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Katie Cummings Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Just like I was programmed

Katie was programmed to show up at our studio without really knowing why. Well, she should find out soon enough where she was and why she was here. Needless to say, she dropped like a rock at the snap of my fingers and with that, she was ready for her first slow and monotone repetitions (mantra) of, I am under your control as you ordered master, while being in the zombie pose.

Time to send her to sleeep and to mess with her limp body, after all, she is here to be enjoyed and to be played with. Speaking of which, this might be a good time to make her remember how good it feels to be back under control and what better way is there than to make her cum in her sleeep. She keeps screaming, it feels so good to cum for you master. Of course that is all just warm up. I decide to place a thrusting Hitachi between her legs and to drive her up the wall. Katie starts to scream for lust as her well rounded body goes into lustful convulsion. What follows are intense orgasms, yes masters and lots of begging for more. Very intense start that shows how much she wants to be....

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Katie Cummings Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
No more Mr. Nice-guy

Trying to describe Katie's session, the way she follows suggestions, the intense raw sexuality she exudes, the screaming hard orgasms, her intense begging, her devoted yes masters and, and, and, is really not possible which is why I will stick to the highlights here

Slow Sleeepy limp play and orgasms, crawling in circles while repeating mantras like, thank you master for training me, bend over (ass out) masturbation while begging to be allowed to show how good of a slave she is, yes masters galore, intense forced orgasm training, eye checks and so much more. By the end of the segment, I decide to slowly take off one of her shoes and....




Katie Cummings Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I surrender to you master

This next one is all about feet, begging and pleading, unconditional surrender, forced orgasm training and more.

First off though, we make her pass out so that we can take our time to remove her shoes and to inspect her well taken care of feet in those extremely sexy fishnet pantyhose which are so see-through that there is nothing left to the imagination. Her body starts to quiver again as she slowly comes to and now she is obsessed with offering us her feet. Needless to say, that is all just the beginning.

Katie goes absolutely crazy for lust in this one when she is forced to place the Hitachi on her clit while showing off her feet to us. Of course she is not allowed to cum for quite some time but what really takes her over the edge is when she has to wait for my hand (two inches away) finally touches her feet. As mentioned, I just cannot describe the intensity of the screaming, the begging and pleading and her total surrender. I surrender to you master, these feet are yours.




Katie Cummings Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Only you control me master

I have seen a lot of entranced girls pose their beautiful bodies but what we get to see here is absolutely riveting and intensely sensual as well as sensual. Katie is, as we all know, very sexual and the way she moves and poses her body shows her deepest "raw sexuality" I seems like the feeling of being looked at while pleasing us with her body, makes her feel even more beautiful and submissive. You will know what I mean by all this once you watch this segment. Needless to say that is not all we get to see here. First off we have to put her to sleeep so that we can take ample time to mess with her helplessly limp body, mouth, feet and so much more. Great close ups btw. Did I mention the intense forced orgasm training, more begging and screaming? Thank you master, thank you master, thank....



Katie Cummings Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am my masters object

Let's see, what are the highlights in this one? Could it be the very intense self - inflicted breast and nipple torture (who does not love to watch her go crazy and orgasmic while squeezing her big natural tits) the slow and monotone repetition (mantra) of, I am my masters object, the totally entranced stares while I am messing with her neck, the part where she is posed and objectified while deeply entranced (vacant stares) the breath controlled orgasm training that makes her pass out, the slow and detailed limp body play while she is in lala land, more begging, yes masters galore and.... Too much excitement to describe it all.




Katie Cummings Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Everything that can go wrong does...

Katie, a beautiful young yet ditzy and not very talented young actress/dancer, is trying her very best to convince me that she is, despite her lack of experience, the perfect cast for the roll in our new movie about the "roaring twenties". Like the title says (Murphy's law) things do not go too well for her. First she falls asleep when asked to pay attention which is really just the beginning of her problems. After taking my time to expose her tits and so on we continue. Things get really embarrassing when she seems to feel deeply penetrated every time she hears the "click" of the camera.

Needless to say, she has no idea why she feels that way which makes her vehemently deny everything but the dam thing seems to keep "clicking." Can it get worse? Oh yes. When asked what her most redeeming qualities for getting the role are, she pulls out her big round breasts, caresses them while explaining why she believes that they are of importance. I have to say, I love to see them just like the next guy but... This one is sexy and hilariously funny and quite embarrassing for our young talent, particularly towards the end when she becomes aware of the fact that she is talking to a stranger about her beautiful tits. Katie at her best.




Katie Cummings Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Whisper into my ear

These are not my dancing shoes

As mentioned, what can go wrong, does go wrong. After messing with our sleeping beauty for a while we have her come back and now she seems to go absolutely crazy over the "sound of my voice" Please keep talking, please... Poor thing gets so horny that she cannot seem to control herself and her attempts to hit on me become more and more graphic. Just the way I like it. Of course all that changes when she is "snapped" to her senses. OH my God, I am so, so... You fill in the blanks.

