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Katie Cummings & Taylor Raz Clip
Seven Part Two
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Salute your master and owner

In this last segment, the girls are made to believe that they are my stepdaughters who are planning to go to a late night party (mom is gone to see her sister). Needless to say, they are way too young to go out that late and it is up to me to teach them some proper manners, particularly when it comes to how to treat their step dad. Of course the fact that I am kind of hitting on them makes them feel quite upset but all that is forgotten when they are turned into a couple of obedient robots. Too much going on to describe it all but there is a lot of activation and deactivation of programs, salutations, girl/girl tongue action, vibrator masturbation, spoiled orgasms, yes master and so much more going on. Sure at some point they are allowed to regain human memory but that does not last for too long. It gets even hotter when Katie deactivates her sis (nipples) and then does the same to herself.



Katie Cummings & Taylor Raz Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip

There is again a lot going on in this one as well. First we have Katie suck, lick and massage her sleepy friends feet. Taylor slowly wakes up, quivering and shaking under Katie's tongue all over her feet. Taylor realizes that she is unable to move and that I am watching her blissfully yet reluctantly orgasm on y command. Believe me it is too hot to describe. Anyway, our little girl is eventually give her revenge and she takes full advantage of Katie's immobilized body and of course her feet in particular. Looks like she really loves riding dick now as she puts the strap-on dildo in her pussy while sucking Katie's feet. Of course there is more. After putting them to sleep, the girls wake up with no other desire than to suck, lick and use each other feet on their pussies. I cannot describe all the details but we all know Taylor and Katie love feet and man it shows.



Katie Cummings & Taylor Raz Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
There is no free will

Our lesbian lovers wake up and now they seem to remember that I made them slaves and that deep down inside they really are Lesbos. Oh, well, I have been called worse before and so I decide to let them bitch for a while before freezing them stiffly into place. Of course when they slowly become aware of their predicament and the funny position they find themselves in, the bitching starts again. Believe it or not, they even start talking about free will. I know, it is funny and believe me, they learn.

How do they end up with their hands in their mouth? Actually it would all take too long to explain but it is really funny. Anyway, Taylor ends up mindlessly eating out Katie's wet pussy. Of course we get to see a lot of my famous YES/NO orgasms as the girls try to avoid cuming in front of me (and on my command) Katie drops into mindless bliss before she has a chance to actually orgasm which is my way of helping her not to have to cum, after all, that is what she is trying to avoid. I know, I am a nice guy. Zombie pose, really intense unblinking stares and so much more.




Katie Cummings & Taylor Raz Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Lifeguard calendar

What is she doing down there

Our girls are made to believe that they are a lifeguard calendar shoot and that I am the photographer who wants them to come up with some really racy poses. Poor Taylor, who seems new to all this, almost throws a fit when I mention that I need some pictures of Katie performing CPR on her. OH no, that is way too close for our prudish young model. Little does she know that Katie and I are "working "together. Taylor keeps resisting Katie's attempts until Katie presses a spot on her neck which puts her out. Now Katie can have her way with her sleepy victim. I guess kissing and squeezing tits is all part of the "CPR procedure". Well, I am not a doctor but that is what Katie does to her helpless subject.

Taylor finally wakes up and now she bitches even more but she at least agrees to continue working. Looks like she does not really remember what had happened. Too make a long story short, it gets too racy for Taylor again and Katie has no other choice than to put her out again. Now we get to see her eating out her sleepy friends tight pussy. You should see Taylor's reaction when she wakes up stiffly frozen and eaten out by my slave. More yes/no orgasms, stares, slow mind-removal during orgasm training. Really a fun and very hot clip.




Katie Cummings & Taylor Raz Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
This job is mine

This next segment starts off with the girls getting into a short fight. Needless to say, Taylor is quite upset when she realizes what Katie just did and that is exactly what sets off the fight. Katie, taken by surprise, goes out like a light under Taylor's choke hold. Now it is her turn to fondle and eventually eat out our helplessly sleepy Katie while I am performing eye checks on our sleeping beauty.

Part two of this one clip shows the girls getting into yet another fight. This time they are made to believe that I can only use one of them for the shoot, which makes them try to outdo each other. It gets really hot, in fact I stumbled trying to keep up with those two amazons. Eventually, Katie gets her opponent to orgasm while putting her out at the same time. Really hot, watch her "breast feeding" he sleepy victim. I cut out the induction for the second part of this clip as it would have been too long.




Katie Cummings & Taylor Raz Clip Twelve Part I Members - Click here to view this clip
You are soooo unprofessional

She is not cuming on my hand, is she?

