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Travel into the unknown

Kaylyn, sexy and very seductive young woman who just loves to tease men with her youthful flirtatious ways, her seductive glance and of course her silky smooth young body. That all sounds good, right? Sure does, the only problem is that she knows only too well that most men are tripping over her, particularly when she plays hard to get.

Being flirtatiously seductive and cute at the same time is deeply ingrained in her subconscious and it certainly comes out whenever she is taken to that deep place inside of her. It was not always easy for our beautiful little girl, who is used to having it her way, to submit but once she realized that her bratty ways would not fly she turned into what she really is a sweet and wonderful young girl in need of training. We all had a great time that afternoon and to watch her go through a very different experience which would change something in her world, made it even more exciting.

I started her off with the balloon test, floating hands and some initial relaxation. As expected, she tried to keep her eyes open as long as possible but when her head started to sway, her eyelids slowly dropped and she was...

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Kaylyn Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Go under my control and feel the arousal

Kaylyn's legs are helplessly spread, the feeling of being touched, caressed and played with intensifies with my every word. The idea of being put under my control turns her on and her silky young body starts to quiver and shake under my suggestions. Her moaning and groaning becomes louder and more intense as she feels her helplessness. Kaylyn's hands run over her body as she tries to expose her body to me and I can feel that keeping her at the verge of a very powerful orgasm without letting her cum, is driving her nuts. Her eyes open briefly as she drops even deeper and I can feel that she is ready for her first surrender to being controlled.



Kaylyn Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Resistance is futile

I want to be a good little girl

Kaylyn's seductive blue eyes are staring at the crystal in my hand and I can feel her struggle not to overcome by mindless lust. I keep taking her deeper while increasing her desire to be a good little girl. Kaylyn's hands are magically drawn between her legs and I can hear her pussy getting wet. The repetition of the word "obedience" together with her intense masturbation finally makes her give up. Taken over by mindless lust, Kaylyn gets intensely aroused and her desire to please and to be a good and mindless little girl becomes very obvious. Her surrender is as intense as her futile attempt to avoid it. It is interesting to see what happens once her "hot button" meaning the trigger that turns her on is pushed.



Kaylyn Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
No more Mr. Nice guy

Orgasmed into lustful submission, "You are my master"

Kaylyn is standing in front of me with her beautiful blue eyes wide open as I take her further down. I can feel her drifting again and now it is time to make her feel aroused again. Let's see how she responds to feeling helpless and used. I suggest that her arms are pulled behind her back and that she is unable to move them. As soon as her arms are stuck, she feels penetrated and helplessly fucked. Her sexy young body starts to quiver and her perky tits bounce all over her chest. My sexy little brat has to learn how wonderful it feels to be helplessly orgasmed on command. At the snap of my fingers, she is finally allowed to explode, "I am cumming for you master." Time for some mind -reduction, just to make sure she stays deep. Kaylyn's body seems exhausted from her last series of orgasms which makes her easily programmable. Repetition of, "I am mindless for you" takes her further down. I decide not to give her too much time before making her feel aroused again, as we all know, the more aroused they are the better they follow. I order her to spread'em and to masturbate with one hand while her other hand is stretched out in front of her. Here again, my little girl has to learn to submit. Her young body starts to quiver and shake like a leaf and she seems to go nuts when I do not let her orgasm for a while. "Please make me a good girl". Kaylyn ends up exhausted and tamed.



Kaylyn Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless slave

All right, let's finish her up and send her into mindless obedience. Kaylyn is just staring at me as she repeats the word "thoughtless" over and over. Subjects like Kaylyn need to be constantly distracted and what better way is there than to make her feel mindlessly aroused again. "I want to be a good girl, master". I put her on her knees, which is probably the most submissive position and for the first time in her young life Kaylyn feels and experiences the power of the breath controlled orgasm. I don't know if you have ever tried it but believe me it can be very powerful. "I want to be a good girl for you master". Of course we are not done yet. Bent over the couch, Kaylyn is taken through another round of intense forced orgasms which eventually turn her into a mindless slave. Orgasmed out, tamed and surrendered, she is finally put to sleep. Lots of repetitions and intense obedience training.



