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Katie Cummings Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Trigger testing

Katie Cummings, tall, curvy, naturally horny brunet with enormous luscious breasts could not wait to come back for more training. We had to change the date of the session a few times due to my cold and her staining her ankle but we finally got together and as you might suspect already, it was just another one of those "magically" intense sessions.

In fact, Katie seemed even more excited and believe it or not, even more wet than before. I am sure you guys remember her solo as well as those amazing girl/girl sessions with her and Taylor Raz as well as Vanessa Vixen. I don't think that I need to say more here except maybe that Katie is even more interested in the workings of the mind than before, which made her an even better subject. It is a long story but I am sure you will see how that made an impact on her suggestibility as well as.... Go and check it out and believe me when I say that each and every segment of her update is well worth checking out. Enjoy.

Katie session starts with a bang, the second I mention the word sleep, she drops like a rock. Looks like a good time for me to mess with her luscious body, open her mouth and eyes, expose her tits and so on. Now she is programmed to go deeper whenever she is put to sleep. Our sexy young girl wakes up not remembering what just happened and before she knows it, she is send back down into sleepy oblivion. After messing with her limp body for a bit it is time for some action. Sure enough, her body starts to quiver and shake before going into orgasmic convulsions while I am messing with her.

Still there is more of course. Her beautiful big eyes slowly open up while her hands find their way into her wet pussy. Katie goes nut and we get to enjoy her first "oh god" orgasms, yes masters and...

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Katie Cummings Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Your master is guiding your mind

I am back under my masters control

Experience the quiet mind

As mentioned, all of Katie's clips are very intense and amazing which is why I cannot mention all the details in the descriptions but here are some of the highlights of this segment

Zombie/sleepwalker pose while slowly repeating mantras, rolling while eyed trance, masturbation and orgasm training on command, unblinking stares during deepening, crawling while being checked out and inspected, lot's of limp body and feet manipulation, touch free orgasm training, lot's of repetitions of orders on her own.

As mentioned, those are just some highlights of Katie's intense training. Our little girl is send into deep trance, messed and played with while unaware and then driven up the wall for lust until all she wants is to be her masters pleasing love slave. You can feel how deep she goes and how intensely she wants to please and obey.



Katie Cummings Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Please master make me a better slave

This next one is all about her learning that how and what she is allowed to feel depends on her master and that unconditional obedience is her only choice. First we have her orgasm on command just so we can put her to sleep right at the peak of her orgasmic bliss. Again, I cannot resist to mess with her limp body before taking her through more orgasm training. I decide to really drive her up the wall while she is ordered to fuck her wet pussy with a vibrator while the Hitachi is thrusting on her clit. Katie goes nut but it gets really crazy when she finds out that she is not allowed to orgasm. As mentioned, it is all about obedience. Katie starts to scream and beg for permission to cum.

Needless to say, her explosion when finally allowed to cum is screaming hard and intense. I decide to keep her cuming for quite a while before dropping her back under. More limp play, eye checks and begging yet to cum. As mentioned, those are just a few of the highlights of this segment. White eyed stares, screaming and begging, lot's of yes master, repetitions and more.




Katie Cummings Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Happy feet

Like the title says, this next segment is for our foot fetish lovers but there is certainly more than just that. Katie is still out from her last, let's call it, experience and now it is my turn to inspect and play with her sleepy body and feet. First though we have to take off her shoes and take a closer look at those sexy feet of hers while placing the Hitachi between her legs. Our little girl starts to quiver and shake while her awareness slowly comes back. What a way to wake up, don't you think. Anyway, what really gets her going though is when she feels my hands on her feet. Our horny little girl squirms and quivers under my touch as her eyes slowly open up.

Of course we have her seductively show and offer us her feet while forced to pleasure herself to orgasm. My feet are yours master. Katie starts to beg me to touch her feet again and it is obvious that she knows that there is no orgasm without my touch and or my permission. Time to plant a trigger that will make her orgasm for the rest of her life. What to know what the trigger is? Well, you know what to do. More sleepy foot play and more yet to come. Yes masters!




Katie Cummings Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you fro hypnotizing me master

Too much to list it all but here are some of the highlights: Zombie/sleepwalker pose while slowly repeating mantras, crawling while being made to feel fucked and used, lot's of limp body manipulation, begging, breath controlled orgasms, orgasm that makes her pass out, screaming hard surrender, hyp no bondage while being brought to orgasm, yes masters, intense stares/white eyes during mind reduction and deepening, mindlessly posed and checked out while unaware and, and, and I surrender to you master!



