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Loni Evans Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Feel the depth

Loni Evans, beautiful curvy brunette with the prettiest doll face, could not wait to get started with the session. The reason for her to be so eager to be put under was because she had heard about us through Jenna Presley, which I am sure you all remember. It is kind of interesting how the power of the mind works when we really want something. We had a different girl scheduled for that day but she could not make it and Loni happened to be available and as I mentioned, she was more than happy to take the other girls place.

Besides being very sexy and beautiful, Loni has a sunny, bubbly and absolutely lovable attitude which made it even more fun to play with her. At first, she seemed quite nervous which might have had something to do with all the amazing things Jenna had told her and the question in her mind was, whether or not she would experience the same kind of uninhibited ecstasy. Well, to make a long story short, she did. Loni's session was certainly different from Jenna's but just as intense and fun filled.

Loni goes down quickly and her entire body slowly but surely sinks into the chair and her head ends up on the armrest of the chair. I could feel the mesmerizing effect the watch has on her and once her flickering eyelids could not stay open any longer, my little girl just seemed to drop fast and hard.

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Loni Evans Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Wet dreams

Loni's adventure starts off with a wet dream and just like in a dream; she feels everything I suggest intensely real. Her young body starts to move under the intense sexual stimulation she is experiencing and feeling. She starts to whimper and moan as her body is being helplessly caressed. Her feelings of lust and pleasure intensify with every snap of my finger. I switch back and forth between programming her to become mindlessly obedient as well as intensely horny. Loni has to learn to let go of all control in order to feel her body in a way she never knew existed. She starts to quiver and whimper and I keep driving her up the wall until she screams for lust. My little girl is so very close to orgasm but not allowed to cum; which is something she had never experienced before and believe me, it drives her crazy. Now it is time for her to learn to beg and to feel who is in control of her.



Loni Evans Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am mindlessly horny for you

You are my master

Loni's big blue eyes are wide open as she slowly repeats, “I want to follow and obey”. I can feel her getting excited again and her desire to cum for me seems to drive her up the wall. Her beautiful body starts to twitch and shiver the closer I drive her to another orgasm. I want her to feel the desire to orgasm for me when ever I want her to. Surrender to my will is not an option, it is a must. The slow over and over repetition of the word “mindless” takes her deeper again but it also intensifies her feelings of lust. Her orgasm is intense and in trance at the same time, really not easy to describe but very hot to watch. Of course that is all just the warm up. Loni's mind slowly runs out leaving her a mindless shell of herself and another intense orgasm sends her into an even deeper mindless trance. “Thank you for making me a good little girl master”, Loni ends up standing in front of me with her unblinking eyes wide open as she repeats “you are my master”. Let' take a closer look at her beautiful cleavage, shall we? The way Loni takes off her shirt and messes up her hair without even being aware of it shows how deeply entranced she is by now. Very intense segment showing her submit to my will as she let's go of herself.



Loni Evans Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Show me how badly you want to please me

I am your horny slave

Loni has to learn to be ready to orgasm for her master at any time. Ordered to masturbate and driven to the verge of another orgasm, Loni is starting to get hot. Her eyes are wide open as she stares at me. Her curvy little body is quivering and shaking as I drive her closer and closer to orgasm. Loni has to show me and let me feel how badly she wants to surrender before she is allowed to explode; "I have no will and no mind of my own master." Loni seems mindlessly empty and her intense stare shows how deep she is by now which means is the perfect time to take what ever is left of her thoughts and will. Her body starts to sweat and quiver again when I make her feel deeply penetrated and fucked hard. Repeating, “I am your horny slave” drives her up the wall and I decide to orgasm her again on my count of three.

I just love watching her just sitting there with her wet pussy wide open while her eyes are staring off into the distance. Of course there is more. With one arm stretched out straight in front of her and the other one forced between her legs, Loni is now driven further into mindless surrender. Too much going on to describe it all from intense mindless stares, repetitions, screaming hard orgasm to slow mind removal and obedience training.



