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Lola Lynn Sneak Preview Members - Click here to view this clip


Lola Lynn, third time is a charm, indeed. Many of you guys asked me to have Lola back for another round of fun and here she is. For all you new comers, Lola is a beautiful, sensual and naturally very sexual MILF with an incredible zest for life. Besides being a great subject, Lola just loves the idea of being controlled by someone strong who can let her experience the bitter sweet feeling of defeat and choice less surrender. Her sweet, soft and gentle demeanor mixed with explosive sexuality makes her irresistible to play with. In other words, I could not wait for her to come back and I am certain you will know what I am talking about once you watch the clips.
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Lola Lynn Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip
Blue crystal mind reduction

Instead of using the blue crystal for the usual relaxation, I decided to use it to take her right back into a state of mindless, blissful obedience. "Please master take all my mind". Although it starts with the balloon/raising arms test it is different clip one.





Lola Lynn Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
I have no more control

Lola's beautifully curvy body is shaking and trembling under my voice, just like I remember. I can feel her longing and the desire, and to be brought to orgasm seems to be all that is on her mind. With her eyes wide open while staring at the crystal, Lola lets herself go completely. Drained of mind and will, she finally surrenders all control and sinks into complete mindlessness. Orgasmed to exhaustion her eyes appear empty, her speech slow and her body drained and zombie like. Tantric repetitions of "I have no more control" and "please take my mind" only help her to feel the inevitable surrender even stronger.




Lola Lynn Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
First Pony ride all the way to a happy ending

Lola is taken back in time. All the way back to the time when she first started to discover her young and innocent body. We all remember the time in our lives when we first started to explore our bodies and we certainly all remember how exciting yet confusing it was. Lola is made to believe that she is on her first pony ride. The rhythmic stride of the pony makes her young body gently go up and down thus hitting her clit ever so gently. Lola starts to smile and it becomes obvious what the ride slowly but surely does to her. Excited, confused and very horny, Lola eventually experiences her first intense and unexpected orgasm. This intensity of this segment is not easy to describe. Lola's slow awakening to her own sexuality is dramatic and exciting to watch.




Lola Lynn Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Please Master allow me to serve you

I always want to be mindless for you

The power of the mantras has taken many of my girls into a state of mindless bliss and Lola is no exception. Driven by her own excessive lust, Lola is kneeling at my feet. Her curvy body is shivering and shaking and she is getting more aroused with every repetition. All she can feel and think is lust and her surrender is inevitable. Zombie walk and posing with more mantras completes this segment. Very dramatic with great wide open eyed stares.





Lola Lynn Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
I want to orgasm for you

Bend over the couch with her cherry ass pushed out, Lola is now taken even deeper into blissful mindlessness. Driven crazy for lust, all she wants is to orgasm for me. She keeps begging me to let her cum for me. I can feel that Lola is ready to experience the power of the voice and breath controlled orgasm. After a series of these controlled and very intense orgasms, Lola's body sinks completely exhausted into the couch but it is to early to send her back to sleep. First she has to learn the arms out in front of her slave pose, don't you think?





Lola Lynn Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen stiff, swayed and mindlessly orgasmed

In this next short but very hot segment, Lola is going through more training. Her mind is removed while her body is frozen into a beautiful sculpture. Swayed and orgasmed, Lola has no choice but to trust me and let herself go completely. Put back to sleep, Lola is helplessly orgasmed again and her limp body can not resist my moving her around. Eye checks, open eyed stares and more surprises.




Lola Lynn Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
I am NOT oversexed at all

Lola believes that I am applying for the position of the spokes person for her fitness company. Unfortunately, she is absolutely not impressed by the way I look. Delicately as possible she tries to tell me that she would prefer somebody who is, let's just say, in better shape. At the same time, during the interview Lola seems to feel more and more uncomfortable though and it almost seems like her clothes are very itchy. Not only that though, there seems to be some kind of stimulation going on between her legs.

I wonder why? Lola's discomfort is growing as the conversation about my lack of personal hygiene continues. If I did not know better, I would say she is feeling penetrated and her clothes feel terribly itchy. The poor girl keeps scratching her body while trying to appear as if nothing is happening. All of a sudden her body goes into convulsions again and her hands shoot down to her crutch. It is obvious that she is getting increasingly aroused but she keeps insisting that it has nothing to do with me. Slowly but surely she starts to bargain with me. The clothes are coming off and the excuses and apologies are coming out.

This is really a fun clip and Lola's slowly growing discomfort and arousal is hot to watch.




Lola Lynn Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not oversexed at all, well maybe a...

Lola's condition continues to get worse. The itching is driving her nuts and it becomes impossible for her to deny her arousal. She becomes even more apologetic but still makes it perfectly clear that I am the wrong person for the job. Her curvy, squirming and shivering body is almost naked by now but the poor thing still does not seem to find any relief. Confused and overwhelmed she has to succumb to the inevitable orgasm, she was trying to avoid for so long. Believe it or not she even tries, at least at first, to deny having orgasmed but when it hits her again, she finally cracks down. What do you think, will I get the job? Put to sleep, Lola becomes my play toy and I am having fun rearranging and dropping her exhausted body. Great two eyed Eye check.





