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Katie O'Riley Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Your mind is mine

Katie O'Riley, terrible cute, sexy and most importantly, naturally horny young girl with killer natural body was quite nervous at first but as soon as I started to relax her, she dropped like a rock. Katie is relatively new to all this and she certainly had never done anything even remotely similar to what we were about to do that afternoon. I have to say, I like it that way and believe me, watching her going off the way she did once she let go, is really an amazing experience. It was almost like an instant transformation from being almost shy and certainly sweet to becoming insatiable horny and submissive. I am sure you will know what I am trying to say here once you watch the clips. Katie is visiting this year's fetish con for the first time and I am sure that most of the producers will (almost literally) jump on her once they see her. Well, catch her here first.

We started with the feather/heavy book visualization exercise and the went on an even more relaxing sailboat ride. Eye checks, limp arms and head tests towards the end. Great close ups of her face, feet and body throughout. Her facial expressions are very interesting particularly when I made her feel euphoric and the aroused.

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Katie O'Riley Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am intensely aroused by having a master

I have no control over my mind, is the first thing she repeats three times while dropping even further down.

I could feel right away that Katie is turned on by the feeling of having already lost all control over her body and mind. Her sexy young body starts to quiver and shake and I decide to start with her feet. The feeling of arousal is slowly traveling up her entire body. The light wand I am holding is slowly and gently touching her feet, crawls up her legs and eventually ends up in her already wet pussy. My suggestions drive her closer and closer to an inevitable orgasm but first she has to learn to wait for my permission. I keep caressing her quivering body with the wand while making her feel licked and fucked. Time to have her open her eyes and to drop her even deeper into trance. Placed on her knees, Katie finds out how intensely arousing it is to have a master. Great stares, repetitions, screaming hard orgasms and surrender.



Katie O'Riley Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I have to learn to obey you master

There is no life without you master

Katie is still on her knees and now it is time for her first mantra. Every repetition of, make me your mindless slave master, renders her more and more mindless until she just stares ahead. Katie is then forced to bring herself to orgasm for me while having her eyes wide open. I just love watching the girls surrender in their eyes (the only part of the body where nobody can fake an orgasm, or any other feeling for that matter). With her arms stretched out in front of her sexy young body, she keeps repeating, I have to learn to obey you master.

Suddenly she is made to feel fucked hard while being dropped into an even deeper trance. Not easy to explain but her body shivers and shakes while her eyes start to roll back. I make her become aware of how she is driven to orgasm without having any control over it. She keeps repeating, there is no life without you master, as she goes down again. I decide to take her into a deep and completely mindless state. Katie's body wobbles as she just stands there. She is so deep by now that nothing, except my voice, can wake her up. I start moving her head, open her mouth, pose her and eventually freeze her while she just stares ahead.



Katie O'Riley Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you master

Slaves don not have a mind or will of their own

If you enjoy watching a beautiful young girl, kneel, crawl, feeling helplessly fucked and used, repeat mantras, stare mindlessly ahead, roll her eyes, being orgasmed by the light wand, squeeze her nipples and caress her natural breasts rendered mindless and sleepy while being played with and eventually succumb to her master, then this one is definitely for you. After some very intense orgasm training, Katie eventually goes so deep that she just falls back and stares ahead while I am placing her hand in her mouth, wave my hand in front of her unblinking eyes and pay with her head.



Katie O'Riley Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
The fucking machine

I am your mindlessly hypnotized slave master

As the title says, we start her off on the "fucking machine/chair" while she feels her hands and arms helplessly pulled up in the air. Katie is going nut on the chair, in fact it gets so intense that the dam chair almost breaks under her thrusting body. Of course that is all just warm up. I decide to have her masturbate while standing in front of me. All of a sudden her arms are pulled up in the air again and she is driven close to orgasm without being allowed to cum. I keep her horny while taking her deeper, this time with her arms stretched out in front of her body. Katie drops like a rock, her eyes roll while she sinks into mindless bliss.

