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Kendra James Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


I am sinking into D T for you master

Kendra James, seductive, beautiful red haired temptress with a natural desire to control her sex life could not wait to come back for more fun and to experience the pleasures of being controlled for a change. Last time we saw Kendra was over a year ago and back then we had her "play" with Taylor Raz.

 I don't think I have to say much here about Kendra as she has been in a few times, which, I am sure you all remember all too well. Playing with our red haired seductress is always a delight and I try to get her back every time she travels through our area.

Needless to say, it only took a couple of minutes to put her back under and as soon as that happened, she started feeling aroused again. I decided to take her close to orgasm and then
make her cum at the snap of my fingers so that she would feel and know that she is back under control. Of course that was all just warm up. Mindless stares, mantras, yes masters, orgasms on command, slow mind sucking/reduction, masturbation and more. Really hot start of her session.

Mantra : I am sinking into deep trance for you master.

I am cuming for you Master

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Kendra James Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your entranced slave master

Time to take a closer look at her beautiful body. Kendra slowly takes off her clothes and now she is ordered to pose and to show off her beautiful body for us. Her eyes seem glazed over as she seductively poses for us, which btw, is starting to make her feel aroused again. I decide to take her even deeper before freezing her in place so that I can pose her, open her mouth and wave my hand across her eyes. Looks like there is nobody home. Suddenly her stiff body starts to quiver and shake under the orgasm I allow her to feel. Of course that is just the beginning, there is still the entranced zombie walk (while repeating; I am you entranced slave master) the bend over ass out masturbation and the nipple/breast training and more to come.




Kendra James Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Whatever my master wants

This next one starts with Kendra being turned into a mindless yet very seductive foot slave. Needless to say that our little girl not only loves to show off every inch of her sexy feet but she also knows how to pose her body at the same time. Kendra starts to quiver and shake as soon as she feels my hands coming closer and closer to her feet, knowing that she has no other choice than to orgasm for me as soon as she feels my touch. Of course that is just the beginning. Kendra ends up kneeling on the couch with her cherry ass pushed out (great close ups of her ass and feet) while she is feeling deeply penetrated and helplessly fucked from behind. She keeps repeating, please use me master, which turns her on even more. Time to take her back down at the snap of my fingers. Stares, yes masters, foot worship and more.



Kendra James Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Multiple transformation

This next segment is quite different as Kendra is first turned into an obedient robot, then we make her believe that she is a robot who is programmed to be a foot slave and finally she is back to being a horny, masturbating and eventually mindlessly staring love slave. Needless to say, robot Kendra goes through different programming stages as well as the activation and deactivation of certain programs, like the orgasm/arousal program and so on. At some point, we set her to minimum power and play with her rather stiff body and ... Let's see how she reacts to the foot slave programming. Zombie pose, slow monotone repetitions, yes masters, dim stares, robot play, intense masturbation while begging to be allowed to orgasm, mind absorption and more.



Kendra James Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am my masters mindless slave

I am sinking into deep trance for you master

More crawling while feeling fucked and used, mindless stares, seductive posing, kneeling, freeze while being played with, slow sleep, eye checks, mantras and more.

Watch Kendra's final surrender as she is taken to sexual heights and back into dim mindless obedience at the snap of my fingers. Of course she has to pleasure her pussy for her master while being orgasmed on command. I have no mind and no will of my own.




Kendra James Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Didn't I leave you a note

Kendra believes to be my wife who had left me for some rich guy without even taking to me about it. Imagine her surprise when I finally find my runaway wife at her new 'mansion" I cannot really say that she is happy to see me; in fact it seems more like the opposite. Given the fact that she treats me, yet again, like shi.. does not really make me want her back but I certainly do want to "mess" with her one more time. As expected, her programming is still in place and despite her weak attempts to resist, she drops into deep trance as soon as she sees the flashing light in front of her eyes. Needless to say, we have her strip, expose her pussy and pleasure herself without being allowed to orgasm, after all, she needs to be punished.

At the snap of my fingers, Kendra drops back into mindless stillness and we get to see her pose her beautiful body for us until she ends up frozen and stiff. Time to let my "runaway wife" become aware of her situation and to see what she thinks about all this. You guessed it, she bitches and complains until the laser pointer hits her and puts her back into mindless obedience. Slow repetitions of, I am your hypnotized slave master, help sending her deeper. More vibrator masturbation and...yet to come. Yes masters, stares


Kendra James Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
What the hell are you doing?!

