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Keianna Va'Tal  Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


There is only one choice!

Keinna Va' Tal, exotic, wild, sensual and very sensual young woman had decided that working with us would be the perfect start for her new passion in life which is the world of erotic fetish. Keinna has done many different things in her life, from award winning pole dancing to working at a reputable law firm to posing for all kinds of magazines and now she has decided to add even more excitement to her life.

Well, what can I say, I love being the one who breaks them in and yes I feel honored when they come to me exactly for that reason, to be broken in that is. Now I know that many of you are not too crazy about the Tattoos but believe me, whether you like them or not, Keinna will get under your skin with her intense sexuality, her even more intense surrender and her wild side. Go and enjoy another good one.

It took a while for her to relax at first, her feet keep twitching as soon as she feels that what I do actually works on her. Lots of flickering eye lids. It is also interesting to watch her during the floating/heavy arms test as her body slides sideways, depending on which arm feels heavy and which one feels light.

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Keianna Va'Tal  Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Uninhibited and out of control

To completely occupy the conscious mind of the subject is often times the trick to get into their subconscious and what better way is there than to have them focus on a sexual and very arousing fantasy. Once aroused the subject usually does not pay attention to anything else around her and with that, opens up for more programming. I don't want to get too deep into all this but it sure works in Keianna's case. Her sexy young body goes into blissful convulsions as soon as I make her feel helplessly played with.

The touch on her clit and the deep intense and hard penetration, she is made to feel, is starting to drive her nuts. She keeps saying, I am a good girl, without me having to mention it which clearly shows that, deep down inside, our little girl is definitely a Pleaser. After her inhibitions are removed and her will is taken away, she is orgasmed on command. Time to put her on her knees and to have her open her eyes. After all, we want to see the surrender in her beautiful eyes. Intense start, showing that Keinna is another hot one. Laser light mind-removal and deepening.



Keianna Va'Tal  Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Only you control me master

Thank you for letting me please you

Long and slow repetitions of mantras, yes masters, stares, flickering eye lids, zombie/sleepwalker pose, intense orgasms on command and so much more

I am your helpless slave

The above described can only begin to describe the intensity of her training. As mentioned before, Keinna is a wild one and she sure makes that clear in this segment. First we start her off with a long mantra (you control me master) and a very intense orgasm. Each repetition sends her not only deeper but also seems to make her more submissive. More repetitions of thank you for letting me please you master, send her up the wall yet again as her beautiful hard body uncontrollably shivers and shakes. Suddenly she is made to feel helplessly fucked while her hands are pulled together on her back.

Keinna is another one of those girls who likes it "deep and hard", if you know what I mean. The impact of the penetration throws her on the couch as loses her balance. Time to put her back on her feet for more deepening. Keianna's tries to keep her eyes open but the deeper she drifts the more uncontrollably her eye lids start to flicker. More intense orgasm training, begging, yes masters and thank you masters finally break her. I can feel and see that she is getting hot and it looks like another mantra is in order. I am your mindless horny slave master. Very intense female training.



Keianna Va'Tal  Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
My clit is yours master

Learn to beg, scream, serve and orgasm for your master...I am your slave master

Her training continues with the quite uncomfortable "standing up masturbation. Keianna's beautiful tits bounce all over her chest as she starts to get hot and sweaty. She keeps screaming, I am your mindless horny slave, I orgasm for you master. Pinching her nipples is driving her even more nuts and she cums simply by caressing and squeezing her breasts. That girl has some beautiful tits BTW. Anyway, after the warm up, it is now time to take her back down for more programming. Her eyes are clued to the light in my hand and she sinks into mindlessness with her arms stretched out in front of her body. Put on all four, our little girl is about to find out what it feels like to be helplessly fucked and taken from behind. Watching her cherry ass bounce and jiggle is seriously hot. She keeps screaming, please take me master, as she is orgasmed over and over.



Keianna Va'Tal  Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I surrender to you master

Watching Keinna, butt naked, walking back and forth while saying, I am your slave, is seriously hot and her entranced staring eyes add to the excitement. Of course that is all just warm up. With her legs spread wide, she is ordered to masturbate for us. She keeps repeating, I am a good little girl, on her own without me mentioning it which shows that she is ready for the final takeover. After a series of intense orgasms and yes masters, it is now time to send her back into mindless bliss.

Her eyes are fixated on the watch in my hand and her repetitions of, I am your horny slave master, become slower and slower. Looks like she is ready to orgasm herself into not only mindless bliss and with that into deep sleep. It gets very intense when I send her through a couple of breath controlled orgasms which eventually take it all out of her and she goes out. Not without screaming, I surrender master, which makes the ending even more intense. After she is out, I take my time to do some eye checks, take off her pantyhose and look at her feet, slowly and one at a time.



Keianna Va'Tal  Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Cured by Dr. Frank

Surgeon general's warning : Cigarette smoke may increase the risk of memory/mind loss as well as uncontrollable feelings of arousal

Keinna, who is not only a former patient but also a model, has agreed to play a part in a commercial to promote Dr. Franks outstanding work, which BTW made her overcome the need to smoke. Confident and self assured she tells the photographer (guess who that might be) that after seeing Dr. Frank she is was cured and had completely overcome the nasty habit. Amazing what a few hypnosis sessions can do. Anyway, this one starts off funny as she insists that she is not even tempted by the cigarettes on the table next to her but then it gets hot and heavy.

