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Laci & Ashley Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Cleansing waters

Lacy Lynn and Ashley Grace in one session! who would have ever thought? I don't think I have to say too much more here because I am quite sure that you remember our two beauties from their prior solo and or girl/girl sessions. Needless to say I could not wait for them to finally arrive. The girls had never met before and yes they were a bit nervous in the beginning but that made it even more exciting for them and of course for me as well. As we all know, both girls are very sensual and sexual and even more importantly both of them are bi-sexual by nature. All that and of course the fact that both of them are great subjects should make this another sizzling hot session with lots of rolling eyes, monotone mantras, hard and wet orgasms, submission galore and yes masters, to name just a few of your favorites.

I could not wait to try out my new super size spiraling crystal and as expected, the girls started losing themselves into it and went out slowly with lots of flickering eye lids. You know what I mean. Lacy's hands were twitching in the beginning but I could slowly feel her tension leaving and by the time her eyes closed, she was gone back to where she has felt so very comfortable before.

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Laci & Ashley Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Gently fucked into mindlessness by the ocean

First lust leads to letting go of mind and will

On their journey into the inner world, the girls have now been taken to a beautiful beach. I make them feel the warm sun on their skin and the warm water of the surf gently running over their bodies. Imagine lying on the beach, close enough to the water, so that every wave rolling in gently splashes and caresses your body. Of course this is just the beginning. Soon the girls feel the surf lapping right between their legs and I can feel their growing excitement with every wave. I keep increasing the sensitivity of their clits and before long, my two horny beauties, feel the waves with even more intensity than a tongue lashing. Imagine their bodies quivering and shaking and their screaming becoming louder to the point where all they want to do is orgasm. Now is the time to let them wait and beg for it. As we all know, to have an orgasm in my session has to be earned and the girls have to let go of their minds and thoughts first: “Please, I am letting go of my mind, I am letting go of”....



Laci & Ashley Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
I am in deep trance for you

Back into mindless bliss with rolling eyes and mindless stares.

The girl’s eyes are focused on the crystal and their hands are pleasuring their pussies. I have them repeat, "I am mindless for you," and their excitement is growing with every repetition. I can feel both of them drifting into mindless bliss. Their eyes are rolling back while their attention is focused on the crystal and the intense feeling between their legs. It is very hot to watch them drift into lustful, mindless and complete obedience, one at a time. The mantra, “I am in deep trance for you” finally takes them over the edge. This clip is short and very intense.



Laci & Ashley Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you for making me a mindless shell, master

I am a mindless slave, master

There is a lot going on in this one as well. The girls are in mindlessly masturbating each other’s wet pussies and I can feel them going nuts. I had a feeling they would hit it off and sure enough the second I allow them to touch each other they go wild. Mindless and horny all they want to do now, is bring each other to orgasm for me. The mantra, “thank you for making me a mindless shell”, drives them even more up the wall. Now it is time for some orgasm training on count of three. Exhausted, both girls are drifting deeper and their eyes seem to be rolling in the back of their heads and then turn into an intense yet dull stare. Their empty bodies shiver and shake under yet another orgasm and leaves them even more exhausted. Time to finish them up, I have them masturbate each other again and this time they are repeating the mantra, “I am a mindless slave master”, very slow and monotone until they finally explode into complete mindlessness.



Laci & Ashley Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindlessly eaten out slave

This next segment has actually two parts. First the girls are ordered to make love to each other. My two horny beauties are driven by the desire to make each other orgasm for me and are learning that the more they please me, the better they are allowed to feel: “I am a mindless slave, master”. Now it is time to send Ashley into a state of mindless and obedient bliss. Her beautiful body is frozen solid, her legs are spread wide and she has no choice but to open her wet pussy for Lacy's tongue. As we all remember, Ashley is a horny little girl and sure enough it does not take long before she screams her first "oh my gods". The slow repetition of: "I am your helpless slave master" soon makes her role her eyes all the way back into her head. She has to tell me that she is close to her orgasm and I keep playing with her by not letting her cum right away. Lots of rolling eyes, slow mantras and screaming hard surrender...



