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Kasey, beautiful blond MILF with a luscious set of double F's already knew about what I do from one of my all time favorite girls, Ashley Jensen and was more than curious to find out whether it could possibly work on her. Not without a great deal of skepticism, Kasey was ready to give it a shot and based on what she told me after the session, this was probably the best decision she has made in a long time. Kasey, besides being naturally horny is also very adventures when it comes to finding new ways to experience pleasure and to stretch it to the limits. I think what made it even more exciting for her was the idea that she might just be able to relax and enjoy without having any control over it, thus just be herself.


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Kasey Grant Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip
All you have to do is, "want it"

Kasey, beautiful blond MILF with a luscious set of double F's already knew about what I do from one of my all time favorite girls, Ashley Jensen and was more than curious to find out whether it could possibly work on her. Not without a great deal of skepticism, Kasey was ready to give it a shot and based on what she told me after the session, this was probably the best decision she has made in a long time. Kasey, besides being naturally horny is also very adventures when it comes to finding new ways to experience pleasure and to stretch it to the limits. I think what made it even more exciting for her was the idea that she might just be able to relax and enjoy without having any control over it, thus just be herself. Was the session always easy? Not necessarily, as I mentioned, Kasey came with a great deal of skepticism but that's what I like about my sessions, they are always challenging and always different.

I started her off with the heavy hands and arms and then switched to the light hands and arms and when I saw her bending forward under the heavy hands, I just knew she was ready and willing. You will see her body posture changing a lot throughout the relaxation part, showing that she was drifting into the abyss of her inner world.



Kasey Grant Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
First choice less surrender

One of the most important parts of the session is always to get the girls to freely orgasm for the first time and to get them to let their guard down. Now when I say freely that does not mean they can choose when to cum or what makes them orgasm, it simply means to get them to "really" orgasm without any inhibitions. I particularly look forward to the part of the session in which I get them to feel their bodies like never before, to hear their screaming and eventually begging and to let them feel their first completely controlled orgasms.

The power of the mind, as we all know can be amazing and believe me after having felt what I just described; the girls are more than willing to go under my control. Kasey is no exception, her body quivers like a leaf in the storm, her moaning and groaning gets louder and more intense with every word I say. Kasey's surrender is inevitable. Just when she seems to feel on the top of the world, I have her repeat: �I let go,� and it turns her on even more. Three more repetitions and she has to orgasm. �I will follow and obey you master.� Rewarded by another series of orgasms, Kasey's mind is now so distracted that she does not even notice me programming her.



Kasey Grant Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you for teaching me to follow

Kasey's lustful body is out of control and it seems like she is wide open for more conditioning. Aroused and at the brink of another orgasm she suddenly slides off of the chair and onto the floor. I have her open her eyes and start removing her will, conscious thoughts and mind and I can feel her getting even more aroused. "Thank you for taking my mind master." Kasey's eyes are wide open and it is incredibly hot to watch her drain out all she's got with every orgasm. More mantras like: �Thank you for teaching me to follow,� makes it impossible for her to even begin to think or feel anything else than what I tell her to feel and think. Kasey learns that simply touching her huge breasts makes her orgasm, when I say so. The last two segments are very intense and Kasey tells me after the session that she has never expected and or experienced anything this intense in her life and I certainly take that as a compliment. Watch and feel the intensity and the power of the mind.



Kasey Grant Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
 It is very wet master

Kasey, still on her back on the floor is finger fucking herself so hard that I can hear wetness gushing out of her. In fact she is giving it so hard to herself that she almost orgasms without being told to do so. Of course we can not have that, right? She first has to learn the incredible power of the open eyed orgasm while she is not allowed to breath. To stop breathing during the orgasm often makes the experience a lot more intense. Rather than releasing the energy through your mouth it is recycled through over and over through your body. Of course the element of having someone control your breath can make it even more exciting.

It certainly works for Kasey. Incredibly turned on, she is now getting hot, her face is turning red and I can see the intensity of her orgasm in her wide open eyes. Her entire body including her lips is quivering and shaking while she repeats: "It feels good to obey� and �all I want to do is orgasm for you master." Kasey is so aroused that she can not seem to stop finger fucking herself and the next orgasm on my command leaves her completely exhausted.



Kasey Grant Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Put out by the power of her orgasm

Kasey obviously exhausted but still sexually charged now experiences the most powerful orgasm of the session so far. Without touching herself, Kasey's body goes into lustful convulsions again and on the count of three, she explodes into another literally mind-blowing orgasm. Her quivering and twitching body begins to slowly subsides as Kasey drifts into the abyss. After a short rest, I decide to wake her up and see what she thinks about the session so far. Unfortunately, I had only a few minutes left before I ran out of tape but it shows nicely how exhausted Kasey is and how she tries to come all the way back up. She seems almost happily overwhelmed and it is interesting to watch her trying to digest what just happened.



