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Lexi Swallow Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Glide into the abyss

Lexi Swallow, beautiful and naturally very horny young blond had heard about my session from Jenna Presley, Loni Evans, Breanne Benson, to name just a few, and it was quite obvious that she could not wait to find out for herself what the girls were talking, or I should better say, raving about. It never seizes to amaze me that girls like Lexi, who have probably seen and done it all, are so intrigued by what I do, that it makes them want to experience it so badly that they even travel for it. I guess it is quite unique and certainly different from anything they have ever done and or experienced.

 I have to admit, I love working with girls like Lexi because it is so much harder to impress them and to make them feel like they have never felt before, which is always a thrill. Needles to say, Lexi is not only beautiful but she is also intensely sexual and that combined with a wonderful attitude makes her a perfect Robolust girl, or in other words, a girl who will be back for more fun.

Lexi showed signs of trance already by the end of a very slow balloon test. Flickering, dreamy and slow closing eyes, close ups and body language.

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Lexi Swallow Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Sink under my control

As mentioned, Lexi's session is very hot and intense and this segment shows already that our little girl can be driven to give up all control by making her feel insanely aroused. The suggestion that every physical sensation feels 10 times more intense in deep trance makes her sexy body quiver and shake under the intense penetration she is made to feel. I start making her feel more and more helpless which again turns her on even more. Having no control over her intensely horny body and mind while being programmed to happily follow and obey for as long as I want her to, turns her into a quivering and begging submissive who has no other desire than to please and to obey me. Very intense start, long hard orgasms at the snap of my fingers.



Lexi Swallow Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am just a lusty little girl

Horny little girls need to be trained

This next segment shows Lexi being driven up the wall for lust and then she is taken down into deep silent trance. The way she goes from screaming hard orgasms to quite mindless trance is seriously hot to watch and, BTW, a great way to train a subject to become whatever you want them to be. Her eyes are clued to the watch in my hand while her body quivers and shakes under my suggestions. Forced to masturbate, Lexi has no other choice than to orgasm on my command. I can feel that being a good little girl for me, is what's turning her on and letting of her mind will and thoughts makes her feel her own body with more 9intensity.

Lexi gives in and sinks deep into mindless and very obedient trance. She keeps repeating, I am a horny little girl, I need to be trained and again, I can feel her surrender. Of course that is all just foreplay. Our mindlessly empty little girl is now standing in front of me with her arms stretched out in front of her and all of a sudden she feels deeply penetrated and used. Her body starts to shake and quiver and the more I make her feel used and helplessly fucked the more turned on she gets. Mindless repetitions, zombie/sleep walker pose, masturbation and many orgasms on command, slow mind -reduction and, and....



Lexi Swallow Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Good little girls need to be Hypnotized

I am your Hypnotized slave master

Slow Mantras of the "forbidden word", slow reps of "good little girls need to be hypnotized, screaming hard forced orgasms, crawling, begging, mind removal and, and.. Again, there is a whole lot going on in this one, pretty much everything from silent mindless moments to screaming hard orgasms. Lexi's eyes seem mesmerized by the green light as she slowly repeats the word hypnotized, over and over. Her eyes become dim as she stares into the far distance. More repetitions of, Good little girls need to be hypnotized and a couple of orgasms on command, make her sink even further under my control. Put on her knees, Lexi is now learning that love slaves are there to please their master. Her body quivers and shakes under the penetration she is made to feel. She keeps screaming, I am nothing but a slave.

Her mouth is forced open and she is made to feel a giant dick being pushed deep into her throat. To intensify her lust even more, I decide to make her feel spanked and yes it makes her take the dick even deeper into her mouth. Really hot scene. Of course there is a lot more mind reduction, mindless kneeling, slow repetitions of," mindless empty slave", masturbation and open eyed orgasms on my command to come.



