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Kendra & Taylor Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Who would not like a slave like her?

Yes mistress Kendra, I am yours!

Kendra and Taylor, are most definitely two of my all time favorite girls and to have both of them in one session was always a fantasy of mine. Why, you might ask. Well, because they are so very different yet alike. Kendra is certainly more dominant (particularly when playing with girls) and Taylor is a perfect sub, who loves to be controlled. Now, what makes the session so particularly hot is that, as it turned out, the two have an amazing chemistry which when directed right, makes both of our girls go nuts over each other. I am sure you will see and feel what I am talking about once you watch the clips. Believe me, each and every segment of their session is sizzling hot and very different. In fact, I did not interact as much as usual because, once programmed, the girls just ravaged each other's beautiful bodies and mind.

Taylor came in a little later and she is taken down within a few seconds (classic rapid induction) and then we have Kendra take over her new mindless and very helpless slave for some intense pleasuring. Kendra is actually surprised when she finds out that she can do whatever she wants with the sexy young girl in front of her. What turns Kendra on the most though is the fact that Taylor is helpless and very willing to do whatever Kendra wants her to do without even flinching. Really hot and different start including, undressing, fondling, teasing, mindless stares, arousal, nipple torture and...

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Kendra & Taylor Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless licking and revenge

Rolling eyes, intense stares, mindless licking and fondling, mind reduction, zombie/sleep walker pose, yes masters, slow repetitions and.... There is certainly too much going on in this one to list it all but here are some of the highlights. Kendra who started to slowly seduce and train her new slave, orders Taylor to pleasure her. Needless to say, Taylor is more than eager to eat out her Mistresses pussy while rendered even more mindless. Kendra seems in heaven when I decide to send her into mindless bliss as well, while she is enjoying Taylor's tongue. Kendra drops down like a rock under my control. Taylor is going nuts between Kendra's legs and it seems like she cannot move her tongue fast enough while bringing herself to orgasm. Time to take both of them a notch deeper. Placed into the zombie/sleep walker position both girls slowly repeat, I missed my master's control. Both girls sink into the abyss (great stares and rolling eyes) Once deep, both are made to feel helplessly fucked and used.

Wait there is more. I decide to let Taylor have her revenge for what Kendra did to her earlier. Oh boy, I did not know that Taylor had it in her but she sure knows how to boss Kendra around and how to make her eat out her pussy while kneeling in front of her. Taylor is put into deeper trance while in bliss.



Kendra & Taylor Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
My mind has to be removed master

I am your mindlessly obedient slave master

Crawling, begging, mindless masturbation, screaming hard orgasms, stares and rolling eyes, long and slowly repeated mantras, intense spankings, bend over ass out obedience training, orgasms on command, breast fondling and...

The girls have shown that they are incredibly turned on as soon as they feel that the other girl is helpless and at their mercy and that I can just take over both of them at any time. The girls are placed on their knees and then made to crawl for their master while slowly repeating, I am your mindlessly obedient slave master. Let's see who is the better slave and who comes first for her master. Placed on their backs, they are now ordered to masturbate each other to orgasm. Exhausted from the last orgasm, my little girls are now ready for some extensive mind reduction as they stare (rolling eyes) into the laser light.

Their repetition of the mantra, my mind has to be removed master, becomes slower and more monotone. Suddenly I make them feel aroused again and now we want to see their sexy asses as they are bend over the couch to be helplessly fucked and used. Still there is more. Kendra is ordered to spank Taylor for her master until she orgasms. I can feel Taylor getting intensely turned on by the fact that she is getting spanked for her master and that she has to be made good and obedient. Still more to come.



Kendra & Taylor Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
You are my slutty slave

I hear and I obey master

I don't even know where to begin with this one. We start off with the girls mindlessly repeating a mantra while their minds drift into the laser. I am here to please my master and that is all I want. (great rolling eyes and stares btw) The main part of this segment shows Kendra, who is made to feel dominant again, to take care of her slutty slave Taylor who eagerly licks her feet, legs and kisses her shoes. Of course Kendra is allowed to dominate her mindless, horny slave, to please and to amuse her master and with that, all of us who are watching this.

The way Kendra drives her up the wall for lust without letting her orgasm is absolutely hot. Kendra seems to have no mercy on her begging slave and at some point, when still displeased, she spanks Taylor's thighs while making her pleasure herself until she quivers and shakes for lust. As mentioned there are too many intensely hot details to describe all of it. Kendra gets so excited that she has Taylor bend over and then finger fucks her up the, you know what. Taylor is no more than a begging and eventually orgasming mess who has no other desire than to please us.