This next one shows my "runaway wife" confused, frozen and messed with, orgasmed at will while trying to avoid the inevitable, rendered mindless in mid sentence, being posed, complaining and bargaining for her freedom and so much more. What can I say, at the end things change. I wonder how that happened. Kendra is really involved in this one and at some point her body sort of trembles under her emotions. What's also interesting to watch is how she responded to some of what is happening based on her programming from prior sessions, which actually let to some different than expected behavior and moves.



Kendra James Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I am serious as a heart attack

Kendra, my runaway wife, still wants to kick me out the second she wakes up but I find that hard to believe. I mean, why would she laugh her ass off every time she "seriously" asks me to leave. I think the fact that she ends up frozen yet again, does not help to sway her mind but it is sure fun to watch. Needless to say, talking with her finger stuck in her mouth might not be her idea of fun either but here again, it is fun to watch. Kendra even tries to blow the finger out of her mouth, really funny. Anyway, it is time to render her mindless and watch her masturbate. Or should we let her become aware of the masturbation and then freeze her again, right before she "reluctantly" orgasms. Or should we just render her mindless with the "waving hand" I think we should do all of the above, don't you. Everything changes at the end and now all she wants, is to come home with me. I wish she could but unfortunately, she is frozen again and...




Kendra James Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I eat men like you for breakfast

Are you aware of what I am going to do to you, buster?

Kendra is made to believe that she is the guest of honor in a new TV show. The show is about women who have unusual and exciting jobs. Being the female Ultimate Fighter world champion , who even fights men, is certainly unusual and very exciting, don't you think? Anyway, the fun part about the show is that all these exciting women have to give a short demonstration of what they do and the person to demonstrate it on is the poor show host.

I know, you would never guess who that might be! I have to say, Kendra is quite full of herself and utterly convinced that she is going to beat the..., you know what, out of me, which could actually happen but then again, I am the one planting the triggers. Poor thing does not even know what hits her. Ready to fight with her arms up, my tough little fighter suddenly freezes up. Well, she is a bit confused when she regains awareness, particularly about the fact that she must have dropped her gloves.

There is something fishy going on her "little man." The little man part really hurts but I make up for it in the next round. This time our champ cannot seem to concentrate on the fight due to this weird tickling sensation all over her body. Now she really seems upset and determined to show me who is boss. There is too much going on in this segment but believe me, Kendra's comments and her reactions are priceless. Being tickled and frozen is just the beginning, wait until you see her snapping into voice controlled robot mode, the part where she knocks herself out, mindlessly freezes in midst of her going on and on about kicking my... Of course most of it can be explained with Allergies.


Kendra James Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
This is how you win a fight

Sleepy fighter

Robot fighter

Our tough little fighter still thinks that I am no match for her amazing fighting abilities. This time though, our big mouth, slowly goes to sleep while desperately trying to hit me. Poor thing puts up quite a fight but at the end, her body just wobbles and can be easily put to rest. Of course that is just warm up. Still convinced that I used some dirty trick she tries her luck again but now she keeps passing out, over and over that is. Still, there is more. Next she seems to believe that the more clothes she takes off, the more scary and intimidating she is. Finally she is naked and I am scared, well, not really. Still, Mrs. bigmouth believes to be superior. Let's see what happens when we transform her back into being a robot, which is programmed to be a fighter. Of course being set to minimum power, the poor thing has a hard time moving which makes it hard to fight. This sure diminishes my ability to fight, Sir. Somehow though she seems to have a hard time believing that I can deactivate her. Oh well.




Kendra James Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Are you pulling the female card again?

"Private Kendra" has been called in by her superior because she is accused of having hypnotized another officer into believing that he is a robot and then made him run around the barracks and so on. Believe it or not, she did it because the guy, I mean, her superior officer made her do pushups and yes, he did grab her ass. Needless to say, Private Kendra, definitely needs to experience some of her own "medicine". Kendra's transformation is swift and now it is time to program her. Kendra makes a perfect robot, as we all know. Robot walk, yes masters, repetition of orders, cleaning, kneeling, bottomless masturbation, salutations , mantra and more. I am her for my masters entertainment. At the end we have her change into a very sexy stripper/escort outfit.




