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Kendra James Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


You ordered me back master!

Kendra James, seductive, beautiful red haired temptress with a natural desire to control her sex life could not wait to come back for more fun. This is actually what I wrote when she was in the last time and believe me, nothing has changed. Beautiful and vibrant as ever, Kendra pretty much guaranties a great session full of passion, submission and sensual fun. I am sure that all of you remember her last sessions and I don't think I have to say a whole lot more here to describe her. For all of our new viewers though, who might not have seen her previous sessions, I just like to say this much: We are all in for a treat. Kendra is exquisitely sensual and once her natural instinct to put up a bit of a fight is overcome, she turns into a perfectly trained love slave and all it takes for that to happen is... You didn’t really think that was going to share all my secrets and tricks with you, now did you?

This is not the usual clip one. Kendra was programmed in the past to show up at my place at a certain time and date and just as expected she wanders around the building without really knowing why. Unexpectedly she hears the hissing wand, stops in her tracks; her eyes stare into nothingness and she says “you ordered me back master”. Her eyes rise up as she follows me to the studio. I did not film the entire walk due to the lighting conditions but never the less it is a nice zombie walk. Well, let’s see how deep we can send our little girl this time. Even after a subject has been taken under a few times, it is always important to re-establish control right at the beginning of the session and as we all know, orgasm control is a great way to do so.

Kendra is ordered to pleasure herself without being allowed to orgasm. I want her to feel that her body and mind is mine again and I decide to have her stretch out her arms straight in front. I can not tell you how intense it felt to watch her beautiful body quiver and shake under my voice again. She keeps repeating, “I need my master’s permission to orgasm” and that is when she is suddenly hit by an intense orgasm “Thank you master for letting me cum”. Next comes some slow mind and will reduction. Kendra drifts even deeper and her mind ceases to function and her over and over repetitions (mantra) of the word "thoughtless" becomes slower and slower.



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Kendra James Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your thoughtless slave master

It feels good to be back under your control

More intense mindless stares, powerful controlled orgasms, slow and monotone mantras, yes masters are just a small part of what is happening in this next segment. Kendra seems mindless and empty from the last segment but I can feel her arousal and it is time to stop her breathing until she is crazy for lust again. As we all know, I never touch my girls which makes it even more intense to watch them holding their breath just because they are ordered to do so. It is obvious that Kendra feels fully controlled which turns her on beyond belief. She gasps for air every time I allow her to breath and again, it is driving her up the wall. To describe the intensity of her breath controlled orgasm is quite impossible. Of course that is just all warm up. Kendra's arms and hands a forcefully pulled behind her back, her head is pulled back and tied to her back which makes it impossible for her to move. Her sexy body starts to squirm and shiver under the thrusting vibrator between her legs. Kendra has no other choice but to orgasm at my command. I have her exhausted body sink to its knees and now it is time to take the rest of her thoughts, will and mind. Her repetitions (mantra) of "empty and mindless" become slower and slower.



Kendra James Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a mindless horny slave

I have no will of my own, I am a willingless slave

This segment has lots of repetitions, yes masters, freezes begging for more and intense stares but there is also a whole lot of crawling, bowing, zombie poses and bent over forced orgasm action going on. I know, some of my sentences are not really sentences but I always try to describe as much as possible.

Every segment, although it might have similar ingredients, so to speak, is different, simply because every girl reacts differently and that changes the entire dynamic of the segment. The reason why I never use the same clip description twice is because every clip is unique and believe me it is not always easy to get that across, given the fact that I am not much of a writer. Kendra's beautiful naked body is quivering right there in front of me and it is time for her to bow to her master and to crawl back and forth through the room so that all of us can get a close look at her curves from every angle.

Besides every good love slave needs to learn to crawl, don't you think? I can feel how aroused she feels by all this and her body quivers and trembles as I have her bend over the couch with her ass pushed out at me. Kendra is ordered to pleasure herself without being allowed to cum which drives her nuts and she starts to beg me to let her orgasm. If you think that this is hot, wait until you see our horny girl go out of her mind while being helplessly frozen and fucked “I am just a slave, I have no will of my own”. Screaming hard orgasms and mindless surrender...



