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Lola Lynn Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


You know you missed it

Lola Lynn, beautiful, sexy, very sensual and naturally horny was just as surprised to see me as I was to run into her. Turned out, we were all invited by the same guy, to an "after fetish con party" (annual fetish convention in Florida) I don't think I have to say much here about Lola, after all, she is one of my favorite subjects and as you all remember from her prior sessions she is always ready to have some fun.

Needless to say, the second we saw each other we had the same thought. Wanna do it again? Oh yes, Lola seemed eager and ready to go under again and I could not wait to get her back under my....You know what. I have to say, my girl was an even better subject this time and thanks to the great location we were able to use, her session turned out to be just phenomenal, yet again.

I saw Lola stepping out into the patio area holding a cup of coffee and I decided to do the induction right then and there. It started to rain quite heavily a few minutes into the session but Lola was already gone by then and I managed to use the rain and thunder as deepeners.

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Lola Lynn Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Slide back under my control and feel...

Surrender to my will

It is still raining cats and out there but Lola is already way too deep to notice anything else but her own lust. The feeling of sliding back under my control arouses her even more intensely than before. Her curvy body quivers and shakes as she feels my voice vibrating over her entire body. Her legs feel forced apart and pulled up and the feeling of not being allowed to close them is driving her nuts. I can feel how intensely she wants to cum for me but she has to surrender to my will first. Lola starts to beg me to let her have it, "Please let me surrender master." This segment shows how important it is to take control of a repeat subject right away and thus set the tone for the rest of the session.

Surrender to my will

It is still raining cats and out there but Lola is already way too deep to notice anything else but her own lust. The feeling of sliding back under my control arouses her even more intensely than before. Her curvy body quivers and shakes as she feels my voice vibrating over her entire body. Her legs feel forced apart and pulled up and the feeling of not being allowed to close them is driving her nuts. I can feel how intensely she wants to cum for me but she has to surrender to my will first. Lola starts to beg me to let her have it, "Please let me surrender master." This segment shows how important it is to take control of a repeat subject right away and thus set the tone for the rest of the session.



Lola Lynn Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
I was born to be your slave master

I am under your control master

This next segment is for our zombie walk, empty eyed stares, mantra and intense screaming and or breath controlled orgasm lover. Of course that is only part of what is going on. First I have her stare at the swinging watch again. Lola's mind is slowly sucked out as she drifts into mindless bliss. Her hands feel forced between her legs and what ever mind might be left, is now absorbed by her own lust and the desire to please me. The repetitions of the mantra, “I am under your control master”, are becoming slower.

All of a sudden, she is ordered to stop breathing. I can feel the energy building up inside of her and I know she is ready to explode at any time. Mindless and empty, Lola is ordered to stand up and stretch her arms out in front of her, "I am an empty shell, here to serve you master." Lola's empty stares and her mindless voice are impossible to describe. I decide to orgasm her again, just because I can and then I have her zombie walk outside in the park where everybody can see her, orgasm her at will and then order her to walk back. I know that was a long sentence but hey there is just so much going on.



Lola Lynn Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
There can only be one master

Letting go of all mind and will

Lola stares mindlessly into the camera as she repeats, “there is only one master”. I wave my hand in front of her eyes but there is simply no reaction. Her sexy body is quivering and shaking under her own hands between her legs and she is driven into letting go of the rest of her remaining will and thoughts. It is amazing what lust can do to a girl. Her breath is stopped again which sends her lustful body into convulsions. A series of controlled orgasms leave her empty and completely exhausted. Lola's unconditional surrender is almost impossible to put into words and believe me; you want to watch this one. Now it is time to put her to sleep and to play with her feet as well as her limp body, perform some eye checks just to make sure and to make her orgasm again with her eyes held open.



Lola Lynn Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Oh no, this is a classy affair

You now feel the implant in your back and with that you....

Imagine the door bell rings in the middle of a thunder storm. The lady of the house opens the door and is overjoyed to see, who she thinks is, the catering service for her fancy party. Imagine how disappointed she is when it turns out that the guy has 25 hot pizzas for her instead of the fancy catering food she is expecting. Keep imagining how she gives the poor guy about the misunderstanding. Now imagine how she looks at the invoice the guy is showing her and how that changes her into something she never thought, nor will ever remember, was possible. Lola's hand slowly tries to reach into her back, her eyes widen and it is already too late to resist the transformation, “I am a robot, I am here to serve you master”. Imagine her obeying every order given to her by the guy and acknowledging all of them by saying “yes master”.