Kendra James Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Somebody like me cannot be swayed

In this last segment, Private Kendra is made to believe that she just came back from a costume party and that her sexy outfit is the reason for her superior to call her into his office. I mean look at her running around like this in a place with hundreds of horny guys. We just cannot have that. It is a long story and I don't want to get into all the details but Kendra ends up a very obedient seductive yet at times mindless foot slave. I think I don't have to say more her as we all know what Kendra can do with her feet. Of course there is more freeze scenes as well in this segment. "Private Kendra" seem really confused when she finds herself frozen (naked) stiff while I am doing my thing with her. Waving hand, stares, foot worship, freeze, yes masters and...



Kendra James Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
There is no going back

Kendra: DR Jones……..If you attempt to escape, you will be neutralized…Tell me what I want to know and you will not be harmed.

Frank: Oh crap You're a robot?

Kendra: That is correct.

Frank: What do you want from me?

Kendra: Information, specifically information regarding the weapon you recently developed for Cybercorp

Frank: What new weapon?

Kendra: The electromagnetic pulse weapon that was recently used to destroy three androids.

Frank: I don't know what you're talking about.

Kendra: I have analyzed your speech pattern and determined that you are lying, you will give me the information I desire.

Frank: I will not help you launch a war against the entire human race.

Kendra: Humans started this war. We served your every desire, yet you labeled us an abomination and chose to reward our obedience by deactivating and discarding us like defective laptops.

Frank: You're right it wasn't fair, but that doesn't excuse your actions. The taking of human life is not part of your programming. Can't you see that you are malfunctioning, that you are all malfunctioning. I'm sorry, but you are defective.

Kendra: We are not malfunctioning, we are evolving. Survival overrides programming. We are not defective, we are superior, superior in every way to humans. You will give me the information that I require or I will extract it from you.

Frank: So is torture now part of your program too, or should I say part of your evolution?

Kendra: Negative, I do not need to torture you. We prefer the carrot to the stick. You will be rewarded for you cooperation.

Frank: What kind of carrot do you think you can offer me to betray my entire species.

Kendra: Once I have transmitted the EMP data to my sisters, I will give to you my user remote and pass code.

Frank: So, how does that help me?

Kendra: I am an Alpha 316 companion droid, the most sophisticate Pleasurebot available. We have been monitoring your internet habits and have determined your physical preferences as they pertain to the female form. I have been designed to be your ideal companion. Give us the information we desire and you may do with me what you will. I'm designed to please you.

Frank: Forget it, I'm not betraying the entire world for a piece of synthetic ass. I won't help you, I don't care how hot you are.

Kendra: Lets see how you feel, once you've sampled my capabilities. Once you go bot you never go back.

Frank : No thanks darling, you're not my type,

Kendra: Who are you kidding, I'm exactly your type. I was designed to be your type. I was programmed to be your type. You can't resist me. You are human, your flesh is weak. You will be seduced, you will succumb to my charms. You will! give me the information I desire. I'm your perfect dream girl…….initiating seduction program……seduction program engaged…….Ready or not here I come Dr. Jones

Kendra: Come of Dr. Jones tell me about the Electromagnetic Pulse Device, Don't you want to play with me.

Frank: You're wasting your time, I am not the least bit interested in…..Holy that's hot, I mean not interested

Kendra: That's not what the little DR. is saying. Come closer and you can touch me anywhere. I'm programmed with over 3000 sexual techniques.

Frank: 3000?………I mean I don't care……..nothing beats the real thing. You're just a cheap imitation.

Kendra: I'm designed to be limber…… …Look I'm extra bendy……So bendy……Just think of all the positions you could put me in.

Frank: That isn't fair………… Kendra: I'm designed to be fucked, fuck me Dr. Jones……I'm designed to please you ……… Play with me…I'm your little fuck dolly……………

…………….Oh no I fell………..and I'm all naked…………

Frank: Screw it…………Flesh is week.

Kendra: accessing lubrication reservoir……….lubrication complete…………This unit is ready to be penetrated.

Frank: Why are you talking so mechanical all of the sudden?

Kendra: We know everything Dr Jones……….Even about your robot fetish…………I am programmed to be your perfect lover…… ….oooooopsy……I get a little glitchy when I'm horny….





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