Loni Evans Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindlessly frozen and orgasmed

If there was ever any doubt about the depth of her trance, this segment certainly shows how deep my little girl went and her statement afterwards certainly makes it clear that she is yet another amazingly good subject. Loni is standing in front of me and her body is slowly freezing up. Every muscle in her sexy young body tightens up as she becomes stiff and immobilized. Her ridged body is slightly shivering when she feels penetrated and orgasmed at my order. First I sway her stiff body back and forth and then I pick her up and carry her completely immobilized body while making her cum again. Of course that was all just warm up. Put on her knees, Loni is ordered to pleasure herself again for me. Her big round eyes are dim as she repeats, “you are my master” “I let go of all my will for you”. Now it is time for her to learn what it feels like to give it all up. I hold her hand and make her feel, with every orgasm, how all strength and energy in her body slowly runs into me. Drained of all strength, Loni’s sexy body quivers and shakes until she finally goes out. Now its time for the eye checks and another orgasm in her sleep. This is yet another intense one with screaming loud orgasms, intense mind and strength sucking and so much more.



Loni Evans Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Sir, that is just hogwash

Loni believes to be working for the cable company and she has to deal with some unconsidered guy who has failed to move his car out of the way so the crew can actually go to work. Loni seems very friendly yet stern about me moving my car and even my excuse that the car is not running does not seem to work either. She gives me the, Sir this is your problem, kind of attitude. I don't know what disturbs her more, the fact that my car is in the way or the fact that I am hitting on her. Well, at least she is kind of nice about it. My excuse that I am a hypnotist and that I am expecting a client makes her almost laugh. Looks like she does not really believe in what I do and which is most likely the reason that she calls it a bunch of hogwash.

Somehow I do manage to get her to look at the swinging watch. Loni's eyes lose all life as she slowly drops into deep and obedient trance, "I am a mindless shell." Waving my hand in front of her eyes only confirms the obvious which is that she is gone. Let's see what she is hiding under her sexy construction worker outfit. (Don't you wish all construction workers would look like that?) Now she has to learn to follow each and every order given to her. Hot female training, including standing up bottomless masturbation, slow repetitions, yes masters galore, mind removal and of course intense, screaming hard orgasms. "I am a mindless slave I was born to serve you”.



Loni Evans Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen swayed and orgasmed construction worker

I am empty for you master

Our sexy little construction worker seems to need a bit more training before I can send her back to work. Loni's intense stare as she feels her body freezing up again is quite impossible to put into words. Of course her body is not just frozen in place again which would be way too easy, right? She also feels helplessly fucked and played with. Watching her immobilized body lustfully quiver and shake is hot and I decide to sway her back and forth while making her helplessly orgasm. Put on her knees, my little girl is now taken into an even deeper trance and then ordered to pleasure herself with the vibrator. All Loni wants now, is to be a good little girl for me. Her body quivers and shakes like a leaf and I can feel that she is ready to make herself cum for me but of course, she has to wait until I count to three. All of a sudden her body freezes up again and at the snap of my fingers....




Loni Evans Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I have to get back to work

Our sexy and very horny little construction girl snaps out of it feeling very confused and even more embarrassed about the situation she finds herself in. She keeps talking about having to get back to work and it almost seems like she does not want to talk about the fact that she is butt naked. Of course she does try to get dressed and leave as quickly as possible but that does not seem to work too well. Believe it or not her curvy little body freezes up again, leaving her just standing there with her mouth slightly open. By waving my hand in front of her eyes only shows that there is nobody home. Being the nice guy that I am, I help her out of some of the warm clothes and I even let her mind come back. Does she appreciate my help? No, not really and the conversation about her naked breasts does not seem to lift her spirit either.

She keeps saying something like, you can't do that or what are you doing. Well girl, watch me. I can not help but notice the concerned look on her face and here again, I offer my help. I don't know how much waving my hand in front of her face actually helps but it sure takes care of the concerned look on her face. Mindlessly relaxed, Loni just stares (finally quiet) into who knows where. Let's see what else is hiding under those clothes. Next time I have her mind come back, Loni does not seem to be interested in cuming for me and I have a feeling she does not believe that I could just make her orgasm anyway. Oops… Lots going on from mindlessly frozen and played with to fully aware and played with and all the way to a surprise ending.



