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Katie Cummings Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Going down paradise lane

Katie Cummings, vivacious brunette with the most beautiful sultry green eyes and, most importantly, luscious natural breasts was very eager to be put under. In fact our little girl was almost too eager to experience what it would feel like to let go of all control and to unconditionally submit, that it actually took me a little longer to put her into place, if you know what I mean. Katie had heard about us form a number of girls who had been trained before which is why she just could not wait to see for herself what the hoopla was all about. Sure enough, the second I got her to relax and to let me take her deeper, she dropped and became, what I call, a good little girl. Ready to be trained to perfection. Katie is a fun girl to be with and, once under control, she turns into a sensual and very sexual submissive who loves to be put into place. Needless to say, we had a blast that afternoon at the studio and I cannot wait for her to come back.

Standing up balloon test, eye checks towards the end, flickering eyelids, body language and more. It does not happen too often that a subject decides to change position during the induct ion part but Katie decided to find and even more comfortable position which was a good sign.

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Katie Cummings Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Letting go of inhibitions and control

Katie's beautifully rounded body slowly starts to react to my suggestions as she made to feel sensually caressed all over her silky skin and eventually taken with no control over it. She starts to quiver and shake while I keep increasing the sensitivity of her tight pussy. I can feel that she is getting closer to letting go completely. She keeps repeating, I want to follow and obey you master. Time to take her deeper again by distracting her mind. Katie's big green eyes are focused on the bright light on her forehead while her body is starting to go into lustful convulsions. Distracting the mind often leads to amazing results as it sends the subject into a state of "overload" which then allows suggestions to sink in deep. I make her cum a few times without her having any control over it. I can feel that she wants to show me her surrender by making herself cum for me. Uncontrollable orgasms on my count of three, repetitions, yes masters, some kneeling, mind sucking and fucking and more. I am cuming for you master.



Katie Cummings Clip Three  
I am your hypnotized slave master

I am nothing without my master

Kneeling, crawling while being made to feel helplessly fucked, yes master, some rolling eyes, zombie pose, slowly repeated mantras like "I am nothing without my master", hard controlled orgasms which almost make her fall, waving hand and slow mind-reduction.

Needless to say, the above described are only a few highlights. First though, I decide to take her deeper again. Her repetitions of, I am you hypnotized slave master, become slower and slower and I can feel her going deeper into an even more receptive state of mind. Suddenly her hands feel pulled between her legs and she has no other choice than to make herself cum for me. I am cuming for you, I am your slave master. Of course that is all just warm up. After making her crawl, she suddenly feels fucked and used from behind. Katie's voluptuous body rocks back and forth under the intense penetration she is made to feel and I keep her cuming at the snap of my fingers. Of course there are still the mantras, the zombie pose and the rolling eyes yet to come. Katie is exhausted and that is always a great time to take the subject further and deeper into....



Katie Cummings Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Please remove my will master

I am under my masters control

More mantras, intense freezes while I am posing her body, mindless blank stares, intense orgasm control training, kneeling, waving hand, entrancement, bend over masturbation training and more.

No more Mr. Nice Guy. Now it is time to prepare her for the final surrender. Katie's sultry green eyes are (mindlessly) focused on the laser. Her repetitions of, "I am under my masters control" are slow and monotone as she drifts deeper. I can feel that she is ready to surrender her mind, will and thoughts. Her beautiful body goes into lustful convulsions when I order her to bend over and to masturbate herself to orgasm for me. I can feel that all she wants to do is to please me and to be a good little girl for her master. Again, Katie seems exhausted which a good time to place her on her knees and to freeze her. Our little girl just sits there with her big eyes staring into nothingness while I am posing her body, move her head and open her mouth. I wave my hand in front of her face, just to make sure that there is nobody home. Exciting clip which shows her surrender to...



Katie Cummings Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Oh God

Everything from kneeling, foot worship, breath controlled orgasm training, entranced stares, rolling eyes, sleepy orgasm while I am holding her eyes open, slow and monotone mantras, breast play, laser induced mind reduction, orgasm control training and more.

Watch Katie's final surrender and her intense transformation as she succumbs to my training.




