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Kelley Cabbana Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Let's go down to the roots

Kelley Cabbana, sexy, seductive and very sexual blond recently decided to change her life to explore and experience her wild side. What does that mean for us? Well, for one, we get to enjoy her living out some of her deepest hidden fantasies while being captured on video for the very first time.

Kelley has done some glamour bikini print work before but nothing too wild and there was no doubt in her mind or mine, for that matter that a session with us could bring out some of the hidden desires. To make a long story short, Kelley turned out to be very sexual, naturally submissive (after being put into place that is) very playful and charming and most importantly very horny once under control. Yes you are right; she is yet another perfect girl to play with and another hot edition.

Kelley was already turned on once she felt how helplessly she drifted into trance and the suggestion that all she wants is to be a good little girl must have struck a nerve. I often tell the girls before we get started that this might happen and it often triggers them to respond as soon as they hear the corresponding suggestion (Aka preprogramming) Floating hands, moving eyes, slow closing eyes, close ups of her body.

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Kelley Cabbana Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn to obey

Kelley is starting to feel that her body and mind are already under my control. Touched all over her body by the vibration of my voice, she starts to quiver and shake. I decide to let her feel and know that I am making her orgasm without her having any choice and or control over it. The slow repetitions of, I have no control, not only take her deeper but also make it clear to my sexy girl who is in control of how and what she feels. Of course that is just the warm up. Next comes the slow mind removal as she is staring at the same key I used in the initial induction. Kelly's eyes are dim and empty as she repeats her first mantra, " Empty minded" over and over. More intense orgasm on my command, a whole lot of lustful screaming, intense stares, mantras and first surrender.



Kelley Cabbana Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Make me pleasing master

This next one starts of with a very long orgasm which makes it perfectly clear to our girl who decides what she is allowed and or ordered to feel. Kelley keeps begging me to make her pleasing and obedient. Next comes the opposite of what we just did. Instead of letting her cum, I decide to drive her up the wall for lust and then deny her to cum. You can feel how badly she wants to orgasm and that she is ready to give it all up. Now my horny little slave has to learn to beg and to obey. Orgasmed at the snap of my finger, Kelley cums so hard that it almost . More mind removal, zombie or as some call it, sleep walking, lot's of yes masters, begging, mindless repetitions, intense orgasms and mindless empty stares. Very intense



Kelley Cabbana Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Yes master, please, please, please let me...

This one is for our mantra (word h-notized), crawling, begging, kneeling, yes masters, mindless obedience, rolling eyes, intense convulsive orgasms, forced and choice-less masturbation as well as total hot and sweaty surrender. I know that sounds like a lot and it is but Kelley went down so hard that I just had to take full control of her mind and body. Right at the beginning of this segment, Kelley sinks into bliss with her eyes rolling back while slowly repeating the words “mindless obedience”. Once in even deeper trance, she is taken into sexual bliss by the feeling of being helplessly fucked and used. Of course she is not allowed to orgasm until she begs me to give her permission. I think she has to learn to crawl for her master first while repeating the word "hypnotized" before she is ordered to orgasm unlike ever before “nobody can make me cum like this master”.

 Kelley seems exhausted when I put her back on her knees and that is the perfect time for the final take over. More mantras, mind removal, intense stares, even more intense masturbation, begging and screaming finally makes her cum so hard that she goes out and drifts into never- never land. Kelley is hot and sweaty and by the time she goes down our girl is completely exhausted. Sizzling hot or in other words, the perfect female training...



Kelley Cabbana Clips Five & Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Can you please, please make everybody leave, please

Why can't I stop masturbating and why am I frozen?

This segment is a bit longer but well worth it. I first thought of offering a split version of this segment but then decided against it; it is just better to watch it together. Kelly wakes up from her intense training and she believes that the room is filled with some of her best friends and family. Confused and a bit embarrassed about her nakedness, she tries to cover up but not for long. The second she spots the vibrator next to her (I wonder how it got there?) she seems to have no other choice than to use it.

