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Lady Von Foxx Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


The taming begins

Lady von Foxx, sexy, extremely sexual and naturally horny brunet (with a hint of red) with a killer hard body is definitely a wild one who does like it rough. Believe me guys, taming her was incredibly exciting and the fact that she turned out to be a fantastic subject made the afternoon with her unforgettable. You will know exactly what I am talking about here once you watch her session. One look at her and you know that our little girl is hot and wild but she even surprised me once her raw sexual energy was released, she gave it all up. Again, watch and see for yourself.

Our sexy Foxx went down fast and I decided to mess with her, perform some eye checks and then "snap" her even deeper.

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Lady Von Foxx Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
More intense than ever before

I make you cum as hard as I want you to

I noticed that our little girl has a dominant side to her which, needless to say, had to be broken, before we could proceed with our training. First she has to understand that she is here (under my care) to learn to follow and obey and that her body is under my control. After asking her a few questions in regards to the depth of her trance and so on, I decided to take it up a notch by making her feel helplessly controlled. Needless to say, her body started to show signs of arousal which eventually turned into lustful screams and helpless quivering.

The idea that her orgasms could be controlled seems to drive her nuts and I can feel her wanting to cum so badly that she is willing to give it all up. Next she has to learn that her orgasms last for as long as I say, which again, drives her up the wall. Let's enjoy watching her masturbate while standing up. Really intense start with yes masters, open eyed orgasms and stares, forced orgasm training and more. Our little girl is finally put to sleep by my hand on her throat which drops her right back on the couch.



Lady Von Foxx Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am grateful for being my masters slave

Good foot slaves are horny foot slaves

This next one is about foot slave training, slow and monotone repetition of mantras while in the zombie/sleepwalker pose, orgasms on command, finger fucking, lots of limp body play (including feet, mouth, eye checks, neck) and more. As mentioned, our little girl is a wild one and listening to her fingers slam into her wet pussy while she is ordered to offer her little feet is really hot. Of course there is more than that, at some point our little girl is programmed to cum o hard that it makes her pass out in the middle of her intense orgasm. It all starts and ends with me messing with her lifeless body and feet. Did I mention the slow repetition of her first mantra, the sleepy orgasms and the orgasms while I am touching her.... I am cuming for you master. Plenty of yes masters.




Lady Von Foxx Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Propped up and frozen

I am my masters prop.

Von Foxx goes crazy when she finds herself helplessly frozen and immobile while being orgasmed at will. Her body is stiff and hard like a rock and I can see her skin turn red and hot. As mentioned, our girl likes it rough. My suggestion that she is just her masters prop drives her even further into bliss. I decide to send her back to sleep while still feeling excessively horny and ready to cum. After all, she has to learn that she is here to entertain us and to be enjoyed. Let's take some time to mess with her sleepy body, perform some eye checks and then let her experience the longest orgasm she has ever felt (while I am still messing with her little body) It gets really intense towards the end when she is ordered to finger fuck again. This time I decide to freeze her again right at that point where she is one stroke away from making herself cum. Her sexy hard body not only freezes but it keeps quivering while she is getting hot and sweaty. One more push away from the orgasm. Intense ending, plenty of yes masters, intense stares, begging and more




Lady Von Foxx Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you master for treating me right

The more your mind is empty, the more you feel your body

Finally Our Foxx is not only allowed to unfreeze but she is also allowed to give herself that one " last push" (see clip four) that makes her cum like never before. Looks like she is doing well so far and now we want to find out how far she lets herself go. Placed on all four and ordered to crawl in circles for her master she is suddenly made to feel fucked hard from behind. Needless to say, she has to keep repeating, thank you master for treating me right, before she is orgasmed again.

Our young lady seems exhausted which is a good time to remove the rest of her mind, thoughts and will while her eyes are focused on the laser in my hand. Very intense, long unblinking stares, btw. Her repetitions of, my mind is empty for you master, become slower and slower until she is only an empty shell of herself. After the mantra it is now time to finish her up. There is a lot more intense finger fucking, breath controlled orgasm training (hardest orgasm she has ever felt) yet to cum. Again, she is programmed to cum so hard that it makes her pass out. Needless to say, I take my time to mess with her sleepy body (including feet, mouth, eyes and more) Posed and asleep.



Lady Von Foxx Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
The Waiting room

Our young Lady is made to believe that she is waiting for hours at the doctor's office to be finally be called in to see the doc. The fact that some strange guy who seems to also be waiting (guess who the guy is) not only hits on her but also keeps asking her whether he could go in before her, seems to seriously annoy her. Of course not, after all, she was here first and it is her turn to see the doc. Poor thing has no clue what hits her when she suddenly right at the time when she is finally called in to the office. Looks like she might miss her turn after all. Oh well, let's try this again. Next time she wakes up, she seems too tiered and sleepy to make it to the doctor's office. Poor thing struggles so hard to get up but as it turns out she just cannot make it. Needless to say, I take my time during those, let's call it, sleepy breaks to uncover her limp body for our pleasure.




Lady Von Foxx Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Aren't these the best

Von Foxx, who is still waiting at the doctor's office, slowly wakes up and believe it or not, now she seems really concerned with me (the strange guy who is waiting as well) liking her tits. I mean, they are nice but... Of course that really gets her going and now she shows off her tits from every angle. I really want you to like my tits. Needless to say, her attitude changes quickly when I snap my fingers, which brings her back to her senses and she realizes that she just showed off her titts to a stranger.

After "snapping" her back and forth a few times, I decide to put her to sleep for some limp play. Believe it or not, the next time she wakes up, she is concerned about me not liking her ass. Here again, she shows off her cherry ass despite me telling her that I am married. Looking ain't hurting. I find out that she even like to get fucked in the ass. wait what happens when she comes to her senses. Really funny and priceless comments.