 Her beautiful eyes (they really are amazing) are clued to the light on her forehead. Her repetitions of, I am your mindlessly hypnotized slave become slower and slower. Placed on her knees, she is now finally allowed to orgasm. Our little girl cums so hard that it almost . Her exhausted little body falls back and she is ready for the final takeover. A series of, not only intensely arousing but also exhausting, breath controlled orgasms, finally put her out. A last orgasm in her deep sleep while I am holding her eyes open, conclude this segment and her initial training.



Katie O'Riley Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your mindless fuck toy

Katie, who believes to be my wife, comes home from a hard day at work and as usual, she is not in the mood for our Wednesday night sex. I know, once a week should not be a problem but as we all know, these things seem to have less importance the longer people are together. I am sure most of you know what I am talking about here. Anyway, the only thing she seems to be interested in is, whether or not I remembered to buy her favorite body lotion. Needless to say, she is not too thrilled to find out that I bought her a different one.

Well, after some complaining, she tries it anyways (after I leave the room) and guess what. The more of the lotion she applies all over her silky skin the more aroused yet mindless she gets. Watching her enjoying the smooth feeling of applying the lotion while her mind obviously goes dim, is really hot. At some point her eyes roll back and it is time for me to step in. Of course by now, my sexy little wife has only one thing on her (remaining) mind and that is to pleasure herself to orgasm, despite my warnings, I might add.



Katie O'Riley Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Reluctant Foot lust

After a brief deepening, my horny little wife, seems now obsessed with applying the lotion on her cute feet. Her hands gently glide of her feet while her fingers go between her toes. At this point she is still not willing to share this with me but that should change quickly. Enthralled by her feet and the pleasure she feels touching them, she seems to have forgotten everything else that is going on around her. She eventually becomes so aroused that she wants to show me her feet and the idea that it turns me on watching her like this, drives her crazy. Unfortunately for her though, she goes out like a light just when it is starting to feel really, really good. I decide to have her wake up stiffly frozen yet completely aware. I don't know what drives her more nuts, the feeling of being helplessly frozen or the fact that I am touching her feet without her having any choice over all this.

Of course it brings her to orgasm, despite her attempts to avoid it. Of course there is more. After a brief deepening, my wife is now obsessed with the idea of wanting to show me her feet while she talks about them. It gets really hot and steamy quickly but then she ..... I take quite some time to play with her feet whenever she is out while the camera slowly zooms in. Hot foot segment, rolling eyes, entranced talk, freezes and more.




Katie O'Riley Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
No Sir, I wouldn't touch that

You want to fuck me

Katie, who feels seemingly uncomfortable, applies for a job at an adult toy store. Katie is really cute, she way she expresses how out of place she feels and that the kind of things we sell are not her cup of tea, is adorable. Anyway, being the nice guy that I am, I do offer her the job but she still has to fill out the application which, of course, I have to go and get from my office. There is one more thing though she has to know and that would be that those delicious looking candies on the table, are for our female customers only. I had a feeling that telling her that those candies are there to get our female customers "in the mood", only made her more curious and eager to try them. Well, sure enough, the second I leave, her little hands reach over to try one.

Needless to say, one leads to two and two leads to a whole lot. Before long her personality changes from shy and dorky to almost , silly and extremely horny. All of a sudden she starts to play with the toys, sucks on them, shows them deep in her throat and even masturbates with them. Needless to say, she denies her actions, including having tried those candies but by now it is obvious that her little mind is gone and that is left, is a horny fuck toy. Too much to describe it all but as mentioned, her transformation is really hot to watch. Once she is gone, I take my time to mess with her face and...



Katie O'Riley Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Those are mood changers for party poopers

Up and awake again, our sexy young job applicant seems confused and a bit embarrassed. We keep talking about the job and the candies come up again. Maybe I should mention that she does not really remember what has happened so far which is why I cannot blame her for trying those candies again, while she thinks I am gone to get the application form. Anyway, this time it hits her differently. First she does not seem to feel much of anything but then the feeling of being tickled all over hits her and she goes off. Now she wants me to help her although she denies that her hands were in the candy glass. I tell you, these girls are something. I think we should freeze her and the ask her again.



