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Kylie Kane Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Finding the save place

Kylie Kane, beautiful and very sexy twenty-one year old sweetheart was certainly one of "the nervous ones" which made me decide to talk to her about how this (the thing I do) all works and why it can be a lot of fun to just simply relax and let go. Kylie is certainly one of those sweet and sexy kind of girls who know what kind of effect they have on man. Well, look at her and you know what I mean. Playing with her all afternoon was fun and exciting and I sure hope we will see more of her in the future. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for another fun one.

After talking a bit about what I do and how it works best, I decided to take her through a relaxing color induction. Eye checks, body and facial language, rolling head and lots of flickering eyelids.

I used a friend's camera to try it out but the dam thing keep dropping a couple of frames here and there and I although you might not even notice it, I thought I mention it anyways.

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Kylie Kane Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn to be pleasing

I always enjoy this part right after the initial relaxation when the girls bodies slowly come to live and start to shiver and shake as a sign of them being already under control. It is important at that stage to use different kinds of suggestion and then to carefully watch which ones seem to set them off. In Kylies case is a combination of "having to be pleasing without controlling it and "not being allowed to cum until I say so. Of course the "good little girl" usually works on sweet and somewhat shy girls like her and it gets them to really want to cum for you. Finally she is allowed to feel her first long orgasm of the session. Now is time to make it clear who her master is and that I can send her up to incredible sexual heights as well as down into deep mindless stillness. Masturbation, orgasmed on three, mind reduction, stares and more.



Kylie Kane Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless blowjob

You control me master

I am your horny slave master

First mantras, finger blowjob, mindlessly posed and played with, orgasms as well as deep trance at the snap of my fingers, sleepwalker/zombie pose, empty stares, intense orgasm training, nipple stimulation and more.

What is a "finger blowjob" you might ask? Well, after taking her deeper before hitting her with an orgasm out of the blue and then taking her down again while posing her limp body, I decide to put her finger in her mouth while making her believe that she is feeling me in her mouth. I know, that was a long sentence but it is quite simple; Kylie believes to be giving me a blowjob while sucking on her own finger. As outlined above, there is a whole lot more going on in this on. I used a friend's camera to try it out but the dam thing keep dropping a couple of frames here and there and I although you might not even notice it, I thought I mention it anyways.



Kylie Kane Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Please make me better master

I need to be trained, please use me master

This next one has some hot foot-worship going on as our little girl is made to feel obsessed with showing, touching and offering her sexy little feet to her master. Needless to say there is more than that of course; like the slow and entranced repetitions of "please make me better master" as well as crawling while feeling fucked, orgasms at the snap of my fingers, mindless stares while the camera slowly pans all over her body, kneeling and, and, and...




Kylie Kane Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am going to sleep for you master

Feel that pleasing your master is the reason for your existence

Needless to say, before we send our little girl to sleep and make orgasm one more time while down, she has to go through another intense round of training throughout which she is taken to intense sexual heights as well as mindless stillness.

Kylie's beautiful eyes stare into nothingness while I am waving my hand across her face. Time to make her pleasure her wet pussy for us and to drop her deep instead of letting her cum. Enough of the for-play. Bend over the chair with her legs spread, she is made to feel the laser as a hot deep penetration which orgasms her on my command. Her little body is still quivering when she is dropped back into mindless stillness as all her thoughts are absorbed into the light.

Time for the final take over. Placed in the chair with her legs spread wide, she is ordered to pleasure her wet pussy while her breath is stopped (breath controlled orgasm training) Kylie slowly loses all strength as she keeps cuming hard. Eye checks, limp body play, sleepy orgasm and...




