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Lacey Scott Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Deeper and Deeper

Lacey Scott, beautiful blond with an ultra hot hard body, quickly became one of my favorites. Why, you might ask. Well for one she is beautiful, sensual and extremely sexual which brings her right up the list but what makes her one of my favorites is the fact that she is a fantastic subject who loves it rough and kinky, just like I do. In all seriousness though, Lacey is hot, intelligent and as mentioned a great subject. Playing with her and making her discover a deeply hidden part of herself/ her hidden sexual desires, was incredibly exciting and unforgettable. Enjoy another exciting one.

I noticed throughout the induction that she went deep quickly and when she opened her eyes (on her own) towards the end, I just knew she was very deep and ready to be.....Deepeners, arm raise test

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Lacey Scott Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
No thinking, just following

Lacey's beautiful body reacts perfectly to my suggestions. She slowly starts to quiver and shake under my suggestions and before long, her body goes into lustful convulsions while I take my time to check out her tits as well as her already wet pussy. I decide to make it even more exciting by sensitizing her body and to intensify her feeling of lust by not letting her orgasm before she gets my permission. What makes her feel my control over her even more so is when I bring her to orgasm a few times without her having any control over it.

She keeps repeating, no thinking, just following while her fingers slam into her wet pussy. Time to have her stand up and to take a closer look at her sexy hard-body while making her feel my hand on her throat. The idea that I could make her pa...out any second turns her on even more and again she finger-fucks the he... out of her wet pussy. There is a lot more intense nipple pinching/sensitizing, finger fucking, denied orgasm training, repetitions, yes masters and so much more yet to come.




Lacey Scott Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your horny stripper master

Hand yourself over to your....

Lacy turns into a horny and very seductive stripper at the snap of my fingers. I can feel that she loves to please with her body and that it makes her feel sensual and even more so, sexual/aroused. She is programmed to obey my voice and to obey no matter what she is ordered to do. Her beautifully flickering eyes stare at the light I am holding while I am sending her even deeper. She slowly repeats, I am your perfectly trained sex toy, before she is hit by another orgasm induced by my voice only. I mentioned, her session is hot and very intense. Time to take her deeper even yet. Slow repetitions of, thank you master for training me so well, are yet to come.




Lacey Scott Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Perfectly trained and used

Slow repetition of mantras while in the sleepwalker position, mental bondage, mindless posing as well as being mindlessly posed, navel activation, seductive dancer being....

Here we get to enjoy watching her being taken to intense sexual heights while being made to feel helplessly fucked and used. Her hands and arms are made to feel tied up behind her back while she is brought to orgasm on command. As mentioned, Lacy likes it rough. It is obvious that she likes to be told what to do (subconsciously that is) which makes me decide to remove her mind/thinking even further.

As you can see in the above mentioned highlights is that what I just described is all just the beginning.




Lacey Scott Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Fucked into oblivion

This next one is all about our sleeepy girl being moved, posed, dropped and other wise manipulated while in lala land. Of course we check her pussy, eyes, ears, hands, navel, feet and so much more. Did I mention the intense "sleeepy orgasm" while I mess with her.

It gets even more intense when I allow her to wake up only to realize that she has no control over her muscles, which means, she just lays there with her eyes wide open, fully aware yet no way to do anything. Her pupils widen briefly as soon as she feels penetrated and fucked to orgasm while being helplessly limp.It all starts with our little girl finger fucking herself into oblivion before she is put to sle.... Great close ups of her wet pussy.




Lacey Scott Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen and helpless foot slave

Lots of freeze, orgasms on command, begging to be allowed to orgasm, kneeling masturbation, breath controlled orgasm training (until she pas..out) sleep and more.

I am sure that by now, you all know how intense and real her session was and this next one is just as hot as the once you have seen already.

This next segment is mainly about her foot slave training, entrancement and mindless obedience as well as breath controlled orgasm training and some limp play. First we get to enjoy watching her seductively show, pose, lick kiss and suck and wrinkle her sexy little feet for us while being driven up the wall for lust. Her feet slowly touch/caress her face before she uses them to masturbate. As mentioned, she goes crazy for lust but it gets even better when I hold her feet while freezing her sexy body in place. I can feel that she wants to touch herself so badly that she would do anything I say. Sounds good so far? Go ahead there is lots more excitement yet to come.



