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Layla Price Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Allow it and you will....

Layla Price, curvy blond with nicely rounded natural breasts had visited us all the way from LA thanks to our "reputation." to provide the most interesting and intense kind of sessions in the biz. I know how that sounds but many of our girls have enjoyed themselves so much that the word did spread rather quickly and we are getting lots of referrals from the girls who have had a great experience. Anyway, Layla was very interested and even more so nervous. I cannot say that Layla was the easiest subject, thanks to her nervousness that is, but as time went on, she fell, just like so many before her, under my, let's call it, spell. Blond, curvy, horny and willing to play. Go ahead and enjoy

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Layla Price Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip

I have to keep the clip descriptions kind of short this week thanks to the fact that I am feeling a bit under the weather (summer cold) which makes it hard to write.

Highlights : First yes masters, begging (on her own) to be allowed to orgasm, repetition of mantra while in the sleepwalker pose (I am your entranced slave master), open eyed orgasm training, masturbation, trance deepening, dim stares, some rolling eyes, breast play/nipple pinching, choice less orgasms on my command while being made to feel... Did I mention the slow limp play, eye checks and more?




Layla Price Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Foot lust

I have to keep the clip descriptions kind of short this week thanks to the fact that I am feeling a bit under the weather (summer cold) which makes it hard to write

This one is not only for our foot/pantyhose lovers at all. There is a lot of limp body/feet manipulation, begging for orgasms, yes master, stares, sleepy masturbation, interrupted orgasm training, sucking and kissing of her feet, masturbation with her hands and feet, eye checks, neck play and so much more going on.



Layla Price Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindlessly fucked and posed

Here we get to enjoy our little girl mindlessly posing for us while repeating, I am a doll, I am here to please. Her wide open eyes stare into nothingness and there is no sign of her thinking and or having a mind or will of her own. Of course that is all just warm up. Next we have her crawl in circles while being made to feel fucked by a stranger who suddenly puts his hands over her mouth and nose until she goes out, with rolling eyes that is. Of course it does not end there as the stranger now fucks her in her sleeep until she helplessly orgasms. Did I mention the slow and seductive limp body/neck play and so much more?



Layla Price Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel your masters power

Layla is ordered to masturbate and driven close to orgasm before I decide to let her feel that the amount of pleasure she is allowed to feel depends on my mood only. Put to sleeep right before she can climax, her limp body drops into the couch and I start putting her fingers on her clit and or jiggle her breast with her own hand. Let's see how she reacts when I wedge a thrusting vibrator between her legs. Sure enough, our horny girl goes off. Her body goes into lustful convulsions before she is allowed to cum on my count of three. Our little girl comes so hard that she almost rolls off the couch. Looks like she is ready for more deepening. Placed on her knees (in the zombie pose) she slowly repeats, there is only one master. Time to let her feel her masters power again by.... Limp body/feet play, yes masters, begging and...  



Layla Price Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Where exactly is this going

Thank you master for reminding me that I am a foot slave

Layla, who is made to believe to be our new maid, seems fascinated by the shiny 1 ounce silver coin, she spots right there in front of her on the carpet while cleaning. I fact, she seems so fascinated with it that she denies having seen it when I ask her whether she found my somewhat valuable coin. Our little liar seems firm about not having seen it even when I mention that I really need to find it for my hy-pno demonstration later today. It is a long and really funny story and watching her squirm makes it even more fun. Anyway, the second I leave the room, she picks up the coin and gazes at her new found possession. Big mistake (as you might have already figured. Her eyes glaze over as she drops into the abyss. What follows is a lot of very intense foot slave training which of course includes touching, sucking, licking, crawling, posing, masturbation and begging for more. Of course those crutch less pantyhose of hers make this even hotter to watch. .


Layla Price Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen in time
Layla, our dishonest maid, seems confused when she wakes up (from her last adventure) and she seems to have a hard time explaining why she was taking a nap instead of doing her cleaning. I just had to give her a hard time. Anyway, now she tries to convince me that she was looking for my silver coin but, no luck. Oh well. Sure enough, she takes another look at the coin right after I leave but this time, she freezes up. Imagine her confusion when I let her become aware of the situation while still frozen, with the coin stuck in her hand, I might add. I mess with her for a bit by making her believe that I actually believe her BS story but then I replace the coin in her hand with the duster which is more appropriate anyway. Of course now she has a hard time explaining why she does not get back to work as she is trying to cover up her "stiffness."

Needless to say that my idea to dust her tits does not help to make this less confusing and or awkward for her: in fact she does not think it is appropriate and of funny. And why are those tits out in the first place? There is way too much fun happening here to describe it all but after a brief, let's call it nap, she wakes up with her hands stuck to her head which, here again, is not easy to explain and or to cover up. I am just fixing my hair. Anyway, lot's more to come. Why and how does she end up with the duster stuck in her mouth and why... Limp play, dim stares, embarrassing moments and really fun to watch.