Kendra James Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
All I want is to please my master

I am a mindless and empty slave

As we all know, Kendra is a wonderful subject and by now, she is completely under my control again. With her arms stretched out in front of her, her eyes are wide open and I can feel that all she wants is to please and serve me. Again, what better way to get a close look of her beautiful curves than to parade her around the room with her arms stretched out in front of her while repeating “I am a mindless and empty slave”. I start making her feel aroused again without allowing her to cum and we all know by now what that does to her. Still, I want her to feel my control over her even more and I decide to mute her and then orgasm her at will.

Kendra's body goes into lustful convulsions and I keep her cuming for a very long time. I can feel that it is time for the final take over and after some more slow and intense mind removal our beautiful girl just stares at me with her beautiful empty eyes wide open “I am a mindless shell master”. Of course we are not done yet. Kendra's remaining strength and energy are drained out of her, leaving her exhausted and unable to move. Watching her as she stares into the camera as all her strength and energy transfers over to me is truly hot. Of course there is still more to come.



Kendra James Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
All resistance is futile

Kendra is made to believe that she is my parent’s new cook and that I just came home for spring break to celebrate my birthday at home. I can tell right away that she seems to think I am just another young rich punk who is full of himself. What really hurts though is that she does not seem to like the party decoration I came up with and it seems she is especially turned off by the mannequins. I guess telling her that I like my women just as beautiful and mindless as the mannequins does not make the best impression either; in fact it seems to make her want to leave. Well, there is one more thing I like to show her and that would be my new spiraling crystal which I just bought at a novelty store. I can tell, she is a bit reluctant to look at it but after a while her eyes seem almost caught by its beauty.

Still, she fights the mesmerizing effect the crystal seems to have on her but it becomes obvious that she has no chance. She tries to close her eyes while shaking her head as if she is trying to gain control of the situation but again, her resistance is futile. Deeply entranced, she slowly repeats “I am a mindless slave”. Kendra's hands wander between her legs and she pleasures herself without having any control over it until she is orgasmed at the snap of my fingers. Enough of the warm up... Put on the floor and hogtied, her helpless body lustfully struggles under the merciless thrust of the vibrator she is made to feel between her legs. The skin around her neck and chest is turning red and I can feel that she has surrendered. My love slave keeps repeating “I am helpless” over and over until she is hit by another powerful orgasm.

Still, I am not done with our reluctant sexy cook just yet. Back on her feet, her body freezes up and again, the vibrator between her legs drives her crazy. I decide to take it up a notch and add nipple clamps and boy, the second I suggest that she feels the nipple clamps tightening, her nipples get rock hard. Trying to describe her lustfully quivering body is impossible. Kendra starts to beg me to let her orgasm but as we all know, that would be way too easy. How does she end up in a mindless zombie pose? Go and see for yourself. Yes masters galore and yes it is a bit longer but really well worth it.




Kendra James Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Your mother and I will have a long conver..

Our sexy little cook wakes up feeling completely at a loss. Why am I naked and what the hell just happened? What can I say, we had some fun. Of course our prudish cook has a very different opinion about all this and she goes on about having a conversation with my mother. Don't get me wrong, it is not like she remembers everything but the fact that she is naked and that her pussy is dripping wet, does make the poor girl feel confused and certainly embarrassed. I guess we can all understand that. Anyway, she starts talking about leaving, which I tell her will not be possible due to the fact that she can not move.

Of course she does not quite understand what I am talking about until it happens. Helplessly frozen and just as mindless as my mannequins, Kendra does not seem to notice that I am helping her out of that tight cook uniform she is wearing. What can I say, I am a nice guy. Imagine her surprise and embarrassment when she wakes up with a powerful and definitely unstoppable orgasm. Kendra shudders and frantically denies that she just orgasmed in front of me. Again, she bitches and it looks like it is time for the waving hand. Naturally, she has no idea what I am talking about until it hits her in mid sentence. Mindlessly empty and mine to...



Kendra James Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Do you like nipple clamps?

No please, no ....oh yes please

In this segment, our reluctant yet extremely aroused cook, finds herself frozen, helplessly hogtied, orgasmed, rendered mindless and obedient, turned into a love slave and into my girl friend. How is this all possible? You will see… it certainly is another hot one. First, let's enjoy her lustful struggle when she feels tied up and completely unable to move. The feeling of helplessness turns her on and when I add the nipple clamps, she goes nuts. Of course she still does not believe that I can make her orgasm at will but we all know that her resistance is broken in no time. Driven by her own lust and the deep seeded desire to succumb, my little girl explodes into a very powerful orgasm.

