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Kimber Woods Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Surrender to the inevitable

Another one that will blow you away

Kimber Woods, beautiful young, fiery and naturally horny brunet with an ass to ream off, has already become one of my all-time favorite subjects/playmates. Yes, I know it sounds too good to be true to have just another absolutely amazing and perfect subject but it is true. I have to say, we have been incredibly lucky lately when it comes to the selection of girls who come in to experience something new and exciting but I take it and I am sure, so will you. Sit back, buckle up and enjoy another absolutely intense, real and exciting update

As mentioned, Kimber is a perfect subject and it shows right away how she lets go as soon as I take her to the.... Of course I have to mess with her a bit while her sexy young body starts to quiver and shake under my touch.

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Kimber Woods Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your horny little girl, use me

You are my master

I am your orgasm slave master

Did I mention that Kimber is an amazing subject? Of course I did but now you get to see what that means. Kimber goes absolutely nuts when I make her feel "a force field" around her pussy that prevents her from touching herself. She starts to scream and beg almost instantaneously while her body goes into lustful convulsions.

 I wish I could go into every detail here but that would take way too long so here are some highlights. White eyed trance deepening, rolling eyes and intense mindless stares lot's and lot's of begging (Kimber seriously goes nuts when she feels out of control) lustful/convulsive orgasms, repetition of mantra, kneeling masturbation and orgasms at will (my will), sleep trigger planting and testing (interesting how her breath changes when out) interrupted orgasms and so much more.  



Kimber Woods Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Your Ass is mine

I am my masters horny little slut

As the title says, this segment features, among many other things, Kimber's beautiful ass. We get to enjoy watching her being driven up the wall for lust by showing us her ass. Her desire to please/entice and to pose, jiggle and wiggle her ass for us while becoming so horny that it eventually makes her orgasm like crazy is sizzling hot. I have to say, I have never seen anything like this.

Kimber goes even more off the charts when I start to spank her ass while she crawls and begs for more. Needless to say, that is all just warm up


Slow and intense sleepy orgasm, slow repetition of mantras like, I am my masters horny play toy (zombie pose), deep mindless stares, rolling eyes, very intense screaming hard orgasms and so much more




Kimber Woods Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Please let me move

I have done a number of freeze, mannequin, dancing and freezing doll in the past but this one is certainly unique and very intense. Kimber is frozen stiff in the middle of her seductive posing and orgasmed at will (my will that is) I can see a mix of intense lust and panic in her eyes when she realizes that her body is not only "not" under her control but also frozen and completely immobilized. Sweat is dripping of her sexy, quivering and shaking body while she seems intensely turned on by the feeling of helplessness.

 She keeps begging me to let her move while being unable to stop the orgasms. Time to turn her into a smiling, dancing simple little doll. I cannot tell you how cute she is. Anyway, let's see how the Mannequin suggestion works on her. Kimber's demeanor changes immediately as she turns into a mindless mannequin. Let's have a little more fun by freezing her again, shall we? More very intense masturbation (while sitting on the couch with her legs wide spread) and slow, sensual limp body manipulation yet to come. Definitely worth watching.




Kimber Woods Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Born to be used

From foot slave to robot to mannequin to doll and back to sleeep

Definitely another "Director's choice"

Again, Kimber blows me away with her intense reactions to my training as she unconditionally surrenders to my will. First we get to enjoy watching her being turned into a willingness foot slave who keeps begging me to let her finally orgasm. Kimber goes absolutely crazy for lust when I start to spank the bottom of her feet. Her body goes into lustful convulsions as she keeps screaming and begging for more.

As mentioned, Kimber is a perfect subject and you will see that simply by watching anyone of her clips. After sending her through a long succession of orgasms, I decide to send her into deep mindlessness and to then make her believe that she is a robot.

Of course she needs to be trained in the "mannerisms" of a perfectly programmed robot before we switch her into believing that she is a "smiling little doll". Oh BTW, she even smiles through her next orgasm, just like a doll. There is really way too much going on to describe it all but by the end, she goes out and now she is mine. Limp play and more.