Loni Evans Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
This gym is not for Geeks

You can not program me Loni is definitely one of the hot chicks on campus and with that, most likely unattainable for a geek like me. Well, that is what she is made to believe, anyways. Of course she seems a bit upset when I surprise her in the girl's locker room while she is undressing. After giving me some about me not being supposed to be in the girls locker room, she starts making fun of me and my looks. Now that hurts and no, she does not want me to touch her big round breasts either. Things get even more bizarre when I mention that I don't need looks because I rather transform my girls into obedient robots which is really a more hassle free way of dating. She firmly responds: you can not program me. Well, let's see about that.

The hissing light wand does not seem to do anything the first time and you should see the triumphant look on her face but then it hits her the second time and voila. Loni snaps at attention and she is now ready for programming as well as being played with. First her clothes need to be removed and then her personality. We want to make sure that she is empty before we start adding new behavior patterns, don't we? Now it is time to use the gym benches for something they were really intended to be used for, which is, to have a naked girl masturbate herself into obedience. Many yes masters and slow repetitions, salutations, masturbation and more.



Loni Evans Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I was waiting for you all my life master, take control of me

Loni's obedient robot training continues. First we have her press some of those weights, she so proudly mentioned at the beginning of our conversation. I have to say the girl is strong. Of course we can not make it too easy for her and I decide to orgasm her in the middle of her weight training. Loni goes off and orgasms loud and hard, just like a perfectly programmed robot. I think she had enough fun for now and it is probably a good time to have her clean the benches with her shirt, after all, she needs to learn to serve and obey. "I am just a machine, master". Of course we are not done yet.

How about some bottomless masturbation while standing up, which, as we all know, is quite uncomfortable but then again, robots don't have to be comfortable to please their owners. Maybe it is a good idea to snap her out of it and find out what she thinks about all this. OK, that was not my best idea but luckily, she snaps right back at attention as soon as I use the trigger. Clip nine and ten are better watched together. I decided to split them up for all of our viewers who have a slower internet connection. Loni is seriously hot in this one.



Loni Evans Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
That is really not sexy

Loni, our super hot model, believes to be at a shoot for Bedroom furniture. Man, that girl looks hot in her tiny baby doll outfit. Of course, being a professional model and all, she is not interested in showing much of her goodies and going out with me, is completely out of the question. "That will never happen." I can not help but notice that her sexy poses do become a bit sloppy as time progresses and the constant yawning, certainly does not make for the sexy kind of pictures I was hoping for. Even her accidently exposed nipples can not change that. It seems almost like, our sexy model has taken a strong sedative which is now slowly putting her to sleep. Poor thing, no matter how hard she tries and how often she tries to snap herself out of it, she eventually goes down. Naturally, I try to wake her up but there is no hope, Loni just plops around like a ragdoll. The eye checks finally reveal that she is gone off into lala land. Loni is so deep in this one that she even snores in her sleep.



Loni Evans Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Sometimes a shoe is just a shoe and sometimes not

There is a whole lot of action going on in this one. First, our sexy young model comes back from her nap and as expected, she feels a bit out of it and quite embarrassed. No problem, let's continue the shoot. It turns out that Loni still has a problem to stay awake. It is not like she is tired like in the last segment. This time my snooty little model seems to pass out in the middle of her incredibly hot posing. I don't know why, I mean, holding a shoe, hearing her name or the word pillow, could not have put her to sleep or could it? Lots of apologies, sleepy eyes and embarrassment.

After playing with my sleepy model and pulling her panties into her pussy which makes her orgasm very hard as she wakes up, I decide to take some pictures of her in the mirror. Naturally, she has to overcome the embarrassing moment of having an orgasm in front of me but then she is ready to face the mirror. Well, what can I say, the mirror sucks her mind right out and she ends up an empty shell.

