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Lakota Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Deeper and deeper into the unknown

Lakota, beautiful, tall and very sensual red head from the deep South was traveling with her girlfriend Jazmine who had told her a lot about our sessions. Needless to say, Lakota was more than intrigued and she definitely wanted to try it out and see for herself what it is all about. I don't know about you guys but I just love the girls from the south, there is something very sexy about the way they talk, move and carry themselves, that just drives me nuts.

Lakota is no exception and although she had a bit of a hard time letting go, the session turned out to be hot and exciting, just like she is hot and exciting. I actually like it when the girls try to challenge me here or there, after all it makes their final surrender so much sweeter, if you know what I mean.

Slow deepening and relaxation, arm raises towards the end to confirm the depth of her trance, slow closing (flickering) eyes after trying to...

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Lakota Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Let it out

Feel that you have no control over your feelings of arousal

I had a feeling that Lakota is one of those girls who rarely allow themselves to just feel and enjoy the ride. The nice thing about all this is that there is usually a lot of bottled up and or stored sexual energy which is just screaming to be released. Sure enough, the second Lakota feels that she has no control over her feelings of lust, her sexy body starts to shiver and shake under the hundreds of hand I make her feel. She is programmed to follow my voice and that there is no way for her to hold back. Here we go, her moaning and groaning becomes louder and more forceful with every word I say. No it is time to let her feel her own hands with more intensity than ever before. As we all know, every physical sensation feels 10 times more intense in deep trance. Now she really gets going and I can feel that I got her exactly where I wanted her to be.



Lakota Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Deeply controlled

First slow and monotone repetition of mantras, slow camera panning over her body and face, hard and long orgasms on command, zombie/sleep walker pose while repeating long mantras, deepening followed by forced orgasm training.

The above mentioned are just a few highlights of this next segment. Lakota is ordered to focus all her attention on the watch I am holding up in front of her eyes. I can feel her sinking deeper and the repetition of "I have no control" makes its way into her subconscious. Time to get her sexy body to quiver and shake again before sending her through another round of deepening. I tell you, it is all about the right programming. With her arms stretched out in front of her body, Lakota slowly repeats the words, deeply controlled, over and over while the camera is slowly inspecting her sexy body. Now she is ready to experience her first open eyed orgasm on my command. It is always good to make sure that the subject knows and feels that there body and mind are now controlled by their new master and what better way to make that clear than to hit them with a very long and powerful orgasm, out of the blue, so to speak.



Lakota Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Deeper and deeper with every snap of my fingers

You control me master

This segment show our beautiful southern bell go through more intense female training which of course includes more open eyed forced orgasms, repetition of mantras like "you control me and I want to be a good little girl, slow mind reduction and so much more. Lakota is taken into an even deeper trance with every snap of my fingers. She keeps saying, you are my master as she slowly takes off her dress.

Our little girl has to learn that her body and mind are controlled by her master and that the amount of pleasure she is allowed to feel depends on me. Her eyes are fixated on the light in my hand and I can feel that she is dropping even deeper under my control. Hit by another series of hard orgasms which make her almost fall over, makes it clear to her who is in charge. Now it is time for her to learn that good little slaves acknowledge their masters orders by saying, Yes Master. Driven up the wall for lust, Lakota is finally ready to show me how much she wants to surrender and with that, please me. This segment ends with her just standing there with her eyes wide open as the camera glides over her beautiful body.



Lakota Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a horny slave, thank you for teaching me master

Thank you for teaching me master

For the final round of her initial training and programming, Lakota is driven up the wall for lust again. Her desire to masturbate for me and to show me that she is a well trained love slave by now drives her into orgasms which are harder than she has felt them before. Her hands shoot up into her hair which is a sure sign of her intense arousal. She keeps screaming, thank you for teaching me master and I can feel that it turns her on even more with every repetition.

Bent over the couch with her ass pushed out at me, Lakota is orgasmed again and again on my command. You are my master. Of course we are not done just yet. I can feel that our little girl is ready for the final take over. Placed on her back and ordered to finger herself for me, Lakota is driven up the proverbial wall again without being allowed to cum. She keeps screaming, I surrender while I program her for the rest of the session. Our little girl is finally allowed to explode so hard that it takes back into deep sleep.



Lakota Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
It's the chair's fault!

Lakota, who is made to believe that the session just started, has a hard time believing that what I do works even on strong minded people like her. After all, she likes to be in control. Of course as soon as I mention the word, sleep, our little girl goes out like a light. Looks like playing with her limp body, expecting her tits is in order right now. Up and awake again, our little non-believer goes on about how strong willed she is and that having an orgasm on command seems impossible. Why does she suddenly squirm and wiggle all over the chair? Could it be that whenever she hears the little whistle, she feels deeply penetrated and fucked? You think there is a way to make her orgasm despite her attempts to suppress those feelings of lust whenever the" chair" hits her little pussy.



Lakota Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
What is the hand/mind trick ?

I think I need to make an appointment with my doctor?!