Kylie Kane Clip Six Parts one & Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Wrong guy honey

Little girls need to be entranced

I am an orgasm slut

Kylie believes to be a spoiled wife who is consulting a famous hypnotist to help her with her "husband problem." Believe it or not, she wants me to show her how to hypnotize her husband so that he wants less sex, give her more money, increase the limit on her credit cards and so on. Wow, honey, you came to the right place. Anyway, as to be expected, Kylie ends up being my mindless and very obedient slave who learns to knee, pinch her nipples, masturbate, beg, repeat mantras, learn how a zombie like slave just stands there with her arms stretched out in front of her and how to show obedience and respect to her master. Repetitions like I am your entranced slave and please train me master help her to let go of her will and mind.



Kylie Kane Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen in time

Our spoiled little wife wakes up in a state of confusion about the fact that she is on the floor but, luckily, that seems to be all she remembers. Again, she wants me to teach her and to show her how to get her husband to comply to her wants. Being the nice guy that I am, I warn her that hypnosis can often make a person feel frozen in time, which of course is something she cannot believe, after all, why would she be frozen and I am not. Maybe honey, the reason for that is that men have stronger minds. Of course not. Anyway, you all know what happens. Frozen in time our little girl just stands there, staring into nothingness.

Needless to say that by the time she becomes aware, she realizes the unpleasant fact that her finger seems stuck in her mouth while her clothes have been removed. Lots of back and forth, bitching, bargaining, mindless stillness, mantras like, I am a mindless horny slave, I am here to be trained by my master. Believe it or not, our spoiled little wife leaves believing that she has overcome her issues with sex and that she loves to fuck me and then her husband.



Kylie Kane Clip Eight Parts one & Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Tiny dick loser

I don't think you can change my mind buddy

Kylie believes to be one of those webcam girls who gets played by her clients for insulting them, calling them small dick losers and so on. Needless to say, that does not really work for me, I am more of a "feet" and or "foot slave" kind of guy, if you know what I mean. Of course that is not something she seems to be interested in, at least not before I do my magic. Dimly entranced, Kylie starts to seductively take of her shoes and she slowly becomes more and more obsessed with showing and offering me her sexy, well taken care of feet. Next we have her apply lotion to her long legs and feet before driving her up the wall by gently touching her soft feet. There are also those moments where she is helplessly frozen and quite aware of what is going on; without really understanding it though. It all ends with a sleepy orgasm while I am holding her eyes open, limp body and neck play. My feet are here to please you master.



Kylie Kane Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a collard slave, my master owns me

This next one starts off with our confused and somewhat unhappy webcam girl being made to feel tickled as soon as she tries to get rid of me. I realize though that Kylie is not the ticklish type and despite my trying to intensify the tickling, she does not respond as well as I would like it, which makes e decide to freeze her and then render her mindless in mid sentence. Our little girl ends up being my collard slave. Needless to say, she has to collar herself as a sign of her surrender. Towards the end, she wakes up and cuffs herself to the bed before being programmed one more time. Believe it or not, upon awakening, she really wants to come with me but then there are those dam cuffs. Begging, yes masters, masturbation, some tickling, stares, waving hand, bitching, and...



Kylie Kane Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
The guys are going to love it

Kylie believes to be working as a bartender at one of my catered events. What she does not know but will find out during our conversation, is the fact that all the female employees are expected to act like ROBOTS throughout the evening. Well, that does not seem to sit right with her which means, we have to somehow change her mind. luckily, she falls for my little trick by setting off the "buzzer" after making my drink. Long story, you will see once you watch this fun clip. Anyway, there she is, ready for more extensive programming. First she is programmed to make and serve my drink, to answer orders by saying yes master, repeating orders, masturbate while her "clit sensitivity levels" are raised and lowered, how to give the proper blowjob (vibrator simulation) and so much more.




Kylie Kane Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
You tricked me

Super model Kylie Kane walks into a TV station to plug her knew Lingerie calendar for a late-night interview.

Kylie Boy this place sure is quiet. I didn't see anyone on my way in. I figured a big TV station would be bustling

FRANK No just you and me, after all this is the graveyard shift. Everything is pretty much automated, so there's no need for a big staff.

Just have a seat right there Ms. Kane and we'll begin.