The idea that she might sink into mindless bliss when I wave my hand in front of her eyes does seem to make her nervous but then again, that can not be, right? After playing with her for a bit my hand finally swipes in front of her face and sure enough, she drops into the abyss. First I have her stretch out her arms in front of her and then order her to bend over the couch so that I can watch her pleasuring herself. All of a sudden, she snaps out of it. You would expect her to bitch and complain again but no, she is unable to stop her masturbation and the orgasms just keep coming despite her futile attempts to stop. How does she end up being my girlfriend and why does she go back to being my love slave? There is only one way to find out.




Kendra James Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Revenge is sweet

Understand that being disrespectful and disobedient is punishable!

This segment has been suggested by one of our viewers from overseas and I think you will all enjoy it. Kendra goes back and forth between being my tough boss to finding herself in a very confusing and embarrassing position which eventually drives her nuts.

Kendra, my sexy yet overly strict and at times downright nasty boss, has called me into her office. That can not be good. Sure enough, she gives me a hard time about some stupid report and that I messed up again. No matter what I say, she insists on putting me on suspension, which really sucks. My excuse that I did not feel well does not go over too well either, after all, she comes to work even with a 102 degrees fever! Well, maybe if I show her an example of what I described in the report, she might understand the whole thing a little bit better. At first, she does not seem to be impressed by my "electromagnetic frequency mind changer" but despite her desperate attempts to take her eyes off of my new gadget, she drops into trance.

Mindless and obedient, my sexy boss now calls me master as she willingly follows my orders. First I have my zombie like and mindless boss undress and then bend over the desk while pulling her ass cheeks apart. Of course that is just the beginning of my plan. Disrupting her masturbation right before her orgasm by snapping her out of it leaves her dumb struck and certainly embarrassed. She goes back and forth between feeling embarrassed and being really mad at me. I think some of her last words while still being aware, were something like, “you are fired” which would be a good time to drop her back into mindless obedience.

The next time I snap her out of it, she finds herself mindlessly masturbating with her legs up on the desk and spread wide. Oh god, now she is really confused and almost speechless. Poor thing mumbles something about having hallucinations, high fever and how unprofessional this all is. Priceless comments BTW. What can I say - the waving hand transforms her despite her resistance right back into my love slave. Zombie walk, yes masters and priceless moments of...



Kendra James Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
More revenge is even sweeter

Laughter is the best medicine

After parading my mindless boss around with her arms stretched out in front of her, I decide to have her bend over, pull down her pantyhose and then wake her up again. Oh boy, now she really does not seem to know what is going on. The poor confused women keeps talking about needing to go home, take a tranquilizer and that she must be losing it. I don't really believe in medication which is probably why I suggest that laughing might be the best medicine for her. Of course that only makes her think that I am out of my mind but 3 seconds later, my “oh so serious” boss can not stop laughing. In fact, it gets so bad that she can not even speak while going through those, lets call it, spells. All of a sudden, my report was not really all that bad and now I am not fired. I don't know why but I don't think I can really believe her at this point. Could she have made all this up? Just because she was frozen, tickled and orgasmed at the same time? Well, let's see what happens when I snap her out of it and free her from the orgasmic tickle curse she is suffering from.



Kendra James Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
OK, one more round of revenge

I'll see you on Monday

Kendra seems very confused by now and of course very embarrassed which is probably why she keeps rambling on about having to go home and how sorry she is for being so unprofessional. I think my remarks about her beautiful feet and that I would love her to seduce me with her feet, makes her feel even more uncomfortable. Now she pulls the “I am your employer” attitude again and that this would all be way too personal. Looks like we have to use the "waving hand" again. Sure enough, her attitude changes within a split second.

We all love mindless foot play and watching the girls being entranced and horny while worshiping their feet is hot particularly when they mindlessly stare into blankness. I always like to switch them around though and believe me watching her and listening to her while she is trying to seduce me with her feet and how she begs me to come close to them, is just as hot. All fun has to end at some point and it is time to snap my horny boss out of it again. What follows is priceless and the way she storms out of the office while trying to cover her ass is really funny.