Kasey Grant Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your orgasmic Robot

Proposing marriage is always exciting, nerve racking and like in this case not always successful. My girlfriend, Kasey does not seem to find my idea of spending a lifetime together the least bit appealing. In fact she tells me that she would rather see other people and to take it easy. Sorry to hear that honey. Of course she wants to keep seeing me as well and she certainly loves the diamond necklace I am giving her despite the fact that she just turned down my proposal. Women and jewelry, seems to never fail. Little does she know that once the necklace is around her sexy long neck, it will make her completely controllable! In combination with the remote control, my sweet girlfriend is now turned into a perfectly obedient robot. I think she just did not get the hint when I asked her how she liked the robot movies I gave her to watch. Instead of learning from them, she thinks that they are rather silly. Oh well, let's play with my new toy, �I will only see you from now on, master.� What do you think changed her mind, the obedience programming, the serving, the bottomless vibrator play or maybe all of the above? This is a Hot segment, and not only for the obedient "robot" lovers.



Kasey Grant Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Would you please marry me?

I was created to please�

I am not quite done programming my future robot wife. First Kasey has to learn what she was created and designed for and we all know what that might be: �Thank you for programming me so well Master.� Ordered to fuck herself with the vibrator, she experiences what the ultimate robot orgasm feels like and I have no doubt that my programming was successful. Kasey only acts on my order just like a good robot and when I snap her out of it, she asks a very surprising question. Would you please marry me?



Kasey Grant Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
No it does not work, it is just hard to keep them in!

Kasey seems to suffer from short term amnesia, for some reason she can not seem to remember what has happened so far in our session. More importantly she does not really think that the training is going to work on her anyways. All of a sudden she jumps up, turns around and slaps her butt. Confused and a bit embarrassed, she tries to explain it all by saying it was just an itch. It gets a little bit harder for her when she tries to explain why she just pulled down her dress and pinched her nipples. Well, it is hard to keep these double FF's in place, right? Now the orgasm that follows with another ass slapping episode is certainly a lot harder to explain and another tit pinching that follows right after that, certainly leaves her embarrassed and quite apologetic. Fun clip and Kasey's attempts to make it all look normal are just too cute.


Kasey Grant Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
From new breasts to no breasts

No matter how often I tell her to put them back into her dress, Kasey just can not seem to stop talking about her brand-new breasts. Further more she seems to have the overwhelming need to show them to me. Totally inappropriate to do this kind of stuff at the beginning of the session, don't you agree? She jiggles them around and the more I talk about starting the session and that I need her to relax; the more she wants to play with them. She even tries to tell me that it relaxes her. OK, but what about me, I can't concentrate like this. After I drop her back under, Kasey comes back believing that she needs to have her tiny A cup size tits enhanced. It is amazing what girls are willing to do for a boob job. Go ahead and watch the clip and you know what I mean.




Kasey Grant Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Foot stool with side effects

No, I am absolutely not excited

Our test candidate is quite new to this and she admits that it is her first time testing a new household product. It is made clear to her that the new vibrating foot stool, we are testing today is supposed to make the person using it feel relaxed and comfortable. The test candidate states that her feet are not very sensitive and that it might not work for her. It is noted that the test candidate's feet are starting to move only after a few seconds of the chair's vibrating mechanism is activated. Shortly there after it appears that not only her feet are starting to move but also the rest of her body. The test candidate still states not to feel anything although her hands are starting to run over her body. At this stage of the test it appears that our candidate seems more aroused than relaxed. However, we still do not have any confirmation from the test person herself.

All of a sudden the obvious arousal gives way to silly laughter and our test person now acknowledges that she feels tickled. Shortly there after her reaction to the foot stool in question seems to change back to arousal and she finally admits to feeling horny. It is also stated that our test candidate, after a brief yet futile struggle, feels incredibly embarrassed and surprised about the inevitable orgasm she just experienced. We have to come to the conclusion that the vibrating and supposedly relaxing foot stool did not pass the test.



Kasey Grant Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a good teacher and no I do not drink at all

Kasey believes to be a teacher who runs into one of her young students at a party. Guess who the student is. Thinking that I am way too young to be there, she starts to question me, particularly about the beer I am holding. Of course my �oh so proper� teacher does not drink at all. So she thinks but then again, she does not know about the �click� trigger either. Every time she hears the click, she feels like she just had a big shot of her favorite liquor. Oh my, does she get fucked up and not only that, she also gets very horny and very uninhibited.