Layla Price Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
That's what women do

This next one starts off with our young maid who now believes that all men are masters and that all women masturbate in front of a master seems to be perfectly content with the idea to call me her master and to follow my orders. Even the idea that my wife might come in does not bother her because my wife would just masturbate with her because that is what women do. I wish but hey, at least that is how it works in my sessions once they are under my "spell." Layla gets so caught up in the action that she does not even hear me say sleep until I yell which drops her like a rock. Anyway, up and now aware of what she just did, she not only apologizes profusely but she also begs me not to tell my wife about all this. There is of course more but let's get to part two

Part two is all about our maid having no clue as to what maids actually do but luckily, not only believes everything I tell her (because I am a man) but she also seems grateful for all my help. Needless to say, essential maids duties are: exposure of tits while jiggling them, bending over while pushing out their asses, masturbation while on all four, no orgasm without permission and so much more. Why does she apologies towards the end for having been too close to orgasm and why does she want to give me a blow job? Go find out.



Layla Price Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Rude awakening

One last round of fun with our by now very confused and apologetic young maid. Looks like she remembers what she just did but, of course, she has no idea why she did it. It also appears that the BJ she just offered me, is out of the question. I just wish I could understand what she is trying to say but the finger, which seems to be stuck in her mouth, makes it dam hard to understand a word she is saying. Anyway, she gets so desperate that she even begs me to help her and to not tell my wife about all this. Time to give her a rest by putting her to sleeep for some limp play.

Up and awake again, she now believes that I am the best looking guy and that she has a crush on me from the moment we met. What can I say, that is what the power of suggestion can do. Needless to say, she does not think my marriage is a problem, in fact she seems to believe that my wife is not cutting it in the bed room. Again, the BJ offer comes up right before she freezes up (with her mouth wide open, ready to receive you know what) Oops, let's see what happens when she becomes aware of her "predicament" .


Layla Price Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Runaway Robot

Layla, who believes to be my EX wife who left me for some money bag, finds out the hard way that she is really a robot. At first though, she bitches and complains about me finding her in her new and very luxurious Penthouse. Man o man can she be nasty. I pretty much had enough when the name calling started, which I thought was the perfect time to put her back in her place. Sure enough, the old triggers still work and before my (really) nasty ex knows what hits her, she stands at attention, ready to be reprogrammed.

Of course we don't stop here, let's have her strip, parade around, fuck her wet pussy with a dildo, show as her BJ skills using the same wet dildo she just had in her pussy and of course do not let her orgasm. Those are just some highlights and there is a lot more to come before she is completely objectified. Needless to say, she is programmed to pick up her old job at the strip club (to make money for me) and to offer everybody who pays well a blow job. Maybe I should mention that she does briefly become aware of her predicament but thanks to her still attitude, she is turned right back into being a robot toy.




Layla Price Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Final lesson

For this last segment, I thought it might be a nice idea to teach my still very upset and foul mouthed ex wife a valuable lesson in who has the power. First we make her feel tickled all over her body whenever she gets really upset which makes her bitching sound a lot less mean and intimidating. Poor thing gets more and more irritated and now she wants to call security. Well, looks like it is time for a nap. Layla drops like a sack and now she is mine to mess with, orgasm her twitching little body in her sleep and so on. Up and aware again, she really seems to have had it and by the looks of it, she is ready to kick my ass. The problem with all that is that she does not seem to have the strength to even get up of the couch. Of course that makes her mad but despite her best efforts, she just .....




Layla Price Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
UNPROFESSIONAL BIZ TRIP Frank and Layla are two coworkers on a business trip together, they are forced to share a hotel room after her reservations are lost.

Layla is determined to keep things professional, but Frank has other ideas. She tries to discuss business and wants to go over their presentation for tomorrow’s meeting, but is interrupted by his not so subtle advances. As she sits in a chair looking through her papers, he walks behind her. He tells her that she’s worrying too much and way too tense. He begins to massage her shoulders and neck, and she protest,

“What do you think you're doing”. He responds, “relax its just a massage, you’re way too stressed” “She then insist, that they need to work on the presentation, but interrupts herself as she gasp in pleasure. She confesses “wow, that fells really good, but we need to focus on the presentation ”. Frank then begins to slip her suit jacket off her shoulders, as she yells “hey what are you doing” only to be shushed and reassured with another “just relax”. He continues her massage as she becomes increasingly uneasy, with the situation. He helps her completely remove the jacket as she says “I….I don’t know about this…I think…..I think we should…..I think we should get back to work.

Frank just resumes the massage and tells her “Work is the reason you’re so tense in the first place, just relax and let me work out the kinks. Layla lets out a slight moan as Frank’s hands find their way to the small of her back. He then announces, Girl you have one hell of a knot right here, let me see if I can work it out. Layla snaps out of her temporary bliss and cries out “no don’t touch that” just as Frank yells “wait a minute what is that”. With as sudden jerk Layla’s back arches, her chest thrust forward, her eyes widen and she gasp likes she’s been shot.

Needless to say, things get quite out of hand from here on out as Frank seems to be hell bend to turn Layla into his personal toy.


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