The second I leave the room (at least that is what she thinks anyways) our little girl just cannot resist lighting up one cigarette after another. Well, what can I say, by the time I come back, she has already turned into an oversexed, fairly stupid and incredibly horny bimbo, who denies that anything is going on at all. Of course there is a lot of masturbation, smoking, mind reduction and bimbofication going on as well. How does she end up being a mindless slave with no will of her own? Go see.



Keianna Va'Tal  Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Still not cured by Dr. Frank

Surgeon General's warning : Cigarette smoke increases the risk of sudden stiffness/immobility of the entire body, mindlessness, unexpected orgasms, outright lying and denial. The segment starts with an awkward moment as our young model tries to frantically get dressed. Still, she insists that since she had been a patient of Dr. Frank's, smoking is not even an issue for her anymore. Well, let's see what happens when I leave the room. Aware as well as unaware freezes, the waving hand, sudden and not so much wanted orgasms, denial, yes masters and more.




Keianna Va'Tal  Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Finally cured Dr. Frank

Keinna Va'Tal clip eight Finally cured Dr. Frank

Surgeon General's Warning : Cigarette smoke may increase the risk of feeling tickled, the feeling of muscle as well as stiffness (freeze), unending orgasms, compulsive lying and sleepiness.

Up again, our sexy girl does not seem to remember the details of what just happened but she sure knows that she is naked which makes her feel very confused and embarrassed. Well, she still thinks that the good Doc has helped her overcome the need to smoke. Of course that only lasts until I ask her to put the cigarette I am smoking into the ashtray for me. Instead of putting it out, she just has to take a drag and that is when the fun begins. Lots of laughing, more freezes and a very nasty orgasm attack which can only be stopped by putting her to sleep. I sure take my time to mess with her after she drops like a rock in the middle of her begging me to help her.



Keianna Va'Tal  Clip Nine & Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Wrong place at the wrong time

Keinna, who believes to be in a museum, ends up in the wrong room. Instead of finding the Dali exhibition, she stumbles into our newest exhibition which is the antique bedroom set of a very famous concubine who used to transform young and unsuspecting women into mindless foot slaves for her owner and master. Of course the friendly Museums guard (guess who that might be) tries to send her into the right direction and he also mentions the story behind the famous bed, which was used to somehow alter the brainwaves of all those unsuspecting young victims. That of course is ridiculous and no, that would not be anything Keianna could ever be interested in.

Why does she climb on the bed anyways, lose her mind and turn into a foot worshiping slave. Well, I guess you have to go and find out for yourself. This one is not only for our foot worship lovers as there is a lot of mind reduction, yes masters, intense orgasms triggered by her master in various ways, mindless stares and so many more of your favorites going on. In fact, it so intense that this segment got a bit longer than I had planned which is why I am offering a split version of it as well (clip Nine and clip Ten only. Whether you like moving feet, pantyhose, helplessly immobilized feet, orgasms through the slight touch of my hand on her feet, mindless worship, aware worship and, and, and, it is all in this one.





Keianna Va'Tal  Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
That sounds like a stupid movie
You are my master, please program me

Keinna has agreed, for a lot of money that is, to be one of our first young women to test the music trailer for our new Sci-Fi movie. It is obvious that she does not really like the content of our new movie. I guess I cannot blame her for that, after all, which women would like to see a movie in which unsuspecting young girls are turned into obedient little robot slaves, which by the way is exactly what happens to her after she puts on the headset

Standing at attention, robot walk, yes masters and repetition of orders, bottomless standing up masturbation, deactivation, stares and orgasms on command. You are my master, please program me so I will be better for you.



Keianna Va'Tal  Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
The sheltered life of a young cheerleader

Keinna, our young and quite prudish cheerleader has almost made the squad for the new team. All that's standing between her and her dreams is one last tryout and a very unforgiving judge. (I know you guessed who the judge is. The fun begins. As soon as she hears the snap of my fingers, our prudish young girl( does not even have a boyfriend and very strict parents) switches from cheerleading to strip dancing. Oh boy, I have to say, that girl has the moves, if you know what I mean. Of course at some point we have to make her become aware of what she is actually doing there in front of me. Will she be confused and apologetic, embarrassed and bewildered? Will she go back to stripping for us while being convinced that those are all cheerleader moves?



Keianna Va'Tal  Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Cheerleader blowjob

Again, our sheltered young lady has only one goal and that is, to make the squad. To my surprise though (not really) she suddenly seems to have no other desire than to give me a blowjob. Our little girl is even willing to give me a demonstration of her talents by using a dildo. Of course at some point it gets a bit too much and we have to put her to sleep so that we can play a bit with her limp little body.


Keianna Va'Tal  Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
No Sir, I am not a runaway Robot

I work at the strip club, maybe we can work something out, Sir...

After having been arrested at the train station, our young lady vehemently denies to be the runaway robot everybody is looking for. Of course she cannot fool the investigator who not only has a clear description o her bit also a photo. OK, there are minor differences, like her hair color is different and the Tattoos were certainly drawn onto her perfect silky skin after her disappearance.

Sure enough, the second he searches her purse, he discovers the chip, which is used to retire outdated robots. All of a sudden she admits to having run away to avoid destruction. Poor thing tries every trick in the book, including stripping, dancing and offering her very real looking and feeling young body to the investigator, to get out of her predicament but ultimately a couple of nasty malfunctions, end her dream of freedom.


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