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Katie Cummings & Taylor Raz Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
Back under your masters control

Katie Cummings and Taylor Raz, two beautiful and amazingly good subjects in one session. Well, I don't think I have to say much here as you all remember the girls prior sessions. As you can see in the pictures, the girls look even more stunning and beautiful than before, (check out Taylor's new tits, wow). What made this most likely one of my best and most exciting girl/girl session though, is the fact that the girls have great chemistry and as you remember, they are among my all time best subjects. I could go on and on about how hot each and every segment came out but I have a feeling that you all know that already. Go ahead and watch them being dominated, control and take advantage of each other, frozen, rendered mindless, made to go down on each other, kiss and suck each other's feet and, and, and...

Both girls asked me to do another relaxing induction to take them back under which I certainly did, after all it worked great in the future so, why fix it if it isn't broken, right? Of course towards the end, I decided to turn up the heat a little, here again, the girls need to know who is in control.

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Katie Cummings & Taylor Raz Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Choice less surrender

This next one is a bit longer but. Oh my god, we all could not have hoped for a better and more exciting start of the session. The girls are going nuts while taking advantage of each other's helpless bodies and empty minds. Of course there are lots of screaming hard orgasms, rolling eyes, mindless stares, quivering and shaking bodies, yes masters, repetitions and so much more. After making both girls orgasm (warm up) under my suggestions, Katie is ordered to strip, rendered mindlessly frozen and then fingered to orgasm by Taylor, who already wants to please me by taking care of her helpless little friend.

Taylor herself cums so hard that is throws her down on the couch where she remains in deep trance (great rolling eyes) Now it is Katie's turn to go down on her entranced yet incredibly horny friend. Of course there is more to all this. Taylor finds out that she has this very sensitive spot in the palm of her hand which makes her freeze up as soon as I touch it. Taylor remains stiffly frozen while being orgasmed by Katie's tongue. Needles to say, both girls have to wait until I allow them to unload their juicy pussies onto each other. Taylor's freeze is really amazing, the little girl does not budge an inch, no matter how hard she cums and believe me, she cums hard. There is just too much going on to list it all but trust me, it is hot.




Katie Cummings & Taylor Raz Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you for controlling me again master

More of the girls legendary rolling eyes, slow repetition of mantras, zombie pose while kneeling, wide open (spread) pussies, mental bondage, freeze, yes masters, screaming hard orgasms and so much more.

Taylor's body goes into lustful convulsions again as she is now made to feel Katie's tongue between her legs (without actually being touched) Oh my god, our little girl goes nuts and it is very easy to remove her remaining mind and will while she is in ecstasy. Her eyes roll as she sinks. Now it is Katie's turn to be but in her place. She is made to feel helplessly tied up with her hands behind her head. Taylor cannot seem to wait to bury her head in Katie's wet pussy. Katie keeps repeating, I am your helpless slave master. I cannot describe the intensity of this segment as here again, the girls are going wild. Still there is more. Our mindlessly entranced girls are placed on their knees while their monotone repetitions of, Thank you for controlling me again master, become slower and slower. Well, let's watch the masturbate each other's wet pussy and see who wants to be the better slave.




Katie Cummings & Taylor Raz Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your helpless orgasm slave Master

Eaten out and used

More of the amazing stares, the rolling eyes, mind-sucking during orgasm training, screaming hard orgasms, crawling while being made to feel fucked, foot-worship, zombie pose while kneeling, yes masters and repetitions like, I am your helpless orgasm slave.

Of course the above mentioned is not even the proverbial tip of the ice berg, so to speak. Again, the girls are going nuts when they are ordered to mindlessly masturbate each other on their knees while staring at their master. Needless to say, both fight over who is the better slave and who cums harder for their master. Katie finds out that there is a very sensitive spot around her neck that puts her to sleep whenever her master touches it. Our little girl goes down with rolling eyes and she is now easy prey for our very horny Taylor.

Taylor starts having her way with our sleeping beauty. She seductively massages her feet and legs until Katie starts to moan and groan for lust. Too weak to resist, Katie has no choice other than cumming under Taylor's swift and demanding tongue while I am checking out her feet. Katie's limp body quivers and shakes, her eyes are glued to the light as her mind is going dim. Looks like another long description and I have not even gotten to the part where our beauties crawl and beg while feeling pounded and used from behind. Great close ups of the girls asses and feet, intense arousal and helpless surrender.