Kendra James Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Do I really have to zap your mind?

I am just here to please

This segment is all about a snobbish high fashion model's transformation into a sexy, pleasing and very horny little doll. Kendra, our sexy fashion model believes to be way too glamorous to work for a low budget photographer like me and the idea to pose for a doll catalog seems absurd and ridiculous. She goes on and on about all the designers she has worked for in the past and how the set is trashy and below her standards. Needless to say, she does not like her outfit either; particularly the big key around her neck seems way out of place. Being the nice guy that I am, I tell her that I might have to zap her mind and turn her into a sexy doll. Of course that does not go over too well but as we all know, her fate is already decided. Here we go that is so much better. Kendra turns out to be the cutest, sexiest and definitely horniest doll; I have played with in a long time. Of course she has to learn that the key, she was wondering about earlier, is there to wind her up and that vibrators are her new favorite toys!



Kendra James Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
My career is soooo far beyond this

Our confused, embarrassed and quite bitchy model wakes up again and now she seems to believe that somebody must have put something in her water or so, I mean, why else would she be almost naked while holding a vibrator between her legs. Believe it or not, she even wants me to fire somebody for this. (really funny scene, you have to se it) Anyway, her attitude does not appear to have changed and again, she rambles on about her career and so on.

The idea to have her pictures taken for our new robot catalog does not lift her spirits what so ever. In fact, it seems to make her want to leave. Do we really have to use the mind zapper again. Here we go, that is soooo much better. My obedient robot Kendra snaps at attention, salutes and is now all mine do with as I please. Of course her voice becomes monotone and robotic as her vocabulary is limited to saying yes master, I am here to please and I am a robot with no personality of my own. Did I mention that she responds well to the slave program. Well, there is a lot of programming, interrupted orgasms, salutations and .....



Kendra James Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
It is really all about the PUSSY

Sleepy model is fascinated by her own pussy

Kendra wakes up after a brief deepening and this time she blames the wardrobe department for her exposed tits and pussy, after all, they gave her the wrong size dress. Although it looks like she does not quite believe what she just said, she does not seem to be able to piece it all together and that makes her feel even more confused. (really funny) Anyway, she seems ready to go. Well, I should better say, she says that she is ready to go but then, as soon as I have her pose with the chair, she almost trips. Could it be that she is tiered and if so, would that explain her yawning.

Kendra tries hard to stay awake but it gets so bad that I decide to drop her at the snap of my fingers and then wake her up and do it again in the midst of her rambling on about how strong she is. Now comes the part about the pussy. Kendra, all of a sudden' seems to believe that talking about her pussy is what this shoot is all about. Of course I try to stop her but she keeps going on and on about how important the pussy is and how beautiful hers in particular is. Of course she has to show us how she frames her pussy and what it looks like when she bends over and pulls her ass cheeks apart so that we can all get a better look of her juicy little pleasure center. I don't know what you would have done but I saw no other way than to make her pass out (sleep) again. Eye checks



Kendra James Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip

Are you the glitchy 3000 series?

This week’s robot segment has been suggested by one of our greatest and loyal supporters and we hope it came out just the way he envisioned it.

Most of the androids, Fembots and robots and what have you, who come to see me have something to hide which is why they come to see me and not the cyber institute down the road. Don't get me wrong, it is not that I am not good at what I do; I just have a hard time keeping my license up to date.

The main reason though is that I don't ask questions. I don't want to bore you with all the details but I remember that I did feel a little uneasy when she called to make the appointment. I have to admit, she was my first 3000 series and as we all know, they have a hell of a lot of foreign parts in them which makes it so hard to work on them. Anyway, it took her two days to finally show up and boy was she glitchy.

Poor thing tried so hard to stay in control but it just kept happening and I had a feeling that I was in over my head but then again, I needed the money. Turns out, she knew some of the Fembots who were, lets call it, resting in my repair shop and she noticed that those were all 2000 series models which almost made her run off.

As I said, I needed the money which made me convince her that I was the right guy for the job. Not a good Idea, BTW. Speaking of money, it turned out that she could only pay me lousy $700 which of course is not even nearly enough. What made me decide to work on her anyways was her offer, that once I fix her she would repay me in, let’s call it extra curricular services. Come on, who could resist that.




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