Lexi Swallow Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
The harder you freeze the harder you cum

Lexi is a great subject but I can feel that her level of trance fluctuates here and there which does happen, particularly when the subject subconsciously challenge the suggestions in order to feel the bitter sweet feeling of surrender with even more intensity. Subjects who deep down inside want to submit, usually want to feel that there is no other way than to give in, which then makes the feeling of helpless surrender even more intense. I know, sounds complicate but I am sure you figure it out wants you watch the clip. Lexi is placed on her knees, her arms are pulled up in the air as her entire body starts to freeze up. Again, I make her feel helplessly penetrated and used. I can feel how she is getting more and more turned on as her body helplessly freezes up.

She keeps screaming, I surrender, I am helpless. Her beautiful body quivers and shakes as she is orgasmed at will. Time to remove her remaining mind, will and thoughts. Slow repetitions of the words, mindless play toy, leave her sitting there in front of me like a mindless zombie. Now it is time to finish her up. Placed on her back and ordered to masturbate, Lexi learns about the intensity of the breath controlled orgasms and how wonderful it feels to be orgasmed into deep sleep. Finally she gives it all up, her sexy body twitches until the last bit of energy and strength has been removed. Lexi told me after the session that she had never experienced a breath controlled orgasm and that it really turned her on. Well, I mentioned, there must be a reason that the girls keep sending their girl friends.



Lexi Swallow Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Alone at last

Lexi, our sexy young Nanny, believes to be working out at her employers home gym, all by herself that is. Lexi is programmed to believe that every time she hears my voice, she believes it to be one of her own thoughts. It is fun to watch her lift some of those weights, stretch and do the kind of things young girls do in the gym but the real fun begins when she suddenly feels penetrated, for no apparent reason that is. It gets even stranger when she suddenly drops those terrible heavy weights. It is almost like they are sliding out of her hands. Of course she seems a bit confused but she is not ready to give up just yet. Strangely enough though, the weights drop out of her hands yet again. All of a sudden she feels penetrated again and this time it leaves her very horny and turned on. Needless to say that the workout makes her feel so hot that she just has to take off her clothes and why wouldn't she, after all, she is all by herself.

Overcome by the desire to masturbate, our little girl starts giving her wet little pussy a workout and that is when it happens. Despite her being cautious not to get caught in the middle of the act, so to speak, she suddenly spots the young boy who must have seen what she just did. Guess who the young boy is. Anyway, she surprised and upset about having been watched but she really goes off on me when I start hitting on her. Now she threatens to tell the parents about all this. Well, I guess have no other choice than to render her mindless and dim.



Lexi Swallow Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindlessly froze Nanny

This next segment shows our sexy young nanny being frozen, rendered mindless, made aware of her predicament, being orgasmed at the young boys will, helplessly played with and used. Lexi wakes up feeling all by herself again. Looks like she does not really remember what just happened. Overcome by the desire and need to masturbate, she goes at it but sure enough, right before she orgasms, the young boy surprises her yet again. Embarrassed and upset, she tries to get rid of me but that f course, is not going to happen. Here we go again with the threats. Being the nice guy that I am, I tell her that I am just about ready to render her mindless and dim, so that she will not remember a thing. Of course that does not go over to well but as soon as my hand waves across her face, my little girl drops into mindless bliss. Now it is time to get her up on one of the machines and freeze her into place.

Needless to say, the second I allow her to become aware of the situation, the bitching begins. Helplessly frozen, our young nanny has no other choice than to comply with my wishes, or I should better say, my orders. Let's make her orgasm and than see how it makes her feel, after all I am a nice guy. No, did not go over too well either. In fact she even denies having had an orgasm. Well, lets try that again. Of course that is all just warm up. More freezes, mindless moments thanks to the hand, mind games, orgasms on command and, and, and to come.




Lexi Swallow Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless Blowjob anybody?

I am certain that after you watch this segment, you will know why Lexi has chosen her last name. The way she takes the dildo deep into her mouth and all the way down her throat is incredibly sensual and it shows how much she enjoys doing it. Let's start from the beginning. Our horny young nanny mindlessly undresses before she is ordered to demonstrate her "blowjob" skills. Lexi takes it in deep as she mindlessly stares into nothingness. All of a sudden she is made to feel the ejaculation in her mouth which makes her cum as well. Of course now is probably a good time to make her become aware of what she is doing.