Things get even more interesting when she slowly (against her believes) freezes up and becomes a mindlessly dim toy. After messing with her, I decide to have her mind slowly return while her body remains stiffly frozen. Poor thing is so confused and again, she denies that there is anything wrong with her. Looks like she really wants that part in the movie very badly. I cannot describe all of what she say, her lies and excuses but it sure as he... is funny. Things get worse when she hears the "click" of the camera (see clip six) while her body is still immobilized. She even offers to come back tomorrow but that is hard to do when you cannot get up and leave due to stiffness in the joints. Too much to list but it all ends with a serious "brain malfunction."



Katie Cummings Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I am sooooo easy

Here we get to enjoy our young and not so talented actress pose for us while becoming more and more orgasmic. Check clip four and you know how hot this one is as well. Katie is, as we all know, very sexual and the way she moves and poses her body shows her deepest "raw sexuality" Anyway, it seems like she believes that this might help her with getting the role. Poor thing even shows us her wet pussy right before she freezes up again. Now she becomes aware of what she just did and oh boy, does she feel sorry and embarrassed. Of course that's not all, there is also the part where she masturbates without having a clue that it might be a bit inappropriate, given the situation and all. Poor thing does not even have a chance to orgasm due to the fact that she .

I do mention that she seems to be very easily h- but that does not seem to make sense to her at all. Let's freeze her again and then use the "tickle trigger" again which, as we all know, makes her laugh and scream without her knowing or understanding where the tickling is coming from. I could go on and on about how sensual, funny and intense this segment is but I think you might just want to go ahead and watch it. Oh btw, our little girl is so confused by the end that she admits how easy she can be entranced and that she has no brain power what so ever. Katie slowly goes to sleep by putting her hand over her mouth and nose which .....




Katie Cummings Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
This game was made for women

Katie believes to be a famous TV personality who is one of the top contenders of our new live TV game show called, "the whatever is right." Anyway, it becomes pretty obvious that our young lady is absolutely full of herself and there seems to be no doubt in her mind that she is going to win over her opponent who happens to be a man. Men are stupid in her opinion. OH well, let's see where this all goes. The rules are simple. Whoever believes to know the answer has to indicate that by lighting up the "light-shaker" which I have to mention to her in all fairness, will chip off a couple of IQ points.

Needless to say, she breaks out in laughter and makes fun of the little device. Wow, like I said, our young lady is really quite full of herself and she goes on and on about all the money she makes from all the endorsements from major companies as well as the national league for women's liberation. What follows cannot be described but her transformation from being a smart big mouth to becoming an oversexed, masturbating, feet loving sex-toy is sensational. Katie cannot seem to get enough when it comes to looking into her light shaker which makes her feel soooooooooooo good. She even offers her wet pussy to everybody out there in TV land. Really one of the best clips of this kind.




Katie Cummings Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
What the fu...happened just now

I am nothing more than your foot slave
More than just feet and freeze
Why is my thinking so slow
I am not thinking at all

Our TV personality wakes up from her, let's call it, last adventure and now she is ranting and raging about how this was all not her fault and that we have to re-shoot the whole thing. Really funny to listen to her excuses. To make a long story short, here she is "transformed" into an oversexed foot slave who is posing and offering us her feet and body in the most seductive way while longing for my touch. Of course that is just part of the action as she is also frozen yet again, right before she can bring herself to orgasm.

Needless to say, she becomes aware of the fact that she is on TV and that she just made and a... of herself. I tell her that she will soon feel better due to the fact that she will not remember anything at all but she does not believe me until her mind slowly stops working and she drifts into oblivion. You are my master and you think for me.



Katie Cummings Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Smoking hot

Katie, our still full of herself TV personality wakes up and again, she is besides herself about all that just happened. I think it is understandable that she really, really needs a cigarette to cool her down. Of course I warn her about the cigarettes, after all, I grow the tobacco myself. Anyway, to make a long story short, she not only relaxes after the first few slow drags of the cigarette but she also becomes noticeably more sensual as well as aroused.

Who would have thought that our TV sweet-heart has a Hitachi vibrator hidden behind the cushion and with all her morals having gone out of the window, she has no problems using it in front of everybody. Things get wild and wet and Katie, yet again, turns into an oversexed sex kitten with no morals and no inhibitions what so ever. Needless to say, her lust as well as the smoke take a serious toll on her mind and brain functions. I am totally mindless master. The end is really funny. Katie snaps out of it thinking that she is a non smoker and... freeze.




Katie Cummings Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I signed up for the other Navy

Katie, who believes to be a newly recruited Navy Cadet, seems to have realized that being in the navy is not just all about riding around on big boats to exotic islands which is why she complains to her superior officer. Our young cadet goes on and on about how she was tricked by the requiting officer and that she has not signed up for this kind of navy. Poor thing even broke a nail while ordered to climb a wall. I know, how horrible is that. Katie's comments and her bitching are priceless, btw. Anyway, at some point her superior officer just about had enough of her bitching and she is warned that if she keeps it up, she will have to be "robotized." Now that does not seem to make sense to her and she goes on and on until it slowly hits her.

