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Kelly Star Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Hit by the unexpected

Kelly Star, beautiful, horny, willing, submissive and certainly not shy young woman was quite stunned and definitely surprised when she found out that what I do works "even" on her. Looks like she did not expect that to happen but just like many of my formerly "non-believers", she as well found out, that it can easily happen when you least expect it. According to her, it was curiosity that got her to try it but when she found out how wonderful it feels, she got hooked almost immediately and that made her willingly comply with whatever I made her do and feel. Enjoy Kelly's transformation in this exciting update.

Question and entranced answers, arm raise test towards the end, eye checks and more  

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Kelly Star Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Don't even think about it

Kelly is ordered to pleasure herself for us which, of course, is just warm up. After allowing her to cum she is driven up the wall for lust again but this time she is not allowed to orgasm. Kelly's sexy body quivers and shakes while I keep intensifying her feelings of lust. Poor thing is put to sleeep right before she is able to climax again.

Now I can take my time to slowly mess with her limp body, remove her shoes, check out her sexy (size 6) feet in those pantyhose, roll her around, mess with her mouth, fingers and and and



Kelly Star Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Are you in deep trance for your master

All thoughts are gone

I am my masters property

Here we get to enjoy watching Kelly being mindlessly frozen, posed and undressed, turned into a simple talking doll who loves to do the "jumping Jacks" before running out of battery charge, slowly repeating mantras like, I am my masters property, brought to orgasm after being charged up again, turned into a posing mannequin which loves to be seductively entertaining and so much more. Orgasms on command, entranced stares, mannequin posing, frozen smile, sleeepy orgasm and more




Kelly Star Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
My personal love slave

Kelly slowly wakes up and now she is programmed to have only one desire and that is to be my personal love slave who is mindlessly controlled and used. She keeps repeating that she wants to do anything her master wants. Placed into the sleepwalker position, she slowly repeats, I am your mindless love slave master.

After she is rendered mindless and under control, she is now trained in the art of being a willing foot slave. Her hands slowly wander down her legs to remove her pantyhose which then slowly exposes her cute and sexy (size 6) feet. We talk a bit about her feet before I decide to teach her that good love/foot slaves crawl so that we can all get a nice view of her ass and feet




Kelly Star Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Orgasmed out, put to sleep and used

As the title say, Kelly is ordered to masturbate while still on all four. Needless to say, she also has to learn that she can be put to sleep even if she is close to orgasm, after all, her master controls the amount of pleasure she is allowed to feel, just like he can have her explode at any time.

Time for more limp play while I am checking her ass, do some eye checks, roll her over and so much more




Kelly Star Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a clean girl

Let's check out the master bedroom

This next segment shows how a stuck up and snooty realtor's attitude can be adjusted by using mind control. Kelly, our realtor, seems to be unwilling and quite reluctant to negotiate a better selling price for her client who is willing to by the house as long as the price is right. All it takes is a swift "rapid induction" which leaves her mindless and open for programming.

What a change, suddenly she seems to be more than eager to negotiate for her client and that is not all. Kelly is all of a sudden (after programming) physically attacked to her client and even the fact that he is married does to deter her from




Kelly Star Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Glued to the floor

Where are those dam tits when you need them

Let's have a little more fun with our stuck up realtor.

First we have her wake up feeling confused and a bit embarrassed about the fact that she was just hitting on me. What she does not realize though is the fact that she takes off her top without being aware of it. Oh well. Things get more confusing when she realizes that her feet are stuck to the floor which makes it impossible to show me the rest of the house. I know, that can be confusing. Poor thing, no matter how hard she tries, she cannot get those feet off the floor. Time to render her mindless and dim (in the middle of her trying to push me to sign the contract on the house) and to enjoy her absent stares.

Towards the end, she is made to believe that I am ready to finally sign the contract but now she cannot find her tits, which she believes are used to sign contracts with (pen). Enjoy her trying to find those tits, I mean Pens.