Oh boy, now she feels really embarrassed and somewhat used; but before she can get the dildo out of her mouth, she freezes up again. With the dildo still stuck in her mouth, she desperately tries to say something which is of course quite impossible. I guess we will never know what she was trying to say. Things get even worse when I mention that I will now take some pictures of her, so that I can show them to my parents. What really makes our sexy nanny whimper and beg though, is when I leave her there, alone and frozen, for my parents to find her like this.



Lexi Swallow Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
What is the capital of the vagina

I am sure that when you just read the title of this segment, it did not seem to make sense what so ever but believe me, you will understand it one you watch this segment. Lexi believes to be a candidate on a brand new game show. The idea of the show is that there are several contestants, all in separate sound proofed rooms and who ever has the answer to the question has to hit the buzzer in front of him or her in order to have the first shot at answering the question. Who ever has the right answer to the question, wins a lot of money. Of course there is a price to be played as well.

Every time the candidate hits the buzzer, it saps some IQ points right out of them. Having majored in math and science and all, Lexi is not at all concerned about losing some IQ points. In fact she seem real confident and full of herself. What can I say, she keeps answering the questions right which makes her feel even more confident. At first she seems to have no problems but it is soon noted that her behavior becomes more and more sloppy. I think it is save to say that by the time she knocks over the buzzer stand and or hits the buzzer without having an answer to the question, our little girl seems already heavily affected by the brain/IQ loss.

Also I cannot help but notice that despite the fact that her parents and friends are in the audience, our now very horny contestant starts to strip and play with herself. It also becomes quite noticeable that she giggles and laughs about anything and nothing. I think it is save to say, that she has turned into a horny, oversexed bimbo who has only one thing on her mind (I am using the word mind very loosely here). By the time she hits n me, it is more than obvious that she is gone and no, she does not listen to my warning not to orgasm. I am a horny bimbo, I cannot stop it. Great slow transformation from perky and intelligent to being a horny oversexed slut, stares, masters and, and....



Lexi Swallow Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't do that kind of stuff

Lexi snaps out of it remembering what she just did. Oh boy, that is more than embarrassing, particularly given the fact that her parents are in the audience. The next round is all about finding out how far our candidates will go to win or I should better say, make $10.000. It takes her a while to overcome the initial shock after waking up and the fact that the show host thinks that she looks a little bit like a famous porn star, certainly does not make her feel more at ease.

Guess who the obnoxious show host might be? Anyway, finally I do manage to make her laugh by telling her that we were originally thinking of hypnotizing our candidates to do things they normally would not do but then we decided to offer money instead. Boy does she think the hypnosis idea is funny and no, that would not work on her anyways. I can see the disgust in her eyes as she gazes at the dildo on the stand next to her and I can't wait to ask her whether she is willing to simulate a blowjob by using the dildo, for a cool
$ 10.000. Of course not, after all, her parents and friends are in the audience. We all know what happens next.

As soon as she hears the trigger, our little girl takes it deep into her mouth and sucks it like there is no tomorrow. At first she is completely unaware of what she is doing and she still insists that she would never do something like that but than she all of a sudden becomes aware of what she is doing and oh boy..... Really fun and very hot clip with a shocking ending.



Lexi Swallow Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Now that, I would never do

Lexi wakes up from a brief deepening feeling terribly embarrassed about her own behavior. Of course the fact that she did not get the $10.000 for the blowjob because she said no when I offered her the money, does not make her feel any better at all. Poor thing seems really quite concerned about having done what she just did, in front of everybody, including her parents. OH well, let's try something else. Again we talk a bit about hypnosis and that it was the original idea for the show. It becomes quite obvious that she does not think much of it at all, in fact she thinks it is funny. The next question is whether she would turn into a foot slave for $ 10.000. Of course not. What follows is the hottest foot worship I have seen in a while. Lot's of sucking and licking, talking about feet, mindless worship, orgasms, toe spreading and and and.. Not only for our foot lovers.



