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Kimmy Lee Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


How deep can you go

Kimmy Lee, sexy, horny and fun seeking French, Asian and Russian mix, had no idea what she was in for but she should soon find out that she is a lot more submissive than she thought. Our little girl was actually thinking that she might make a pretty good dominatrix, which might be true but certainly not under my "care".

Oh well, at some point we all have to face our demons and today was her day to find her "softer side". Kimmy melted like butter in the sun, meaning she went under like a rock and from here on out it was all about letting go and experiencing something new and exciting and possible even life changing. Enjoy her exciting journey into the unknown.

During the induction, I started asking her questions in regards to the depth of her trance and then made her imagine how it would feel to drop even further. A technique that often helps to take the subject further into... Of course I had to mess with her a bit as well. Eye checks.

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Kimmy Lee Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
No permission no orgasm

First we drive her up the wall for lust by suggesting that she feels the perfect licking while being touched by hundreds of hands. Unable to do anything else than to feel what I make her feel, her sexy body starts to quiver and her moaning and groaning slowly turn into screams of lust. Looks like she is ready to be rewarded with a nice long orgasm before intensifying her training. Kimmy has to learn that she can be orgasmed at will and that it intensifies with every orgasm.

Kimmy's eyes slowly open as she drops deeper again and now she has to learn that waiting for permission to cum is a good thing. Of course that is all just warm up. Kimmy's little body and head wobbles and I can feel her drop deeper with every snap of my fingers. Now it is time for her to learn that no matter how hard she masturbates, she cannot make herself cum without my permission. Sure enough, my suggestions stick and no matter how hard she tries, she just cannot seem to bring herself to climax. Blanc stares, repetitions, yes masters.



Kimmy Lee Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Uninhibited and out of control

Learn that being in deep trance is good for you

Kimmy's sexy young body goes into lustful convulsions and she starts to beg me to let her cum. As I always say, the more aroused they are, the more uninhibited and obedient they become. After taking her to intense sexual heights it is now time to drop her back into mindless bliss. After inspecting her body a little closer (camera), I decide to place her into the zombie pose and to let her slowly repeat her first mantra (which often helps to deepen the subjects trance) Thank you Master for training me, I am deeply entranced for you. Of course there is more masturbation, prolonged wait to orgasm, repetitions and screaming hard orgasms, yet to come. Kimmy learns that her body and mind are not under her control anymore.



Kimmy Lee Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Your master can give it and he can take it

Here we get to enjoy her being send on a rollercoaster of emotions while driven into uninhibited lust and then put to sleep for some' let's call it, play. Some highlights are the limp body manipulation, the foot play while she is asleep ( I slowly take off her shoes and mess with her toes and more) crawling in circles, being made to feel fucked from behind while on all four, orgasms on 3, begging, yes masters and so much more.

Again, Kimmy is driven into mindless lust, orgasmed at will, programmed, made to beg, put to sleep and messed with, which makes it perfectly clear to that she is simply here to obey and to be enjoyed by all of us.



Kimmy Lee Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Unconditional surrender

Who would have thought that our usually more dominant young lady would crumble like this. Well, I guess she is having fun while finally feeling and experiencing her softer side. This next segment concludes her initial training and we get to enjoy her going nuts over being allowed to show us her feet while being ordered to pleasure herself for us. Of course there is some mindless foot play, long repetition of mantras while in the sleepwalker pose, orgasms on command, mindless stares and more, yet to come. Lots of limp body manipulation, eye checks, throat play during forced and breath controlled orgasm training and more feet towards the end.



Kimmy Lee Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
One last night of fun

Kimmy, our twenty some year old beauty, believes to be getting married to my 86 year old dad. Needless to say, the car she got from him and the millions of dollars in his bank account have nothing to do with her decision to get married to the old-timer. I would not really bother me all that much if it wasn't for my inheritance. I mean what are the chances of me outliving her. Anyway, she does not seem to like where the conversation is going and she keeps insisting that is all for love.

Needless to say, my attempts to hit on her by offering her one last night of fun, including some hot foot slave training, seem to upset her even more. Oh well, who really cares what she thinks, right? Time to wipe out her mind and to program her so that she can mindlessly offer us her feet in those hot white stockings. Of course that is just the beginning. Let's put her slowly (nice struggle while she goes down) so that we can take our time to take off those stockings, inspect her feet, neck and tits. Still more to come.



Kimmy Lee Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Who would want the old guy?

I am my masters entranced horny foot slave

Kimmy is still sleepy yet very horny which makes me decide to orgasm her in her sleep by touching the "magic" spot under her feet. Her little body starts to uncontrollably quiver and shake under my hands. Time for her to learn that good foot slaves worship their own feet for their master while showing them off.

Again, our sexy beauty goes nuts and the vibrator between her legs finishes her up on my command. Looks like she had enough fun. Sleep. Now it is my turn to take advantage of her and to slowly mess with her feet, neck and... Needless to say, it all ends happy. Believe it or not, the next time she comes to, everything seems to have changed. All of a sudden she is crazy about marrying me and not only that, she even agrees to a "quickie" from behind that is. Sleep!



Kimmy Lee Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
You have no power over me

One more round of fun with our bride to be

Kimmy, our sexy young bride wakes up and sure enough, she is quite upset and confused. Looks like she just about had it with me and my advances. At first it sure looks like she is serious about kicking me out but then, all of a sudden, she starts laughing her ass off. I wonder what happened and what makes her laugh like this, particularly when it really does not support what she is saying, which is mainly that I am a pervert. Oh well, let's try something else. How about I make her cum on my count of three.