Katie O'Riley Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Let me take some pictures of this

Can you stop messing with me

Katie is still frozen while feeling the tickling and on top of all this, I start messing with her by posing her, helping her out of some of those unnecessary clothes and so on. Her bitching gets so bad that I have to place her hand over her mouth. Now she just squeals but still, it is better than before. Maybe I should take some pictures of her while being in this "compromising" position. No, she does not seem to want that either. Finally she admits to having eaten the candies but now it is already too late. The orgasm wand is already between her legs and we all know what happens next.



Katie O'Riley Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Harems sluts

Wrong movie honey!

This one is for our freeze lovers and slow entrancement fans as well as our mind game enthusiasts

Katie, a proper young actress, finds out the hard way that she is auditioning for a porn flick rather than a serious movie. She goes on and on about her experience while attending her schools drama club and that she even got to play a tree once, blablabla, when she suddenly gets it. Sluts of the middle east, is the title of the movie she is auditioning for and that my friends, has nothing to do with an artsy love flick. Anyway, naive as she is, I easily get her to look at my "mesmerizing" eyes and we all know what that eventually does. Her wobbly body just stands there as she sinks deeper and deeper. Of course that is all just the beginning. Aware and ready to audition again, our little girl finds herself frozen and played with instead of being able to show me some of her acting skills. Of course the fact that her breast are exposed while her body is unable to move, does make her feel very uneasy but luckily, the waving hand sends her back into mindless happiness. A different kind of freeze clip.



Katie O'Riley Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not a statue I am a...

Our young actress snaps out of it again and now she cannot seem to remember what just happened. The fact that her boobs are out elude her as well but that only makes it more fun for all of us. This time she seems to be under one of those mysterious middle eastern spells, you know the kind that makes you freeze up in the middle of trying to impress other people. All she has to do is, tough the oil lamp which I placed in her hand with her other hand and she can move again. Oops, I forgot she is frozen. Poor thing. Anyway, at some point I mention that she is under PH suggestions which I had planted earlier but that does not seem to make sense to her either. How does she end up as a mindlessly frozen statue. Go find out. Fun freeze segment with lots of twists and turns.



Katie O'Riley Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not sexually frustrated

This last segment shows our sweet yet still reluctant actress being turned into an obedient robot. At first though, she makes it perfectly clear that the movie, we are planning on shooting, is definitely not for her. My attempts to hit on her seem to go nowhere as well. In fact she makes it clear that her boy friend is half my age. I know it hurts but luckily she is prepared to react to certain "frequencies" by letting go of her thinking. Her body snaps at attention, her speech becomes monotone and all she can say is yes master. Of course she has to be programmed to repeat orders, deactivate all of her personality, thoughts, mind and will as well as obediently follow all my orders. The light wand helps to wipe out her brain as well as her remaining human feelings. Stiff legged robot walk, monotone repetitions, kneeling masturbation, cleaning and more. How do I get her at the end to not only, want the part but to also want to rehearse it with me. Well, go and see.



Katie O'Riley Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
You cannot fool me Sir!

Katie, the new auditor has discovered  serious inconsistencies with  senior management's expense accounts, Mr. Devonshire.

She demands that he explain how his account could have a balance of $5000! over the last three years nearly $50,000 has been deposited into his  expense account, yet he has  produced receipts for no more than $15,000!! That leaves $30,000 unaccounted for! In addition to substantial number of office equipment from his department that is currently unaccounted for.

To which he replies offhandedly: Receipts get misfiled sometimes, I'm sure if you look around they'll turn up!

She assures him that theft and embezzlement will not be tolerated! If he is unable to produce the proper receipts and locate the missing property, she will have no choice but to refer the matter to her superiors.

Frank continues to bribe Katie,  she  assures him, but slips up and says: that she was not "programmed" to help her coworkers steal from the company, and that she will be report the incident.

As soon as he hears the word: Programmed, he suspects that she might be a Fembot and  insists that she takes a drink of tea he made for her! She refuses his offer and tells him to get away from her... but he pours the tea all over Katie!!

and just like he suspected Katie begins to malfunction...

Frank tries to get her up and running before anyone comes looking for her.  He attempts to  delete her files regarding his financials along with the whole tea incident. 

He walks behind Fembot and searches for an access panel, then he realizes that  with a few programming tweaks she could be a real asset, a mechanical partner in crime...and a great partner in sex too.

Is his programming as good as his bookkeeping skills?!


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