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Laci & Ashley Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Tic Tac Toe your mind is mine!

The girls believe to be playing the game of Tic Tac Toe on national TV. The prize money is high and so are the stakes. After each round the loser has to face the mind/IQ reducer, a device that gradually reduces their capacity to think and function properly. The girls are in good spirit and dead set to win the game. It does not really seem to concern either one of them that they could possibly end up being horny, oversexed and quite stupid little sex toys. Of course not, they are smart, right? First I am having a little fun with them while we are talking about the outfits they are wearing. Why, you might ask? Well, for some reason my two sweeties seem to believe that they are dressed properly for the occasion and that their dresses are not revealing at all. Who would want to look like a slut on national TV? The game begins and just to make them feel good, I let them both win the first round. Things go down quickly from there. The girls keep making stupid mistakes and end up on the chair of no return. Slowly but surely, despite their denial, my two sweeties get sloppier, very aroused and certainly a whole lot dumber. It is seriously hot to watch the girls every time they are on the chair. Their eyes are rolling back, they seem to lose all sense of where they are and then come back slowly and confused. From smart and collected young women to horny, giggly and quite stilly little play toys.





Laci & Ashley Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Tic Tac Toe your mind is gone!

The girls started playing with each other in the last segments, the tits came out and still they don't seem to notice any changes. The fact that I am all of a sudden the hottest guy around does not have anything to do with the chair either. Lacy starts to fondle Ashley and now both are completely absorbed by each other's tits. Isn't that a thing of beauty? Anyway, things keep going further down the hill. Instead of using the board, my two horny beauties are now drawing O's and X's on each other's tits and pussies. I don't think the IQ reduction really works. What do you think? All of a sudden they want me to watch them and for some reason, they seem to like the game they are playing now much better. Ashley takes the initiative and goes down on Lacy who is slowly losing it. I decide to let her feel the mind reducer again and while Ashley sucks the juices out of her, Lacy slides into oblivion. Now it is time to finish up Ashley and to turn her into a mindless, horny shell. Why do both end up in the zombie position? Go find out. Seriously hot with lots of rolling eye moments and confusion throughout the entire clip.




Laci & Ashley Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
The attitude adjustment of a bad little girl

Many of you suggested to make one of the girls believe to be a guy and to get her to fuck her entranced slave. Well, here it is, Mr. Lacy catches her secretary yet again in the middle of filing her nails while on the phone with her boyfriend. What kind of work moral is that? Naturally she gets upset and tells her to stop that kind of stuff at work. Ashley instead of listening laughs the whole thing off. Mr. Lacy who is annoyed pulls out a bottle of her new "perfume" and sprays it right into the disobedient Ashley's face. Poor Ashley does not even know what hit her, her eyes start to role while she is drifting in mindless obedience. Mr. Lacy is ready to teach her a lesson. Forced to masturbate and to please her master, our ungrateful little girl is put in place. Fucked hard and put to sleep, Ashley goes down with her legendary rolling eyes.




Laci & Ashley Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Please be my Valentine Master

I am your completely mindless Valentine, master

Ashley, who believes to be my girlfriend, is looking forward to a romantic Valentines dinner. Imagine her shock when I show up with Lacy, my other girlfriend. What do you mean, your other girlfriend? You are a pig. I think you are getting the picture. Anyway, my idea to turn the evening into a hot threesome does not go over too well, as you might have guessed. What Ashley does not know is that Lacy, my deeply entranced toy, is programmed to put her into a mindless trance. Lacy tries to calm Ashley down and when that does not seem to work she exposes her big natural tits.

Ashley, confused and still reluctant tries not to look at Lacy's breast but as we all know that is just impossible. I can feel her trying to look the other way and not to listen to Lacy's soft voice but as mentioned, her struggle is useless. Ashley's eyes turn dull and role back. We all know what that means. Of course, I have to make sure that Lacy stays just as mindless and manageable and waving my hand in front of her eyes, ensures that she stays deep down. Now the training of my two Valentines begins. Great stares, mindless masturbation, slow repetitions and more of my intense love slave training.







Laci & Ashley Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Obedient Valentine Robots

After a brief deepening the girls snap out of it, thinking they are my angry girlfriends again. Here we go again with the bitching and complaining. Naturally they try to find all their clothes and get dressed again. I have a feeling that my threesome idea still does not go over too well. Ok how about turning into my obedient robots? Oh, no you pig. Nevertheless, two seconds later, the girls are transformed and all of a sudden very obedient: "I am a programmed robot and nothing more, master". Let's see what it looks like when two beautiful Fembots make love to each other, shall we? Great Robot training with lots of your favorites.


Laci & Ashley Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Open eyed deactivation

This one is very short and very hot. I had to change tape at the end of the last segment and I almost overlooked this part. Anyway, my two promiscuous and very horny robots are saluting their master, are programmed to masturbate each other and are orgasmed on command, "I am a robot and nothing more". With their open eyes staring at me, the girls are deactivated and drop like rocks.



Laci & Ashley Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip

Frozen mind  trick and futile attempts   

From bowing to me to utter frozen confusion.    

Somehow the girls don't seem to remember much, if anything, about the session. I don't know why but the second they get up, they start bitching at me for looking at their naked bodies. Excuse me! Naturally, they try to get dressed and to get out. Unfortunately though, my reluctant valentines don't get too far with their attempts. Frozen and helpless, they have no choice but to watch me undress them again. I am having fun taking them back and forth between being mindless, frozen and helpless to being fully aware, frozen or not and just as helpless. Lots of waving hand mind tricks, interrupted complaining, sudden unexpected and certainly unwanted orgasms and freeze scenes.  


Laci & Ashley Clip XVI Members - Click here to view this clip

I like my clothes   

 I am so sorry, I just don't know how that happened!  

 This time my two valentines snap out of it, not remembering what just happened. Totally confused and embarrassed they start scrambling for their clothes again. What is it with the clothes? Of course they keep apologizing for being somewhat naked and disoriented.

The second they are dressed again and feel somewhat safe, their clothes turn out to tickle them all over. What kind of thing is that? Tickling clothes, who has ever heard about something like that? Now they try their best to get out of their clothes. I thought you said that you like your clothes? Laughing and screaming they are finally naked again but the tickling still persists. Poor girls, maybe I should help them. Letting them feel a sudden and unexpected orgasm, does not seem to make them feel any less embarrassed. Here we go again with the, "I am so sorry, oh no, oh no".

Let's try something else. I ask Lacy to hold my hand and yes it stops the discomfort but now she is blank and mindless. Lacy's eyes turn dim and role all the way back. Poor thing. Let's see how that works with Ashley. Same thing, the smile goes away, the eyes turn dim and role and Ashley is gone as well. Time for some sleepy orgasms with lots of rolling eyes. 



Laci & Ashley Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
No more threesomes

Despite my reprogramming and repair attempts, things did not seem to improve. I knew something was definitely not right when Ashley started calling me Mark and then Michael. Who are these guys anyway? At some point, I did manage to get my toys to play with each other and to strip dance for me but that did not last for too long. I have to say, it was dam hot though. Did I mention it was a rough day? If you like to find out how rough exactly, go ahead and watch the clips.




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