Kimber Woods Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I want more

This next one is short and to the point. Kimber describes some of how and what she felt throughout the session up and until now. Listen to her honest and deeply felt emotions during all this. BTW, she had no idea that the camera was still on.



Kimber Woods Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Thousand and one Nights

Kimber is made to believe that she is a super model is has been hired to advertise a new line of beds called a thousand and one nights. I don't know about you but there is something about a beautiful girl in a harems costume that makes me want to get my hands/mind on her. Needless to say, our "super model" is quite full of herself and she certainly could care less about my "Harem's girl" fantasies. In fact she laughs when I mention my, let's call it" fetish to her. Isn't that every man's fantasy.

Anyway, long story short, she falls for my little trick and drops into mindless/programmable trance. What follows is intense. As soon as she drops, she turns into an obedient harems slave who can be orgasmed at will (very intense orgasms btw). Of course that's not all, Kimber actually knows how to "belly dance" which is of course one of the things she has to do to please her owner and master. Rolling white eyes, deep trance, convulsive orgasms, yes maters and so much more.





Kimber Woods Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Please master forgive me

More Belly dance, pussy shaving, rolling white eyes, absolutely intense freeze scenes (that was even intense and new for me) begging for orgasms and or to be allowed to move, flickering eyelids as well as convulsive screaming hard orgasms.

The above mentioned certainly cannot describe the intensity of this segment. Our supermodel/harems slave has to learn to beg to be allowed to even touch herself not to mention having orgasms. Kimber goes crazy, particularly when I mention that she is not properly shaved between her legs. She begs for forgiveness before shaving herself right there in front of us. Of course that is all just warm up. What her freeze and beg even more. Kimber gets so deep into it that even when I make her aware of what just happened, she remains submissive and again, orgasms just like that at the....

I wish I could describe this better but I think you might just have to watch this amazing segment




Kimber Woods Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Please, please, please fuck me

Frozen seductress

This next one is another hot and steamy one. Kimber, our previously stuck up model, now believes that I am the best looking and definitely hottest guy she has ever met but that is not all by any means. She is also programmed to feel excessively horny which makes her go nuts, particularly when I turn her down. Now we get to enjoy her pulling out all the stops to try to get me to fuck her any which way I like.

I have seen many girls move seductively while showing off their asses and what have you ....but Kimber definitely takes the crown when it comes to turning into a horny, begging and very seductive slut. Of course there is more than just that. Wait until you see her frozen and begging and or when she becomes aware of being the stuck up model who has just met me.

As mentioned, there is a lot of begging, pleading, fuck me/oh no don't fuck me, intense freeze fun which makes her go nuts and a blow job (dildo) scene that will make you dream of being in her wet mouth. The segment ends with her turning in circles while repeating....




Kimber Woods Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Can it get any worse?

It sure can. Kimber is still turning in circles on the bed and now I decide to let her become aware again of being the super model who isn't really all that crazy about me. The problem though is that, despite her best efforts, she just cannot stop turning in circles. Needless to say that makes her bitchy but what really does it is when I freeze her, spank her ass and make her orgasm. As the title say, can it get any worse? OH yes.

Kimber gets so intensely aroused despite or maybe because of the fact that she is frozen, that all she can think of is to touch herself. I have done a lot of freeze clips over the years but this one is certainly among the most intense ones. Kimber goes nuts, driven by her own lust and the feeling of being helpless (particularly when I spank her ass) she is now willing to do anything I want.

Let's put her to sleep and inspect her body (slowly) from head to toe (s) Can it get any worse? Sure, wait until you see her being driven into a series of orgasms while I place the Hitachi between her frozen legs. Unable to move, she has no other choice than to enjoy the Hitachi (forced-orgasm training at its best) Lot's more freeze fun, begging, screaming hard orgasms and so much more yet to come.