Katie Cummings Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
This can't be happening

Katie believes to be the luckiest reporter in town as she is the only one who gets to interview a very famous politician who is just about to reveal a major election scandal. Guess who the famous politician is. Anyway, our young reporter seems very eager and grateful for the opportunity she has been given and she promises to her best. Katie even went through the trouble of having read my newest book on the art of mind control and although it seems like she cannot really wrap her mind around the idea that people can easily be controlled, she is polite enough to go along. Before long, it becomes more and more obvious though that our young and certainly eager reporter seems to have problems focusing on the conversation. Could it be that she, despite her best efforts, is slowly going to sleep. No way, nobody would fall asleep while being given the interview (opportunity) of a lifetime. Is she really yawning right there in front of me? No way she...



Katie Cummings Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am so, so sorry, I am so, so wet

Katie, our young and still more than eager reporter wakes up and apologizes for her "dozing off" during our important conversation. All of a sudden though, she starts to masturbate as if it was the most normal thing to do when interviewing a high profile politician. Poor thing goes on and on about how she is not interested in becoming one of my subjects while fingering her wet pussy. Imagine her shock, confusion and embarrassment when I suddenly (at the snap of my fingers) let her become aware of what she is actually doing. Oh my god, I am so, so sorry. She is so confused that she even mentions who wet she is, which makes her feel even more embarrassed. Needless to say, she wants to leave right then and there but unfortunately for her, she falls asleep again. After messing with her for a bit, she wakes up and now she apologizes for having fallen asleep while she starts to finger herself yet again. What can I say, the girl is horny. Will she be able to bring herself to orgasm this time or will she pass out again.



Katie Cummings Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Please don't call my editor

Can a non believing reporter be turned into a mindlessly dim and obedient foot slave who's only purpose it is to please her master?

Katie snaps out of it again and as before, the apologies just fly out of her mouth. You can really tell that she is embarrassed and quite confused about her own behavior. She is so flustered that she cannot even find her pen. Luckily for though, I do have a pen which she can use. Needless to say, it is a special pen with a little fan on the top. Looks like she really likes my gadget but as soon as the fast rotating fan on the top of the pen starts to rotate, her eyes go dim in mid sentence.

Katie drops like a rock and now she is fascinated by the idea of turning me on with her sexy little feet. She seductively removes her close toed shoes and later her pantyhose while showing and enticing me with her feet. I am my masters mindless foot slave. Katie quickly gets aroused herself and she explodes when I gently touch her feet. Now it is time to snap her out of it and watch her squirm while trying to find an excuse for what she just did. I let her go on for a while before sending her back into mindless obedience. How does she end up frozen and bitchy and why do I have to use the pen one more time to shut her up? Go and find out.






Katie Cummings Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Muted, frozen, rendered mindless and played with

Now I can hear myself again

Katie, our eager reporter, slowly wakes up and tries to explain her situation. The big problem though is, that she cannot seem to speak. Of course she tries but that seems to make her even more frustrated about the fact that she is muted. Poor thing has no idea why this is happening and I decide at some point to help her by rendering her mindless. I know it does not necessary help her but it sure is fun watching her go dim in an instant. Anyway, once she is up again, her voice seems back and now, she apologizes for not having been able to speak earlier. Oops, there goes the voice again. How does she end up frozen and played with while being fully aware of her unfortunate situation and why the hell does she leave happy? Go and see for yourself.



Katie Cummings Clip Ten  Part One Members - Click here to view this clip
part one My brain feels being scrambled

I decided to split this one up into two parts. The first part shows Katie's slow transformation from being very bitchy and full of herself to becoming a mindlessly obedient slave/robot.

Katie believes to get paid by one of the major music companies/Labels to listen to subliminal music and to let us know whether the music has any impact on her mood and or behavior. I have to say, our little girl has quite an attitude and she certainly does not give a shi.. about my explanation on how subliminal music works and what it can do to young minds like her. Well, at some point, I decide to let her have it. Most of this segment is about her comments and reactions while she is listening to the music. My brain feels like it is being scrambled, no to not turn it off, I am listening, I don't want to be a slave, my thinking slows down and so on. Really slow and intense transformation. Suggested by viewers


Katie Cummings Clip Ten Part Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Part two is all about Katie, who is now turned into an obedient robot. Of course she strips for us while her obedience program is activated. Next comes the activation of her masturbation and eventually her orgasm program. Still, that is all just warm up. Wait to you see her spanking her own ass while the pain program is being activated. Monotone robotic speech pattern, yes masters, arms out walk, salutations, service, orgasm denial, numerous deactivations and so much more.



