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Lylah Ryder  Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
No drinking on the job

Lylah, the new executive secretary, is certainly not impressed by the assistant manager of the company who trying to hit on her on her first day of work. Needless to say, she is absolutely not interested in going out for a drink with him. For one, he is only the assistant manager and even more importantly, she does not drink.

Lylah is programmed to feel a shot of Tequila go down her throat every time I snap my fingers. Enjoy watching her slowly get drunk and more and more fu...ed up until she eventually . What happens and the things she say until that happens are hilarious. Definitely one of the best clips along those lines I have ever made.



Lylah Ryder  Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Tell us how you really feel honey

This next one is quite different and I don't think I have ever done one of those before.

Lylah, our executive secretary, is now made to believe that she meets her new boss for the first time. Having been hired by the HR department and all, she tries her best to impress him on her first day by telling him how much she loves to work long hours and so on. Here is where the fun comes in though. Every time I snap my fingers, she has to say what she really thinks about all this. OH boy, the poor thing has no idea of what is going on but all of a sudden she sings a very different tune before (catching herself). Looks like she has some explaining to do. There is too much fun going on for me to describe it all but it is absolutely worth watching.

I should also mention that on top of all that she is also programmed to feel penetrated as soon as she hears the humming vibrator, orgasm when she hears the word phone, flash her tits when she hears the click of my pen and...



Lylah Ryder  Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
You won't remember anyway

Our beautiful secretary wakes up as soon as her desk phone starts to ring. Poor thing has no idea that as soon as she picks up the phone, her body will freeze up leaving her immobilized. Things get worse when her boss (guess who that is) comes back into the office. Looks like she has no other choice then to let him mess with her.

Needless to say, I have to move her around, jiggle her tits and so on and so on. Yes, she does get upset but then again, what can she do about all this. It gets even hotter when I mention the fact that she might have to give me a BJ with even remembering. It fun to watch her trying to lie her way out of this one. She even promises to be good as soon as I let her go. Needless to say, I don't quite believe her which is why I have to use the "truth trigger" again and sure enough, she tells us how she really feels about me. If you don't know what the truth trigger is check clip Nine. Anyway, there is a lot more to come before I use the Jedi mind trick, which leaves her mindless and usable, on her. Fun and exciting clip with lots of surprises.



Lylah Ryder  Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Underpaid and sleeepy

Lylah works as one of those underpaid security guards for one of those fancy condo high-rises. The poor thing has no idea what is going to happen to her when she responds to a call from some of the tenants in regards to some noise that seems to be coming from the penthouse. Eager to play hero she stumbles into a burglary. Well, it takes her a bit but she finally figures out that something is not right and that the guy who pretends to be the tenants nephew seems odd, to say the least. Suddenly it hits her but by then it is already too late. The guy grabs her neck and she goes out within seconds. Now it is all about our sleeepy security guard being stripped slowly moved, posed, dropped and other wise manipulated while out. Of course we take our time (and zoom in) while checking her pussy, eyes, ears, hands, navel, remove her shoes, feet and so much more.



Lylah Ryder  Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a controlled device

Service is your new existence

Our security guard wakes up and by the looks of it, she does not remember what had happened to her before. Again, she confronts the burglar, which was yet another mistake. Despite her disbelieve and initial struggle, she ends up being his controlled robot toy. Overloaded with "frequency" her system collapses, her thinking stops and all she is capable of saying is yes master. Now we get to enjoy watching her walk around stiffly, repeat orders in a robotic and monotone way, masturbate, entice and seduce, move plants and other objects and, and, and.



Lylah Ryder  Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
All I want is you

There are actually a few different parts to this one. First our beautiful guard wakes up thinking that the first man she sees (yes that would be me) is the best looking guy she has ever met. Needless to say, she has no intention to call the cops; in fact she wants this amazing looking guy all for herself and it goes without saying that he can do with her whatever he wants. Uh, now that is tempting, particularly after watching her trying to seduce me with all she's got. Too bad I have to "snap" her out of it and to let her come back to her senses.

After a brief "deepening" our beautiful girl comes back and now she realizes (to her dismay) that she cannot seem to stop dancing. Poor thing is very confused and even more so embarrassed but there is nothing she can do about all this.

The misbehaving hand

Things get even worse when she comes back from another brief "nap" and now she cannot stop masturbating. Again the poor thing tries everything in her power but somehow her right hand and arm seem to have a mind of their own.



Lylah Ryder  Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Back on her feet

In this final segment, our sexy guard seems to believe that offering her to feet to the burglar will finally help her to regain control. The fun part is that the more I pretend to not care about her sexy little feet, the more she wants me to pay attention to them. Well, let's enjoy watching her offer us those feet of her while describing all the little details about them. Of course there is a lot more excitement going on then what I just described but you will see all that once you watch this segment. Long limp/foot play towards the end.



Lylah Ryder Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I will never be yours

A frantic Lylah returns to a bar after a night out with the girls. The bartender takes her to the back office where lost items are stored. She is desperate to search the lost and found box for her missing item. When asked about the item she describes it as a small hand-held electronic device, she states it is very important that I find it, very important. He pulls a large box from beneath a desk and sets it on the desk, stating, well if we have it, it will be in here, good luck. The woman frantically pulls out various items until she empties the box. A look of concern and despair comes over her face as she states in a panicked tone Oh no what am I going to do? what am I going to do...to.... do....Its very important that I find my remote.

Frank perks up and with a devious smile and smug tone replies Oh is this the remote you're looking for, why didn't you say so?

I thought somebody might come looking for this She is instantly relieved, almost ecstatic to see the device and quickly replies oh thank God you found it. Frank holds the remote up as if to display it and tells the woman I was hoping that the owner would look like you, some of those older models look so plastic, but not you. They really took their time putting you together

Lylah's joy fades to an expression of concern but she quickly disguises her worry with a wide disarming smile and perky attitude. She tells Frank I'm sorry, I'm afraid I don't understand what you're talking about. May I have the device, I really must be on my way. Thank you so much for finding it! Frank lays the remote on the desk and states Sure, I just need you fill out a little paper work and you can be on your way

Needless to say, Lylah never gets on her way, instead she is misused and "altered" by our horny bartender.



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