Lakota who suffers from short term amnesia, snaps out of it again and takes off her top while still going on about the fact that she is always aware of the situation. Of course that is funny but watch what happens when she touches the mannequin. Yes, you guessed it, she ends up mindlessly frozen while being moved and played with. Time to have her awareness come back so that we can listen to her confused and certainly embarrassed comments about her predicament. The fact that I can still move at least some of her body does not seem to make her more comfortable about all this. Of course none of this could possibly be caused by post hypnotic triggers. Wait till you see what happens when I explain and then show her the hand/mind trick.




Lakota Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I am sexual but not oversexed

Lakota, our sexy young non-believer wakes up again and sure enough, she does not realize that she is half naked. In fact she goes on about the fact that pink is her favorite color. Still, she does not seem to believe that what I do might actually work. Well, what can I say, the second she touches the mannequin again, her body and mind freeze up yet again. Some people are slow learners. After playing with her for a bit, I decide to snap her out of it again. What do you know, pink really is her favorite color. The second she wakes up, she starts to masturbate with the pink vibrator as if it was the most normal thing to do. Of course she is not oversexed and no, she could never just orgasm in front of a stranger. Watch what happens when I make her aware of what she is doing. The segment ends with me having some fun with our sleeping beauty, neck play, rolling head and so on.



Lakota Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you for transforming me master

Lakota, who believes to be the director for a new energy drink commercial, is dealing with a rather out of shape wane be actor who is auditioning for the part of the workout instructor. I kind of hurts when she tries to send me over to the next stage where they are filming a diet pill commercial. Even my extensive acting career in SCI-FI movies does not impress her and the idea of women being turned into robots is just silly. To make a long story short, our bitchy young director is transformed into an obedient robot and programmed to my specifications. This one really shows that Lakota can be very bitchy and bossy which makes it even more fun to teach her a lesson.



Lakota Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
This can only be a misunderstanding

This time our sexy yet very bitchy director, believes to be dealing with a rather weird guy who is auditioning for a part in a foot commercial. First of all, there is no foot commercial being filmed anywhere in the studio and besides that, she does not even seem to like anything that has to do with feet. What can I say, after letting her try to get rid of me for some time, I got tired of her bitching and decided to put her back into trance by using one of the post hypnotic triggers, I had planted. Deeply entranced, our young director is now obsessed with feet and showing them off turns her on beyond believe. At some point, I decide to put her on all four with her ass pushed out at me so that we can all get a close look at her ass, feet and face at the same time. Lots of foot worship, orgasms, stares, limp body and neck play as well as eye checks.



Lakota Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
OH god, what am I doing here

Lakota is now made to believe that she is auditioning for a very well paying part in a "sports drink" commercial. First though, she wakes up feeling utterly confused about the fact that she is naked. I enjoy watching her get dressed as she feels all by herself. Needless to say, once she knows I am in the room, she tries to impress me, after all, it for a very well paying part in a national commercial. Now the fun begins. Every time I snap my fingers, Lakota believes to see me jerking off in front of her. Now that is disgusting, don't you think. What makes it even worse is that when I snap my fingers again, she sees me all dressed an appropriate. Now that can be confusing, don't you think? Poor thing goes back and forth between being disgusted and then being very apologetic. Real fun clip with lots of mind games. The clip ends with me waving my hand (behind the camera) which sends her to sleep.



Lakota Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
What are you trying to say?

Lakota, our sexy young model is completely unaware of the fact that her top is open while she tries to impress me. What makes it even worse is the fact that she is muted without being aware of that either. Of course she gets increasingly frustrated when I keep telling her that I cannot hear what she is saying. She even interrupts her posing to yell at me! Well, there is really not a sound coming out of her mouth but then again, she does not seem to know that. Let's put her back to sleep and play with her rolling head and that long neck of hers.



Lakota Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I am never like this

This short but sweet last segment shows Lakota feeling very embarrassed and confused, being frozen and tickled, needing to get out of her itchy clothes, being rendered mindless via the waving hand in mid sentence and finally being frozen yet again when she touches the mannequin. Fun final clip with lots of mind games, embarrassment, lots of freeze and tickle fun. My favorite part is when she begs me to allow her to take off those nasty clothes.



Lakota Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Soon you will be mine

I am happy to eat your pussy

I don't know why but I just could not sleep all night which made me decide to go back to work at 3 AM in the morning. I know that sounds crazy but I just had to figure out why our new fembot prototype S 209, designed to work as a female flight attendant, had spilled coffee all over the place during her last test. There must be an explanation for all this and that is why I could not seem to find any rest. I had a feeling that something else was wrong, the second I entered to lab. Why was she sitting there with her breasts exposed? She could not have done it herself, after all she was deactivated and I would have never left her there like this, particularly given the fact that the cleaning crew could not be trusted. Could it be that my assistant Lana forgot to close her uniform top after working on her? Anyway, I did not give it too much thought which in hindsight was a big mistake.

I went ahead and activated her and things got really weird when she suddenly started to talk about how much she loves eating pussy and how much she likes to be touched. Well initial tests did not reveal any major problems and at some point it seemed like she was back to being herself but that did not last for too long. She became increasingly robotic and stiff, her voice changed and became monotone and after some really odd twitches, she finally malfunctioned. I don't know why it took me so long to figure out that my (ex) assistant Lana had messed with her right before I got there. Dam, I never knew she needed a girlfriend that badly.

The segment starts with Lana doing some programming on her, opening her top and then running away from the (just as evil) professor.


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