Lexi Swallow Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I never had this kind of illness

Robot Lexi is cuming for her master

Needless to say, our contestant snaps out of it again feeling very confused and apologetic, to say the least. Looks like I have to explain to her, yet again, that the show is all about us trying to make people do things they normally would never do and that instead of using hypnosis to make them do what we would like them to do, we decided to offer a lot of money. Unfortunately for her though, our offer to turn into an obedient robot for a cool 10 grant, does not interest her at all. In fact she believes that it is not even possible to turn a smart girl like her into an obedient machine with no mind and will. I guess she has never heard about the brainwave converter.

Two seconds later she stands at attention and is ready for more programming. There is a lot of programming, monotone robot voice as well as moves, salutations, forced and denied orgasms, repetition of commands, ass spreading, deactivation and, and and. Her left nipple turns on her blowjob program which makes her suck the vibrator as if there is no tomorrow. Different and lots of fun.



Lexi Swallow Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Love slaves don't need a mind

Lexi wakes up after having been deactivated in the last segment and sure enough, she finds herself in a very awkward position. The way she tries to explain how this might have happened is kind of funny. I guess that happens when people don't remember the last 10 min of their lives. The question we ask our contestant in this segment is, whether or not she would be willing to become my personal love slave in return for a whopping 10 Grand. No way, no how, not for me. Brad Pitt maybe but not for me. That hurts, but then again, what else is new. As soon as she hears the trigger, all that attitude goes away.

My little girl jumps up, her arms go out straight in front of her and her speech is suddenly slow as her eyes stare into nothingness. I am your mindless love slave master. Put on her knees, Lexi's remaining mind and will are now sucked out as she stares at the watch in my hand. Of course slaves have to learn how wonderful it feels to crawl on all four for their master and that they have no control over how and what they are allowed to feel. I am a mindless slave, I am here to serve. All of a sudden my new slave is made to feel helplessly fucked from behind and believe me, watching her beautiful body go into lustful convulsions is hot. Learn that slaves can be used by their master anyway he wants to.


Lexi Swallow Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I am way to head strong for that

Have you ever heard of a frozen "ticklegasm" Our sexy young contestant, who must have forgotten all the, lets call it, interesting experiences which had happen to her over the past few hours, believes that she is way too head strong to be a good hypnosis subject. I had a feeling she might say that, which is why I offer her $10.000 for an orgasm on my command. OK, there are a few other factors that need to be mentioned here. Lexi, who BTW does not realize that she is naked, is asked to orgasm while being tickled. The idea of being brought to orgasm while being tickled seem ludicrous to her. Come on, being tickled into submission does not make little girls orgasm. Watch and learn. Lot of intense action, freezes while being tickled, orgasmed at will, finally turns a non believer into a complete believer and follower.



Lexi Swallow Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip

 Perky office girl Lexi is joking around with her boss Frank. It is obvious that their relationship is more than professional. She is even flirting a bit, just before leaving for her lunch hour. Before she heads out the door he ask her to pick up some printer paper and toner on her way back, she responds with a chipper “no problem “ and is off. When she returns she seems much more ridged and formal in her demeanor. She no longer refers to Frank, by his first name, but calls him Mr. Montgomery instead. He assumes she is ding around and plays and refers to her as Ms. Tipton in an attempt to play along. He notices that she is not carrying the supplies he asked her to pick up and inquires if she got the paper and toner he asked for. She seems momentarily confused, and freezes in place for a second as her eyes dart side to side. She inquires in pleasant yet flat tone “paper? Toner?”

Frank replies “yes, do you have the paper and toner I asked you to pick up?” Her head cocks to the side as her eyes widen. She seems to have a lapse of concentration, but snaps out of it and replies “No sir, I was unable to acquire the requested items”. Not wanting to make an issue of it he tells her that can pick the supplies up himself after work. He ask her to get him the Zcorp file, she nods “yes sir” and heads towards the file cabinet. Frank yells “where are you going, It's on your desk where I left it. She turns back to him and replies “of course sir, I forgot.”

Frank says “It’s not like you misplace a major account like Zcorp. He then ask her to hold his calls, stating that he will be in a meeting for next half hour. She hands him the files and sits at her desk as he leaves the room. She looks around the office to see if she is being watched and is convinced that she is alone. She reaches down her no partially unbuttoned blouse and produces a computer cable from between her ample cleavage. She plugs herself into the computer as her body jolts to attention. Her had cocks to one side as she announces “executing search protocol’. Her eyes widen and dart from side to side. She speaks occasionally announcing her progress “Searching ….Searching…. Zcorp folder found……… Commencing download of all technical blueprints” ………….Download Complete…..