Kaylyn Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
You are full of it

Love candy does not exist

Somehow Kaylyn seems to have a hard time believing that eating our new candy, made in India could have side effects, like slow and uncontrollable arousal, feelings of love and passion, IQ diminution and so on. In fact, she laughs and lets me know that I am full of it. Now that hurts, but not quite as much as the fact that she is absolutely not interested in me. To make matters even more painful, she keeps talking about her fiancé and how they like going to the gym. Anyway, she has agreed to test the new candy for us in a televised national taste test. Nothing seems to happen for a while except maybe that she does not want to end the test once she has determined which one is her favorite. It actually looks like she can not get enough of the blue colored ones. What gives me hope is the fact that my looks seem to improve to her and she seems to think I am actually cute now. Interesting, but no, of course there are no side effects to speak off! OK, the fact that she keeps running her hands over her sexy little body might seem a bit strange but it certainly is no indication that something has changed since we started the experiment.

The fact that she takes off her dress in a sort of sexy kind of a way could certainly be misconstrued as a reaction to the candy but of course she does not really think so at all! OK, the fact that I am all of a sudden not too old for her anymore and that she thinks I am really lovable and cute, could make people believe that there might be something to the whole "candyfication" but then again, age is after all just a number, right? All righty then, how about the IQ? The I...Q what do you mean?



Kaylyn Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Do you want to eat these off me?

Our sexy little test candidate seems to become more and more loving and, how shall I say, more and more aroused. Of course she has not quite lost her bratty attitude yet and when I mention that she is cute, she gives me the, “yeah I get that a lot”, kind of a look. Slowly but surely she starts to talk about how being engaged to this other guy is not really a commitment and she is beginning to fall in love with me and I think by the time she takes off her panties, our little girl starts to realize that there might be some minor side effects to the candies. No not really, it is just hot, right? Ok, her answers might be a bit slower than when we started but what does that have to do with IQ? I do get a bit concerned though when she tells me that she is starting to fall in love with me but then again, who doesn't? The fact that she asks me to write her a prescription for the candy still does not mean a thing. Some girls just like to pleasure themselves in public which is definitely very normal and has nothing to do with candy, besides she is allowed to orgasm, well at least in her little mind. It would take too long to describe all the details and to make a long story short; our little brat ends up as a mindlessly loving and fairly stupid little bimbo.




Kaylyn Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Wedding coordinator in trouble

Kaylyn believes to be a wedding coordinator who helps me organize my fourth wedding. Unfortunately, my bride is running late and the poor coordinator has to put up with me. Why do I say put up with me? Well, for one, I am hitting on her which she thinks is quite inappropriate. The fact that I am a bit cheap does not make her feel more comfortable either and the fact that I would like her to hire a stage hypnotist for the wedding doesn’t go over well at all. Looks like she does not believe it is suitable entertainment for a wedding. I was dying to use the new toy I found at a novelty store in Vegas. At first, Kaylyn with disbelief just looks at the sparkly and flashing ball in my hand, almost as if she was bored. Slowly but surely though, her head tilts, her eyes widen just a tad and her journey into the inner world has begun. “I am your mindless slave master”. Time to find out what is hidden underneath all the unnecessary clothes and to teach her that obedience is not optional. With her arms helplessly pulled up, Kaylyn is orgasmed over and over. It is a delight to watch her young body quiver and shake as she tries to resist the inevitable. Being controlled like this is new for our little girl and although she enjoys it, she keeps testing me but as we all know, eventually they all learn and do as told.



Kaylyn Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Wedding coordinator in even more trouble

I was born and bred to serve you master

Let's see how far we can take our cute wedding coordinator. Put on her knees and ordered to pleasure herself with the vibrator, Kaylyn learns to orgasm for her master when ever she is ordered to do so. I notice that she likes the slow stimulation of her wet pussy and when I hand her the vibrator, she first teases her thigh area close to her pussy and then slowly moves it over into her pleasure center. “I want to cum for you master”. Subconsciously, Kaylyn loves to be sexy and seductive in order to gain control but that certainly does not work here, right? After taking her deeper again, I have her bend over the couch and now she gives in the way I want her to. Kaylyn learns to submit and finger fucks herself hard until I order her to orgasm for me. Girls like Kaylyn love to surrender but not without a...



Kaylyn Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
The sleepy realtor

Kaylyn believes to be a realtor who is showing a house to a very demanding client. Poor thing, not only does she have to put up with the pain in the butt customer but also with her increasing feeling of tiredness. First of course, she tries to suppress the jawing but that does not work for too long. It is really a lot of fun watching her trying to stay awake while she desperately tries to convince me that everything is just fine. At some point she just can't fight it any longer and goes to sleep which gives me the opportunity to play with her limp body, pull her up, drop her, expose her tits and do some eye checks.