Why am I talking like this? Why am I moving like this? Those are just some comments of hers while going through the transformation. Katie has no defenses against what is happening to her and ends up a perfectly programmed robot. First we have to sexually wind her up/charge her by placing a vibrator between her legs. The more aroused she gets the more sexually charged she is until she reaches... Lots of fun, slow transformation showing how choice less she is, masturbation, stiff moves and walk, posing and so many more of your favorites. Katie ends up being set to minimum power and ready to give BJ's to...




Katie Cummings Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Daddy's little girl got wet

Frank: was working through lunch yet again, while his boss was wining and dining a prospective client on the other side of town. As Frank: sat trying to make a dent in the pile of paperwork he looked around and noticed that he and his boss Mr. Buchanan were the only two in the office today, while the rest of the staff were out of town attending a sales convention. Frank was about to doze off when the silence of the office was disturbed by the entrance of Mr. Buchanan's daughter Katie. She had interned at the office the year before she starting college, and had every guy in the office wrapped around her little finger including Frank. She appears to be coming from class and still has her backpack hanging over shoulders.

Frank: Hi Katie, how's school treating you?

Katie: You don't even want to know…….Hey, is my dad in?

FRANK: Sorry sweetie he's meeting with a client out West.

Katie: He didn't answer his phone, so I thought I'd try here. It's really important that I see him, Do you know where he is?

FRANK: Sorry he didn't say exactly, just that he'd be back at 3:00

Katie: 3:00, I don't know if I can wait that long……I really need to see him right away.

Frank:: I'm sorry, is it anything I can help you with?

Katie: I…..I…I don't think so, I really need my dad to to help me, do you mind if I wait here?

Frank:: Not at all, its good to see you again, we miss have you around here.

Katie's cell phone rings and she frantically reaches into her pocket and answers it without pausing to examine the number.

Frank:: Daddy is that you?……. Oh hi Cindy………………So you already heard……….OMG she is such a bitch!…….. No, I was sitting in the Cafeteria talking to Katie, when she came over to our table. She calls me a slut and said that I stole her boyfriend and before I knew it, she dumped her drink right down the front of my shirt………I was like OH my god, who does that? ……..Besides Brian asked me out…………Hey I'm at my dad's office, can I call you later…..Yah OK Bye

Frank:: Sounds like you had an eventful day.

Katie: I guess you heard all that. Ya I got totally soaked, at least it was just water so it didn't ruin my top…..so it didn't ruin my top… it didn't ruin my...my...my top. Katie: Boy I sure do like talking about my top today……. I still can't believe she got me wet

Frank:: Are you feeling alright Katie, you don't seem yourself today.
Katie: I'm OK, really, I just got a little wet…I just got a little wet…….just got a little wet…… a little wet

Katie: Would you look at me rambling on like a crazy woman, It was just a little water, no need to obsess. I'm going to call my dad again.

Katie dials her phone and this time has better luck.

Katie: Hi Daddy, ……Daddy I got wet……..I know you told me not to, but it wasn't my fault………A mean girl at school splashed me…… She poured water down my shirt………I know water's dangerous, that's why I called you……it wasn't my fault…….my fault…….my fault…. I don't know what to do……….what to do……Tell me what to do…….I'm at your office……but two hours is too long to wait, Katie whispers , but she is still close enough for Frank: to overhear I'm already starting to malfunction…Yes I understand…wait in your office and don't talk to anyone….Goodbye Daddy

Hey Frank…I'm just going to wait in Dad's office and catch up on a little homework…..

Frank: You called your dad, just to tell him you got wet? That's a little odd don't you think?

Katie: I don't like getting wet, so what.

Frank:: Water's dangerous? maybe if your swimming or drying your hair ,but getting splashed by a jealous ex, doesn't seem all that dangerous to me.

Katie: I don't like getting wet, water is bad, water is very bad…very bad……error…….error…….no watt…watt… water…..no water………OMG she's she's such a bitch…..such a bitch……malfunction……..malfunction………what's wrong with not wanting to get wet?

Frank:: I can't believe I never realized that your a robot.

Katie: A robot, don't be silly, do I look like a robot to you?

Frank:: No, but you sure act and sound like one.

Katie: I've listened to just about enough of this robot nonsense, I'm going to go wait in dad's office Frank:: If your not a robot, why are you acting so strange?

Katie I'm not supposed to talk to you, I'm going to go….to go….to…to. to go wait………I'm not supposed to ……not supposed to talk………supposed...to….to……. Katie falls to her knees and then topples backward resting on her backpack, as she wobbles side to side like a turtle flipped on its back. Katie: I am not supposed to get wet. Warning fluid has damaged my circuits, damaged my circuits………error….error…….this unit is malfunctioning……I'm starting to short circuit…….OMG…..OMG--I'm totally drenched…Brian asked me out………he's so sexy…….so sexy…….What and I saying? Oh no circuits are totally fired…..Help me , I need to be repaired……to be repaired. to be, to be repaired!

Frank:: Oh , that can't be good………I better take a look!


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