As soon as she completes the download, Frank surprises her from behind, placing his hands on her shoulders, he ask “What’s Complete.” The cable is still visibly running from her chest to the computer. She quickly responds “I was just finishing up some invoices”as she crosses her arms in an attempt to conceal the cable hanging from between her breast. Frank begins to massage her shoulders and informs her “Jim went home early today. You know what that means, it’s just the two of us” “Desperate to put an end to his sexual advance, She protest “Mr Montgomery, this is most inappropriate” Frank thinks she’s still fooling around a spins her in her swivel chair to face him. As she begins to turn she yanks the cord from her chest with a high pitched gasp” It is too late though Frank catches the whole thing out of the corner of his eye.

She springs to her feet and begins to straighten papers on her desk. He is somewhat shaken and confused by what he has just seen, but pretends to be oblivious to what just happened. He walks to the coffeemaker and pours two cups of coffee. She informs him that she must leave to acquire paper and toner. She is clearly eager to exit the building. He says “Don’t worry about it, I pass the office supply store on my way home. She then informs Frank that she promised to take her brother Chris to the airport. Frank replies “I see” as he hands her a cup of coffee. She declines the offer. Hmmm I’ve never known you to turn down a cup of Coffee. I’ve also never known you to refer to your sister Christina as your brother either. Frank demands “Who are you, What are You?” Lexi freezes for a moment, her eyes widen and begin to dart side to side. She begins to Speak “Human infiltration unit designation Lexi 1 ………identity has been compromised……..must neutralize…..subject David Montgomery.

 Lexi snaps out of her monotone rant and stiffly walks toward David. She speaks in very human tone “I am sorry Mr. Montgomery, You have left us no choice, You must be neutralized. David replies are sure you won’t have some coffee?” Lexi replies I don’t Drink Coffee” David then Ask well do you wear it” Lexi replies as she seizes David’s left arm, “I don’t understand that question”. Frank replies “here let me explain it to you” as he pours the coffee down her top. She cries out “Don’t, but it is too late. The effect is immediate. Her eyes bug out as her body seizes up, she stiffly staggers backwards as she releases her grip on Frank’s arm. She regains her balance an yells at Frank” What, What have you done…done…done to me. The look of horror on her face turns to anger as she announces “You’re going to re..re...regret that little stunt. I was going to make this quick and painless, but I think I’m going to tttttttake my time…….You will be nu..nu..neutralized. You are a threat…all threats must be neutralized…neutralized….neutralized.

 Lexi staggers forward with her arms out stretches in an attempt to reacquire her pray, but as she is about to capture her target, Frank unleashes the 2nd cup of Coffee into the former attachment site of the computer interface cable. She Screams as the liquid hits her interface port. She staggers backwards again. She seems very jerky and uncoordinated. Her hands fumble badly as she unbuttons her blouse and removes it, in a desperate attempt to use it as a towel to dry herself. Wearing only a skirt and bra and frantically patting her chest with the blouse, she is beginning to realize that her situation is hopeless. She resumes her rant "Abort…Abort mission…. Human infiltration Unit Lexi one Proceeding to rendezvous for data retrieval….

 She turns and heads for the door, but after only a few steps her chest is thrust outward as her head pops back and her arms fall to her sides dangling lifelessly. She teeters a bit before dropping to her knees and toppling to her side. Her legs kick outward, causing her to flip onto her onto her back. Lexi’s body begins to twitch as she spouts out a tirade of gibberish “Return, Renders, Must return, for immediate download, Error…Error…Cognitive Functions impaired………All Systems failing…..Hello, I am Lexi Tipton….Hold all calls……….The Zcorp file is on my desk…….on my desk……on my desk……….Paper and Toner not found….insufficient data…….Warning…Warning……Lexi, 1 infiltration unit is compromised……..initiate self-destruct……error…error self destruct has been disabled………You will be neutralized, will be neutralized, neutralized.. neu. I’m wet,….I’m wet…..don’t get wet…..not designed for coffee, for coffee…cofeee.cofeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

