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Kina & Natalie Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Stuck hands and a massaging couch lead to deep trance

Kina and Natalie, prove the common saying that opposites attract. We all remember Kina, a beautiful and very horny Asian girl with an amazing zest for live and sex. The first time I met Kina was down in Miami and as we all know, her first session was a hot one. Natalie on the other hand is a very lusty blond all American beauty with an insatiable appetite for sexual experiments and pleasures. You can imagine that having both of them come in for a girl/girl session, got me more than excited and I could hardly wait for the session to finally begin. I should probably mention that Kina was looking forward to another round of fun and was ready to go under the minute she arrived. Natalie on the other hand was quite anxious but also, given the fact that she is usually more on the dominant side of her relationships, very skeptical. As I mentioned, opposites attract each other. Looks like another hot one, doesn't it? Locking hands, flickering eyelids, wobbling heads and a vibrating couch, should take them deep quickly and at that point all anxiousness as well as skepticism were gone.



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Kina & Natalie Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Not so fast Ladies

The girls are feeling their bodies with an amazing and unknown intensity. Massaged, penetrated and licked at the same time, both seem to be going through the roof for lust. I allow them to go very close to orgasm and that is when I stop them. We all know there is a price to be paid for feeling this good. The girls have to relinquish their thoughts and mind first and only when I am certain that they are in mindless bliss, are they allowed to orgasm. The girl's young bodies are shivering under my suggestions, their mind running out and they are ready to be rewarded.



Kina & Natalie Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Please take all control

The amount of pleasure the girls are allowed to feel increases with every piece of clothing they are taking off. First mantras like: �I let go of all control� and or �please take all control master� are starting to drive them up the wall. Pushed closer to the brink of their orgasms and then being denied to come makes my horny girls surrender and hand over all control of their mind and bodies.




Kina & Natalie Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Resistance is futile

Time to take care of them one at a time... First I have Kina sit up straight and masturbate herself into complete and mindless obedience. With her eyes wide open, she begs me to make her a good little girl and to take all control away from her. The feeling of helplessness makes her uninhibited and lustful unlike ever before. Now it is Natalie's turn and I can see and feel how her initial fight turns into unconditional surrender. "I have no choice over my mind and body." Her eyes are open and stare into nothingness and Natalie is ready to be trained. Great stares mantras and dramatic surrender of will and mind...




Kina & Natalie Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Make me your slave master

Mindless masturbation, being licked senseless and mantras lead to unknown bliss

We start off with the girls mindlessly masturbating each other while repeating: "I am mindless for you master." After this very exciting warm up, Natalie is ordered to go down on Kina and lick her into bliss. Kina's body is shivering under Natalie's tongue and the repetition of: �I let go of all my mind for you" takes her into an even deeper trance. Licked out and mindless, Kina is now ordered to do the same to Natalie who is in the spread eagle position on the floor and ready to be taken. Make me your slave master. Great stares, mindless masturbation and eye roles.



Kina & Natalie Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Always bow to your master

Bow to your master and make each other pass out

Time for some hands free orgasm training. My two horny girls are standing in front of me with their arms stretched out in front of them. Their young bodies are shivering under my suggestions. Orgasmed to exhaustion, the girls are ready to be put on their knees and to bow to their master.



Kina & Natalie Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your little pleasure doll

I just love this game

My two horny beauties wake up as my sexy little windup dolls. Remote and voice controlled, the two just can not seem to get enough of the orgasm game. We all know dolls love to play and be played with and the idea of winding each other up with the vibrating key brings a big smile to their cute little faces. Of course we are playing a lot more games in this segment, like the crawling horny cat and doggy game, the masturbating each other game and let's not forget the sleepy game. This is a Hot clip with lots of horny doll action, orgasms, big smiles, wind downs as well as ups and more.



Kina & Natalie Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Puppet love

From doll to helpless puppet in just a few seconds

Helplessly attached to "my" strings the girls bodies are moved around which ever way I please. Their hands are pulled into their wet pussies and because I say so, my sweet yet mindless puppets are orgasmed on my command. It is hot to watch their bodies being paraded around, their heads moved around, their legs and arms being pulled up in the air and their fingers disappearing in their juicy pussies. Of course puppets go mindless and become sleepy on command as well.




Kina & Natalie Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Two non believers are learning a lesson

For some reason, my two sweeties do not believe that what I do could possibly work on them. I wonder why? Any way, strangely enough, Natalie has to pee and as soon as she tries to stand up to go to the bath room, she seems to have an orgasm hitting her out of the blue. I wonder why? Of course she tries to cover it up and make it look like she did not really cum. Kina thinks that her new friend is behaving kind of strange and does not really know what to say. Oh well, shit happens, right? Now Kina seems to have an itch on her back and it seems like she can not quite reach it. Naturally, Natalie does not mind to help her out but as soon as she scratches Kinas' back, the poor girl orgasms. I wonder why? Now it is Natalie's turn to think that Kina is the strange one. It gets really strange as soon as I mention my allergies and how they are flaring up. The girls all of a sudden start sniffling and then take off their dresses in order to wipe their noses with them! I wonder why? Does it get worse? Yes it does when the two suddenly get tired for no apparent reason. I wonder why?