Before long "Mrs. Proper's" hands are starting to run over her luscious breasts and between her legs. The funny part about all this is that she still insists on being stubborn. In fact, she keeps going on about all the bad effects alcohol can have on a person. Well ya, I can see that, when slowly but surely her clothes start to come off and my teacher seems to like me more and more. Actually come to think of it, the more her speech slurs the more she comes on to me. Hopelessly fucked up and oversexed my bad little teacher is ready for the take over from teacher to oversexed bimbo.


Kasey Grant Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a bad teacher and yes I do fuck!

The alcohol has certainly gotten to her but she still keeps telling me that she does not drink at all. Kasey is not only drunk but also excessively horny. Her hands can not seem to stay away from her wet pussy and finally she wants me to fuck her. I keep clicking away until she has lost all inhibitions and then take what's left of her little mind. Kasey is horny beyond belief and orgasms herself into blissful mindlessness. Zombie like and empty, she crawls on all four, begs to be orgasmed again and surrenders to her new master. Great transformation from being the stern teacher to a completely fucked up bimbo.


Kasey Grant Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
New style freeze Yoga

Frozen solid, orgasmed and swayed back and forth all at the same time.

Kasey thinking she is all by herself while doing her yoga exercises is suddenly frozen in the midst of one of her tough stretches. I have to say my body was hurting just watching her. Anyway, I play with her a bit and then snap her out of it; my fit little girl has no clue as to what just happened. A bit confused but not too overly concerned she continues with her routine. Before long though she is frozen again and now she wakes up with a very hard orgasm. More confused and maybe a bit concerned she continues but again not for long. Again she snaps out of it with yet another orgasm, this time though in front of ten guys.

That's at least what she thinks. Embarrassed and very confused, Kasey tries to get away but as we all know that does not work either. Now it is time to intensify the freezes. I keep intensifying the feeling of stiffness in her body and have her orgasm at the same time. The more she freezes up the harder she cums. Kasey does not feel me swaying her back and forth while I freeze and make her cum even harder.



Kasey Grant Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
New style freeze yoga that puts her out

You would think that Kasey's experience in the segment was memorable but she snaps out of it again, my sexy yoga practitioner has no clue as to what just happened. Naturally after watching a few more of these amazing yoga poses, I decide to freeze her again and play with her a bit more. Snapped out of it again she now believes that she has been watched by ten horny guys. Imagine what a shock that must have been. Unfortunately, for her that is, she freezes up again just when she tries to cover up her naked body.

This time, I keep her fully aware of the situation and I even allow her to speak. OK, I could have skipped the talking part but then again sometimes its fun to hear their bitching. Helplessly orgasmed while frozen solid, Kasey seems to have overcome the need to get out. Just like before, the more the orgasm intensifies the more stiff she seems to get. Now its time to put Kasey to sleep freeze her in her deep sleep while she experiences one last intense orgasm. Very hot ending...



Kasey Grant Robot Clip Part I Members - Click here to view this clip
Damsel in distress

How often does it happen that a beautiful tall blond Knockout rings your door bell in the middle of the night? Not very often, that's for sure. Maybe I was reading too much into it but at the time, it seemed like some kind of karma to me. On her way home from a Halloween party, her car broke down almost right in front of my house and on top of all that her cell phone was dead. It gets even spookier. Just when her car stalled out, it started to rain really bad and she just barely made it into my house without getting too wet. Tell me is that all just coincidence? Anyway, you can imagine, I was more than eager to help her. The first thing she seemed to need was a towel and then maybe some tender loving care.

Well, the tender loving care part was really more like in my imagination. Reality was that she seemed very concerned about her wetness and it did not take too long and she started to act weird. At first her slight twitches and strange remarks seemed to be the result of her being a bit flustered and nervous but when she started to malfunction, right there in my living room, it hit me. My sexy damsel in distress can only be a fembot and that gave me an idea. Well, as we all know there is good karma and then there is bad karma. What comes next can only be described as hot and dirty. I felt no shame to reprogram her to, let's say, my specifications.




Kasey Grant Robot Clip Part II Members - Click here to view this clip
Damsels in distress

I sure had some fun with my sexy love bot in the last segment and yes there are more complications to overcome. She malfunctions right in the middle of what could have been the perfect orgasm. Sad but hey, everything has its price. I was actually glad it happened because my next attempt to fix her made her so much more human like. What a sexy little thing she is. Letting her experience multiple orgasms was maybe not the thing to do or at least not right away. Although she goes down again, I could not help but notice that there was still some life left in her but before I had a chance to check it out the door bell rang again. Now what? No matter what happened that night, it will always be my hottest night ever.



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