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Madison Fox Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Going even deeper

Madison Fox, beautiful blond with perfect curves is definitely my kind of girl. Naturally horny when treated right (if you know what I mean), submissive yet feisty (wants t lose first), fun loving, imaginative, intelligent and very sexual with the right amount of sensuality. How much more can you ask for. Madison is a great subject and even the rumbling Florida thunderstorms could not shake her out of her deep trance. Needless to say that I had a lot of fun with our sexy blond and I am certain you will enjoy her visit just as much as I did.

Madison's eyes follow the watch from left to right for a while before her eyes became tiered enough to finally close. (I think she was testing me a bit) You can see her slow decent as her head wobbles quite a bit and her eyes twitch her and there, showing her emotions throughout some of the induction. Towards the end, I decide to have her raise her hand to indicate the depth of her trance and then take her even deeper. I am sure our clip one lovers know what I mean by all this.

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Madison Fox Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Getting more aroused with every word say

First repetitions of, I follow and I obey, I have no control and no choice. I don't know why but I had a feeling that Madison was already horny enough to be forced into her first very intense and very long orgasm as soon as I suggest that all control has been taken away from her. The sound of my voice is starting to drive her up the wall and I use her excitement to keep programming her into submission. It does not take long for her beautiful body to go into lustful convulsions as she is sliding of the couch.

Her moaning and groaning turns into lustful screams and I can feel that the more uninhibited I make her feel the more aroused she gets. Repeating, I follow and I obey makes her orgasms very hard as her legs feel helplessly spread apart and now it becomes quite obvious that our little girl likes it rough. Really intense start which shows how intensely horny our little girl is when treated right.



Madison Fox Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Slaves need to be trained

First oh my gods, slow repetitions, mind reduction, rolling eyes as well as stares, marathon orgasms on command, kneeling and...the list goes on.

Madison has to learn that she has no control over what she is feeling and that her mind is only in the way of her enjoying her training completely uninhibited and with no other choice. It is often a lot easier to put a subject into submission by using their own feelings of lust. The only trick here is to make them so dam horny that they don't even pay attention to anything else, meaning, being programmed. Madisons eyes are focused on the light on her forehead as she drifts deeper under my control. She keeps saying, I am under your control as her hands magically wander between her legs. The suggestion that she feels her pleasuring hands 10 times more intense in deep trance, works perfectly. Again, her body slowly goes into lustful convulsions, her eyes widen as she is not allowed to close her eyes.

As we all know, looking the person you makes you cum in the eyes during this very private moment, makes any orgasm a lot more intense. Well, besides all that, I love to see their surrender in their eyes as they are unable to hide any emotions. Time to put her in the slave position on her knees and to take her deeper yet again. Madison's eyes start to roll back as she sinks into orgasmic trance. Taking off her top for me makes her even more aroused( I love the power of suggestions) as she slowly repeats, I am a slave, I need to be trained. Time for her to learn that from now on, she will be orgasmed whenever I say so. Jus repeating the word master makes her cum again with lots of Oh my gods.



Madison Fox Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Good little girls need to be controlled

I have no will, no thoughts, no control. I follow and I obey

There is so much going on in this one that I don't even know where to start but I can tell you that if you are into mindless stares, rolling eyes, screaming hard orgasms at the snap of my fingers, jiggling breasts, zombie/sleep walker pose while repeating mantras, being called master, bend over masturbation, girls who are made to feel helplessly bound and fucked, open eyed orgasms, waving hands in front of mindlessly empty eyes and complete surrender than this one is definitely for you. The intensity with which Madison keeps screaming that she is a good girl without me even having to mention it as she is driven into complete surrender will go under your skin. Hot, Hot, Hot.



Madison Fox Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your trained slave

I am under your control master, I am your controlled slave

Good little girls go deep with their eyes rolling back for their master

Madison is bend over the couch with her beautiful ass pushed out at me as she feels helplessly taken from behind. Let's see whether we can make her orgasm harder and more intense than ever before. She keeps repeating, I am a controlled slave and her shaking and quivering legs almost give up under the intensity of her next orgasm. The more I make her wanting to show me that she is a good and obedient little girl the more she gets into it. I have not seen a girl finger fucking herself that hard for a long time but as I said, she desperately wants to show me how obedient and willing to surrender she is. Time to take her down even further. Madison's eyes roll back as she quietly sinks into an even deeper mindless trance. She slowly repeats, all I want is to follow my master. Of course there is still her final surrender yet to cum. The way she gives it all up, her last futile attempt to stay awake and the way she goes out, is way to intense to describe but believe me, you don't want to miss this one.



