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Lindsey Lovehands Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Imagine how proud it makes you feel to follow and obey

Lindsey Lovehands, stunningly beautiful, seductive temptress with an incredibly sexy hard body, always believed herself to be more on the dominant rather than the submissive side of her relationships. Like many of the girls who come for their first session, Lindsey just could not imagine that she would be able to let herself go and be controlled without even so much as being touched.

As we all know, I always like a challenge and I certainly would never turn down someone as beautiful as Lindsey. Is Lindsey a true submissive by now? Probably not but that Saturday afternoon at my place sure made her realize how intense and wonderful it felt to let go and to have no other choice than to follow and to obey. Making her aware of a very different and definitely hidden side of herself and to make her feel like never before was my reward for taming yet another wild cat. I should probably mention that our girl is naturally very horny which definitely helped me to put her into submission. One look at her and it becomes perfectly clear why she chose her stage name. I am sure that some of you might be trying to figure out why I mentioned this but I am positive that you will figure it out.

Instead of the couch, I chose the massage table for the first part of the session. As expected, Lindsey tried to keep her eyes open as long as possible but the more she fought closing them the more they started to flicker. More close ups of her body, face and feet (sexy red toe nails) than usual. There is a little bit of construction noise in the back ground which I was able to successfully use as part of the induction.

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Lindsey Lovehands Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Oh god, first begging and the removal of inhibitions

I am under your control, I have no choice

I could feel that Lindsey had gone deep during the induction and I had already started to make her feel aroused. Now it is time to find out how she reacts to force and the idea of being at my disposal. Lindsey's sexy young hard body starts to lustfully move under my suggestions. I make her body feel helplessly immobilized and unable to get up.

Her legs are forcefully spread and she feels the deep hard penetration of someone she is unable to see. Lindsey's breathing becomes deeper and more forceful with every word I say. It gets more intense, her body goes into lustful convulsions, she starts to scream and I can see her getting hot. Remember, the first orgasm often sets the stage for the rest of the session. Helplessly fucked and used, Lindsey has no choice but to submit. When I hear the first "oh gods" I just know she is ready for the take over. Not allowed to come, Lindsey is going crazy for lust and that is exactly what makes her give up. The need and desire to orgasm makes her beg and scream. I am under your control.



Lindsey Lovehands Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
I hear and I obey

Anyone here loves intense, mindless stares and slow monotone repetitions? I thought so.

Lindsey is still very excited from the last segment. Now it is time to take her to a place she has never been before. A place so deep within herself, she never knew excited. Her hands are drawn into her pussy and the desire to pleasure herself seems overwhelming. Her wide open eyes stare into the laser light while her thoughts, mind and will are slowly removed. Lindsey's beautiful hard body goes into convulsions and I can feel her desire to please me. The repetition of: “I am a good girl for you" drives her up the wall and shows how much she wants to be good. Her big open eyes glare over and I can feel her drifting. Empty and mindless yet still intensely aroused, Lindsey repeats in a slow and monotone voice "All I want to do is follow and obey." This segment is very intense, great mind removal; hands free orgasms, zombie like stares, long hard orgasms and complete surrender.



Lindsey Lovehands Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn how intense a mindless slave orgasms

Mindless mantras, forced orgasms are part of every love slave training!

“Pretty little girls like me need to be mindless,
please teach me”

Lindsey's legs are wide spread and I can hear her pussy getting even more wet. The more she is ordered to pleasure herself for me and to let me hear and see it all, the more she tries to please me: "I am wet for you master." Lindsey's body twitches and shakes for lust even after her hard orgasm. Of course that is just the warm up. Lindsey is exhausted and aroused at the same time. Her sweaty empty body is standing in front of me. Her eyes stare into nothingness and one arm and hand are stretched out in front of her body while she is pleasuring herself. Her young body is shivering and shaking and repeating the mantra "mindless" over and over which takes her deep and makes her cum with an intensity she never knew existed: “I am Cumming for you master”. Too much intense training going on to describe it all...



Lindsey Lovehands Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Until there is nothing left (4.5 min clip)

I need to be trained to become obedient

Now it is time for the final take over. Bent over the couch with her ass pushed out at me, Lindsey is now orgasmed into complete oblivion. Her body is twitching and shivering until she has no more strength, will and mind left. I can feel her trying to fight it at first but then she gives up and slowly gives it all up. I could feel that her futile attempt to keep some of her strength, only made her feel more aroused. There is no sweeter thing than surrender after at least trying to see who is stronger.



