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MJ Joyce Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


No control needed

M J, drop gorgeous twenty one year old with a beautiful natural body, was just like most of the girls who come to see me, a bit nervous and yes, a bit skeptical which is actually the way I like it. The more nervous they are, the more they relax once the adrenalin drops and the more skeptical they are, the more impressed they leave. A J is one of the sweetest young girls I have met in a while and although not submissive by nature, she was able to let herself go and with that, she was finally able to explore her softer side.

What I mean by that is that once she let go of her fears, she was able to feel her body in ways she never thought was possible, uninhibited and free, that is. I could go on and on about how seductive and playful she is and how she can easily drive a man nuts with just a look of her dark big eyes but I am sure you will see all that once you watch her clips.

I used the "heavy book/ feather test instead of the balloon test and then took her through a combination "age regression/guided fantasy induction.

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MJ Joyce Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel it as if it was the first time.

I can feel that M J is slowly starting to let go and to follow my suggestions. I decide to take her back in time to the night where she felt her body's awakening for the first time. Her hands start to move all over her body and eventually find their way between her legs. I keep trying different triggers to see which one work best for her. As I always say, it is important to find the trigger, meaning the one thing, that turns them on the most. Her body starts to quiver and shake and it is time to let her get close to orgasm without letting her cum though. The feeling of helplessness seems to do the trick and her moaning and groaning turns into screams. Now it is time to take her down again into mindless bliss. Her eyes are clued to the watch in my hand and her repetitions of, I am under your control master, become slower and slower. I let her sink for a while before hitting her with another series of....



MJ Joyce Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn that you are born and bred to serve


First aware open eyed orgasm while screaming, I am cuming for you master .

Slow monotone repetition of, I am your mindless slave, while kneeling in front of her master.

Crawling while being made to feel helplessly fucked. I am your choice less slave master. Orgasm on command.

Deepening while on her knees. Mantra I was born and bred to serve you master, takes her into mindless bliss

Mind and will reduction into the laser pointer.

More open eyed orgasms showing her surrender.

Intense stares, repetitions and lot of quivering and shaking...



MJ Joyce Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn to obey your master

Please master remove my mind

I am your horny slave master

The trick to every successful female training session is to make the subject want to be rendered mindless and out of control. What is a good way to do this? By driving the subject up the wall for lust, make her repeat a number of mantras, reduce and eventually absorb their mind and thoughts through distraction, make them crawl, bend over while feeling penetrated deep and hard, place them in the zombie/sleepwalker position while repeating (slowly and monotone) "thank you for letting me serve you master, orgasms on command as well as denied orgasms and, and, and. I guess you get the picture. This one is for our mantra hard orgasm and female training lovers.



MJ Joyce Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am under your total control master

I am a good little girl for you master

Want more training, mind reduction, mindless stares, open eyed surrender, screaming hard orgasms on command, repetitions, intense lust that eventually makes her drop into unconditional surrender, breath controlled orgasm training and lot's of suggestions and training while our young subject is in mindless lustful bliss? Well, than this one is for you. After the intense training, the repetitions and everything else that is described above, MJ is finally ordered to put herself to sleep by holding her hand over her mouth and nose. Needless to say, once she is out, I take my time to slowly perform eye checks, look at her feet, neck and her sweet....



MJ Joyce Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I will be all right

I am a mindless horny slut

Our sexy young school girl needs help from the class nerd (guess who that is) to pass this week's exam. Well, that is what I made her believe anyways. Needless to say, a beautiful young chick like her is absolutely not interested in a guy like me and the only reason she is here at my place is that she needs a Tudor. Anyway, she shows up 40 minutes late and then she has a bit of an attitude on top of all that. The fun really starts though when she asks me for some water. I mention that the water next to her on the table is not for drinking and it is one of my dad's rather strange experiments but she grabs it anyways, the second I leave the room to get her something to drink. Watch our sexy young brat get slowly but surely not only wasted but also excessively horny and very, very, uninhibited. Watching her trying to keep her eyes wide open while sliding of the couch, grabbing the vibrator which happened to be in her bag, and eventually lusting after me, is very hot. Will she end up a mindless horny slut with no mind, will or thoughts of her own?




MJ Joyce Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Do you love my feet

MJ, a beautiful yet very stand-offish young dancer at the local strip , has no interest in showing off her legs and feet during her regular routine which is, given the fact that she has very cute feet, very unfortunate. Luckily for us, the manager of the club( yes it is me) has a way to change her little mind and to make her a feet loving and very obedient young girl. At first she tries to look away when he shows her the new crystal he just bought but before long, she is mesmerized and eventually put under his will.