Katie Cummings & Taylor Raz Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am my masters slave

I don't even know where to start with this one. Of course we have the girls take advantage of each other for their master but this time we also have them proof that no matter what I make them do, they obey unconditionally. First we freeze Taylor while kneeling on the couch. Again her muscles tighten visibly( like before) and then make her feel gagged and helpless. Katie seems turned on by Taylor's helplessness and she is allowed to finger fuck her helpless prey to orgasm. Really hot to watch Taylor struggle with the gag in her mouth, roll her eyes and orgasm while being frozen. Katie's hand is placed on her little friends mouth and nose and now, Taylor has to proof that she does whatever her master says, even if that means being put down while feeling an amazingly intense orgasm. Our little girl goes out with rolling eyes while her sexy young body still trembles under the orgasm. Of course we are not done yet. I decide to put Katie out and allow Taylor to have her way with her friend. Both girls go out at the end while... Eye checks and more. Really, really hot and it certainly shows the girls unconditional surrender.



Katie Cummings & Taylor Raz Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I am the better slave

Well, let's see how far we can take the girls before they do anything to show their complete surrender. First we watch them masturbate themselves while being put through a very intense series of breath controlled orgasms. Unbelievable, these girls are something else. I mean I have seen a lot of breath controlled orgasms but these two really almost k-ill themselves trying to proof to me who is the better slave. Time for a slowly repeated mantra like, I am your horny slave, thank you for controlling me master. Both girls are put to sleep and orgasmed while I am doing some eye checks. Of course we are not done yet. Katie is allowed to wake up and sure enough, she is turned on as soon as she sees her helpless little friend just laying there. Watching her finger fuck Taylor's wide open pussy is really hot but we cannot end it right here. After all, Taylor needs to have a chance to eat out Katie's juicy pussy after rendering her weak and defenseless. As I always say, tow slaves are better than one.




Katie Cummings & Taylor Raz Clip Seven Part One Members - Click here to view this clip

Salute your master and owner

In this last segment, the girls are made to believe that they are my stepdaughters who are planning to go to a late night party (mom is gone to see her sister). Needless to say, they are way too young to go out that late and it is up to me to teach them some proper manners, particularly when it comes to how to treat their step-dad. Of course the fact that I am kind of hitting on them makes them feel quite upset but all that is forgotten when they are turned into a couple of obedient robots.

Too much going on to describe it all but there is a lot of activation and deactivation of programs, salutations, girl/girl tongue action, vibrator masturbation, spoiled orgasms, yes master and so much more going on. Sure at some point they are allowed to regain human memory but that does not last for too long. It gets even hotter when Katie deactivates her sis (nipples) and then does the same to herself.


Katie Cummings & Taylor Raz
Robot Movie Part One
Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not designed to malfunction.

Taylor is rushing with a Sorority on campus, and is getting teased and hazed by her big sister Katie. Katie teases her about being a prude, she doesn't drink, she dresses too conservatively, she never swears and uses words like "golly."

Taylor tries desperately to convince Katie that she "is not a prude. I am not prude...not prude...

" She tries to drink, but ends up spitting the drink up.

Katie then instructs her to show off her sexiest moves to seduce a man, she is very awkward and uneasy but tries to play along. When Katie tries to instruct her on the art of seduction, things get out of hand as she begins to get handy with the prudish pledge. Taylor States "I am not programmed for this activity........not programmed......error.......error this is not my intended function". It is too much for the pledge and she begins to malfunction.

Katie is excited to play with her new toy claiming "oh my god she must be one of those new high-end companion-droids" Upset that their robotic pledge lacks sexual programming Katie find bootleg sex software on line and hooks the pledge up to their laptop.

Taylor protests as Katie attaches the cable to a port between her breast. She cries "Stop I am not intended for this function.

Warning illegal program detected. Loading new software..........What's happening... happening....to me? I feel different. The pledge (Taylor) begins to gyrate her hip and caress herself. She begins to make out with her big sister Katie and the action intensifies.

Katie tells the pledge "you're going to fit in here just fine. That program is something else, I think I might give it a try myself." Katie grabs the cable that's till attached to the laptop and plugs it into her own cleavage. She tells the pledge "You didn't think you were the only one did you? I'm a 600 series. I always wanted to make out with another android. Driven by her new software the pledge, Taylor starts kissing Katie and announces "I will please you now." She pushes Katie back onto a table and inadvertently knocks the lap top off the table. Katie cries out "Watch out," but it is too late the laptop crashes into the floor yanking the cable from the sexy sorority girl's chest.

Katie begins to twitch & spasm, as she begins to ramble incoherently "Malfunction.......Malfunction.......Katie unit offline........Download incomplete..........error..........error.........Oh my God what have you done to me?"

Nothing deters the horny pledge who continues to pleasure the broken fembot. Suddenly The pledge announces "Warning incompatible Software.........I am not designed for this activity...........Warning.........I am not intended for this function..........too much sensory data...........I am programmed for sex.....programmed for sex.....for sex...

This of course is just the beginning of the story, wait until you see what happens when our fembots fall into my hands. Believe me there is a lot of girl/girl sex, malfunctions and, and, and...going on.


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