Madison Fox Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I am way too hot for that

I am a mindless slave

Madison believes to be a stripper at the local club who has been asked by the manager to work the Monday night shift. I am sure you know who the manager is. Anyway, being the star of the club, our little girl believes to be way too hot and too famous to work the Monday night shift, which we all know, does not make any money. Well, that is too bad, I was hoping she would be a team player. Besides not being interested in helping me out, she does not seem to think much of me as a man either, which is a bit hurtful. Oh well, I think me mentioning that I will turn her into a mindlessly obedient slave by using the my new brainwave converter, does not make me anymore appealing to her either. In fact, she makes fun of me for even bringing it up.

What can I say, a few seconds later, she is just standing there with her arms stretched out in front of her while repeating, I am a mindless slave, you are my master. Her eyes seem dim and empty as she receives more programming. Of course she has to expose her sexy body for me, pleasure herself without being allowed to orgasm, pinch her nipples so they are hard as rocks and learn to acknowledge my orders by saying yes master. It gets even more intense when she is placed on the table and ordered to hold the vibrator on the tip of her clit until allowed to orgasm.

Madison goes nuts and this is the perfect time to remove the rest of her thoughts, mind and will. The more she focuses on the light between her eyes as her mind runs out, the aroused she gets. She keeps repeating, I am an orgasm slave, I am here to obey as well as many, many yes masters while she is forced to orgasm. I will be your slave for ever master.



Madison Fox Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Panty freeze

Madison slowly wakes up and it seems like she only remembers part of what just happened which seems enough to get upset. She talks about my mind control tricks and telling her boyfriend about this. Needless to say, she is on her way out. Something very strange though happens when she finds her panties in one of the plants. Believe it or not, the second she touches them, she freezes up into a mindless statue. You should see her surprise and utter confusion about all this, the second her mind comes back.

Aware yet unable to move, she tries to figure out what just happened and why the hell she cannot move. Of course the fact that her breasts are out does not really make the situation any better. What really confuses her though are my somewhat unorthodox ways of trying to help her. Maybe she is over thinking the whole thing and it might be a good idea to render her mindless through the waving hand in the middle of her complaining.

At some point, I decide to let her move again and believe it or not, the second I hand her the rubber ducky vibrator, she freezes up again. How do I get her to take a gift like this from me. Well, let's say it was not easy but it sure worked. Of course being orgasmed by the same ducky that just froze her, is somewhat confusing for our little girl but a lot of fun for all of us to watch. Too much going on to describe it all but I tell you this much, she does (happily) agree to work Monday's...




Madison Fox Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Robots do not talk back

What the hell were you thinking Dude

Somehow Madison seems to believe that she is a serious actress who ended up in the wrong movie. Thinking she is casted for a serious Star Trek's movie, she somehow ended up on the set for the new Star Robolust flick. Needless to say, she hates the costume she has been given and me explaining to her that she will not only play an obedient fembot but also be transformed into one, seriously turns her off, after all she is a serious actress. What can I say, after listing to her complaining for a while, I just have enough of her talking back and thanks to the special remote control in my hand, our little girl not only shuts up but she also snaps at attention , just like a programmed robot. I am robot Madison. Of course we have to make sure that her mind is deactivated from here on so that my programming goes immediately into effect. What follows are many yes masters, salutations, masturbation with denied happy ending, nipple pinching, robotic repetitions of my orders and...... I follow and I obey master.



Madison Fox Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip

Madison, our stuck up sorority girl seems somewhat disturbed when I enter her dorm room which might have something to do with my reputation on campus. I guess all the girls know by now that I like feet and that getting a closer look of their naked feet or even a picture, is what makes me happy, to say the least. Anyway, despite me telling her that I am just trying to escape the roaring thunderstorm outside, she seems to want to get rid of me (it was actually raining pretty hard outside which you will hear). Looks like there is not much I can do about that or can I? Luckily though, she seem fascinated by the little gift I have for her, which happens to be a pen with a wind up flower on the top (very fast rotating and very mesmerizing). You will know what I mean when you watch this).

Despite her futile attempts to take her eyes off, she gets caught up in it and sinks into mindless trance. Let's see what she is hiding in those shoes of hers. All of a sudden she cannot stop touching her feet and show them of, very slowly and seductively. She interlocks her toes, spreads them and then curls them for me. I like pleasing you master, I am your servant. Of course I should mention the foot job demonstration and the intense orgasms, our little girl is made to feel while pleasing me with her sexy little feet. Yes masters, intense foot worship, close ups of every part of her feet, blank stares and so much more.



Madison Fox Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
This is not funny

This one is for our freeze, tickle, forced orgasm, brain washing and embarrassment lovers.

