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Kristen Cameron Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Futile attempts

Kristen Cameron, seductive and very beautiful young woman with a perfect cherry ass had no idea about her deep seeded and very hidden sexual desires until she stopped by for an afternoon of unforgettable excitement. Besides her beautiful body, her perfectly rounded bubble ass and her soft silky skin, Kristen also has that kind of oozing sexuality that makes every red blooded man go nuts, if you know what I mean.

The idea of letting go of all control and to be trained was certainly foreign and new to her but luckily she was willing to try. When I say luckily, I certainly mean it. Kristen not only turned out to be an amazing subject but also a true submissive who discovered some of her most hidden sexual desires which were waiting to finally be  unleashed. Needless to say, I was ready for the challenge.

The first part of the session went very well and when I saw her struggling with the magnetic hands, I kind of knew that she would go where I needed her to be. Lots of struggle with the locked hands, flickering eyelids and attempts to keep her eyes open.

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Kristen Cameron Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
am letting go of all my thoughts

Driven into thoughtless, orgasmic bliss by the magic hands

Kristenís body is starting to shiver and shake under my suggestions but I am not quite satisfied yet. As we all know, I like them to scream, moan and groan and beg while their bodies go into lustful convulsions. In order to intensify her feelings of lust and arousal, I decide to use the magic hands to drive her into the kind of thoughtless lust, I want her to feel. Remember the more excited the girls are the more willing to let go they become. Kristenís hands helplessly wander between her legs and no matter how hard she tries, she can not help but massaging her wet pussy. Slowly but surely, she drives herself to the point where all she wants to do is orgasm for me. I am letting go of all my thoughts for you. Of course now she has to wait for my permission to be allowed to experience one of her longest orgasms ever. I think we all know by now who decides how hard and for how long they cum.



Kristen Cameron Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
All I want to do is please you

Stares, first rolling eyes and mantras

Kristen's eyes are fixated on the crystal in front of her unblinking eyes. Her sexy, now almost naked, body shivers and shakes as she is led closer and closer to a very hard orgasm. Her mind is slowly leaving her as she stares even more intensely at the crystal. All of a sudden, she holds her breath which seems to make her feel even more aroused and I can feel how her thoughts mind and will are drained out. Now it is time for her first mantra into mindlessness. "All I want is to please you." Kristen's eyes become dull and she sinks into mindless lust. I wave my hand in front of her unblinking eyes and remove the rest of her inhibitions and will. Kristen ends up being a mindless yet very horny shell of herself.



Kristen Cameron Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
I am here to be your slave master

Zombie like and willing surrender

Kristen has been put on her knees and her naked body is quivering and shaking under the thrust of the vibrator she is ordered to use. I want to see her surrender in her wide open eyes and she is not allowed to even blink. "I will follow and obey." Her body is shivering and I can hear the vibrator in her juicy wet pussy. I can feel she is horny but I am still not satisfied. I take her even deeper until I can feel her letting go. A couple of intense breath controlled orgasms take it all out of her and her will is gone. Kristen's mindless stare is too intense to describe. I wave my hand in front of her eyes and there is no reaction what so ever. Time for more slow, monotone and quite zombie like mantras.



Kristen Cameron Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Put out by the orgasm

I was born to serve you master

Kristen's obedience training continues with even more intensity. Standing up, with one arm stretched out in front of her, she has no choice but to endure the thrusting vibrator which seems to be stuck to her wet pussy. She has to learn that her orgasms last as long as I want to and that she can not just stop cumming without my permission. Her body is quivering and shaking and I can feel that being trained like this, is turning her on beyond belief. I want her to feel completely exposed, open and vulnerable. The bend over, ass out positions with her legs spread wide, exposes every part of her beautiful body. Her pussy is wide open, her tits are jiggling and her eyes are staring at me. Kristen's last orgasm in this segment is so hard and intense that she goes out like a light, right in the middle of it. Very intense.



Kristen Cameron Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
From nasty ex wife to mindless fuck toy

Rolling eyes, mindless obedience and denied orgasms are only the beginning.

Kristen believes to be my ex wife who stopped by to hit me up for more money. I could probably deal with that but does she have to make fun of my new place? Anyway, I guess, some things never change. Luckily, I still have the swinging watch, which I had never gotten around to giving her while we were still together. Of course she has to make fun of that as well. What the hell am I supposed to do with a man's watch. Nothing honey, just look at it and enjoy.

Her transformation into my mindless, obedient and promiscuous little fuck toy is instantaneous. "I will never be disobedient again". That's so much better. It gets intense quickly. My greedy little ex has to strip down to her sexy pantyhose and is forced to pinch her nipples until she almost orgasms. Kristen gets so deep into her training that she keeps sinking deeper and deeper into lustful oblivion and her eyes are rolling all the way back. Not being allowed to orgasm seems to drive her nuts and she drifts into an even deeper state. Very intense and certainly not easy to describe. Lots of rolling eyes, intense transformation and yes masters.