There is too much going on to describe it all. The girls wake up after a brief deepening and it seems like they don't really like each other all that much. They start to kind of try to sabotage each other during the posing and to make things worse, they seem to feel tickled (one at a time) which really messes up the scene. Now they bitch at each other for being unprofessional. Really funny btw. Anyway, things get even more bizarre when they freeze up (first one at a time) and to make matters worse, their tongues seem to have a life of their own. Watch it guys, it is really funny to see how those tongues pop out and why they do that in the first place.



Katie Cummings & Taylor Raz Clip Twelve Part II Members - Click here to view this clip
 ...Needless to say, there are some very mindless moments and the girls find themselves in very weird positions upon awakening (with their hands in places they rather would not want them to be in) which makes them reluctantly orgasm. I know it sounds all crazy but believe me, this is another good one.

After all the freezes, involuntary hand movements and embarrassment, the girls seem to have no other desire than to suck each other's feet. Well, that is not the end because when they become aware of what they are doing, the fighting begins again and this time ... goes down.




Katie Cummings & Taylor Raz Clip Thirteen Part I Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesbo Lovers

Taylor is besides herself when she finally finds her ex-lover Katie who tell her that she now has a male master guess who that might be) Imagine Taylors disgust when she finds out that her former lesbian lover has fallen in the hands of a man. Needless to say, she wants to leave and that is when Katie pulls out the pocket watch and Taylor, although reluctantly goes down into mindless obedience (with rolling eyes that is) Time for our sexy Lesbo to learn how good it feels to have a dick showed up her wet pussy.




Katie Cummings & Taylor Raz Clip Thirteen Part II Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesbo Lovers

... Of course, first we get to watch Katie taking control of her victim before putting her on her knees and then fuck her with a strap-on dildo until she screams for lust. Things get even hotter when I decide to step in and to freeze Taylor in the middle of her getting pounded. Poor things screams for lust but it is way too early to allow her to orgasm, first she has to learn to beg for it. After all, Taylor has to learn to serve a male master which means, eating pussy is only allowed when I say so. Both girls are put to sleep right...




Katie Cummings & Taylor Raz
Robot Movie
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I am not designed to malfunction.

Taylor is rushing with a Sorority on campus, and is getting teased and hazed by her big sister Katie. Katie teases her about being a prude, she doesn't drink, she dresses too conservatively, she never swears and uses words like "golly."

Taylor tries desperately to convince Katie that she "is not a prude. I am not prude...not prude...

" She tries to drink, but ends up spitting the drink up.

Katie then instructs her to show off her sexiest moves to seduce a man, she is very awkward and uneasy but tries to play along. When Katie tries to instruct her on the art of seduction, things get out of hand as she begins to get handy with the prudish pledge. Taylor States "I am not programmed for this activity........not programmed......error.......error this is not my intended function". It is too much for the pledge and she begins to malfunction.

Katie is excited to play with her new toy claiming "oh my god she must be one of those new high-end companion-droids" Upset that their robotic pledge lacks sexual programming Katie find bootleg sex software on line and hooks the pledge up to their laptop.

Taylor protests as Katie attaches the cable to a port between her breast. She cries "Stop I am not intended for this function.

Warning illegal program detected. Loading new software..........What's happening... happening....to me? I feel different. The pledge (Taylor) begins to gyrate her hip and caress herself. She begins to make out with her big sister Katie and the action intensifies.

Katie tells the pledge "you're going to fit in here just fine. That program is something else, I think I might give it a try myself." Katie grabs the cable that's till attached to the laptop and plugs it into her own cleavage. She tells the pledge "You didn't think you were the only one did you? I'm a 600 series. I always wanted to make out with another android. Driven by her new software the pledge, Taylor starts kissing Katie and announces "I will please you now." She pushes Katie back onto a table and inadvertently knocks the lap top off the table. Katie cries out "Watch out," but it is too late the laptop crashes into the floor yanking the cable from the sexy sorority girl's chest.

Katie begins to twitch & spasm, as she begins to ramble incoherently "Malfunction.......Malfunction.......Katie unit offline........Download incomplete..........error..........error.........Oh my God what have you done to me?"

Nothing deters the horny pledge who continues to pleasure the broken fembot. Suddenly The pledge announces "Warning incompatible Software.........I am not designed for this activity...........Warning.........I am not intended for this function..........too much sensory data...........I am programmed for sex.....programmed for sex.....for sex...

This of course is just the beginning of the story, wait until you see what happens when our fembots fall into my hands. Believe me there is a lot of girl/girl sex, malfunctions and, and, and...going on.


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