for my two boys. Naturally she is trying to give the best first impression possible and show me what a proper young lady she is. At first it seems to work but all of a sudden, my sexy little babysitter seems to be in trouble. Her hands wander between her legs and over her tits and it almost appears like she feels penetrated and played with. Kandi tries her best not to let me notice that something is driving her slowly but surely up the wall for lust. In fact she keeps insisting that nothing is wrong and even when her body starts to quiver, she still tries to tell me that she is fit for the job. It is so much fun to watch Kandi go from being flustered, apologetic and confused to becoming oversexed and horny.


Kandi Milan Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless unfit Babysitter

Kandi has pretty much given up on trying to pretend that nothing is wrong and she admits to being very horny. Believe it or not, she continues to insist that she is normally not like this and that she is certainly is the right person for the job. I am sorry but I am not so sure about that. Let's see how far we can take this. Kandi, quickly gets even more aroused and it is pretty much all over when I hand her the vibrator. Even the warning that it might take her over the edge and make her lose her mind can not stop her. Wanting to be a good girl so badly and driven by lust, Kandi stares into the light and orgasms out all of her mind. Zombie like and empty, my little babysitter is now trained even more. Bent over with her sweet ass pushed out, Kandi surrenders.




Kandi Milan Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not a mindless Robot

I am not a mindless robot, that is what my sexy jewelry fashion model thinks, at least at first. Thinking she is at a photo shoot, Kandi seems quite professional and as most professional models, she is not the least bit interested in the photographer. OK, maybe she is just not interested in me. Anyway, my idea of having a programmed robot as my girlfriend, seems rather strange to her and she assures me that I could never convince her to do something like that. Well, I do not really have to convince her, I have the ring to do that for me. Thinking that it is part of the shoot she agrees to try on the ring I give her. Big mistake, in the midst of her rambling on about the whole stupid robot idea, she turns on the ring.

We all know what happens next. The second the ring starts to flash, my reluctant model stands up straight and all she know is that she is a perfectly programmed robot. What comes next is a whole lot of training and programming. Robot Kandi learns to serve, stand at attention, the meaning of interrupted orgasms, the necessity of eye opening and closing tests and a lot more. She even gets a second chance after I snap her out of it. You think she might have learned?



Kandi Milan Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Embarrassed Frozen Orgasmed and Played with

My little fashion model wakes up again, not remembering what just happened. This time I mention that I would love to play with her and that it would be nice if she was wearing a lot less clothes. Of course she gives me the "Excuse meee" attitude but before she even knows what hits her, she finds herself frozen solid. Let's see about the clothing issue, shall we? Half naked and embarrassed, Kandi still can not move but she is allowed to speak. Not for long though and she goes blank. Oops, sorry about that. To make matters worse, she has to orgasm and it seems like there is nothing she can do about that either. Kandi goes back and forth between being frozen, orgasmic or both, aware and blank as well as unable to stop playing with herself and being frozen again. Of course at some point she is put to sleep again and played with even more.


Kandi Milan Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Aware yet helpless puppet on a string

Kandi feels like a puppet on strings and as every good little puppet, she is pulled around in which ever direction I want her to. Kandi is actually fully aware of the fact that she is a puppet and that she can only move when I pull the strings. I even allow her to speak at some point just to see how she feels. Besides being stood up and laid down, she is also masturbated by her own little hand, in various positions of course. It is fun to see her sexy little body helplessly moved and orgasmed.


Kandi Milan Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
 Frozen, tickled and orgasmed little puppet

In this next segment Kandi is switched back and forth between being a horny little puppet, frozen solid, orgasmed at will while frozen and or tickled out of her mind. She even loves saying: "I am a horny little puppet". In fact, Kandi's responses to all this are more than cute.



Kandi Milan Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't normally pass out

Kandi feels fresh and energetic until I "accidentally" mention the word "sleep". My little girl drops like a rock. Oops sorry about that. Awake again, she apologizes profusely for having fallen asleep on me. No problem, as we all know I am a nice guy. Just a slight touch of my hand on her cheek is all it takes and she goes out again. Oops, sorry about that. Now she wakes up with an orgasm and apologizes even more for her strange behavior. No problem, I am a nice guy. Before long she seems to pass out again and when she wakes up she starts to uncontrollably masturbate. I can feel that she really wants to cum for me and I.... Well, you all know I am a nice guy.



Kandi Milan Robot Clip Part I Members - Click here to view this clip
Pleasure Unit- School girl edition

For years I longed for one of the school girl edition sexy pleasure units. At long last, I could afford one and you can imagine my excitement when she finally arrived. Gosh, she is soooo cute and sexy and the best part is, she is programmed to give pleasure and what makes it even better is the fact that she does all that without ever asking any questions. Right after activating her, she lets me know that she is ready for pretty much anything I want, how about that? I have her show me the bad little girl who has bent over to pull up her dress and spank her little ass and then finger fuck herself to orgasm.

I don't know, maybe I should go a bit slower, for some reason my school girl edition pleasure unit seems to experience some, let's call it, glitches. Something is wrong and although she is still sexy and all, I just can not shake the feeling that she is not quite as perfect as I thought she should be. Sure enough, the glitches get worse and she starts to malfunction. I figure she is brand new and the problem can not be too bad. Trying to fix her myself was probably quite dumb but then again who could have known.




Kandi Milan Robot Clip Part II Members - Click here to view this clip
Broken Pleasure unit- School girl edition

I am not willing to give up on my new toy just yet, I mean look at her. She is the cutest and sexiest thing in my life since, I don't know how long and so what, she is a bit stiffer than I thought, her moves are not as refined but I can fix all that. All of a sudden she goes back and forth between wanting to pleasure me and talking about missing authorization codes. Unfortunately that is not all, her programs freeze up and she keeps masturbating when I tell her to stop. It gets worse and before I have a chance to work on her, she malfunctions again. After activating her again, things are looking up and we have some fun but all of a sudden she starts to stumble around and her circuits seem to go haywire. She can not seem to compute any of my commands and I am slowly getting to the end of my wits.






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