FRANK I'm here with supermodel Kylie Yakimenko, aka Kylie Who took the Fashion world by storm since appearing on the cover of Style 1st Magazine last year. Let me just start by thanking you for being here tonight. Now Kylie what do you say to the rumors that your success is attributed to numerous cosmetic procedures intended to enhance your appearance. Some say you're simply "too perfect." and that such perfection drives Yakimenko women to seek plastic surgery in an attempt to measure up.

KYLIE: Some people are just jealous I guess. Frank, I don't wake up looking like this, it takes a whole team of makeup artist and stylist to prepare me for a shoot. In addition I've had to put in a lot of hard work at the gym to get this body.

FRANK: That may be true, but how do you explain last week's meltdown while you were hosting the AMA's?

KYLIE Oh my God Frank. I was suffering from exhaustion. I had just arrived from a 16 hour flight right after a four day shoot.

FRANK Since that evening some have even speculated that you aren't even human, but instead sometime of prototype for a new generation of ultra-realistic androids!!??. How do you respond to these allegations?.

KYLIE OMG…..That is just ridiculous. I mean do I look like a robot to you?

FRANK: NO but you have to admit your behavior was a bit out of the ordinary. I have the transcripts from the show. "Now for the cat...cat…category...of……..wow those lights are really hot……….no.…nobody told me the lights would be so hot…….so hot ……
.much too………hot……..error………..my processors are overheating ….so hot…hot….hot"

At that point your manager escorted you off the stage.

FRANK: What did you mean when you said that your processors were overheating?

KYLIE: Its just a figure of speech, I thought we were going to talk about my new Calendar?

FRANK So you weren't malfunctioning because the heat from the spotlights was causing your circuits to overheat?

KYLIE: No you jerk. Only robots malfunction. Speaking of lights, why are there so many lights in here ? I mean hello, isn't this a RADIO show?

FRANK: Oh sometimes we web cast the show for our viewers

KYLIE Well they're very uncomfortable, Its getting really warm in here.

FRANK: I just have a few more question and then We'll plug the Calendar.

What do you say to rumors that during a shoot for the latest Lingerie addition of Fashion Weekly, that you refused to enter the swimming pool at the request of the photographer and held up the shoot for hours until the photographer agreed to shoot you beside the pool instead of in it?.

KYLIE: It's kind of embarrassing, but I suffer from aqua phobia. I almost drowned when I was a little girl and now I'm terrified of the water. Can we discuss the Calendar?, These lights are getting hot….really.. hot…hot….hot…

Kylie: Where was I?

FRANK: The Calendar?

Kylie: Yes the calendar, All the proceeds will be donated to the Caring House, which helps….helps……….help………help me……….I'm getting too hot…….really hot….hot ……..Can we may...maybe turn off a few of these lights its getting very hot in here………donated to the Caring House proceeds are donated...I am getting very hot!

FRANK: Oh we're almost done, just a few more minutes.

Kylie: OK but, I am getting very warm. Hey, isn't the red the light supposed to be on when We're on the air?

FRANK: Ah yeah it just burnt out the other day, don't worry thought we're still broadcasting.

Kylie: Anyway, the proceeds....proceeds go to…to…too hot……..much too hot………error……error…Kylie unit Overheating………Warning I'm getting too hot………much too hot…….I'm starting to malfunction…..Only robots malfunction………..Impossible………….I'm not a robot……….I'm Kylie……

FRANK: I knew it would work!………no one believed me that you were a robot………..After your circuits fry, I'll have all the proof I need.

Kylie: Oh my god, you…you…you. tricked ...tricked me. This isn't an interview, its a trap, You set up all these lights to overheat my processors ……. my processors……

Frank slips behind the frozen fembot. He has come prepared with a box full of disk, and circuit boards along with various tool in anticipation for this very moment. After a bit of tinkering Kylie begins to show signs of life, jerking slightly before becoming self aware.

Kylie: What are you doing? …
FRANK: Just a bit of reprogramming

Find out why I had to reprogram her and of course how it all ends


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