Kina & Natalie Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
My pussy is soooo much nicer

My two sexy non-believers seem to have this overwhelming need to show me their pussies. Quite odd, given the fact that we just met, don't you think? It gets even worse when they suddenly get into a competition over who has the nicest and wettest pussy. There is only one way to find out and that is to have them demonstrate how deep and easily their fingers can slide in and out. It is hard to tell who is more aggressive when it comes to offering me her pussy and I think the only way for me to make up my mind is to see which one of my horny girls cums first for me. Please look at my pussy, doesn't everybody show their pussies when they first meet. I wonder why the girls would think something like that.


Kina & Natalie Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
I give much better blowjobs

Still not impressed with what I do, my two playmates suddenly have no other interest than to give me a blowjob. I wonder why? Both keep offering themselves and even offer to give me a demonstration of their abilities by using the vibrator in their mouth. Believe me it is not easy to decide who does the better job or in whose mouth I would entrust my pride and joy. Looks like more tests are required.



Kina & Natalie Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Nothing, we are doing absolutely nothing

It seems like all the girls have in mind is to fuck each other. Completely unaware of what they are doing, they keep telling me that they are not doing anything at all. Really strange, don't you think? They girls don't seem to really pay any attention to me; they are too busy kissing, licking and finger fucking each other. Unfortunately their bliss comes to an abrupt ending when they both drop like rocks. Too bad, considering that they were so close to finally bring each other to orgasm. Eye checks and some body play towards the end of this segment.



Kina & Natalie Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
No I am not really into feet

Foot lovers dream. Kina, thinking she is at a beauty salon getting a pedicure. She is enjoying her foot massage, which is part of every good pedicure. Natalie, who really seems to enjoy women's feet, takes her time to wash and massage her client's sexy little feet. A bit disappointed that her client does not seem to be into feet at all, she suggests a nice aromatherapy massage. Now it all of a sudden gets really hot. The girls are all over each other's feet and pussies. I guess the lotion is what changed Kinas' mind and again, I wonder why? Kissing and sucking feet suddenly seems to turn her on and feeling Natalie's foot in her pussy brings her to orgasm. Needless to say, Natalie is in heaven and orgasms all over her customer's feet. Hot foot segment with lots of close ups of the girls feet even after I send them back to sleep.



Kina & Natalie Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
A couple of horny nurses

Nurse Kina, thinking that she is on her first day on the new job, does not seem the least bit interested in her head nurses advances. Head nurse Natalie keeps coming on to Kina and it is pretty obvious that Kina tries to get away from her. All of a sudden Natalie pulls out a syringe filled with a, let's say, debilitating and mind altering substance. One deep breath later and Kinas' defenses seem to weaken but not enough yet for her to just give in. Despite her protests, Natalie manages to strip her new servant and keeps making her breath in the debilitating yet arousing substance. Kina's fight becomes more and more futile and she finally gives in. Her slave training begins and by the time she crawls and eats pussy, her mind is already gone.



Kina & Natalie Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip
A couple of horny nurses turn into obedient robots.

Programmed to serve and obey

My two horny nurses wake up and sort of remember what they just did. Thinking that I am the big boss of the hospital, they now scramble to put their clothes back on and of course they keep apologizing for their indecency. When I mention my interest in turning them into a couple of obedient robots, both seem to have no interest what so ever to even try it. Too bad, don't you think? "At attention robots," is pretty much all I have to say to change their minds. I should probably say: to make their minds go away.

Now that I have their attention, I start my two horny robots off with some desperately needed but unfortunately denied orgasms, followed by the making each other cum on command routine. My favorite part is where the girls hold vibrators on each others clit and don't feel a thing. Don't forget robots only feel what they are programmed and or allowed to feel. "I am not programmed to orgasm now." To help increase their obedience level even more, I add a few bend over ass pushed out masturbation and orgasms on command; great stares, zombie poses and training.



Kina & Natalie Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
We need her to malfunction!

Be careful what you ask for, you might get too much of it!

Working at airport customs department certainly has its perks, so I thought. Well let's start from the beginning. My wife, who also works for the customs department, and I had the great idea to snag ourselves one of those traveling fembot units and turn her into our personal pleasure unit. I know, not very ethical but I want to see you trying to impress a much younger wife on a salary like mine. In other words, my wife always wanted a companion like that and I am dead set to make it happen.

The plan is to spot a real sexy one, plant a stolen item on her while body searching her, get her to malfunction and then do the necessary reprogramming while she is down. Sounds easy? Well, it is not. Getting her into the interrogation room, planting the ring on her and getting her so screwed up that she finally malfunctions is the easy part, everything after that turns into a rollercoaster ride. Sure, my wife likes to repair her and she more than enjoys the attention she is getting from her new sex toy but the malfunctions are just annoying as hell.








Kina & Natalie Robot Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
We do not need her to malfunction ever again!


I mentioned it earlier, be careful what you ask for. The first malfunction was planned but every subsequent one was not. Of course my wife is having a good time being eaten out by her sex toy, at least up to the point where she orgasms. All of a sudden the fembotís memory seems to come back and just like before she insists that she is not programmed to steal. She keeps talking about all this being impossible and something about her circuits being unable to process the whole thing. After some more repair the girls finally get into it again and I am just about ready to join them and that is when it happens. Watching the two together was very exciting but how in the hell can I explain to my boss that my wife does not work there any longer?



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