Kristen Cameron Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
The reformed Ex-wife

Although my Ex has shown how mindlessly submissive she has become, I am not quite done training her. First she has to learn how it feels to crawl while getting fucked from behind. Kristen's body goes into convulsions while she feels deeply penetrated and mercilessly fucked. Her moaning and groaning gets louder and louder but she is denied to orgasm. Her eyes are going crazy again while she is screaming for lust. I noticed her pantyhose are open around the toes and that gives me the idea to have her pick up her shirt with her sexy little toes. (great close ups of her feet BTW) Of course that is all just the warm up. Watch her finger fuck herself into complete surrender. All your favorites, yes masters and what have you.




Kristen Cameron Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the lustiest of them all

Kristen believes that I am the new interior decorator who was just hired by her husband to revamp the entire house. Naturally, being married to a rich guy, my sexy little house wife has absolutely no interest in me. In fact she keeps talking about her husband and their great marriage every time I hit on her.

The whole thing is starting to get on my nerves and I decide to show her the new mirror for the living room. My oh so happily married housewife has no idea what hits her. One glance into the mirror and she is unable to take her eyes off of it. Kristen's eyes become hazy and dull and my soothing voice takes her into deep trance.

Mindless, thoughtless and very obedient, she now follows each and every order I give her. "My husband is not important at all, master." Her tight little pussy feels suddenly penetrated in a way she has never felt before. Kristen's almost naked body goes into lustful convulsions while her eyes are rolling back into the back of her head. I allow her to feel the most intense fuck of her life but she is not allowed to orgasm for a long time.

She keeps repeating: "nobody has ever fucked me like this." Yes masters, rolling empty eyes, intense orgasms and reluctant surrender. Really nice clip although there are a couple of dropped frames and for a little bit you can hear a car alarm going off in the background but the clip is just too good to cut anything out.




Kristen Cameron Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the most obedient of them all

This next segment is again very intense and it is not easy to describe the way Kristen submits to my will. I can feel that it is not easy for her but at the end, the need to please me, the idea of having no choice and the intense lust she is feeling throughout the last couple of segments, finally makes her succumb. Kristen still feels the intense penetration and I start getting her used to the breath controlled orgasms. That seems to really turn her on and her eyes keep rolling back again every time she has to orgasm. Exposed and vulnerable with her legs spread wide, my little housewife is now ordered to pleasure herself. Insane for lust and completely mindless, Kristen has only one thing on her mind and that is to please me. Believe me, you can see it in her eyes how much she wants to please me. More breath controlled orgasms (little different this time) leave her shivering body warn out and ready to be put to sleep. Of course after a brief deepening, I have to snap her out of it to see what our prudish housewife thinks about all this. Confusion, embarrassment, denial and a very dramatic ending are still to come.



Kristen Cameron Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Of course I am doing this for money only

Thinking that she is a webcam girl who is talking to a well paying customer via her computer, Kristen does not even try to deny that she is only doing it for the money. In other words she would never be interested in a guy like me and she certainly would not even like me to be physically in the same room with her. I ask her to do something simple but very special for me. All she has to do is go close to the computer screen and look into my eyes. Kristen's eyes are staring right at me, the camera is focused on her eyes and you can see how she is slowly sinking into the abyss. Now she is all mine. Mindless and empty, my horny webcam girl becomes my obedient toy. "It will never cost you a dime, master." Kristen is so very deep by now that she does not even notice that I am with her in the room.

Her training begins and she is ordered to get herself wet and ready for me. Again, Kristen gets so excited that her eyes keep rolling back and all you can see is the white in her eyes. Warn out from being orgasmed and or denied to cum, Kristen becomes a willing object of my desires. Put to sleep in the middle of a very hard orgasm, my little girl drops like a rock.

What follows next is intense. I hold both of her eyes open while she orgasms in her deep sleep. All you can see is the white in her eyes while her body goes into lustful convulsions. Now comes the part where I snap her out of it and believe it or not, the poor thing can not seem to remember anything. Well, maybe it is time to send her down again and have her cum one more time, this time with her beautiful ass pushed out in the air. Really hot.




Kristen Cameron Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Topless is completely out of the question

Frozen, orgasmed, played with, aware or completely mindless Super model

Thinking she is at a very serious photo shoot, Kristen is absolutely not willing to take off her top for me. That is too bad, don't you think? However, I have to say that my little prude knows how to pose and look sexy without revealing too much. Of course we all know that being fully dressed, no matter how sexy the outfit might be, is not an option in my sessions. Kristen suddenly finds herself mindless and frozen in place. Guess what happens next. You guessed it, the top comes down and her beautiful body is moved around into all kinds of different positions. S

napped out of it again, Kristen seems very confused and certainly apologetic about being half naked. If you like to watch a girl being frozen while being aware or completely mindless and zombie like, orgasmed unexpectedly and at the wrong time, embarrassed and confused and lots more, this clip is certainly for you.