 Frank can’t believe what he is seeing. As a senior Engineer with Technobotics he has designed all kinds of robots, but nothing as advanced as this, certainly never one that could pass for human. Lexi is now sitting motionless in a chair with her eyes opened wide as Frank closely examines her. He discovers an access panel between her shoulder blades and waste no time in finding out what makes the little spy tick. He notices several burnt out circuits and bypasses them. With a jerk of his wrist Frank talks to himself “lets just see what this does” Lexi’s body jerks to life as she being's to speak in a monotone yet feminine voice.“LOADING LEXI 1….. initiating program….Where am I?..What are you doing? David replies “I’m getting some answers. She attempts to stand, but only manages to raise herself out of the seat a few inches before collapsing back into the chair, followed by several jerks and twitches. She angrily inquires” What have you done d..d..d..ddone to me?” Frank answers “ Your motor relays need additional repair, which I am hesitant to perform until I am able to adjust your programming.” Lexi responds” Programming?……You’re not making any sense…. I must go now, so that I may take my brother Chris…Chris…Christina ..to the airport...

 Frank inquires” your brother Christina? ….Of course not silly Chris… Christina is my sister…is my sister..my sister” She tries to stand up once more with the same result, but says nothing this time, but instead look around the room nervously, trying to get her bearings and make sense of her predicament. Frank announces “I have a few questions I want answered: “Where is my assistant Lexi Tipton” She replies “I am Lexi Tipton” Frank replies “I have already determined that you are not Lexi, you are android designed to mimic the appearance and voice of my assistance. Now where is she”. Of Course I’m Lexi I’m not a robot….I’m not a robot…a robot…..Identity compromised….must elude capture” Lexi tries to stand yet again and nearly makes it to her feet, but her body spasms and she a again falls back into to the chair. She continues to jerk for a moment while repeating the phrase “must escape” before her body freezes up completely. Frank presses a button in her back and she springs back to life. He demands “ Who built you, and why are you here?” The android replies “ I am not programmed to give you that information”

He snaps “then maybe you need some reprogramming”. She screams “you are not authorized to alter my programming. Frank presses a series of buttons and an audible beep is heard. The robot jerks and states “Access Denied” Again Frank enters a new sequence of commands, and again she says with a slight jerk “Access Denied” She laughs you’re wasting your time, My system has been equipped with multiple fire walls, you will never gain access to my”

Frank is not deterred and punches in a new sequence of numbers “this time the Lexi imposter seems concerned and demands “what are you doing”…..Stop!…..you cannot by pass my……..No!oooooooo” Lexi’s head cocks to the side and she in a calm pleasant tone announces “Access Granted. Frank ask “Who built you and for what purpose” Lexi in a sickeningly pleasant and even tone rambles out “I am a Cybertech human infiltration unit designation Lexi1. My primary function is corporate espionage. I am designed and programmed for data retrieval, surveillance, seduction, blackmail, and assassination” You have been designated as a threat all threats must be neutralized. Frank responds “I see. Where is the real Lexi Tipton” The android replies, “She was a threat, all threats must be neutralized” Frank realizing just how dangerous this android is orders her to isolate and deactivate her assassination program. She announces “Program Deactivated”. He then instructs her “Should you attempt to access your assassination program you will instead load and activate your seduction program…Do you Understand” She announces “I understand and Comply”. Frank then proceeds to delete the last 20 minutes of her memory, puts her blouse back on, pushes her back to her desk and reattaches the computer chord.