Lacey Scott Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
How did it feel?

I decided to let the camera roll before waking her up for a quick break. Here you get to hear how she felt and more importantly, what she felt during the initial training.



Lacey Scott Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
orgasmed and messed with

Lacey, who is made to believe that she has been sent to get lunch for all of us, does not get all that far. The second she gets into the truck and starts up the engine, she is hit by a powerful orgasm that eventually makes her pa...out. Now she is mine to do with as I please. Slow limp play, pedal pumping, I checks, sleeepy orgasm while I am holding her eyes open and more. The best part is that all this happens in plain view/in public.




Lacey Scott Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I have a (little) sweet tooth

The ditzy Nanny

Don't touch the forbidden Jelly beans

Back inside, Lacy is made to believe that she is being interviewed for a nanny position in a very ritzy yet very conservative household. Needless to say, she has no idea that her outfit might be a bit too revealing and that she has a bit of a nightmare interview ahead of her. Anyway, she keeps going on and on about her high moral values and her church meetings but I cannot help but notice that she keeps eying those jelly beans on the table next to her. What's so special about the jelly beans and why do they make her finger fuck herself into oblivion? Well, go ahead and see for yourself. I just love the power of suggestion. Enjoy the cutest southern drawl, Limp play, intense masturbation and a fun story.



Lacey Scott Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
No Sir, noooo

Our ditzy (yet incredibly sexy) nanny has no clue as to what just happened and, I guess it is understandable that she is confused and a bit flustered. Oh well, let's see how well she can concentrate, after all, there is a long list of things she has to remember when taken care of the young ones. Poor thing does not have a chance.

Every time I am about to tell her the most important rules of the house, she passes-out. Our little girl drops like a rock and every time she wakes up, she is wearing a bit less (without her being aware of it) Can it get any worse? At some point our prudish, church going nanny wakes up and now she seems to believe that sitting with her legs wide spread is the thing to do in an important interview like this. It gets even worse when she masturbates herself to orgasm without realizing what she is doing. Of course she denies vehemently that she might be a bit oversexed. Lot's of sleeepy fun, embarrassment, awkward situations and again, the cutes southern ditz you have ever met.  




Lacey Scott Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
It's soooo yummy

Penis flavor

Here we get our southern bell to believe that I am the best looking guy she has ever met and that giving me a blow job is part of her job description. Our little girl goes as far as giving me a demonstration by using the dildo. Poor thing freezes up with the dildo stuck in her mouth. I know that was not nice but sure as he...

it is a lot of fun listing to her attempts to talk and to explain her situation as soon as I let her become aware of what she just did. After putting our southern ditz to sleeep for a bit, she wakes up and it gets even better. Now she believes that the dildo is a fantastic tasting lollypop (penis flavor) and that... I guess you are getting the picture, so go ahead and enjoy this really good one. More freeze and force.d...




Lacey Scott Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Nanny in lala land

Lacey is still out from before and now it is my time to inspect every inch of her beautiful body, hold a thrusting vibrator on her wet pussy, move her pick her up, toss her, check her eyes, mouth and so on before letting her briefly wake up. Her eyes slowly open but my hand on her neck puts her right back out. After messing with her while she is out, I decide to have her wake up without having any control over her muscles which renders her just as limp and helpless yet fully aware. Let's see what happens when I push the thrusting vibrator on the tip her wet clit. Needless to say, she has no other choice than to orgasm.

Needless to say, our Nanny story ends happy. Towards the end, she begs me to keep and train her to perfection. Of course, being the nice employer that I am, I.....



Lacey Scott Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I am nothing without my master

Lacey, who believes to be my wife, is getting ready to go to her women's group meeting. Well, so she thinks anyway. Needless to say, there seems to be no chance for me to get any tonight, which really does not make me happy. Looks like my unruly wife needs to bit (more) of an attitude adjustment. Thanks to the help of a cheap yet effective (light up) bracelet, she is subdued (mindlessly entranced) and turned into an obedient and very seductive stripper. I was born and bred to serve you master. I decide to take it up a notch by making her believe that she is not only stripping and dancing for me but also for all my buddies.

