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Katie O'Riley Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Spiral into the abyss

Back under control

Katie O'Riley, terribly cute, sexy and most importantly, naturally horny young girl with killer natural body was certainly not nervous this time around, in fact, she was looking forward to our, let's call it, get to gather. Katie surprised me the first time and, believe it or not, she did it again. I am sure you remember how she went off the last time and pretty much surprised all of us with the intensity of her surrender and of course the depth of her trance. Well, this time is was even more intense and I was able to do quite a lot of new things with and to her. I was thinking about trying out some new stuff and Katie was just the right girl to do it with.

We stated off with a rapid induction and a whole lot of limp body play while I am partially undressing her, eye checks, sleepy masturbation and open eyed stares and rolling eyes which show her dropping into lala land. Very different start.


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Katie O'Riley Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am sliding into deep trance for you Master

I am under your control Master

I want to be a good little girl

Highlights : Lot's of very slow and explicit limp body manipulation, rolling eyes on her way down, convulsive orgasms on command, stares, sleep trigger planting, self inflicted nipple torture and orgasm training, eye checks sleepy as well as during orgasms, forced masturbation, eye fixation and mind reduction and plenty of yes masters. I am cuming for you master.

Very intense and it is certainly hot watch her quivering and shaking little body be driven to incredible sexual heights as well as being put to rest so that we can move, roll and drop her to our liking. Towards the end, I decide to peel her out of her (quite unnecessary) clothing.




Katie O'Riley Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Drooling love slave

Mantra : I am your h- slave master

Highlights : Entranced blow job demonstration, drooling, zoned out stares, zombie/sleepwalker pose while slowly repeating mantra, rolling eyes, yes masters, mindlessly posed while staring into nothingness, eye checks while sleepy and or during orgasm, Freeze / mannequin manipulation, orgasms on command, sleep trigger execution and limp body manipulation. Needless to say, the above mentioned are just a few highlights and they sure do not describe the intensity with which our little girl is either drops into deep trance and or screams in ecstatic lust.




Katie O'Riley Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Foot slaves crawl for their Master

Please take my thoughts master

Want more of the rolling eyes, slow repetition of mantras, slow and intense foot worship while she is asleep and or too weak to move, crawling, bend over ass out masturbation, screaming hard orgasms on command, slow limp body manipulation while she is placed into different positions, yes masters, eye fixation and mind reduction, blank stares and so much more? Go ahead

Katie is still out from before and I decide to take my time to take off her shoes so that we all get a better look at her feet. She is allowed to slowly come to but she is still too weak to move. Slowly but surely her strength comes back and her hands move between her legs. By now she is so turned on that all she wants to do is to offer me her feet (wrinkles/spread toes and all) Of course that is all just warm up. As mentioned, I did a lot of new "stuff " with her and although the descriptions sound similar, there is a lot of variations in all of her segments




Katie O'Riley Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I have no past before my master

This next one is certainly different and lots of fun. Katie, who has proven to be an excellent subject, is screaming for lust as she is ordered to masturbate for her master. Poor thing is put to sleep before she can actually bring herself to orgasm for us. After performing some eye checks, she is finally allowed to cum in her sleep while I am holding her eyes open. Now the fun begins. I decide to have her wake up (a few times) thinking that the session just started and while we are talking, she goes out through various triggers. It is fun to watch her trying to piece it all together and as soon as she hears the snap of my fingers and or Lana's voice, she drops like a rock. Poor thing is so confused and nervous when she finds herself masturbating in front of me (she believes the session has not even started) and or being naked. It would take too long to explain all the different triggers that send her down again but they are all hot to watch.

Of course there is more, like the part where she wakes up believing that she is a ROBOT with no past other than being "my robot" Multiple deactivation, yes masters and more. Wait there is more, like the slow repetition of mantras while in the zombie pose, the "WET DREAM " segment, the slow mind removal which causes memory loss and some limp body




Katie O'Riley Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
You must be into feet?

I don't feel my clothes

Katie, who believes to be interviewing for a sales position for one of the major cosmetic companies, seems to have a lot of experience when it comes to selling foot-lotions but that does not make her a foot person (if you know what I mean) Oh well, as it turns out, it does not really matter whether or not she likes playing with feet thanks to our new hypnotic lotions. Needless to say, she laughs at first when I mention that our lotions have a, let's call it, mesmerizing scent but she finds out as soon as I convince her that she has to apply some on her feet. Poor thing drops without even realizing it and now it seems like she cannot get enough of the silky lotion on her feet.

Her hands run through her toes while she offers her feet to be enjoyed. She even realizes that I am her master and that pleasing me is her only desire. Things get even more intense when she loses all strength in her body which puts her (and her feet) at my mercy. You might have guessed it, our sales lady seems confused and helplessly embarrassed at the same time. Shall we mess with her feet and show her those sensitive spots on her feet that will make her orgasm? Of course we do. More sleepy limp body and feet manipulation while I am removing her panties and...




Katie O'Riley Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Stop messing with me

Katie, our young sales lady, does not seem to remember much of anything that has happened so far, tries to convince me that she is the one for the job. Needless to say, I agree with but I also let her know that our lotions are still in the experimental stages which means they are not for testing just yet. No problem right. Well what can I say, the second I leave the office for a short while (so she thinks) our curious young lady just cannot seem to resist sniffing one of our lotions (here again, despite my warning) which leads to sudden "muscle stiffness" The fun begins.