He completes the repairs to her motor relays and reactivates the beautiful imposter. She repeats “Download Complete” Frank sneaks up from behind her and steps to her side while spinning her to face him. She jumps up and Says Oh sorry sir you startled me” This time the chord pulls out of the computer and remains attached to Lexi’s chest. Frank grabs the dangling Cord and inspects it. He ask “What have we here?”Lexi grabs the cord quickly yanking it from her chest. Thus causing her body to spasm momentarily, she quickly recovers and in a chipper voice responds “Oh my how did that get there?…..I must have dropped it down my blouse after I finished downloading pics to my Iphone “ Frank jokes “For a minute there I thought you might be some sort of robot” Lexi nervously responds “A robot, that’s just silly…..I’m not a robot” Frank replies “of course you’re not…..I have a quick question, What were you just downloading” She explains “Oh I wasn’t downloading anything, I was just finishing up some invoices”. Frank presses further “Hmmm I could have sworn I heard you say “download complete” Oh well, may I have a look at those invoices?” She replies” sure right away” as she pretends to search for the non existing invoices.

She continues her deception “ that’s odd they were just here, that’ll teach me not save my work.” Frank has had enough fun with her and confronts the imposter “You are not Lexi Tipton, you may look and sound like her, but after five years of working with her, I can recognize an imposter when I see one.” “ She replies “of coarse I’m Lexi don’t be silly” Frank continues “ I don’t believe you, I think you are robot designed and built to look and act like the real Lexi” She insist “that’s ridiculous “I’m not a robot,…..I’m not a robot….. not a robot. Lexi freezes for a moment as her eyes dart side to side. She springs back to life. In a monotone voice Lexi blurts out “Unit Lexi1 compromised” then after a short pause and in a much more pleasant tone she announces “I am sorry Mr. Montgomery you have become a threat…..All threats must be neutralized. She walks towards Frank with her arms outreached just like before. “ Frank is beginning to think he made a mistake reactivating the robot, and steps backward in real fear for his safety. She pursues him as he backs into a table where he is overtaken. She threatens “you will be neutralized …neutralized” as she grabs his throat. She freezes for a moment, followed by several jerks of her head.

Lexi’s hands slip from Frank’s throat to behinds Frank’s neck and head as she pulls him into a passionate kiss. She disengages from the kiss and staggers backward, with an expression of utter confusion. She seems to regain some composure and states “you will be neutralized. You will be…..will be. Se..se..seduced. you will be seduced” She throws her arms around Frank and kisses him deeply” Again she breaks of the embrace and staggers back. She is more confused than ever and begins to speak “Something’s wrong….something is very wrong…unable to…..can…..can not… neutralize…subject….What’s happening to me?…she is starting to twitch with increasing frequency. She is becoming more confused and agitated with each passing second. She insist “You must be neutralized, must be neutralized” all along she is unwittingly unbuttoning her blouse. She drops her blouse on the floor and jerkily walks toward Frank with hate in her eyes. She pushes him backward onto the table with great force. While pining one of his arms down on the table she reaches with another to grab a brass lamp from the table and raises it over her head. Her body seems to freeze up as her eyes again dart size to size.

She begins to twitch as she cries” pro….pro… program not found….unable to neutralize..neutralize…error…error… I have detected unauthorized modifications to my system…..Protocols corrupted….I must neutralize….must…must…must kiss you…....kiss…you. Lexi drops the lamp as she straddles Frank. She leans in for another kiss again she breaks off her advance, but this time she is unable to regain her composure. She staggers about the room, bouncing off walls and furniture as she struggles with her failing systems. She freezes in the center of the room and announces “Lexi 1 reboot …..Loading default settings” She comes back online, her motion is quite fluid and she seems more angry than ever. “Did you think you could reprogram me.” She announces “Assassination program Loaded……You will be neutralized.” Frank runs for the desk where he set down the remainder of his coffee earlier, with Lexi in pursuit. As she grabs his shoulder he turns with coffee in hand and unleashes his payload yet again. She is backwards in real trouble and is un able to regain her balance before falling to the floor. Her body thrashes about as she yells, “you will be neutralized….neutralized… neutralized..neu…neu.

Her body seizes up and she freezes on her back. Frank nervously approaches the broken android. She suddenly jerks back to life and grabs his ankle and her head begins to twitch as she begins to speak. “Kiss me….Kiss me…Hi I’m Lexi. I am not a robot…I am not a robot..,.Hi I’m Lexi…I’m Lexi. .. That’ll teach me not save my work…save my work…work…work…..kiss…kiss you….I will kiss you…must be neutralized. Must ….must.. kiss…must kiss you….

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