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Kendra James Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


clip one Rapid induction and first intense arousal at the docís

Please put me back under your control

Kendra James, seductive, red haired temptress with a natural desire to control her sex life could not wait to come back for another round of fun. I am quite certain that you guys remember her from her first and or second visit and given the fact that many of you asked me to bring her back for the third time, I just know that you will enjoy this session as well. I have described Kendra from her last sessions and once you look at her pictures, you will see that she is as beautiful, sensual and sexual as ever. In other words, this is another good one.

This is not your regular clip one. We start off with Lana performing her first rapid induction ever. Poor Lana was quite nervous but I think she did a great job and given the fact that Kendra dropped like a rock, shows that it worked. Now it is time to release some of her subconscious memory. I remembered that Kendra, although quite dominant at times, likes the feeling of being helplessly tied up and that is exactly what I make her feel. Her sexy body is quivering and shaking for lust as she tries to get out of the bondage. Her moaning and groaning becomes louder the more I reiterate that she has no choice over any of this. I can feel how she is slipping back under my control. Kendraís body is squirming under the deep hard penetration she is feeling and before long, she starts begging me to let her cum for me, ďPlease put me back under your control.

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Kendra James Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Please control me again master

I am mindless for you again

I can feel that Kendra is back under my control but I want to make sure that she goes even deeper than before. Her staring eyes are fixated on the crystal in my hand. Her mind is slowly running out and the mantra, "please control me master", is starting to absorb her mind. Kendra is excessively horny, captivated by lust and the desire to surrender to my control. Her body is quivering and shaking and all it takes to make her orgasm, is three more repetitions of the mantra, "Empty and mindless", Kendra just stares at me and I can feel that she is ready for my next orders. Bend over with her well rounded ass pushed out, my little girl is now driven into another series of controlled orgasms, "Thank you master, thank you". Great stares, mind reduction, eye movement during the crystal re-induction, mantras and lots more.



Kendra James Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
I could not wait to be your slave again

I love your hypnotic power over me, master

This next one is for anyone who loves to watch a beautiful woman like Kendra crawl, bow and zombie walk for her master. Put on all four, Kendra feels helplessly fucked and orgasmed at will. Of course there is more. I have her stand up right in front of me, her eyes are wide open as she stares into the abyss, her body is shivering as she masturbates and pinches her nipples and the mantra, "I am your slave master", drives her deeper into mindless submission. Very intense segment with lots of repetitions, intense orgasms, blank stares, mindless surrender, close ups of her feet in stockings and ass plus lots more.



Kendra James Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless orgasm control

This clip is short and very sweet. Kendra, deeply entranced, peels her long legs and sexy feet out of her stockings. Slowly and seductively, her hands run down her legs as she takes them off and the she starts mindlessly play with her feet. I make her feel the thrust of the vibrator right on the tip of her clit. Her powerful orgasm starts and ends on my command. Kendra has to learn that her orgasms only last as long as I allow them to. Time to put her back on all four and to lead her by her hair. The camera zooms in on her bare feet and ass as she keeps crawling for me. The segment ends with, Kendra masturbating on her knees while her mind is drifting out into my hand. Dramatic from beginning to the end.



Kendra James Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
My Nanny needs an attitude adjustment

I am in deep trance for you

Kendra is made to believe that she is my nanny who has absolutely no interest in me what so ever. You are way too young, drink your milk and go to bed, kind of a thing. In fact, my comment that it would be nice to have my first sexual experience with an older woman like her, seems to infuriate her even more. Looks like I am not getting anywhere with her. She finally calms down a bit when I show her the antique pocket watch, which has been in the family for a long time. It takes her a bit but sooner or later, she is unable to take her eyes off the swinging watch and my soothing voice does the rest, "Master, I need to be trained." Of course you do honey. "Please allow me to be your slave master." Turns out my sexy nanny is very horny but before she is allowed to cum, she has to learn to crawl, beg, bow to her master and let go of herself. Kendra is driven nuts by being taken close to orgasm and being denied to cum. She begs and surrenders Kendra style and who ever has seen the first two sessions, knows what I mean. Great eye movement during the swinging watch scene, mantras, yes masters galore and....



Kendra James Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen Nanny finally adjusted and tamed

This segment starts of with Nanny Kendra mindlessly zombie walking through the room and then being put to sleep. The main part of the segment shows my little nanny after I wake her up again. Boy, you have to listen to her bitching. Somehow she believes that I had something to do with her being naked on the floor. She even calls me a little and goes on and on about how she is going to tell my parents about this. Well, I guess, it is time to freeze her and to really start playing with her. Our little nanny is frozen over and over while aware and very bitchy, unaware and mindless, orgasmed at will (my will not hers but who does not like to orgasm) undressed and moved around, to name just a few things which are happening to her. I know that was a long sentence but try to describe all the action without getting too lengthy is not possible. Of course there is still the finale. Nanny Kendra snaps out of it again and this time she begs me not to....... Fun surprise ending.



Kendra James Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
You should have given me that A in the first place.

The unruly teacher and her transformation

Thinking that she is my teacher, Kendra keeps going on and on about my low grades and why I deserve them. I explain to her that I do my homework at least once a week. Anyway, she seems even more confused and a bit disgusted with me when I mention that I spend most of my time playing with robots. To make a long story short, I found this funky little pen which I was dying to use and it turned out to be perfect. Kendra stares at the fast moving fan on the top of the pen, her eyes glaze over and my new robot toy is born and ready to be played with. Kendra's transformation is really hot, "I am a programmed robot". Now it is time to see what my sexy little teacher looks like without all her clothes and even more importantly, what she looks like when she masturbates while saluting and without being allowed to orgasm. Again, I know these are long sentences but there is so much going on. Yes masters, obedience training, strip, bottomless masturbation, repetitions and more.