Of course that makes her almost freak out but as I said, she just can not stop using it. I can feel how intensely aroused she is and how desperately she tries to stop getting off in front of all her friends and family. There is a lot of YES/NO going on and believe me you will know what I mean by this once you watch this clip. Embarrassed but too horny to stop, Kelley finally gives in and orgasms loud and hard. Can it get even more intense? Ready to leave, Kelley's eyes are suddenly focused on my finger and her body slowly freezes up. Stiff as a board, our girl is swayed and orgasmed until her will is broken and she surrenders to my power over her.



Kelley Cabbana Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
You should not be doing this

The ring does it every time
Kelley, our stern and no nonsense cop, seems to believe that she finally found not only the stolen ring she was looking for but also the man who stole it from the museum. Well, what can I say, I just could not resist using "the ring of transformation" yet again. Of course my warnings that the ring might be a bit much for her to handle, go not only unheard but are ridiculed by our sexy cop. (Don't you wish all cops looked like he) Anyway, the second she twists the top, her body freezes up and her brain stops working, meaning she is mindlessly frozen. Looks like that's what you get for being a hard ass, honey. Let's see what is hiding under that hot uniform of hers before we make her become aware of her situation.

Once aware, our cop does not seem to be less stern than she was before, the only difference is that she is now frozen which does seem to concern her. My compliments an her sexy ass and naked titts don't seem to make the situation any less painful for her and my clumsy attempts to help her seem to her off even more. Wait until you see what happens when I tell her that she will turn into a mindless sex slave as soon as I wave my hand in front of her eyes. Zombie/ sleep walk, intense masturbation which unfortunately for her does not have a happy ending. I know, I should have probably let her orgasm but then again, why would I. Intense, hilarious comments, forced orgasm and more of my special training.




Kelley Cabbana Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Cops are foot slaves

Our sexy cop comes back up and realizes the situation she finds herself in. What do you think her reaction is. Well yes, not too happy but certainly confused and embarrassed. Again, my idea to turn her into a mindless yet seductive foot slave who just loves to feel me close to her feet, just does not seem to make the situation any better for her. Imagine her reaction to my proposal. Not too positive but then again, who cares. A few seconds later, our sexy cop is too involved and in love with her own feet to even care. Or could it be that she is too mindless to even care? Kelley starts her mindlessly seductive foot play by taking off her boots. What comes next is hot and can not be put into words. Kelley seems to really be into her feet and the idea that it turns me on to be close to them drives her up the wall.

Foot dominatrix
To spice things up a bit, I decide to turn her into a foot dominatrix who believes that I am not worthy of touching or kissing her feet. Again, Kelley is amazing and the way she teases me with her feet without allowing me to touch them is really hot. Of course, I can not leave her in charge for too long, after all, there is only one master. Intense orgasm, very sensual foot play and....



Kelley Cabbana Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I am powerless

Some people are slow learners and our blond cop seems to be one of them. Snapped out of it again, she still wants to arrest me which I think is really not a good idea. How can I stop her from taking me in? Well, let's try some tickling and maybe some more freezing and how about some unexpected and under the circumstances unwanted orgasms. Oh yes, that seems to work. Kelley goes nuts and at the end she admits that she has no power and that AI am in control. To freeze her in the same position as the mannequin took some post hypnotic suggestions but it was well worth the effort. Really hot to watch her lose all control and to reluctantly admit to it.



Kelley Cabbana Clip Ten Part one and two Members - Click here to view this clip
Oops, I am showing you my PG

"Yes, I am a stupid oversexed Bimbo"
Kelley's slow transformation from being an intelligent woman to becoming a totally IQ-less, stupid and oversexed blond is absolutely spectacular. Our blond believes to be the contestant on our new TV game show and that she can make 10 grant every time she answers the question right. The rules also state that every time she does not know the answer to a question, she has to face the IQ reducer. Looks like Kelley is overly confident that she can handle losing some of those IQ points, after all, she came here to win. It starts of in her favor and before you know it, she has already made $30.000. Of course her luck is short lived and that is when the fun begins.