Imagine her voice being slow and monotone, her movements stiff and slow, "I am here to be played with master”. Imagine her walking up and down the staircase like a zombie; masturbate her wet pussy as she is half way up the stairs or being orgasmed on the table with her legs spread wide. Imagine that there is a lot more going on in this segment and that it is probably one of the hottest most sensual obedient robot segments I have ever done and then, please, for heaven’s sake stop imagining and buy the clip. Just kidding but it is really a very different clip and well worth watching.



Lola Lynn Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
I have been a bad girl, I need to be punished

Remember the game we used to play when we first got married?

Lola believes to be my ex-wife who after only six month of marriage is checking out her new house which is part of the divorce settlement. All she does though is bitch about the house being too small and way too old. Besides it is on a lake and not on the ocean and who could possibly like that? Excuse me honey, of course you deserve better after ONLY six month of marriage. Ya right! At some point I have just about had it with the bitching and it is probably a good time to remind her of our happy days together. Remember honey when I showed you my grand father’s swinging watch for the first time? Lola seems to remember something but by the time she figures it out, it is already too late.

Her eyes seem, although reluctantly, captivated by the watch and my voice takes her into deep trance before she even knows what hits her. Now that she is back under my control, I decide to have her "zombie walk" around the kitchen, order her to spank her own little ass and repeat mantras like “I am in deep trance”. Next is the bend over the stove, ass out masturbation with a not so happy ending.

Of course, that is just the warm up, after all, she has been a bad little girl and she needs a lot more training. Placed on the center isle, my greedy little ex is rendered mindless and sent through a series of exhausting forced orgasms until she finally unconditionally surrenders. “Yes masters”, slow and mindless repetitions, great transformation from bitchy to very trainable and so much more. “I will be your slave for as long as you want to master”. Lola goes so deep that at times she had a hard time hearing me.



Lola Lynn Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
You are doing that goofy again, aren't you?

I am yours master, all I want is to follow and obey
How the frozen EX finally learns to be a good little girl

After the last segment, Lola snaps out of it and is back to feeling like my ex-wife again. Naturally the bitching starts immediately and believe it or not; it even intensifies as she freezes up. Helplessly frozen, she tries to talk but that seems tough which I think might have something to do with the fact that her lips seem frozen shut. Well, let's see what she has to say? OK, that was not a good idea. Looks like the touching of her tits and pussy with an intensely thrusting vibrator is not improving her mood either.

Waving my hand in front of her eyes finally shuts her up. Lola is mindlessly staring into nothingness as she is walking around the kitchen with her arms stretched out in front of her. Suddenly she freezes up again; her awareness comes back and… Guess what? The bitching starts again, looks like she needs more of the waving hand. Will Lola become a good little girl once I am done with her? Go find out.




Lola Lynn Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Cat burglar and the ring of transformation

This next segment is a bit longer but certainly well worth it. I will be offering a split version for everyone with a slower Internet connection but as mentioned it is a lot more fun to watch it all at once. Lola is turned into a submissive love slave, a very obedient robot, rendered mindless, frozen and orgasmed throughout this entire segment. It all starts with my little cat burglar trying to steal my priced possession, which as we all know is the flashing ring. It is so much fun watching her sneaking around until she finally finds it. It is even more fun confronting her and listening to her excuses and to watch her eyes go dim as she finally finds out about the power of the ring.

Her body freezes up as she drifts into mindless bliss. Helpless and unaware she is now being played with. Lola snaps out of it again feeling confused and still very embarrassed about the fact that she is caught but that does not last long and she turns into an obedient robot, “Yes master, I will undress for you”. Of course undressing is only the first part of her robot training, I mean programming.

Finally I decide to snap her out of the robot mode but it seems like she can not enjoy that either because now she is frozen again. My little burglar seems to become aware of the power I have over her. Let's see what else the ring can do? Lola's frozen hand is moved in front of her eyes and she can not help but to stare at the flashing ring again, “I am your slave master, control me”. Now its time to make Lola take off the rest of all the unnecessary clothes and to watch her masturbate on bed (Very intense orgasms BTW). Is there more? Of course, more "Ring" transformations, unexpected freezes, and begging, futile attempts to leave the scene, until my little cat burglar finally turns into a good little girl. This is probably one of my favorite clips.