Madison, who does not remember what just happened, wakes up naked and with a vibrator on her bed. The fact that I must have come in while she was sleeping does not seem to make her feel any better, in fact, it makes her feel so embarrassed and confused that she turns around while getting dressed. As if that would help. Anyway, she does admit that her that she might have had some fun with the vibrator, why else would her pussy be wet, right. Again, she tries to get rid of me. Lighten up girl, laugh a little. All of a sudden she jumps all over the bed as if tickled by hundreds of hands. The worst part about all this is that her clothes she is wearing seem to have something to do with the itchy, tickling feeling, she is experiencing. Yes, she tries hard to keep those dam clothes on but that only goes so far.

Finally naked, she seems to feel even more embarrassed. Can it get any worse? Try being frozen and tickled at the same time. Being the nice guy that I am I offer her a deal. She can decide between being tickled and being orgasmed. Believe it or not, she goes with the tickling but unfortunately for her, she suddenly has to orgasm anyway. At some point I decide to render her mindless by waving my hand in front of her wide open eyes just because I am in the mood for it. Lots of back and forth, screaming, begging and so on. How did I get her to leave happy while thinking that I am the greatest. Go see for yourself.



Madison Fox Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I love your hypnotic power over me

Madison, who believes the session has just started seems to believe that what I do does not really work on her, after all, she is way too head strong to allow herself to slide under someone's power. There is just no way that she would ever turn into an obedient servant and slave. That is interesting but how does she end up mindlessly staring into nothingness with her arms stretched out in front of her while slowly repeating, I am just a slave, I love your hypnotic power over me and where are all the yes masters coming from? Why do her tits come out as her hands are forced between her legs and why does she all of a sudden go to sleep?

Let's try this again, shall we? Madison wakes up feeling a bit embarrassed about the fact that her tits are out and again, she seems to have forgotten the details of what just happened to her. Anyway, she goes on and on about being strong willed and in control and there is just no way that she could be transformed into an obedient masturbating, order repeating, stripping, yes master saying and saluting robot. Oops, here we go again.



Madison Fox Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Hold it right there

Madison, confused and embarrassed, tries to figure out what just happened. It does not seem normal to wake up in front of a stranger with a wet pussy and no recollection of what just happened. Still she does not seem to believe that what I do could possibly work on her. Why does she freeze up in the middle of me taking a picture of her and why can't she do anything about the fact that I am messing with her clothes, despite her bitching. Luckily though, she can still think and there is just no way that she would go mindless because I am waving my hand in front of her eyes. Nobody can stop me from thinking are pretty much the last thing she says before dropping into mindless bliss. After snapping her out of it again, our little girl still believes not to be very suggestible but then, why does she orgasm on my count to three and why would she suddenly feel tickled for no apparent reason. After putting her to sleep, it is now time to have some fun with her limp body, long neck and eye lids.



Madison Fox Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I would not do that

Final fun with Madison

Our little girl wakes up again and it seems like she has forgotten all of what happened so far in the session. We talk about what I usually do with and to the girls during my sessions and it she seems quite convinced that it will not work on her. I cannot help but notice though that she seems quite distracted which might have something to do with the fact that she is chasing the very irritating red laser light. Of course I cannot see what the hell she is chasing and why she is squatting the air which makes her feel very confused. It almost seems like she is bugged by some tiny mosquito.

Of course that all does not mean she is susceptible to what I do. Masturbating without being aware of it or exposing her breasts as if it was the most normal thing to do, does not mean anything at all either. Again, she is way too head strong for all this. OK, having an orgasm out of the blue could be a sign of weakness on her part. What can I say, the laser light seems to irritate her again and I think the only way to help her is to put her to sleep, hold open her eyes and orgasm her one last time. Fun clip with lots of mind games.


Madison Fox Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Dating is not relevant

I am an honor student and no I am not a science experiment

This week's robot story is about a beautiful young honor student who turns out to be nothing more than someone's science experiment. Yes, you read this right, our beautiful young girl turns out to be one of these new Fembots who was tested in the field, so to speak. Of course I had no idea about all this when I first met her. Well, to be honest, she seemed a bit odd and the way she responded to my somewhat clumsy attempts to hit on her, was quite strange. I mean, she could have just turned me down like most of the other girls did but no, she kept talking about the fact that dating is not relevant and that she is an honor student.

What kind of person talks like that anyway? All of a sudden things started to go south and for reasons I will never quite understand, she malfunctioned on me and that my friends was the beginning of a very hot and even more so stressful night. Hearing her talk about her beautiful breast and body while exposing herself to me and the fact that she wanted to feel me inside of her, made all her weird glitches, malfunctions and the subsequent repairs, definitely well worthwhile.

Was I supposed to mess with her programming and settings? Maybe not but then again, was it my fault that they did not tell us about her true nature and besides all that, they might never find out what happened that night anyway; or will they?


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