Did I mentioned that she is put to sleep a few times throughout this segment and that she removes some of her clothing without being aware of it? Fun and different segment  




Kelly Star Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Still no luck

Kelly, our stuck up realtor, seems to still be baffled by the fact that she cannot find her tits/pens but that should be the least of her problems. Needless to say, the fact that she is pretty much naked (except pantyhose) eludes her completely and she goes on and on about not wanting to give me a better deal on the house. Suddenly though, she starts to squirm and moan. Could it be that the chair has turned into a giant vibrator.

Of course not but that is what our confused realtor feels anyway. Yes, she does try to hide the fact that she is getting aroused but we all know better. Time to send her to sleep and to wedge a thrusting vibrator into her pantyhose. Up and aware again, Kelly pleasures herself as if it was the most normal thing to do in front of a stranger.

 Wait until you see what happens when I snap her out of it and she becomes aware of what she is doing right there in front of me. Of course I have to give her a hard time for her outrageous behavior and threaten to report her to the board of realtors. Now that changes her tune quickly. Anyway, Kelly is snapped back and forth between masturbating and then feeling terribly sorry about it.

Did I mention that she ends up frozen stiff and somewhat in shock?




Kelly Star Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
This is truly an awkward day

For this last round of fun with our realtor, I decide to freeze her, make her cum by placing a thrusting vibrator into her pantyhose while her body is immobilized, check her tits, make her aware of her nakedness and so much more. Will her attitude finally be adjusted after this one. You bet. Of course there is more. It all starts off with her trying to be as firm, business like and professional as possible which is really hard to when plagued by, let's call it, "tickle attacks" at the most inappropriate times and when least....  




Kelly Star Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Santa Baby robotized

Well, it is that time of the year again so here it goes. Kelly, who believes to be a stripper, applies for a job at the number one strip club in town. Ready to make the move from her old club, she is ready to do "almost" anything to work at our club. Like I said, almost anything. Of course, being a robot dressed up in a sexy Santa outfit who is programmed to do anything the customers want is way too far out there and no, she would never do that. So she believes. Needless to say, the "transformer" takes care of her weak mind and after only a few alterations, she has become the perfect little "Santa Robot" which is programmed to pose, dance, pleasure herself, never ever talk back and so much more.



Kelly Star Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Santa's little feet

I dance on these all day

Kelly, who believes to be a stripper, applies for a job at the number one strip club in town. Ready to make the move from her old club, she is ready to do "almost" anything to work at our club. Like I said, almost anything. Of course, showing off her feet and serving men as their personal foot slaves, is pretty much out of the question. Well, nothing is out of the question, as we all know. Things change dramatically once her "pesky" mind is put under control. Great close ups of her feet and ass, foot worship and lot's of limp body, face and of course foot play while she is in lala land.




Kelly Star Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
That is disgusting

Kelly comes into Frank's Fembot Showroom looking to buy a new domestic unit for herself. She explains that her life has become so hectic lately that she doesn't have time to cook and clean for herself anymore. Plus it might be nice to get a full body massage or a foot rub after running around all day. Frank says he'll be happy to give her a demonstration of all the domestic/cross-over units he has available. He asks her if she wants one capable of and equipped for sexual encounters. The customer gets offended and scoffs at Frank, telling him she's neither a lesbian nor a pervert and anyone who uses androids for such things are clearly disgusting.

Frank apologizes and excuses himself to get his universal remote. Upon returning he points the remote towards one of the demo models on the showroom floor but instead of activating her, his customer becomes suddenly quite robotic, repeating her previous comments about the vileness of using bots for sexual purposes on so on. Much to Frank's delight he decides to take control of this situation. He reprograms his sexy young customer to love both women and sex in general. Frank fools around with her some more, touches up her programming and ultimately puts her out on..... Of course there is more robot action yet to come.


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