Lindsey Lovehands Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
What about Bob-- is wrong?
I am a mindless frozen slave master

You can not afford to buy me lunch Bob, what am I supposed to do with you?

Lindsey believes to be working for the unemployment office and she seems very upset with Bob, a guy whose attitude, when it comes to work sucks. Of course Bob tries to explain why he can not start work before eleven and why he needs to be home by five, at the very latest. As mentioned, Lindsey has no compassion for that kind of work ethic and she lays it on him. Poor Bob, I guess! Charming as Bob is, he even brought her a present but that does not seem to help the situation much. "What am I supposed to do with a cheap pen which on top of all that has somebody's advertising on it. Well, try it out and you will see.

Lindsey stops dead in her tracks. Frozen stiff and unable to move, she becomes Bob's helpless toy. Of course she tries to stop him from opening her sexy top and to pull down her bra but as mentioned she is frozen and helpless. At some point, I decide to wave my hand in front of her face which renders her blank and mindless. “I am a horny little girl master”. Lindsey mindlessly plays with herself and pinches her nipples until she is snaps out of it again. Will Bob get her to play with the pen again? Will she freeze up and drown into mindless obedience again? Will she be played with and made obedient? See for yourself.



Lindsey Lovehands Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Enslaved and used in the unemployment office

Now it is time to train my new slave to perfection. Stripped down to her pantyhose, my mindless, horny slave is ordered to sit on her desk and masturbate for me. Her legs are spread wide and she is not allowed to remove the thrusting vibrator from her clit: "I am a mindless, horny slave for you master”. Frozen again, Lindsey becomes aware but only long enough to realize that she has become a horny servant. Bent over the desk with her ass pushed out at me, Lindsey is again driven up the wall for lust. Her body is quivering and shaking and all of a sudden her awareness comes back. By now she is too horny to stop pleasuring herself in front of me. Her body freezes up yet again and she has no choice other than to cum for me. How will all this end? With a sizzling hot surprise!




Lindsey Lovehands Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I was a bad little wife

Do you want to play the robot game honey?

Lindsey who believes to be my wife is yet again not in the mood for, you all know what. The infamous headache is of course to blame for that. Oh well, good night honey, sleep tight. Maybe I should ask her whether she is in the mood to play the "Robot game"! Now, she really seems to get annoyed with me and I decide to quit asking her. Lindsey gets all comfortable in the bed and just before she falls asleep, the phone rings.

Somewhat disturbed she picks it up and what do you know, ten seconds later she sits up straight with her eyes wide open and empty: "I am an obedient Robot master". I have her take off all the unnecessary panties and order her to open her legs and pussy for me. After saluting her master, Lindsey is now programmed to acknowledge my orders by saying “yes master”. The next step is to strip my new toy off of her personality and will. Forced to use the dildo on her pussy until it is wet, then put it in her mouth and suck on it as if she was giving me a blowjob makes my bad little wife understand that she is now my obedient programmed toy.

Of course at some point she is ordered to orgasm without being allowed to touch herself while saluting her master. Since, too many orgasms are not good for her; I decide to deactivate her right before her next orgasm. Oops, sorry about that. Now comes the fun part. After a brief deepening, my little wife comes back and now she is begging me to fuck the hell out of her. No chance honey, now I have a headache! I keep listening to her begging and pleading for a while and then send her to sleep, as I continue to mess with her helpless body. Amazing eye checks showing only the white in her eyes, bottomless masturbation and so much more of your favorite training...




Lindsey Lovehands Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a dirty little doll

Oops, I forgot my dolly underwear

Lindsey is the cutest and sexiest little sex doll, who has nothing else on her mind (I am using the word mind quite loosely here) than to please her owner. Somewhat inexperienced, our little doll starts to experience and feel her sexy little body. Of course she loves the strip-game and the orgasm game which definitely blow her away.



