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Kendra & Taylor Clip Seven Part Two Members - Click here to view this clip


Tonight your ass is mine

You need to be punished for smuggling in contraband

This next segment is a bit longer but well worth it. If you like to watch a seductive yet mean prison guard take advantage of her unsuspecting and, at first, reluctant sexy young inmate in ways that can hardly be described, than this one is definitely for you. Kendra enters the cell in the middle of the night and before her nervous, young victim know what hits her, she is put into a very deep trance. Kendra takes her time to slowly take her under and then she plays with her limp body before the real training begins. Taylor, mindless yet horny obeys each and every command given to her without flinching. Our little inmate is driven up the wall without being allowed to orgasm, ordered to finger-fuck her pussy, suck her finger as it was a dick and eventually orgasmed by the vibrator she had smuggled into the prison. Too many sizzling hot details to describe it all but this one is certainly one of my favorites.

At some point, I decide to take over both of my little toys. Kendra is put under using the hand cuffs like swinging watch. Just as mindlessly obedient as her victim Taylor, she now follows my orders. First we have Taylor sit on Kendra's face for some serious tongue lashing. Taylor feels the thrust of the vibrator on her wet pussy and both girls bring each other to orgasm on my command. Of course we are still not done yet. Placed on their knees, the girls are ordered to blankly masturbate each other wet pussies until.... The slow repetition of, I am just your obedient slave master, takes them down further and they are now ready to be put to sleep and then to be messed with.

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Kendra & Taylor Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Star Sluts

Somehow the girls seem to believe that they are auditioning for a more serious Sci-Fi movie. You know the kind of Star T movies they used to make. Well, the costumes match but that is about it. Needless to say, they are a bit perturbed when I mention that they are auditioning for a more xxx rate movie, called Star sluts. Oh well, on top of all this, they have to make fun of me for being a Star T fan myself. Their amusement does not last for too long as they suddenly freeze up when I make them listen to some of the sound effects I collected from those days. Now the fun begins.

I take my time to mess with our young actresses and then let them become aware of the fact that they are frozen. Oh, Oh, here we go with the bitching and the accusations. Enough is enough and it is time to send Kendra back into mindless bliss and then continue to mess with the still bitchy Taylor. Putting her fingers in her mouth and the freeze them there, does get me a bit relief from her talking but eventually and despite the fact that she suddenly promises to be good, I have to send her back into the abyss. Very funny comments and again, too much to mention it all. Lot's of hand-waving mind tricks in mid sentence.



Kendra & Taylor Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Why is her hand in my pussy

After a brief deepening, Kendra snaps out of it and now she has the insurmountable urge to play with the still mindlessly frozen Taylor. Attracted by the fact that Taylor is helpless and immobilized, Kendra runs her hands all over her body until one of them ends up in her little toys pussy. (really hot watching Kendra fondle and kiss our frozen Taylor). Unfortunately for Kendra though, she ends up mindlessly frozen with her hand still in Taylor's pussy. Let's wake up Taylor and see what she thinks about all this. Oh no, what the hell is going on here. Needless to say, she seems to believe that I have something to do with all this. I wonder why.

After letting her go off for a bit, I decide to freeze her again. Still, we are not done yet. The girls snap out of it and now they actually believe to be here to audition for the rolls in our Star sluts movie and yes, they are ready and willing to give us a demonstration of how slutty they can make each other cum. Unfortunately for the girls though, they freeze up again in the middle of fingering each others pussies. It gets even better when they ask me to help them remove their fingers out of each other's we pleasure centers. Really intense with lot's of switches.



Kendra & Taylor Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
It must be a ghost

Frozen and orgasmed in the 69 position

Let's have one more round of fun with our two aspiring actresses, shall we. The girls snap out of it again and something weird happens in the middle of their hasty attempts to get dressed. Both brake out in uncontrollable laughter.

Something or someone seems to poke their fingers into their bodies which makes them feel tickled. I watch them jumping around for a bit while grasping for air before I decide to freeze them again. As soon as the tickling subsides, the bitching starts again and my only option is to render them quiet and mindless again, is by waving my hand in front of their eyes. Next time they snap out of it again, they seem to have no other desire than to make love to each other. I know it is quite a change but that is what the power of suggestions can do to young girls do. Ravenous and lusty, the two start to eat out each others pussies and that is when it happens again. First Taylor freezes up while Kendra is driving her insane for lust. How does it all end? Watch Kendra being...