Lola Lynn Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Mirror, Mirror on the wall who has the sexiest feet of them...

Yes this segment has a lot to do with feet but that is by far not all. Lola, our sexy model seems to be at the wrong place at the wrong time yet again. There is no way that she would ever take off her clothes, mindlessly play with her feet, seductively shave her legs, masturbate with the rubber ducky or orgasm in front of the camera with her ass sticking out of the water, after all, she is a very classy and professional fashion model.

The only thing I can get her to do for me is to let me take a picture of her beautiful face in the ancient and quite magical mirror, with her clothes on of course. Lola stares at her own reflection in the mirror and we all know what happens next. Mindlessly entranced, my sexy little "fashion model" steps into the bathtub and........... Great close ups of her feet, legs and not to forget her cherry ass.



Lola Lynn Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
No, that is not really my kind of thing

Lola is playing a round of pool all by herself and it seems like she feels almost disturbed by my unexpected presents. We start talking and she makes it pretty clear that she is not all that interested in me and the fact that I am the h-notist, who is here to give a demonstration at tonight's party, does not seem to be of any interest to her either. In fact, she does not think what I do works anyways. Man, I have to say, Lola looks hot shooting those balls, leaning over the table in her sexy dress and all. Anyway, I do get her to look at the crystal pyramid, the one I used for her initial induction and my little non believer drops into the abyss. Time to program her a bit for the next round of fun. Snapped out of it again, Lola does not remember what just happened and although a bit confused, she picks up her game of pool.

Again, she tells me to get lost and that she is really not interested in my hypno-talk.. Imagine how odd she feels when she is suddenly hit by an overwhelming feeling of tiredness. No matter how hard she tries to stay awake, she can not seem to shrug it off and it is fun watching her finally collapsing on the pool table. I started taking off some of her clothes before she was asleep already and her comments are hilarious.

After a brief deepening, Lola comes back feeling quite confused and embarrassed about being half naked and who could blame her for that. Anyway, she still does not seem to believe and when I hold her hand, she suddenly goes out like a light. Watching her role around the pool table as she is hit by a powerful orgasm is certainly a hot ending to this segment.




Lola Lynn Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
There are bugs all over me

Sleep, tickle, sleep, tickle, orgasm and more.

Lola wakes up again, feeling even more embarrassed and confused as before. Of course she pulls up her clothes, covers her tits and apologizes for all that at the same time. Still not interested in what I do, she at least agrees to let me take some pictures of her but that does not go too far. The second I touch her hand, she drops again. Out cold, she has no choice but to let me rearrange her clothes yet again. Can it get more confusing and weird than this. Try waking up with an orgasm in front of a stranger. Now she is really confused and the sudden tickle attack does not help her dilemma either.

Lola is suddenly all over the pool table and she keeps talking about the little bugs all over her body. I wonder where she got that idea. Luckily for her, she suddenly drops like a rock again. Have you ever watched a beautiful girl feeling tickled in her sleep? Eye checks and a last sleepy orgasm concludes Lola's training.



Lola Lynn Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Stepmom in trouble

Ok honey, you are really cute but don't you think you are a bit young for my seventy nine year old dad? Well, I never really had a chance to talk to her about all this until today. There she was, all alone by the pool, tanning her sexy little body. Of course, she tries to tell me that she is really in love with my dad and that she is perfectly programmed for him. What do you mean, programmed for him. Nothing, I meant we are sooo compatible and... I should have had my antennas up right then and there but no, I had to be the big goof who throws her in the water to have some fun with her. Yes, she did tell me that she did not swim but I thought it was just her way of saying, let's not fool around. To make a long story short, the water was not good for her at all and it only took a few seconds or so and she started to malfunction.

The idea that my dad was 'married' (I am using the word loosely) a fembot was shocking but for some reason exciting at the same time. I mean, screwing a perfectly designed piece of machinery is certainly not the same as fucking your old man's woman. OK, I might need therapy but it really seemed more than tempting at the time. Anyway, after she went down for the first time and yes there are more malfunctions after that, I was able to get her back up and believe it or not she was convinced that I was her husband. Being programmed to fulfill even the hottest sexual fantasies she starts to....

This robot segment is a bit different in parts due to the fact that we could use parts of a beautiful estate with a great pool area. Lola is hot, her "rubber ducky" masturbation is very sexy, her malfunctions happen mainly in the water and or while cumming. What's a rubber ducky masturbation? Go find out.





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