Kristen Cameron Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
twelve Drop it honey

I have no control over this at all

Kristen who still believes that she is at a photo shoot, does not seem to remember her somewhat embarrassing frozen and mindless moments. She seems to be in a rush though and I have a feeling, she just wants to get the shoot over with. The second she picks up the "magic" duster for the next photo, my sexy little model breaks out into uncontrollable laughter. It is almost as if something is tickling her. Unable to drop the tickling duster until I say: "drop it" Kristen has no choice but to endure the merciless tickling torture. I have no control over this and yes I am very professional. The light shaker finally renders her mindless thus puts her out of her misery.



Kristen Cameron Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
From mindless puppet to oversexed and orgasmic

I am so confused

Kristen is most likely one of the best little puppets I have ever played with. Thinking she is a puppet on strings her arms and hands go up and down, between her legs and where ever else I want them to go. Her sexy young body seems to be held up by strings as well and can only move when I say so. Do you guys like to watch a puppets go mindless and blank? I thought so. After having had a little fun with my cute puppet, I decide to snap her out of it again. Kristen is very confused and it gets even worse when she realizes that she just can not stop masturbating in front of me.

No matter how much she tries to stop and no matter how much she apologizes for being so unprofessional, there is just no way for her to stop pleasuring herself. Can it get worse for her? Try being frozen and orgasmic and then go blank. Snapped out of it again, Kristen has only one question. Why are my fingers in my pussy? How would I know, honey.


Kristen Cameron Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not a bimbo

The grapes make me feel kind of nasty, come here and fuck me

My sexy little model wakes up and it seems like she is desperately trying to figure out why her finger is deep in her pussy and why on earth her tits are hanging out. I guess, she does not remember what just happened. Naturally, she tries to convince me that she is usually very professional and that something like this has never happened before. OK, honey, what ever. All of a sudden, she sees the fruit plate on the floor and it seems like she just has to have some of those delicious grapes.

Being the nice guy that I am, I warn her about the fact that those are very special grapes and that she might lose some of her IQ by eating too many of them. I could have saved my breath. Kristen keeps munching away and turns into a very raunchy, oversexed and quite silly little fuck toy. Towards the end of the segment, I just see no other way than having to remove the rest of her, by then, worthless mind. Kristen is incredibly sexy; the way she changes from the prudish model into a very horny, crawling, begging and very orgasmic bimbo with minimal IQ, is absolutely hot.



Kristen Cameron Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip
I suck, fuck and I leave

I am just a robot toy, master

Believe it or not, Kristen my high paid Call Girl for tonight wants a thousand bucks to stay overnight. Damn, I thought it was one hundred for the entire night. Being a cold and somewhat rude professional, she lets me know that there are no exceptions. What really gets me though, is that for all that money, she is not even willing to play along with my "Robot fetish." You should have called the kinky hotline, buddy, all I do is suck, fuck and leave. Well, all that changes with "the robot voice" which seems to cum out of nowhere. Kristen's body stiffens up, her eyes turn somewhat empty and dull and her vocabulary seems to be limited to saying: "I am a robot, I am sorry for having been disobedient.

Her programming includes but is not limited to having her motor skills tested, being paraded around, bottomless masturbation without being allowed to orgasm, repetitions of orders and yes masters. Being the nice guy that I am, I decide to give her a second chance but as soon as I snap her out of it, she starts to bitch and wants to leave. Well, let's try this again. The segment ends with Kristen deactivating herself by pushing her index finger deep into her (still longing) wet pussy.



Kristen Cameron Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
Should I be writing this down?

I am just the assistant flower girl

The day of my big and very important party had finally arrived. Unfortunately my wife who usually deals with the caterer and the flower people had to leave to see her mother because of some kind of minor emergency. Of course, being on my own, I certainly wanted to make sure that everything, from the food to the flowers, was just perfect for the occasion.

Finally, I got a hold of the florist, or as it turned out, the assistant. I had a bit of a strange feeling about her the second I met her and knowing what I know now, I should have left the whole flower thing alone. I guess it was her beauty that made me want to show off and play Mr. big shot but then again who could have known?

At first, she seemed just a bit flustered and overwhelmed but the more changes I tried to make to the order the more confused and strange she became. It got so bad that she could not even write anything down and when she started to twitch and stutter it finally dawned on me. Who would have thought that a beautiful thing like her could possibly be a fembot? Well, I have to admit, reprogramming her and turning her into the object of my lust was exciting and well worth a try.



Kristen Cameron Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Should I be fucking you

Finally after a couple of attempts, my little flower girl behaves just the way I like it. Horny and willing, my new love slave has nothing else on her mind than to please me and to get herself wet and ready for me. OK, there are some glitches and a couple of malfunctions' but then again watching her beautiful body going into lustful convulsions, made it all worth it. Why am I living somewhere else now and did I get what I was lusting for? Go find out.



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