After playing with her and of course making her mindlessly masturbate, I decide to snap her out of it. Somehow, she seems to have fallen in love with me during our shoot. Who could blame her, right? It gets really hot towards the end when I hold her hand and while we are playing the sleepy game. Loni's eyes widen in surprise, get hazy and dim as she slowly goes out.



Loni Evans Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Doesn't everybody

Loni believes to be a young aspiring actress who is here to audition for a very serious part in a movie. Imagine her surprise and disgust when I mention that we are looking for a young actress like her to play the part of a foot loving slut in a night club scene. No way no how would she ever do that. Well, I guess, judging from the pictures next to the clip description, you might have already guessed that I did find a way to, let's say, convince her that she is right for the part. Oh boy, is she right for the part. Loni turns into a foot loving, horny and quite mindless slut who gets off simply by playing with her feet. Of course at some point, I have her mind come back and now she not only kisses and sucks her feet but she also tells us what wonderful things she can do with them and why she loves her tiny feet so much. I don't know how it happened but by the end of the clip, she believes to always having been a foot lover. Loni is seriously hot in this one.


Loni Evans Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
You are cracking me up

Loni wakes up feeling quite confused and embarrassed about her breast being exposed and the fact that her pussy is wet does not make her feel more at ease either. She still thinks to be auditioning for the part in our movie but this time she can not seem to stay serious and focused. As soon as I start talking about the movie, she starts to laugh as if I had just told her the funniest story ever. No matter what I say and even when I get a bit angry, she just can not stop laughing. Now that is rude, don't you think? Things get worse when she suddenly feels tickled. Now she really loses it but things get worse when she suddenly freezes up. Loni is really funny in this one and she has the most contagious laugh. After she strips out of her dress, she finds herself frozen and I start teasing her with my hand without actually touching her until she has goose bumps all over her skin from all that tickling.



Loni Evans Clip Fifteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I have to get off first

Loni, our famous and very sexy bikini model certainly knows how to make a bikini look good but unfortunately she does not seem to be interested in letting me take some topless pictures of her. Even having her picture taken with her hand close to her pussy is way too risqué for her. What am I supposed to do with her, I mean how could this ever turn into a hot photo shoot? Luckily, she agrees to let me take a picture of her holding the magic wand. Looks like the wand really has magic, suddenly our little prude starts to masturbate as if it was the most normal thing to do. No matter what I try, she just does not want to stop and it seems like she is not even all that aware of what is actually happening. As mentioned, I keep trying to stop her and when I run out of options; I even tell her that I have to put her to sleep in the middle of her masturbation which makes her laugh, “You can not d...”


Loni Evans Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am too work oriented...

She seemed perfect and exactly the kind of personal secretary I was looking for. Impressive resume, extensive knowledge of computers, willing to work long hours and most importantly, she was beautiful, how much more could I have asked for. Well maybe one thing; it would have been even more perfect if she had been a little more interested in me, if you know what I mean. Anyway, we continued the interview and I was even more impressed by her when she told me that she was way too work oriented to have a family and of course too busy to have any hobbies. I know it sounds too good to be true and yes there was one strange thing about her.

Why did she have to repeat herself? First I thought she really wanted to make a point and that is why she kept repeating some of her statements but then things got really strange. It all started with me, accidentally knocking over her purse. Of course I tried to help her pick up all the stuff she was carrying around (amazing what women can fit into their purses) and pick up a device that appears to be some type of remote control. She gets all flustered and nervous about me holding the remote. Why, what is so special about this thing?

To make a long story short, she told me it is a broken entertainment system remote control and I tried to help her fix it. I reassure her that I am very good at fixing things and really know what I am doing. Ok, pushing buttons on her remote was not the smartest thing to do but who could have known that the remote was actually what controlled her. Of course she malfunctions and goes down, leaving me with no other choice than to work on her. Remember when I mentioned the one thing about her that could have been better? Hot strip dance, masturbation, hard orgasm, malfunctions and very sensual play.






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