Katie Cummings Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
The ultimate female fighter

I have to say these next clips are among my favorites and I am sure you will know why once you watch them. Katie, who believes to be the ultimate female fighter champion of the world, is interview on national TV. Man I have to say, that girl does have some moves and kicks that can make a guy think twice about getting into it with her but luckily, I have my, let's say, tricks to handle her. Needless to say, our champ is really quite full of herself and my comment that I don't want to fight her because she is a woman and all, makes her really upset. Now she really wants' to kick my you know what right here and now.

OK, have it your way honey. Poor thing freezes up before she even knows what hits her. Of course, pinching her nose, revealing her breasts while making fun of her might not have been all that nice but hey, I warned her. Didn't I. Still, although frozen and helpless, she keeps talking about kicking my a... but in all honesty I am not all that impressed. Being the nice guy that I am, I offer her to unfreeze her but as soon as her body unfreezes she slowly....




Katie Cummings Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
You would not embarrass me like that

Yes honey I would and I will

No more dirty play

Our ultimate female fighting machine does not seem to have learned much during the last segment and sure enough, after threatening me again, she ends up frozen and helpless. Of course that is all just warm up. Next we get to enjoy her falling asleep while trying to attack me. Poor thing eventually wakes up but now she is too weak to even move which leaves her wide open for me to play with her limp body and to even make her orgasm in front of everybody.

She does not even have he time to enjoy her orgasm as she is put back to sleep right in the middle of it. Wait until you see her wake up again. Now she is ready to show me who is boss. Well, maybe not. Oops there she goes to sleep again. OK, one more time. Up and ready, our female fighting machine cannot seem to stop laughing at the most inappropriate times, like in the middle of attacking me. Needless to say, she needs to be frozen again so that we can have more fun with her bitching and complaining. Lot's of sleep trigger, limp body manipulation while asleep and fun, fun, fun. Katie's comments and reactions are priceless.




Katie Cummings Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Never hit a girl

Looks like our female champ just cannot seem to win, no mater how hard she tries. Now we get to watch our "big mouth" who still insist that she is the better fighter, struggle to stay up. Looks like she needs some sleep. Of course she does not see it that way but before long, she goes down and despite her best effort, she goes to sleep (kicking and screaming that is) Looks like this is a good time for me to take off her shorts and mess with our sleeping beauty before she comes back for more embarrassment.

Up and ready, she gives us a demonstration of her "scissoring skills" (really impressive btw) but here again, she goes out before she can do any real damage. Come to think of it, watching her demonstrating those scissor moves without wearing any bottoms is really hot but certainly not scary. Anyway, there is more to come. At some point, our champ is yet again too weak to move except for the hand between her legs which forces her to orgasm while I am playing with her limp body. Believe it or not, she finally admits to being just a horny slut and that I am her..... Lot's of fun, limp body manipulation, sleep, bitching, mindless trance and more. Directors choice.



Katie Cummings Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Who cares about Pizza

Please master touch my feet

Those feet might be stinky, after all, I have been on them all day

Katie, our beautiful pizza delivery girl finds out the hard way that her first day on the job turns out quite differently than she could have ever imagined. Instead of delivering pizza and making lot's of tips, she stumbles into the wrong house and ends up as a mindlessly entranced foot slave who has no other desire than to please her new master with her feet.

Of course that did not just happen but I am sure that you guys might have a pretty good idea as to what could have happened to our unsuspecting young lady. Sure enough, she drops, after a brief struggle, into lala land and now she is mine. Katie really loves feet and enticing her master with them drives her up the wall for lust. Needless to say, this one is all about entrancement, orgasm training, limp body manipulation, feet, feet and more feet.




Katie Cummings Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Aren't you that famous plastic surgeon?

This next segment is a bit different as I decided to try something new. First though, we have her wake up not remembering what just happened to her. Again, our little pizza delivery girl cannot seem to get out fast enough until she realizes that I am a famous plastic surgeon who can help her with small problem. What could her small problem be though? Of course, it is about her tiny little breasts. As you all know, Katie has almost no tits and who can blame her for first asking, then begging and eventually offering her otherwise beautiful body to our famous surgeon. I cannot go into all the details but this is a good one with lots of mind games.

Now it gets really different. After freezing her briefly, she now believes that I gave her some kind of new crŤme that actually make her tits grow right here and now. Suddenly she swells up and it seems like they are getting too big. Katie almost freaks as those tits just seem to keep growing and growing and... Poor thing is learning that we all have to be careful about what we ask for, after all, we might actually get it.