Katie Cummings Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Still no improvement

Katie, slowly wakes up and she seems find despite a few moments of confusion. The thing that has not improved though, is her attitude. Man that girl can be mean and my attempts to hit on her just don't seem to defuse the situation. She keeps bitching about pretty much everything until she puts the headsets back on. Suddenly she just sits there, frozen stiff and dim. Now that is much better. Let's see what happens when her mind comes back and she becomes aware of her predicament. My idea to place her hand over her mouth while she is still going on about kicking my, you know what, only makes her even more mad. Let's see what happens when we freeze on of her fingers in her mouth. Really funny to watch her still going on about, who knows what. Finally, the silver coin in my hand renders her quite and mindlessly obedient. What do you think happens when I snap her out of it in the middle of her masturbation (right before she is ready to orgasm) towards the end of the clip. Will she be upset again, will she be able to stop what she is doing and / or will she end up happy. Lots going on in this one.



Katie Cummings Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Are you my priest or something

Tickled, frozen, enslaved, posed, rendered mindless and orgasmed at will

Katie, still bitchy and miserable, seems to have forgotten what has happened so far. As mentioned, her attitude still sucks and it is time for her the put the headset back on so that she can let us know what kind of effect the subliminal music has on her. No need for words this time though. Suddenly she squirms and jumps all over the place as if an invisible somebody was tickling her all over her body. Needless to say, that certainly does not improve her mood but then again, who cares. Things don't get better when she suddenly freezes up but at least she is quite. Well, let's see what she thinks about all this. Poor thing cannot even talk, that's how bad the tickling feels. I can't breathe, stop. Being the nice guy that I am, I let the tickling go away but. believe it or not, still does not make her be nice and grateful. Time to show her the silver coin again. Katie drops instantaneously into dim mindlessness.

Time to put her into place. Mindlessly entranced, Katie assumes the sleepwalker/zombie pose while repeating, I was born and bred to be you slave master. I think that deserves an orgasm on my command, don't you think? Of course there is more. After playing with my mindlessly entranced slave (opening her mouth and posing her) it is time to watch her masturbate. Being the not so nice guy, I snap her out of it right before she has a chance to orgasm. By now though, our bitchy young lady is so aroused that she cannot stop fingering herself while bitching about it. Some people just don't know what they want. Katie ends up (after looking at the silver coin again) loving the idea of being my slave. There is still more but you have to watch it to find out how it all ends.


Katie Cummings Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Don't you have bigger problems than that

I do not care who's cigarettes these are

You stole my heart

Katie, who believes to be a contestant on a new speed dating show, seem bored and not in the best of moods, while she is waiting for the show to start. We both are waiting outside the studio for the director to call us inside. Anyway, Katie's mood does not improve when she finds out that I am one of the male candidates on the show. Unfortunately, she makes it perfectly clear that she has absolutely no interest in me, in fact, she makes fun of me. What turns it all around are the cigarettes she finds next to her seat. Katie is magically drawn to the smokes and no matter what I say, she lights up. I even mention that I am allergic to the smoke but of course, she does not give a dam. I think we all know what happens next.

Katie slowly but surely becomes more and more aroused and she even seems to think that I am the hottest guy she has met in a long time. Her hands start to seductively run over her curves while she slowly inhales and the hot smoke. From bitchy and stuck up to intensely sensual, oversexed, horny and willing to do.... Really smoking hot and sensual. Needless to say, Katie ends up dim and mindless while...



Katie Cummings Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Those are assets

Timing is everything in life and as it turned out, mine was off that day. The second I enter my, soon to be EX wives house (technically it is really my house) to pick up my beloved baseball card collection, her bitchy and very uptight divorce lawyer shows up. Who would have thought the two are so close that my ex even gave her a key to the house. I still think that there was something going on between the two but I don't think I can ever proof that. Anyway, besides being uptight and by the books, my wives attorney turned out to be a real stickler.

The second I try to explain to her that my wife is taking all her personal belongings, like her makeup, clothes and so on, she starts to lecture me about my baseball cards being an "asset" and not personal belongings. I guess we all deserve some luck here and there and sure enough, things turned around in a flash. All of a sudden it all made sense, her stuck up behavior, her almost robotic ways of sticking to the facts and so on. To make a long story short, she started to malfunction and that my friends, opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.


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