Kaylyn Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not thinking too much

The frozen realtor

The second our little realtor wakes up again, she feels terribly embarrassed and a bit confused. Well, who could blame her, after all she wakes up in front of a client with her breasts hanging out and no clue as to how that might have happened. Of course she apologizes and tries to be as professional as possible under the circumstances. Things seem to get even worse as she freezes up in the middle of her attempt to leave gracefully. Of course she does not really no about her predicament just yet which might have something to do with the fact that she is not only frozen but also mindless. Looks like it is time for me to uncover her breasts again and to shorten her excessively long dress. Let's see how she feels when I snap her out of it again. Oh my god, I am so sorry. Poor thing does not quite remember what just happened. Let's see what happens when she freezes up while being fully aware of the fact that she can not move.

Being the professional realtor that she is, she tries to first deny the fact that she can not move but that does not work for too long. Of course being the nice guy that I am, I try to help her by pulling up her dress, expose her breasts and so on but that does not seem to give her more mobility either. At some point, I wave my hand in front of her eyes, just as she tells me that she does not think too much at all. Mindlessly frozen and helpless, my little girl is played with again. Can it get any worse? Try waking up with an orgasm in front of your client. Does she deny the fact that she just orgasmed? Intense mindless stares.



Kaylyn Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Stripper with a foot fetish

I am not sure but maybe our add was not clear about the fact that we are a foot fetish club and that we expect our strippers to tease and please our customers not only with their naked bodies but also with their feet. What makes the interview even more unpleasant is the fact that she does not seem to be too impressed by me, the assistant manager and showing off her feet is just out of the question. As if struck by lightning though, her attitude changes and our little brat is turned into a mindless, foot loving seductress with nothing else on her mind then to please, caress her sexy little feet and orgasm when ordered to do so. Hot foot play with great close ups of her feet and pussy.



Kaylyn Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Laughing stripper without a sense of humor

After a brief deepening, our little stripper wakes up again still believing she is in the interview. Unfortunately she is still not too impressed by the assistant manager who tries to make her at least smile for him. Looks like the girl is way too serious and I think it is time to make her feel tickled all over her sexy body. I have to say, Kaylyn is pretty good at trying to deny that she feels tickled without being touched.


Kaylyn Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Do you have a son

Kaylyn believes to be on a date with a guy she was corresponding with on the internet for quite some time. She seems almost shocked when she first sees me and it looks like she is very disappointed. OK, maybe the pictures I send her were just a tat photo-shopped and yes maybe they were not recent but come on at least I am rich. Looks like that is not good enough for her and she decides to leave. Maybe I should mention the fact that she thinks I am nuts when I mention that She will make a great pleasure robot. About two seconds later, she stands mindlessly at attention and her training begins. Kaylyn has never even thought about robots in her live and it takes a bit of training to make her not only obedient but also programmable. Of course she has to learn how to properly salute, stand at attention, deactivate, pick up her stuff off the floor and so on. Once that is done it is time to activate her self-pleasuring mode, her seductive mode, horny mode and...


Kaylyn Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Hostile program detected

This week's fembot segment is about a beautiful spy who has infiltrated our company to download some of our newest inventions. I still don't know how she made it through our back ground checks but I have a feeling that her impressive resume made everyone overlook the possibility that she might be working for someone else. Luckily however, I was suspicious the second I saw her and when she asked me about some of our highly classified projects, I just knew that something was up. Sure enough, the second I leave the room, she hooks herself up to the computer to download our classified test results. I don't know who programmed her but whoever did it must have thought that we are amateurs who did not take any precautions to prevent something like this from happening.

About 20 seconds later, it suddenly hits her but by the time she figures out that she just downloaded a virus into her system, it is already too late for her to stop it. " WARNING HOSTILE PROGRAM DETECT...DETECT... UNABLE TO ISOLATE VIRUS".

Well, too bad honey but now you are mine. It all seemed perfect, a beautiful fembot no one would ever claim, helplessly defenseless and ready to be reprogrammed and all I had to do, was to hook her up to our system so that the fun could begin. Downloading the sex program was easy, removing some of her circuits and replacing them with our own circuits was a piece of cake; however, fighting her self destruct program turned out to be a pain in the, you know where.






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