Kimber Woods Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Teacher of the year

Dual personality

Here we get to enjoy watching our little girl being switched back and forth between to personalities. Mrs. Woods is a prudish sex educator (teacher of the year award) who knows all the (fancy) words for each part of the female anatomy but has no real experience and or sex drive herself. Needless to say, she does not believe that "mind control" can be used to induce pleasure. Of course not, after all, it is not scientifically proven.

On the other hand there is Kimber (her other personality) who is quite oversexed, slutty, horny and very open to showing as well as demonstrating what makes a pussy wet. Of course she likes to show us what she can do with her ass while posing and...

After our "teacher of the year" is properly entranced, the programming does not take long but what happens afterwards is incredible. Watch her being switched back and forth (without missing a beat) from being the slutty oversexed Kimber to being the embarrassed prudish and quite full of herself Mrs. Woods. Intense orgasms, seductive posing and lot's of OH My Gods.



Kimber Woods Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
The Anatomy of women's feet

Absolutely crazy and intense foot lust, screaming hard orgasms, begging, rolling white eyes, freeze fun and more

Much better. As soon as Kimber comes out, she goes crazy over showing us her feet, demonstrate her foot-job skills, bring herself to orgasm with the vibrator and so much more. Again, Kimber goes absolutely crazy for lust.

It gets even more intense when Mrs. Woods all of a sudden becomes aware of her (Kimber's) actions but to her dismay, she is now frozen and helpless. I cannot really describe the intensity of Mrs. Wood's futile fight to avoid having an orgasm but, just like before, being helplessly frozen (with a vibrator stuck to her pussy) while I mess with her feet, drives her over the edge. Marathon orgasm



Kimber Woods Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Tickle torture

This next one is most definitely the most intense "tickle orgasm" scene I have ever done. Mrs. Woods is super ticklish and the slightest mention of it drives her crazy. Enjoy watching Mrs. Woods being driven out of her mind by being made to feel tickled and orgasmed at the same time. Seriously, I have never seen anything like it. It gets so intense that Mrs. Woods (our prudish teacher of the year) is willing to do anything I want (including opening her mouth for my dick) while apologizing for having been wrong. I am so so sorry master. More tickle fun while she is in lala land and the "slave collar" transformation



Kimber Woods Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Built and created by your master

For this final segment, I decided to make her believe to be a robot which was created and built by her owner and master. Here we get to see the final programming as well as some tests in regards to the functionality of our new toy. Of course we get to test the "seduction program" as it is loaded and then executed. Again, this one is just as intense and different thanks to Kimber's amazing suggestibility. Watch her go crazy for lust, move plants around, sit and stand up on my command a few times, masturbate, be placed in minimum power mode (immobilized) open her pussy for us and so much more. Really intense and different.



Kimber Woods Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Sorry honey but you cannot come over, you know that Like every Friday night I could not wait to log into her webcam and spend time with my dream girl Kimber. As usual, she was so incredibly sexy, so very promiscuous yet so unattainable; so close and yet so far. I really don't know why I kept spending all my money on just watching her but the way she used to flirt and dance for me was just too hot and maybe it was the closest I could ever get to a woman like her anyways.

That night she was particularly hot, she even masturbated herself to orgasm for me: "I am cumming for you honey," I will never forget that. I still don't know how and when it exactly started but her behavior slowly changed. Minor stuff at first, she kept repeating things and her movement seemed to become more ridged. Slowly but surely she started talking about malfunctioning and circuits being overloaded. Believe me; my whole world seemed to crash right there in front of me. Luckily though, although in bad shape, she was still able to follow my instructions and I was able to not only remote repair her but to also reprogram her. Ok, you might have guessed it, I even added a couple of features to her programming. Sure honey you can always come over, I am at....

Thank to the added features, I was finally able to get her address. Amazing, isn't it, I was waiting for this moment for years. At last, I could be in the same room with her, touch her and most importantly really fuck the hell out of her instead of just dreaming about her. Everything seemed to be going just fantastic. My sexy dream girl danced, masturbated and flirted like never before until suddenly


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