Laci & Ashley Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
I am Cumming for my master

Again there is so much going on in this one that it would take for ever to describe it all. If you are into rolling, sleepy, tearing eyes, blank masturbation, dramatic eye checks while orgasmed, zombie walk, lots of slow repetitions aka mantras and bowing love slaves, this one is for you.

Lacy's wet pussy is eaten out by the mindless Ashley while the rest of her own mind and will is slowly drained out of her. I am watching Lacy play with her big natural breasts while repeating mantra: “I want to be your mindless slave, master”. Lacy ends up with an amazingly intense stare while tears are running down her cheeks. I guess that happens when you don't blink. The girls are put on their knees and ordered to masturbate each other to orgasm. My suggestion that who ever comes first, is the better little girl, seems to drive them up the wall, "I am Cumming for you master". Next comes the slave or zombie walk in circles while repeating another mantra, "There is only one master". The girls are put back to sleep after bowing to their master. Next comes a whole lot more of the rolling eyes, forced sleepy orgasms and intense eye checks. I told you it is a lot and I did not even mention half of what's going on.



Laci & Ashley Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
You fight like a girl!

The girls are made to believe that they are working at the local strip club. To increase business, the manager came up with the great idea to have the girls wrestle and eventually orgasm each other during the matches. Believe me, the girls absolutely do not like that idea one bit but then again, who cares. The fact that they don not seem to like each other does not make it any easier for them to agree to my great idea. They keep bitching at me and at each other, which is really funny to listen too. Lacy keeps sticking it to Ashley who is getting all pissed. Anyway, I decide to offer them a deal. The girl who wins the wrestling match and makes the loser orgasm so hard that she mindlessly passes out, will not have to wrestle ever again. Well, now we are talking. That seems to be enough motivation for my two beauties to go at it with all they've got. It is really hot to watch them wrestle, strip each other, humiliate and bitch at each other. Who will win and who will end up mindless and out cold?




Laci & Ashley Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
That's all you've got?

For a while, the girls are going back and forth being on top of each other but slowly but surely one of them gets the upper hand. The winner pins down the loser who is obviously struggling not to orgasm. At this point, the winner has no mercy and moves her hand fast and furious between the losing girl's legs. One last attempt by the losing girl to throw her off fails and she finally submits to the inevitable. Her moaning and groaning becomes louder with her "oh gods" more desperate before she finally let's herself go. That does not seem good enough for the winning girl and she keeps her prey Cumming and Cumming until every ounce of mind and strength are drained out of her. The losing girl's body keeps twitching to the bitter end, her eyes turn dim and she finally drops. The winning girl still does not seem to have enough and keeps humiliating the losing girl by plopping her lifeless body around like a rag doll. Our winner is on top of the world and now it is time to get her back in line as well. Right in the middle of her big moment, I decide to wave my hand in front of her eyes and she drops into mindless obedience. I order her to make herself cum so hard that she passes out as well. Now it is my time to play with their limp bodies and to do some intense eye checks.



Laci & Ashley Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
Unintended threesome gone bad

I am sure you've had the kind of days where everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong. The two never intended to meet but that day they did. Lacy, one of my girlfriend Fembots came home early and stumbled right into my other toy, Ashley. Of course she had to show up the minute I took a shower. Timing is everything, I guess. Anyway, Lacy goes off on Ashley, who seems more confused than anything else.

I should probably mention that Lacy is a far more sophisticated model than Ashley and naturally she gets Ashley feeling confused and upset. Ashley even offers her a glass of water to make her feel better but that turned out to be a big mistake. Lacy all of a sudden starts to hit on Ashley but that turned out to be just a sneaky maneuver to get to her back panel and to rip out some vital cables and circuits. I told you it's a mess. Much later, I found out that Lacy was not quite her usual self that day either.

Despite my warning, she forgot her umbrella and got wet which caused her irrational behavior that day. Ashley seems damaged but she still functions quite well. I wish I was a minute or so earlier. Lacy, still upset, dumps the cup of water all over Ashley to shut her up. Needless to say that was not a good thing at all. Lacy goes into overload and kept saying no to my orders but then did exactly what I order her to do. Well, at least she strips, plays with her boobs and fondles Ashley. Watching the two beauties together is hot fun.


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