Kendra & Taylor Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Sleepy love making

This one shows the girls taking sweet advantage of each other while one of them is put to sleep. Kendra goes out like a light at the snap of my fingers and now it Taylor's turn to take advantage of her helpless friend. I cannot describe the sensuality with which Taylor plays with her helpless slave. Her hands slide over Kendra's limp body as she kisses her neck and face. Kendra's body is moved and dropped, her mouth is opened and kissed before she is slowly brought to orgasm in her sleep. I decide to perform some eye checks on Kendra while this is all happening. After this hot intro, the girls are woken up and made to believe that they are in some type of slave competition. Kendra takes control almost immediately and puts Taylor to sleep by placing her hand over her toy's lips and nose. Taylor drops and now it is time for the victor to slowly take advantage over the loser. Intense and not for the weak.



Kendra & Taylor Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
My only need is to please you master

More rolling eyes, zombie pose, slowly repeated mantras, intense orgasms on command, limp body and neck play, eye checks, French kissing and.....

Kendra is still finishing up Her helpless little friend who is moaning and groaning under her Mistresses care. She is brought to orgasm by having her nipples manipulated. Not easy to describe but really hot. The girls are more than eager to please me and it seems like they are eating up, so to speak, my suggestions. Kendra's is taken deeper through more laser treatment, while bringing her slave to orgasm (great mindless stares while she forces Taylor to cum for me) Taylor's mind is slowed down and now the two are made to make passionate love for their master. I guess I still have not mentioned the long repetitions of mantras like, my only need is to please my master and or I enjoy pleasing my master and.... The girls are put to sleep, one at a time, played with, moved around and so on. Intense eye checks, neck play, posing and...



Kendra & Taylor Clip Seven
Part One
Members - Click here to view this clip
Tonight your ass is mine

You need to be punished for smuggling in contraband

This next segment is a bit longer but well worth it. If you like to watch a seductive yet mean prison guard take advantage of her unsuspecting and, at first, reluctant sexy young inmate in ways that can hardly be described, than this one is definitely for you. Kendra enters the cell in the middle of the night and before her nervous, young victim know what hits her, she is put into a very deep trance. Kendra takes her time to slowly take her under and then she plays with her limp body before the real training begins. Taylor, mindless yet horny obeys each and every command given to her without flinching. Our little inmate is driven up the wall without being allowed to orgasm, ordered to finger-fuck her pussy, suck her finger as it was a dick and eventually orgasmed by the vibrator she had smuggled into the prison. Too many sizzling hot details to describe it all but this one is certainly one of my favorites.

At some point, I decide to take over both of my little toys. Kendra is put under using the hand cuffs like swinging watch. Just as mindlessly obedient as her victim Taylor, she now follows my orders. First we have Taylor sit on Kendra's face for some serious tongue lashing. Taylor feels the thrust of the vibrator on her wet pussy and both girls bring each other to orgasm on my command. Of course we are still not done yet. Placed on their knees, the girls are ordered to blankly masturbate each other wet pussies until.... The slow repetition of, I am just your obedient slave master, takes them down further and they are now ready to be put to sleep and then to be messed with.



Kendra & Taylor Robot Movie Part One Members - Click here to view this clip
The Trade in

It seemed like a good idea to check for a new "perfect companion fembot while I was vacationing in the big city. Where I come from, folks have to travel to find one of those new and quite perfect companions. Well, I was not really looking for brand new, which is why I ended up at a place called cyber fun. Needless to say, the sales lady bend over back wards to find the right companion for me, the second I mentioned cash. Unfortunately though, there was not really anything I liked, except one beautiful trade in, which was just sitting there deactivated and all. Just my luck, she was just traded in and not yet checked through by one of the technicians. It took me a while to convince the sales lady to activate her for me anyways so that I could at least take a closer look. Maybe that was not my best idea.

Everything seemed fine until I mentioned shutting her down and shipping her to my place. All of a sudden she remembered having been shut down an traded in for some jealousy issues she had during her "relationship" with her last owner. I mean, the way she seduced the reluctant sales girl and the way she offered her 2000 plus sexual functions to me, was hot but I could have done without the malfunctions. To make matters worse, the sales lady turned out to be an android herself and that is when it got really complicate. Reprogramming her to recognize me as her former owner did not help a bit either.

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