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Katie Cummings & Vanessa Vixxen Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
Deeper than ever

Katie and Vanessa, who would have thought to ever see those two beautiful girls together in one session. Lana was actually the one who made it all happen for us and I have to say, it was a great idea. Both girls turned out to be even better subjects than the first time around and the fact that they really wanted to get to know each other on a more intimate level, certainly helped to make this another intense session, loaded with very hot and heavy sexual moments. I never forget Vanessa's first session which was also her first time on camera. She was shy and very, very nervous back then but that was then. Oh boy, what a transformation. Putting the two together was a great idea because of their wonderful chemistry as well as their innate desire to surrender. Get ready for lots of blissful mindless moments, screaming hard orgasms, confusion, mind games and of course intense girl/girl sex while being controlled.

I decided to do a short induction with both of them and to make it a bit different, I had them hold up their own crystal/watch for the eye fixation. It is actually interesting to see how they go down at different times. Once deeply under my control, the girls are made to feel each other's hands and tongues. Before long, their sexy bodies started to quiver and shake, their moaning and groaning turns into screams as they are not allowed to orgasm just yet. I keep driving them closer and closer without letting them explode, so that they feel who is in charge (again) of their bodies and mind. Really intense start. First loss of control and mind.

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Katie Cummings & Vanessa Vixxen Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Drive her insane for lust

I am sinking into deep trance for you master

It gets intense right away when I have the girls orgasm with their eyes wide open while repeating I am sinking into deep trance for you master. Of course that is all just warm up. What follows next shows how amazingly different Vanessa is compared to her first visit. First, I decide to take her deeper and deeper until her beautiful little body just stands there, ready to be used. Her dim eyes stare ahead as she slowly repeats, I have no control, I am under my masters power. Now it is Katie's (also mindlessly controlled after mind reduction) turn to drive her little friend insane for lust and with that, make her my willing-less slave. Vanessa goes nuts under Katie's skill full hands and tongue until she is incredibly aroused and willing to do anything for her master. She keeps screaming, I am letting go of my will master. It is fascinating to see how attracted Katie is by Vanessa's helplessness and her inability to move. Vanessa cums harder than ever while surrendering to... Lots of fondling, kissing, yes master, begging and more.



Katie Cummings & Vanessa Vixxen Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Make me my master's perfect slave

I am my master's mindless horny slave

Time for Katie to learn that her luscious breasts are just as sensitive as her wet pussy. Vanessa is ordered to suck and kiss her little friends big breast while I increase the sensitivity level of her nipples. Katie goes nuts under Vanessa's skillful tongue lashing, her body quivers and shakes and eventually goes into lustful convulsions when she is finally allowed to explode. Time to take our horny couple back down into an even deeper state of mind. Both are just standing there with their arms stretched out in front of them while staring into, you know where. Their repetitions of, I am your horny mindless slave, become slower and slower. Suddenly both of them are feel orgasmed, out of the blue and with no warning. Watching their young bodies go into lustful convulsions while falling off the couch is more than hot.

Enough of the warm up. Now it is time for Katie, who is losing all strength in her body, to experience and feel what it is like to be made the perfect slave, willing to do anything for her master. Vanessa goes crazy when she feels how helpless Katie is and that her victim has no other choice than to let her finger fuck, kiss and suck her to orgasm under my control. Katie keeps repeating, make me my master's perfect slave before I decide to take her mind. I remembered how much Katie got off on the "breath controlled" orgasms and sure enough, they drive her over the edge yet again. Both end up mindlessly staring into nothingness.




Katie Cummings & Vanessa Vixxen Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I love being controlled by my master.

Break my will

More female training, foot worship, pussy eating, finger fucking, intense entrancement, yes masters, denied orgasm training and so much more. As usual, it would take forever to describe all the details of this segment. We start off by placing Vanessa on her knees for some intense orgasm training and mind reduction while I am holding her eyes open. Not easy to describe but really hot. She keeps saying, I love being controlled by may master as she drops. Once helplessly under, Katie is placed between her legs to help me teach her a lesson in obedience. Vanessa goes crazy for lust under Katie's tongue lashing which is, as we all know, a great time to program her further. Vanessa has to learn that every good slave has to be broken in (will) to become an even better and more obedient slave. Vanessa's screams must have been hear throughout the entire neighborhood, that is how intense she comes after having to wait for it for quite some time. She keeps screaming, break my will master, while being taken close to orgasm yet again. As mentioned to many details to describe them all.