Katie Cummings Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Too cute to be responsible

Android with a Nurse Program

Nurse Katie, who is brand new on the job, seems to believe that thanks to her looks, she can get away with pretty much everything. Well honey, not in this hospital. Nurse Katie is quite a trip and it is obvious that she does not give a dam about what one of the doctors is trying to tell her. Guess who the concerned doctor is. Anyway, her comments are actually quite witty but when she starts to drop some of the expensive instruments, it becomes obvious that she needs to be, how can I say this, reprogrammed. Of course she does not see it that way but then again, who cares. As soon as the transformation is complete Nurse Katie has turned into an obedient android who also happens to have a "nurse" program. Of course there is a lot more programming, denied orgasms, yes masters, nipple pinching, masturbation and so forth going on.




Katie Cummings Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not a doll

I am here to help humans

Nurse Katie seems a bit upset when she wakes up realizing that she is pretty much naked. Looks like we need to put her to sleep so that we can play with her limp body, feet, open her mouth roll her around and so forth. Fully aware but unable to move, all she has left is her bitching but that goes unheard, after all, messing with her weak body is sooooo much fun. Shall we make her orgasm? Of course we do. Will she complain? Of course she will. This one is definitely for our limp body/feet manipulation, forced orgasm and mind game lovers.




Katie Cummings Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Men love their toys

The Story is about a TV repair man who arrives at a frantic woman's house. He is there to fix her television but she believes he is a robot tech sent to repair her not the TV.

When he discovers that she is a robot and that she thinks he's a robot tech, the TV repairman decides to play along. Curiosity gets the better of him, but it soon becomes obvious he is in over his head as fumbles through her repairs. He finally admits to the fembot that he just fixes televisions. She of course freaks out and jumps off the table in mid repair. He warns her that her repairs are incomplete but she refuses to let him near her circuitry again. and she malfunctions. Her seduction program engages and disengages etc...

Katie: Come in.

Frank: Hi Iím Frank Iím here to fix your...

Katie: ďOh thank God youíre here, I wasnít expecting you until after four.

Frank: What seems to be the problem?

Katie: Iím not sure exactly. It seems to be some sort of electrical short. Iím hoping its just a loose wire and not a damaged circuit board or something more serious.

Frank: Hmmm could be weather related, we did have some pretty bad thunder storms yesterday.

Katie: That must be it, I get pretty wet running from the car to the house.

Frank: Ya it was really coming down yesterday. It just takes one good power surge to knock things out of whack?

Katie: Oh no, I would have detected any power surges.

Frank: Doesnít matter Iíll figure it out and have you up and running in no time.

Katie: Thatís such a re....re....relief these malfunctions are unacceptable

Frank: Oh is that your remote lying on the table

Katie: Affirmative......well I guess its actually Brianís remote. He still likes to use it even though voice commands work just as well. I think it makes him feel more in control.

Frank: We guys do like our toys Katie cocks her head slightly and flashes a seductive grin as she runs her finger down her cleavage.

Katie: Some toys are more fun than others........Would you like to play with me?

Frankís attention is focused on the remote and Katieís question goes unnoticed Frank: Excuse me what did you say?

Katie: Oh ! Sorry.......disengaging seduction mode.......I think my system is corrupted

Frank: Come again? I was trying to decipher this remote. It doesnít appear to be factory issue. Did you say there is a voice command feature?

Katie: Affirmative, but only commands from a recognized user will be accepted.

Frank: Wow voice command, must be a pretty a advanced model.

Katie: ďPretty advancedĒ More like state of the art.....

Frank: Not a problem thereís nothing electrical that I canít fix. Lets see if I can figure out this crazy remote. Frank grabs the remote and walks towards the television set. Frank seams a bit confused by the complicated remote and presses several unfamiliar buttons. Suddenly Katie's body jerks to attention. Frank: Iím not sure this remote is compatible with this set.

Katie: Hey Be careful with that. You canít just stat pressing button, I Donít need anymore damaged components.

Frank: I wouldnít worry I donít think its doing anything anyway. It might need batteries Iím just going to take a look inside and see if there any obvious sign of damage.

Katie: ďSo should I lie down for thisĒ

Frank: Oh sure go ahead and take a load off, this may take a while Katie lies down on a nearby couch

Katie: Opening primary access panel

Frank: Yes yes Iím getting to it. I just need to get my Philips screwdriver. No maíam that remote is definitely not factory issue. You should really stick with a Viztech remote.2nd party remotes can screw up your color adjustments and effect overall picture quality.

Katie: Iím ready to be serviced now. You may now access my internal components.

Things get really hot very fast from here


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