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Lola Lynn Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Unsuspected robot transformation

Lola, thinking that she has been sent by the temp agency, does not really like the kind of novels I write. Well, who could blame her, after all they are all about a hero who transforms beautiful, young and unsuspecting women into perfectly programmed robots. The pay is good though and Lola seems more than willing to let me dictate the next chapter of my book to her.

The chapter is about our hero meeting a beautiful woman while strolling down Main Street. Their eyes lock and she slowly loses herself in his icy blue eyes. Dropped into a state of unawareness his beautiful subject does not even seem to feel the chip being planted into her neck. Lola is just about gone at this point and when I see her head jerk as soon as I mention the chip in her neck, I know my next robot is ready for programming. "I am a robot." Lola's moves are now stiff and robotic yet sensual. Her voice is monotone and slow when ever she says "yes master".

Robot Lola now learns to follow my commands, to orgasm instantaneously, to be paraded around and to deactivate herself. Very sensual and hot transformation...






Lola Lynn Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Personality deactivated

Lola's robot programming continues. Her personality is deactivated and I have her clean the floor using her own dress while masturbating at the same time. Of course every well programmed robot has to learn to serve their master and be switched on and off. Short but action packed from bottomless masturbation, instantaneous orgasms, monotone yes masters, obedient service and deactivations.






Lola Lynn Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
How do you do this?

Super model Lola looks so very hot in her one piece bathing suit. Unfortunately, she is not the least bit interested in me, the photographer. Of course all her, "I have a boyfriend" talk does not mean I can not have my fun with her, right? All I have to do is freeze her and after having had my fun with her, snap her out of it with amnesia. Meaning she does not remember squat about what just happened.

Naturally, she feels embarrassed about her titties hanging out but as I mentioned she has no clue. Let's try this again and rearrange her clothes even more and maybe even change her position a bit. Now she is not only embarrassed and confused but also very apologetic, after all this is not a nude shoot. Oops, she is frozen again, this time with her tight ass pushed out at me.




Lola Lynn Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
You can not just take my top off

Wanna bet? Lola still frozen with her ass pushed out at me now becomes aware of her situation and is even more confused and upset. You all know, I can only take so much of the complaining and bickering and it is time to let her go blank again. Unaware of the fact that she is naked, Lola snaps out of it again and before she even knows what hits her, she finds herself blankly masturbating for me. There is something about a beautiful woman and blank masturbation that is just hot to watch. Frozen again in the middle of her orgasm, Lola is stiff as a board again. Snapped out of it Lola is finally a lot more interested or should I say attracted to me. Lola is switched from being aware to unaware a lot.





Lola Lynn Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Did I just pass out?

Unfrozen again but still not aware of the fact that she is butt naked, my sexy super model starts posing again. All of a sudden she goes out like a light in the middle of her posing. I don't know which one is more fun, play with a frozen or a passed out girl? To be honest though, I think I like both just the same. Back up on her feet, Lola is confused and apologetic about her strange behavior. Sorry girl but the �I am sorry� does not cut it, after all this is a serious shoot.

Here she goes out again in the middle of her sentence. Strange don't you think? Did I just pass out, is the first thing she says after coming back. Things get worse, Lola wakes up with an intense orgasm and now she is really out of it. What makes it even tougher is that she can not seem to stay away from her wet pussy and that makes her horny and again very apologetic. My trying to help her leads to another catastrophe. Fun and very sensual segment...










Lola Lynn Robot Clip Part One Members - Click here to view this clip
Secret Agent

Having been in the drug business for most of his life has made him cautious and overly guarded. Not to trust anyone has become part of his life and his new girlfriend who happens to be an undercover agent is certainly no exception. Sure enough, after hours of passionate sex, she begins asking questions and keeps pushing him to talk about his work. First he tries to get her off his back by giving her some vague answers but she just does not seem to want to quit.

The fact that she is seductively playing with her titts and even masturbates for him while asking him all these questions makes him even more suspicious. He knows that none of the government agencies would ever ask a real female agent to sleep with him in order to get close to him. Could she be a fortune digger who is trying to find out how much money he has or is she a fembot agent, sent to destroy him? A glass of wine and a wet towel should give him the answer he did not want to hear and see.

Suggested by our viewers with a very different and very hot malfunction.






Lola Lynn Robot Clip Part Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Secret fuck doll Agent

After removing all of her old programming and replacing it with his own version of how a fembot should be programmed, the secret agent is now merely a fuck bunny under his control. His first attempts to turn her on and off and to switch her between some of the programmed personalities, seem to go as planed. When he has her change into a hot pink number and please him, he feels like he is in heaven. All of a sudden though her default safety programs kick in and his life turns into a living hell. Climax under current conditions may cause malfunction. Lots of unexpected twists and turns and certainly very sexual.










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