Kendra James Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
We should probably keep this to ourselves

This segment is the continuation of the last one. Our horny robot teacher is bend over with her ass pushed out and forced to orgasm. This is of course just the warm up and her training intensifies even more. I decide to put her on her knees and have her clean the carpet while she is crawling on all four, so that we all get a nice view of her ass and feet. Back on her feet, my little teacher stares into the camera with her empty robot eyes while she is ordered to give her little pussy another workout. Poor thing, her orgasm ends abruptly due to some system malfunction and I decide to turn her off. To watch her go down in the middle of her bliss is really exciting. Now it is time to snap my horny little teacher out of it again and to see what she thinks about all this. Believe me, her reactions are priceless. Great robot training and many surprises.



Kendra James Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Reluctant foot model

Swinging crystal re-induction and transformation.

Our sexy latex model must have gotten her shoots confused. Instead of being at a fashion latex shoot, she ends up at a fetish latex shoot. I guess that can happen. Anyway, she seems all bend out of shape when I mention that I need her to take off her latex stockings and play with her feet, "I do not like feet and I am not doing fetish shoots". Luckily though, she agrees to let me take some pictures of her while looking at the beautiful hanging crystal. At first, Kendra seems to try to take her eyes off the crystal but sooner or later my soothing voice and the slow rotation of the crystal start taking her into deep trance. Watching her slowly taking off the latex stockings and playing with her sexy feet is really hot, "I love playing with my feet for you". Aroused and finally orgasmed, Kendra sinks deeper into trance yet again. The segment ends with Kendra crawling around the room, so that we can get a closer look at her ass and the bottom of her feet. Not only for foot lovers.



Kendra James Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
No really, itís not you

Mindless tickle, freeze, some complaints and of course excuses.

Kendra, my sexy yet very professional and quite stern model keeps apologizing for having taken a nap which might have caused her tits to fall out of her top. We all know better of course but then again, we do remember what happened in the last segment. Things get even worse when she suddenly feels tickled all over her body. No matter how hard she tries, she just can not seem to help but laughing. Trying to explain that her uncontrollable laughter has nothing to do with me, proves to be awfully difficult. Maybe, I should give her a break and freeze her. What do you think? I donít think it really helps her but it is sure fun to watch her quivering and laughing while unable to move. Maybe sending her into lala land helps. No, not really but here again, it is fun to watch.




Kendra James Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
I have no idea what you are talking about

Being a dancer in a latex fetish club is only her cover. Believing that she is a spy, who has finally found me, she is determined to get all the secrets out of me. Of course I tell her that I have no idea what she is talking about but that seems to make her even more determined to get it out of me. What my little spy does not know is that once her ass is on the couch, she is all mine to play with as I please. Held in and immobilized by the electromagnetic force field of the couch. In fact the couch turns into a giant vibrator, pounding and thrusting the hell out of her wet pussy. Kendra goes nuts, her body goes into lustful convulsions until she finally gives up her futile fight and surrenders into mindless bliss. Exciting, great struggle against her own lust and willing surrender into an orgasm that renders her happy yet mindless.



Kendra James Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
What makes you think I am cumming?

Kendra, not remembering a thing about what just happened, wakes up thinking she is here for a hypno / modeling session. In other words she believes to have just arrived for one of my sessions. The only problem is that she does not seem to think too much of what I do which could make this one tough. Anyway, all of a sudden my sexy yet somewhat prudish model, starts to twitch and shiver. Could it be that she is feeling oral sex in front of me, a stranger that is? Of course not. Her ability to concentrate seems to diminish while her body is going into orgasmic spasms but she still insist that everything is just peachy. I wonder how this one might end?



Kendra James Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Final fun and a bit of everything

Kendra snaps out of it one more time believing she is here for a latex fashion shoot. As soon as I throw the word slave out there, she drops on her knees, orgasms on command and crawls around for me. Of course, she calls me master and has no other desire than to please me. Letís see what happens next. Kendra snaps out of it and naturally does not remember what just happened. Letís see what the word robot does. Oh, ya, that makes her stand at attention, salute her master and refer to herself as being an obedient robot. Letís see what happens next. Confused about having her beautiful breasts out in the open, my sexy little model thinks that she can just leave. My be not so soon, "Freeze". Time to play with her. The segment ends with Kendra, all of a sudden remembering the entire session and telling me how great it was. Does it really end like this? Of course not, there is more to the surprise ending.



Kendra James Robot Members - Click here to view this clip
Red Riding Hat Fantasy Pleasure-Bot

This weeks robot segment is about a beautifully designed "Red riding hat" fantasy pleasure fembot who is visiting her creator, who she is programmed to know as her grandpa, for her annual check up. Worried she might be running late, she throws all of her burned out parts and circuits into her basket and runs over to his place. It does not take her long to figure out that the person who waiting for her is not her grandpa.

No matter how hard the conniving Mr. Harold Wolf tries to convince her that he is her grandpa and that the reason why she does not recognize him is because of her eye check up being overdue, she just does not believe a word he is saying. Afraid she might use some of her advanced weapons on him, he sees no other way than to turn her off with the same device her grandpa uses to temporarily disable her. Helpless, immobilized and unable to fight off the bad guy, our Fantasy Pleasure-bot is reprogrammed and turned into his willing and very promiscuous sex toy. Apart from some minor glitches and a couple of malfunctions his plan seems to work out. Willing, horny and programmed to show him the time of his life, our beautiful fantasy fembot puts it all out. All of a sudden though, something very unforeseen happens.










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