Lindsey Lovehands Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
That feels good, thank you for showing me

Many of you asked me to do some more age regression segments. Well, here it is. Lindsey has regressed back to the time where she first started to experiment and play with her young body. The only difference between now and then is that this time she has a teacher who can explain some of the new feelings and sensations she is experiencing. It is fun and seriously hot to watch her discover her still growing tits, the wetness of her young and tight pussy and the power of the battery operated toys. Even watching our little girl trying to figure out how the vibrator works and listening to her describing what it does to her is sizzling hot. Another one of the amazing eye checks at the end of the segment (white only).




Lindsey Lovehands Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Puppets do not need a mind

Can you be hypnotized my little puppet?

Lindsey feels helplessly strung up like a puppet. Unable to move until I describe the pull of the strings, she has no choice but to "hang" in there. My little puppet raises her hands and arms, goes to the ground and even masturbates for me. We start her off mindlessly and unaware but at some point I let her doll memory come back. Aware yet still helplessly strung up, my little toy is certainly wondering what is happening to her. Waving my hand in front of her eyes instantaneously renders her mindless and quiet again. Put to sleep, my toy is allowed to feel another orgasm with her rolling eyes held wide open. Intense ending...




Lindsey Lovehands Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Supermodel needs an attitude adjustment

Isn't this your lucky day

Lindsey believes to be a super model who is absolutely not impressed and or interested in me, the assistant photographer. Not only is she not interested, she also makes fun of me when I mention that I never thought that I would ever have the pleasure of working with her. Boy, is our “oh so professional model” confused and surprised when she is suddenly overcome by a very irritating tickling sensation. Lindsey tries to make sense of it all by accusing the "lips toy" I have her hold up for the photo shoot and when that does not fly with me, she asks me to hold the dam lips to see for myself what happens. Ok, why not? I humor her of course…and Oops got you again, sweetie! I guess the only way to put her out of her misery, is to put her to sleep again.



Lindsey Lovehands Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Supermodel with an orgasm problem

Again my snooty super model keeps telling me how professional she is and that she would never go out with anyone like me. OK fine, I get it. For my next picture, I need her to hold the "magic wand." The second she holds it up, my little girl gets hit by a really powerful orgasm. Boy, does she hate that. It looks almost like she is in pain trying to avoid the inevitable. Watching and listening to her trying to understand and or make sense of all this is more than fun. Lindsey is so baffled and confused that it is almost impossible for her to even speak. She certainly does not think that the "wand" had anything to do with all this. Well OK, let's try it again. Oops…



Lindsey Lovehands Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
This next segment starts with a really amazing scene in which my supermodel, Lindsey entrances herself by staring into the light shaker. Unfortunately, most of the clip did not record (I will never figure out why not) but the part I could save is too great not to show yet too short to make a entire clip out of it. Anyway the main part of this segment has our unfriendly model suffer from unexplainable sudden sleep attacks. In other words, she keeps dropping like a rock throughout the entire clip. Naturally, she goes out when least expected, when in the most revealing positions and most embarrassing moments. A couple of times she even goes out with a big smile on her cute face. I guess she really did not see that one coming. To make things worse, she wakes up while having an orgasm which causes her to be even more distressed with herself. As you might have guessed, I do take a lot of time to play with her sleepy little body, open her eyes and mouth and move her around into positions I like to see her in.



Lindsey Lovehands Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
That remote belongs to me

What did you do to Mrs. Morgan? Pretty much the same thing I will do to you.

This week’s robot segment is about a beautiful young teacher who is reprogrammed, used and abused by one of her honor students who was given a second chance to take his exam. Alone in the room with her student, the sexy and quite unsuspecting teacher has no chance to escape and she is quickly reprogrammed into a pleasing and promiscuous hooker who works only for free, of-course. Naturally, her motor skills are tested and besides a couple of minor flaws, she seems to be the perfect sex toy. Glitches, confusion, malfunction and a very sensual and horny fembot makes this a really hot addition to your robot clip collection.







Lindsey Lovehands Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am crazy about you master

The second part of the movie is just as hot as the first one. Turned into a willing love slave by her crazy student, our young teacher is more than willing to please him. Her body is his to use and she wants him to take advantage of her in any way he desires. Will he get his way with her, just like he did with Mrs. Morgan? Is he a good enough programmer to keep her under control? Will she malfunction? How is it going to end and do you think he will remain a student at this school? Surprise ending and unfortunately no spoiler available...





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