Watched by a bunch of horny guys, my (formerly) unruly wife does her best to please us with her beautifully moving body. She keeps repeating, I am a horny slut, born to serve. Time to freeze her, wedge a vibrator into her pussy and to let her become aware. Lacey is very horny by now and although I make it clear to her that in case the thrusting vibrator in her pants brings her to orgasm, she will drift into mindless oblivion and serve me for as long as I wish, she cannot seem to prevent the inevitable. Very intense



Lacey Scott Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Deprogramming in progress

Lacey, who still believes to be my wife, seems quite upset about, well, you know what and now she seems to think it is her turn to get back at me. Telling her that she is really a fembot and that there must be a glitch in her system that makes her believe to be a human female, does not help at all to defuse the situation.

Enjoy watching her being de-programmed/( in human terms) brainwashed and then successfully re-programmed to obey, serve, please and be used as her owner seems fit. Of course assuming various sexual positions while offering ALL of her accessible pleasure centers (pussy ass and mouth) pinching her nipples, orgasms on command and so much more are all part of her new and improved programming.



Lacey Scott Clip Fifteen Members - Click here to view this clip
The final surrender

This final segment of Lacey's update has some "lift and carry, lots of foot slave training (including licking, sucking, spread toes, foot masturbation with vibrator, wrinkles and more) and slow limp play as well as force-d orgasm training. Lacey, who still believes to be my wife is driven into complete surrender by her own lust and the desire to please. Really intense and a great show of surrender  




Lacey Scott Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Tomorrow Land, where the future is now. Frank enters a room where he is immediately greeted by an attractive young woman.

Her smile seems a little too wide, her posture is a little too rigid, and her movements are too precise and incremental.

Lacey: Hi I'm Lacey, how may I be of assistance?

Frank: Maybe you could start by telling me if this is where I catch the shuttle to the resort?

Lacey: Of course, May I ask your Name?

Frank: I'm Frank, Frank Stevens

Lacey: Good evening Mr. Stevens, We've been expecting you. Welcome to Tomorrow Land, where the future is now. Please make yourself comfortable, your shuttle will be arriving shortly.

Frank: I was hoping to get settled in and take a nap before dinner, when exactly do you expect the next shuttle to arrive?

Lacey: Tomorrow land shuttles arrive at the beginning of each hour from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. During their wait, guest are encourage to review park regulations to ensure a fun and safe experience during their stay.

Frank: 4:06 .Great only 54 minutes to . Where are all the other guests, it can't just be the two of us?Tell me Lacey are any other guest expected to board the next shuttle besides me?

Lacey: Negative, all other registered guest have been shuttled to their assigned accommodations, you are the last remaining guest scheduled for transport:):) Lacey: Refreshments are available at the front left side of the lobby, If you require further assistance you may direct your request to this unit.

Frank: Oh my god, you're a robot. I heard that you guys were realistic, but damn you don't just look real, you're gorgeous. Lacey: Thank You, I was designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Frank: I'll say you were. So Tell me Lacey are you. Well you know...Are you fully functional?

Lacey: Affirmative, I am functioning exactly as intended.

Frank: What does that mean?

Lacey: This unit is fully operational. No malfunctions have been detected.

Lacey: Please clarify.

Frank: I mean you look like a real girl, just how real are you?

Lacey: I assure you that I am very real. Reality pertains to that which exist. I exist therefore I am.

Frank: Alright enough beating around the bush, sorry to sound indelicate, but are you designed for sex?

Lacey: I am incapable of that function, however guests are encouraged to interact with as many robotic constructs that exist throughout the park for their entertainment and sexual pleasure:)

Frank: That all sounds great, but I don't understand why anyone would make a super sexy robot like you and not make her fully functional.

Lacey: I was designed as a pleasure unit, however I am prototype and have not been yet been properly tested.

Frank: Hey I'll test the heck out of you

Lacey: I am very sorry, but untested units are forbidden to sexually interact with Park guest. I currently lack the necessary programming to perform the service that you desire

Frank: Oh that's too bad Wow you don't even have any visible seams.

Lacey: Thank you, but that is not entirely true, I actually have several visible seams and wires.

Frank: Oh yeah where

Lacey: If you look closely you can see a small seam surrounding my rear access panel and another outlining my ventral data port. However, you have to look very closely to see them. I'm very realistic. don'tcha think?

Frank: Lift your top a bit so I can see what you're talking about.

Lacey pulls up her top up revealing her midriff...


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