Serving him with her feet, showing them off for his pleasure and pleasing him becomes her only focus. It becomes even more fun when half of her body suddenly freezes up while her mind comes back. Unable to move her legs and feet, she has no choice but to enjoy the managers slow sensual torture which eventually drives he into...





MJ Joyce Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
The girls told me that you play tricks on them

MJ, our sexy yet still somewhat reluctant stripper, snaps out of it and she immediately suspects that I might have something to do with the fact that she is naked and confused. I mention that it is so much fun to play with somebody who is as gullible and weak minded as she is. Well, needless to say, that did not go over too well but only a few seconds later, she jumps around as if tickled all over her silky little body. What follows is a lot of bitching, unexpected freezes as well as orgasms, apologies, laughter and, and. Of course at some point she has to admit her defeat and surrender to me. Eye checks limp body play.



MJ Joyce Clip Nine & Ten Members - Click here to view the Clips
nine and Ten The reformed gym teacher

MJ, who applies for the position of the gym teacher at the local High, finds out the hard way that making fun of the principal can cause severe episodes of the "freeze" which almost always also causes the absence of the mind. The poor thing is stuck in the middle of some very awkward moments and positions. Needless to say that she seems very surprised and somewhat confused when she is finally made aware of the fact that she is standing on her head without being able to move. Being the nice guy that I am, I eventually unfreeze her but unfortunately for her, she is soon thereafter immobilized and stripped yet again. Let's see what she has to say about that. OH, maybe I should remove her hand from her mouth first, that might help her to speak and yes, to complain about the fact that she is half naked.

MJ clip Ten Still stuck and utterly helpless

Our sexy young gym teacher is still stiff as a rock and despite my (not) so helpful attempts, there is no way for her to get dressed. Looks like we need to send her on a mental break by using the waving hand trick. Of course that is not her idea of fun but as soon as the hand moves by in front of her face, she drops in mid sentence. It is probably a good idea to use her mindlessness to have her undress and to assume the zombie/sleepwalker position before proceeding with some more freeze fun. Unaware of her nakedness, our gym teacher goes on showing me some of those intense exercises for the abs which requires her to spread her legs wide. Too bad, the poor thing freezes up again. Believe it or not, I even get her to apologies for all this before putting her to sleep. Neck play, eye checks and more...




MJ Joyce Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Stuck in a robot body

MJ, who believes to be my secretary has agreed to wear the first ever made robot transformation suit during the auction. I know, it is an interesting item be auctioned off and our young lady certainly agrees to that. After all, a suit that does transform young and often weak minded young girls into robots, is something most people have never heard off. All of a sudden though, she feels the effects of the suit and her demeanor changes quickly. Her body stiffens up, her eyes go blank and her movements are ridged. It is as if her brain stopped working, her personality went away and all that is left is an obedient servant. Of course we have to do some testing of her motor skill, as well as her speech box.

 Perfect, all she can say is yes master and repeat my orders in a monotone, robotic kind of way. Robot MJ has no will of her own, and so on and so on. Looks like the carpet needs some cleaning as well. No problem, robot MJ is ready to perform any kind of chore we give her. At some point, I decide to spice it up and to let her mind and awareness come back while her "robot body" is still under my control. Oh boy, that throws her off and I think we need to activate her robot programming again. Denied orgasms as well as unexpected orgasm induced by the remote control, stiff walk, repetitions, some masturbation, breast play and...



MJ Joyce Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
There is no such thing here!?

I have been a Repo man for twenty some years but what happened that afternoon was even for me a brand new experience. My company had just signed up Cybertech inc as a new client and I was the first one to repo one of their machines. The problem was that I was told to pick up a 3000 series unit. What the hell is a 3000 series, you might ask. Well, I had no idea at the time either and when I got to the residence things got real weird. I am used to being rejected but in this case the lady of the house promised me that her husband, Mark, did not own anything like this and that he would never be late on a payment. After wasting some time to find the dam thing, I finally decided to call the office and that's when they dropped the hammer on me. I was supposed to pick up an android 3000 series companion.

I guess, the lady of the house had no idea that it was her, we were talking about the whole time I was there and yes, she flipped. Turning her off was easy but then, how would I get her out of there? I mean these things are heavy and cumbersome to carry. Imagine coming out of a house with what looks like a woman, under you arm. OK, I have to admit, the idea of having some fun with her before turning her in, was too tempting for me to resist. I guess when they design these things, they add all kinds of safety features to these things so that they cannot be miss-used. Oh well, next time I know better.



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