Kendra & Taylor Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
You are not my boss

The sound of pantyhose.

This segment is definitely for our feet, stockings, pantyhose, mindless foot worship, slow entrancement, intense stares, and female foot slave training lovers. Both girls really are into feet and again, the way Kendra takes control of her slave, the way she sensually talks to her while being firm and dominate is amazing

Taylor believes to be Kendra's boss and in the midst of giving her a hard time about not performing the way she should, our bitchy boss is tricked into staring at the light wand in Kendra's hand. Of course Kendra's soft voice in combination with the wand leaves no room for Taylor to escape the inevitable. Mindlessly entranced and willing, Taylor becomes her secretaries personal foot slave. I cannot describe all the details of what Mistress Kendra says about her feet, pantyhose and so on but it sure is hot. Taylor is undressed, ordered to lick and suck feet, put on her knees for more foot worship and, and ....



Kendra & Taylor Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
She started it!

After watching the girls for a while having fun with their feet, I decide to step in and to take control of both of my foot slaves. Believe it or not but Kendra accuses her still mindlessly entranced boss of having forced her to do all this. She is the boss, she started it. Really interesting to watch. Kendra drops like a rock as soon as the laser hits her. Now I have Taylor take care of Kendra's feet and pussy. Lot's of intense foot licking and sucking in this one as well. At some point, I decide to reprogram the girls into believing that they are and always have been, my obedient foot slaves. More foot worship until the girls end up frozen again. Let's have them become aware one more time and see what they think about all this. Watch their reactions when they become aware while still being frozen and with a foot in their mouth. It gets even funnier when I tell them that I am going for lunch while they are just standing there, frozen and with a foot in their mouth.



Kendra & Taylor Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I am sorry for having been disobedient

Our two girls believe to be some type of Super- heroin/Spider chicks who are bickering and eventually fighting over who is going to take me in. Both think that they should be the one bringing in one of the most wanted thugs. In fact, they get so excited over the whole thing that they get into a fight. Kendra does not mess around and when she puts her hand over Taylor's mouth and nose, they little girl goes down with rolling eyes. Now it is Kendra's turn to take care of me. Needless to say, that does not work and she ends up being a stiffly moving and very obedient robot. The second Taylor comes back up, she senses that something went terribly wrong. Self assured she now tries to show me who is boss. Well, she ends up, just like her little friend, in a rather awkward position. As I always say, two robots are better than one. What come next would take too long to describe it all but here are some highlights.

The girls are turned into programmed sex slave androids, are ordered to spank each other while aware but helpless, driven to make love and orgasm each other while one of them is set to minimum power (unable to move) At some point they find themselves aware of who they are but trapped in a robot body which is still under my command (intense) and towards the end they blame each other for letting me get away, which leads to yet another fight. Wonder who wins that one.




Kendra & Taylor Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
The Trade in

It seemed like a good idea to check for a new "perfect companion fembot while I was vacationing in the big city. Where I come from, folks have to travel to find one of those new and quite perfect companions. Well, I was not really looking for brand new, which is why I ended up at a place called cyber fun. Needless to say, the sales lady bend over back wards to find the right companion for me, the second I mentioned cash. Unfortunately though, there was not really anything I liked, except one beautiful trade in, which was just sitting there deactivated and all. Just my luck, she was just traded in and not yet checked through by one of the technicians. It took me a while to convince the sales lady to activate her for me anyways so that I could at least take a closer look. Maybe that was not my best idea.

Everything seemed fine until I mentioned shutting her down and shipping her to my place. All of a sudden she remembered having been shut down an traded in for some jealousy issues she had during her "relationship" with her last owner. I mean, the way she seduced the reluctant sales girl and the way she offered her 2000 plus sexual functions to me, was hot but I could have done without the malfunctions. To make matters worse, the sales lady turned out to be an android herself and that is when it got really complicate. Reprogramming her to recognize me as her former owner did not help a bit either.


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