Of course there is more. Finally it is her turn to go into the doctor's office but unfortunately (for her) she freezes up the second she stands up. It gets really dramatic quickly. Von Foxx seems to remember the freeze and she drops right back into being an obedient, mindless slave. Wait there is more. Surprise ending.





Lady Von Foxx Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
It does pass the time

Our young lady, who does not seem to remember anything that has happened so far, still insist on going into the doc's office before me, after all, she is waiting for much longer. Anyway, her luck does not seem to improve though. Now she seems to believe that giving her wet pussy a nice workout with the glass dildo, is something that people do to pass time. What makes it even funnier is that she makes fun of me when I mention my Robolust site.

That could never happen to her, after all, she is too set in her ways. Let's see what happens when I "snap" my fingers and she becomes aware of what she just did in front of a total stranger, one she does not even like for that matter. Snap again and she goes at it again but as mentioned, her luck has not improved and sure enough, the second she comes close to orgasm, her body freezes up. The problem is that by now she is really horny and although a bit embarrassed, she would really like to cum.

Being the nice guy that I am, I help her push the dildo deeper into her pussy but then I remembered that I am... Poor thing is so close and yet so far. She even begs me to help her. Let put her to sleep for some limp play. As mentioned, her luck has not improved. The second she wakes up, she is fully aware of what just happened but, to add insult to injury, now the dildo is stuck in her pussy and she cannot seem to get it out, despite her best effort.




Lady Von Foxx Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
One more round of fun at the waiting room from hell

Our sexy Foxx wakes up, again not remembering much from before and now she seems to have a different set of problems. For one, she seems very thirsty but whenever she has a sip of water, she orgasms uncontrollably. I know that is embarrassing but she keeps drinking away. Of course me making fun of her and calling her oversexed does not make this any easier for her, but then again, who cares. Still, she does not believe that what I do could possibly work on her.

There is too much going on in our conversation to mention it all here but it sure is funny and hot. After a brief sleepy break, our young lady wakes up again and now she remembers all of what I did and sure enough, she pulls out those tits and points them at me. It looks like she believes that pulling out her tits is intimidating and scary.

 Things just don't seem to improve for her. Suddenly and in the midst of letting me have it, she seems by those nasty uncontrollable laughing attacks which happen at the worst times. Of course we are not done yet. Next comes the freeze fun and her first quite unwanted "tapping" orgasm. How does she end up with her finger stuck in her mouth and who do you think goes into the doctor's office first? Fun and hot ending.



Lady Von Foxx Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Sir, are you on something

Here we get our sweet heart to believe that she is an officer of the law who is looking for a friend of hers. Why at my house? Long story but I guess it is needless to say that she came to the wrong place. My somewhat clumsy attempts to hit on her and the remarks about her sexy boots do seem to upset her but the fact that I admit that her girlfriend is actually one of my horny and quite happy foot slaves, really set her off. Things get worse when I mention that in about 20 seconds from now, even she will agree to everything I order her to do. That is not possible.

We all know what happens next. Zapped of all her mind, will and thoughts, Officer von Foxx goes down the same road many of her have gone before. Her foot slave training can begin. I am under your control master. What follows next is seriously hot. Von Foxx goes nuts trying to please us with her feet while making herself cum harder than before.

Her skin turns red and sweaty while the Hitachi on her clit drives her into lustful oblivion. Of course there is a lot of limp body and feet action as well. Towards the end, our young officer comes to while I am messing with her feet but now she is too weak to move her little body to do anything about my advances. my hand on her throat puts her out for more limp body and neck play...




Lady Von Foxx Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Cops make perfect Robots

Officer von Foxx does not seem to remember much when she wakes up, in fact she even slips into a different outfit, thinking that it is her uniform. Sure enough, she starts giving me a hard time again about the disappearance of her friend as well as my attempts to hit on her. The idea that her friend was actually a robot which is now part of my collection, makes her think that I must be smoking the fun stuff. Oh well, you will see all the details of the story once you watch this but let me tell you this much; Officer von Foxx ends up a perfectly programmed fembot who is designed to please her owner. Intense masturbation, robot walk and monotone robotic repetitions, yes master, programming and so much more. Will she end up my little "robo cop"?



Lady Von Foxx Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Smoking turns me on

Here we get to see what happens when a very nervous young officer cannot seem to resist smoking one of my cigarettes. Concerned about her friends disappearance, our young lady cannot resist the smokes on the table next to her and sure enough, it turns her slowly but surely into a horny, oversexed little slut. All of a sudden she goes from being strict and unapproachable to seductively blowing smoke while getting herself off. Does she hit on me? Of course she does but that is just the beginning. Towards the end our young officer wakes up remembering what just happened but unfortunately for her, she now is too weak to move which leaves her open and vulnerable against.... Needless to say, there is limp play, forced orgasms and so much more as well to be enjoyed.




Lady Von Foxx Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Isn't it fabulous honey?

Here goes the resale value

This week's robot movie is about a beautiful fembot who accidentally stumbled into a Tattoo parlor and, for some unexplainable reason, thought that it might be a great idea to surprise her husband/owner by getting these beautiful tattoos all over her perfect synthetic body. Needless to say, everybody at the tattoo place made her feel absolutely beautiful which is probably why she failed to mention that she is not really what she seems to be, meaning that she is not human.

I guess it goes without saying that her husband/owner was more shocked and definitely not happy about her crazy idea and sure enough, shortly after she surprised him with her new body, the dam ink started to leak into her system. Of course that was just the beginning of his and her problems. The movie starts with her surprising her husband who is in shock.


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