Kelley, although reluctantly faces the IQ reducer and her slow decent begins. At first she states that her IQ is still somewhere around 80 points or so but that quickly changes. Well, what can I say, she starts to giggle about almost everything, suddenly flashes her boobs and pussy, the questions seem to become silly and not worth answering. Of course that is all just the beginning. As mentioned above, Kelly transformation is amazing, funny and very sexy. I can explain all the details here but believe me it is well worth watching. The struggle and futile fight over her last 5 IQ points is dramatic and sizzling hot.







Kelley Cabbana Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I must have fainted

No, I do not need a break

Kelley wakes up believing that she is still on the show. Somehow she does not seem to remember the first round and the fact that she is almost naked eludes her completely. What can I say, the power of suggestions is a beautiful thing. Anyway, the next question is way too tough for her to answer but before she realizes what is going on, she drops like a rock. Looks like our horny blond went to sleep in the middle of our show. Being the nice guy that I am, I am trying to wake her up by moving her around, picking her up and dropping her and I even try to wake her up by sensually playing with her long neck but no result.

Finally up again, she does not really seem to remember the last question I asked her but believe it or not, she lies about it and pretends to not know the answer. We all know, I never asked her a question in the first place which makes her reaction even funnier. Kelly does not seem to agree with me when I mention that she might need a break but then before she knows what hits her, our sexy blond again and again and..... Really funny, sensual, lot's of eye checks, limp body play, sensual neck play, apologies, confusion and a hot slow sleep scene towards the end.



Kelley Cabbana Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your horny little doll

I am your fuck toy
Kelley, our cute and very sexy little doll is just standing there until she feels the big golden key being inserted between her breasts. A few turns of the key later and she is up, ready to play, so to speak. Of course she is programmed to be a very sexy and extremely horny little pleasure doll who loves to play new games like the purple vibrator game. I can tell how cute and adorable Kelley is in this one and the way she plays with herself just like a doll but extremely sexy at the same time, is not easy to put into words. Unfortunately for her, she does wind down a couple of times right before she orgasms but that makes winding her back up so much more fun. Fun ending where she really does not wind down again but as we all know, she does not really have a choice in the matter.



Kelley Cabbana Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I like it but I am not in control

Mindless horny little puppet
Kelley wakes up surprised feeling very surprised and a bit awkward about the costume she is wearing. I guess she does not really remember what just happened. Of course I tell her all about it but that seems to make her feel even more confused. What do you think happens when I tell her that I will now turn her into a puppet. You guessed it, she thinks I am nuts. Of course that changes quickly after I mention the magic word. All of a sudden her body seems to have lost any ability to move as her eyes stare into who knows where. Lets do some test and see how she responds to the strings which seem to pull her arms and legs.

Everything seems to work and it might be a good time to make her aware of her situation. Again, you guessed it, she is confused about the fact that she can only move her body when I tell her that I am pulling certain strings. Things get even more crazy when her hands helplessly wander between her legs and .... You know what those hands do, right. Our little girl keeps asking me how I do this and that she seems to have no control over any of this. Lot of hot and sensual fun.



Kelley Cabbana Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Sir, the chair has to go, S..i..r ..th..e chai...r....

I had a feeling that the new interior designer my wife recently hired would not like some of my favorite furniture which is why I made sure to have a word with her before she could get to my wife. Don't get me wrong, I like new stuff (as long as they don't cost me and arm and a leg) but there are some things I am emotionally attached to, like my favorite chair. I can not tell you how many games and XXX videos I watched in it and sure enough, that was exactly the first piece of furniture she wanted to get rid of. OK, it had a couple of minor tears and rips but did she have to call it a grandma chair? Anyway, the couch was not good enough; the curtains were too heavy and oppressive and so on and so on. I have to admit, I got scared and the idea of her and my wife spending a hell of a lot of my money on things we did not really need started to make me sweat.

Something had to be done. Now the really weird part about the whole story started to unfold. Right in the middle of our disagreement, she suddenly started to talk about being programmed to know better. I don't know why but she got so emotional and excited that she seemed to have to repeat everything which I thought was really not necessary. I know, I am slow and yes, I did not get it until she actually malfunctioned but who would have thought that there is such a thing as a Fembot interior designer! Believe me, I never wanted any of what followed to happen, all I wanted was to make her appreciate the dam chair.


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