Needless to say, she does not think that I have that kind of power over her. Oops, there she goes off, despite her best efforts to stop it. Things get even more dramatic when she slowly goes to sleep while still feeling a very intense orgasm. Looks like now she tries to actually enjoy her orgasm but, unfortunately for her, the pleasure is short lived. Let's move her and mess with her limp body and face while she is out and helpless. Kimmy slowly starts to wake up again and now she realizes that she is too weak to even move and yes, she is orgasmed again, awake, conscious yet utterly helpless. More sleepy play yet to come.




Kimmy Lee Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Wrong house honey

Kimmy Lee, a beautiful and powerful feminist, makes the mistake to come to my place to pick up my wife for her first women's empowerment group meeting. I don't know what gave her the idea that my wife might be interested in something like that but here again, Kimmy keeps insisting that it might open up my wife's horizon. Suit yourself honey. Needless to say, my idea of having a threesome, makes her feel disgusted and as it seems, she would really rather leave.

Kimmy notices the beautiful strawberries and as it turns out, she cannot seem to resist having one (despite my advice to leave them alone) Her body stiffens as she freezes up and now she is all mine. Poor thing is quite confused and my explanation that she is hypnotized does not seem to make much sense to her either. Looks like we need to put her to sleep and then start undressing her while she is out. More to come yet.



Kimmy Lee Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
No alcohol for me

Now that is empowering

Here we get to enjoy our beautiful "feminist", who still does not believe that she can be hypnotized, slowly get drunk, giggly, sloppy and f..up, with every snap of my fingers. Looks like she has a shot of some powerful drink whenever I snap my fingers. Of course she insists on being just fine but the poor thing gets progressively wobbly, trippy and sloppy until she finally drops. Nappy time. Let's check out her limp body, neck and so on. Things get even worse (for her) when she wakes up with the insurmountable urge to masturbate.

Yes she is shocked, embarrassed and confused but here again, she just cannot stop playing with herself no matter how much I tell her that what she is doing does not seem very empowering. Let's put her back to sleep so she does not embarrass herself even more. More limp body and feet manipulation yet to cum. Finally she wakes up and now she wants to leave but, what do you know, she freezes up yet again and... There are a couple of hardly noticeable dropped frame glitches which, I think were caused by my camera giving up.


Kimmy Lee Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Robotized Femdom

Kimmy, who believes to be my wife, seems to have found her new passion in life. Ready to go to her first "Femdom" party, she shows off her new whip while telling me that she would love to beat my ass with it. Needless to say, that kind of attitude does not go over too well, as we all know, I like them submissive and obedient. Despite being warned, she insist on wanting to live her new found passion which leaves me no other choice than to make it clear to her that she is nothing more than a fembot in need of reprogramming and that I am her owner and master. Robot Kimmy snaps at attention and there is no more talk about being human.




Kimmy Lee Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Greg is so HOT!

FRANK: Hey Kimmy I'm sorry about last night, I was way out of line. Look I know that you're not a robot. You have to admit though you do look allot like the Android Stripper from Mike's Birthday party. I mean the two of you really could be twins. Any way I'm sorry. So are we cool?

KIMMY: Yes, but for the record I don't look or act anything like that ditzy plastic Robo-slut. Let's just stop talking about androids, those things creep me out. Any way I'm off too the gym so be sure to lock up before you leave for work.

FRANK: Sure thing roomy.

Once Kimmy leaves - Frank reaches behind the cushion on the couch where she hides her vibrator and then replaces it with a duplicate vibrator.

FRANK: "Not a robot" We'll just see about that.

Several hours later Kimmy returns to an empty apartment.

KIMMY: "Anyone home? Frank? Hello!……….

Awesome ..Now for a little me time:)

KIMMY: Oh my God Gregg looked so hot today, I thought for sure my processors were going to overload. He better make move soon or I'm just going to have to jump his bones. After all I am pleasure unit, I'm designed to be fucked. Well if I can't have the real McCoy I'll have to settle for the next best thing?

KIMMY: Load video playback of Gregg Workout number 12….Oh yeah baby, put on a show for Kimmy. I'm going to take such good care of you…

You'll never want a human girl again. I'm gonna show you why robot girls are superior….Oh yeah baby work it…work it for Kimmy….Oh baby come to Kimmy...
Oh yeah…. Ok lets crank you up a notch…What...What is Happening....happening... to me?

KIMMY: Malfunction….malfunction...Help...help me I am Mal…malfunctioning…

KIMMY: Warning electrical surge detected……My circuits are damaged KIMMY: electrical surge detected………electrical surge detected……My circuits are damaged I am damaged……I am damaged

FRANK: "Not a robot" We'll ...Frank Walks in laughing and gloating.

FRANK: "My My MY …………look who's not a robot"

KIMMY: Frank help me Frank…I am damaged…… help me Frank…I think I'm broken……I need to be repaired …please fix me…my circuits are damaged.

FRANK: Yes I know, who do think damaged you? I rigged that little toy of yours to emit an electrical charge the next time you used it.

KIMMY: You did this to me? ….did this to me?…but... but why?……I don't understand

FRANK: "All you ever talk about is how Gregg said this and how Gregg did that, Quite Frankly I'm tired of hearing it. The vibrator seemed like a good way to disable you to do a little reprogramming.

Needless to say, Frank is up to no good and as you can imagine, he reprograms her to become his ...

Let's find out what happened and how it all ends, shall we.


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