After messing with her as well as her clothes, I decide to let her become aware of her predicament while still frozen. Poor thing seems confused and certainly not happy about my attempts to help her. I admit, exposing her tits and moving her around does not help the "stiffness problem" but it sure as h.. is fun. She even turns down my offer to hypnotize her because it seems too farfetched that hypnosis might help with her problem. Again, I agree but then it happens anyway. At some point the bitching gets too much which leaves me no other choice than to place and freeze her hand over her mouth and nose. The good news is that she does unfreeze but... Limp body play and more still to come. Katie's reactions are hilarious.



Katie O'Riley Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I totally understand dress code

I am usually normal

Sleep, tickle limp body manipulation, mind fucking and some foot action

Katie, who still believes the interview just started, wakes up without noticing that she is pretty much naked and we discuss the companies strict dress code. I know, it is not nice but sure as he.. a lot of fun. What makes it even harder to have a "serious" conversation with our job applicant is the fact that she breaks out into uncontrollable laughter at the most inappropriate times .

Needless to say, that is embarrassing and confusing at the same time. Things get worse when she keeps falling asleep on me, here again, at the most inappropriate times. Things get worse yet again when all of the above described starts to happen at the same time. Imagine waking up in an interview with your hand in your pussy. I know, what are the odds of that but it does happen to Katie. Time to put her to sleep and to take some time to take off her shoes and mess with her cute feet.




Katie O'Riley Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip

Foot lust and freeze  

Katie seems to be certain that the sales job is hers as long as she keeps sucking and kissing her feet. Sure, I mean we all know that kissing and sucking your feet during the interview process, is the thing to do. OK, maybe not but Katie seems to believe it and that is all that matters. Again, things get even funnier and hotter when she suddenly freezes up with her tongue sticking out of her mouth. Believe me, she tries hard to explain herself but the dam tongue (which she cannot seem to retract back into her mouth) does make it almost impossible to understand a word she is saying.  Of course the fact that I am messing with her does not seem to make her feel better nor is it helpful. Too much going on to describe it all but certainly one of my favorites. It all ends with me enjoying her limp body and feet while she is in lala land yet again.



Katie O'Riley Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip

Robots don't need credit cards

Here is another one of my favorites  

Katie, who believes to be my wife, is fuming when she finds out that I lowered the limit on her credit card the same day she shopping with her girlfriends. My explanation that my "two" jobs don't pay for her spending habits only makes her suggest for me to get a third job. Katie's reactions are priceless, btw. To make a long story short, my wife seems to need and attitude adjustment and she shall have it. Thanks to the new "key chain" I bought her (fun toy, you will see) her mind quickly dims to nothingness and she is ready to be programmed to my liking. Needless to say, she does not remember ever having been human and pleasing is now all she wants. Bottomless masturbation, yes masters, repetition of orders, programming, rolling eyes and so much more. This is certainly a segment for all of our robot fans.




Katie O'Riley Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip

Please look at my feet  

Freeze, limp body manipulation and lot's of aware as well as unaware foot worship   

Katie, who still believes to be my wife, wakes up and gets dressed in a sexy little "nurse" costume without be aware of what she is doing. The fun begins when I tell her that I took care of the "nasty" credit card affair and that she now has no credit card at all. Needless to say, she goes off on me at first but then, as soon as she is frozen, she seems to calm down.

Well, to be honest, the "waving hand" is actually what calms her down the most. Believe it or not, all of a sudden she seems to have no other desire than to please me with her feet. The little girl starts begging me to look at her feet and to let her please me. Oh well, if that's what you want honey. Things change when I let her become aware of what she is doing but there is not much she can do about all this because now she is frozen again. Poor thing is actually frozen with a toe in her mouth and her tongue sticking out. I know, it is not nice but hey, it is fun Of course there is a lot more to come when start messing with her...




Katie O'Riley Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip

Up my ass please   

This next one is yet another favorite segments of mine.

You should not take those sleeping pills honey  

Katie, my still upset wife, still bitches about the "credit card" issue when she suddenly seems to just pass out in mid sentence. Time to enjoy moving and lifting her limp little body for a while. Things get even better when she comes to and now she wants to give me a blowjob. Well, not really but she cannot seem to stop sucking on and swallowing  the dildo, even when she tries. I know it is embarrassing but some girls just love to "suck it." Needless to say, she bitches while being unable to stop the blow job action nor her masturbation. Time to put her to sleep.  

Things get really hot when she comes back and now she offers me her ass and begs me to fuck her right up the you know what. She goes crazy when I turn her down and she even spreads her ass cheeks even further. All that changes when she freezes up and becomes aware of what she just offered. Of course now I give in to her original idea and that causes... You have to watch it to believe it guys.




Katie O'Riley Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Never tinker with the Professor

I am your sex-toy, I am horny-please use me

I have to admit, I always had a "thing" for my sexy teacher Professor O'Riley which is probably why I failed pretty much every test this year. OK, maybe I could have worked harder and actually show up for class more often but, was that really a reason for her to call me into her office and to threaten me with a "parent teacher conference." I don't think so but she was just de-ad set to let me fail and to tell my parents about all this. What was I supposed to do? At first, I panicked but then fate stepped in and that is when it all started. I had heard all kinds of rumors going around campus the our sexy Professor might not be what she appeared to be, meaning, many of the students thought that because of her always perfect conduct that she might be a robot. It is one thing to fantasies about these things but it sure as he.. is a incredibly exciting to actually see it. I am not sure what happened but all of a sudden she started to glitch and eventually even malfunction, right there in front of me. OK, messing with her and using her screwed up "condition" to further my, let's call it, sexual experiences might not have been nice but as I always say, The flesh is WEAK.


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