At some point, Vanessa just cannot stop cuming for me until she is exhausted and ready to serve me even better. Now it is her turn to worship Katie's feet who is helplessly weak by now. Of course that is not all. Katie's lustful screams and her quivering and shaking body, show how intensely aroused and ready to surrender she is by now. Vanessa's hands work their way down Katie's legs, tear open her pantyhose and finger fuck her like while kissing and sucking on her feet. Really hot guys. Of course there is more. Vanessa is made to feel in her own body whatever she does to Katie and sure enough, her body goes into lustful convulsions as well. There is still more, I mean, I have not even touched their feet yet. Go see what happens, you are going to like it.




Katie Cummings & Vanessa Vixxen Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I surrender to my master

I am your hypnotized slave master

Time to take a closer look at the girls asses, don't you think? Bend over the couch with their luscious asses pushed out, both are made to feel spanked hard while being fucked even harder. They keep screaming, I am cuming for you master, while their sexy young bodies almost fall to the ground under the impact of the orgasms. All right, time for more mantras and slow entrancement. Both are just standing there with their arms stretched out in front of them while slowly repeating, I am your hypnotized slave master.

Looks like our two horny girls are ready for more action. Katie is placed on the couch. Her eyes are clued to the laser beam on her forehead while Vanessa slowly goes down on her entranced friend. Katie repeats, I am your willing slave, I give up my mind master.

 can feel that she is ready to do anything but what comes next is too intense to describe. Katie goes crazy under Vanessa's tongue and the breath controlled orgasms sent her through the proverbial roof. I surrender to you master. Lots of slow repetitions, yes masters, rolling eyes and...



Katie Cummings & Vanessa Vixxen Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Unconditional surrender

Show me you is the better slave

Let's enjoy our two (very) horny girls mindlessly masturbate each other's pussies while being placed on their knees. Their repetitions of, I surrender to your power master, are slow and monotone at first and then become louder and more forceful when they are allowed to feel the pleasure of being played with by the other girl. Let's see who is the better slave and who cums harder and faster for their master. Really intense.

Time to take them back down into mindless absence and to play with their limp bodies while they are just standing there. I take my time to zoom in on their (posed) bodies and their mindlessly entranced eyes. Well, let's get to the final surrender, shall we. I slowly make them feel each other's hands between their legs until their weak and limp bodies (still posed from before) quiver and shake. This part is not easy to describe but well worth watching and certainly different. The girls end up putting themselves to sleep (very slowly) by placing their hands over their own mouth and nose. I actually perform some eye checks while they are going down and then let them drop slowly.




Katie Cummings & Vanessa Vixxen Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
My master is going to like you

Katie believes to be at a party that is her job to find a new toy for her master. It does not take her long to find her prey. Vanessa, our sexy blond, does not seem to enjoy the party all that much and it seems like she is just about ready to leave when Katie makes her move. Our unsuspecting blond does not have a chance and by the time she figures out what Katie is doing, it is already too late. Katie's soft voice in combination with the flashing light she is holding up in her face, take her slowly into mindless surrender.


Katie Cummings & Vanessa Vixxen
Robot Movie Part One
Members - Click here to view this clip
Anything Frank says

Frank Says it is enough!

Katie had decided to supplement her income by working as a web cam girl. What could be better than making a -load of money while working from home and as long as her roommate Vanessa, would not find out Katie did not see a problem. Of course that did not fly for too long and the night Vanessa, her roommate, came home early would change all of our lives. Vanessa seemed surprised when she stepped into the living room and saw Katie half naked talking into the laptop. Katie on the other hand did not seem to be worried too much about having been caught and started telling Vanessa how much money she had made so far the month. I don't know whether it was the money or Katie's persuasive ways that made Vanessa reluctantly decide to participate in our little cam threesome. At first I thought it was a great idea to have two girls to play with but that turned out to be a misassumption. Vanessa, although willing to participate, seemed quite uncomfortable and I decided to suggest a simple game of Frank says.

You know, Frank says stand at attention, do jumping jacks, unbutton your shirt, Vanessa cup Katie's breasts with your hands and so on. I should have known that Vanessa would only go so far but when she started to stutter, twitch and repeat all kinds of nonsense, it finally dawned on me that she might be a fembot. Sure enough, her condition becomes worse and at some point there is just no other way than to order Katie to shut her down. You know, Frank says.... Despite Katie's help, the repair and reprogramming took a bit longer than I thought but it was well worth it. All shyness and reluctance was gone and Vanessa was finally ready to play. Kissing, fondling and stripping seemed to be very natural to her now. What a hot couple those two made. Frank Says: “Vanessa, bring Katie to orgasm”. I don't know what happened but all of a sudden in the middle of their love making Vanessa becomes too aggressive and Katie tries to get away. I guess it was too late already and the damage was done. Katie starts to malfunction herself. I tell you there is so much going on in terms of hot girl on girl action, malfunctions, glitches and repairs that it is probably best if you go ahead and see for yourself. per than ever before.


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