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Malloy Martini Sneak Preview Members - Click here to view this clip


Malloy, beautiful and very charming southern bell with perfectly shaped natural breasts.  She promised to be a lot of fun right away when she started calling me Sir. Why is that a good thing, you might ask? For one it shows not only respect but also a very natural tendency to follow authority.  Although a little nervous, like most of the girls when they first arrive, Malloy was more than eager to get started and I could feel the sexual charge that was already circulating through her curvy body. Get ready for another fun filled and very sensual session.

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Malloy Martini Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip
Given the fact that Malloy seemed a bit nervous, I decided to start her off with the magnet hands and then the floating arms and hands. Her eyes opened at the five count and I could see her dropping into very deep layers of her subconscious. Lots of flickering eye lids and head wobbling.






Malloy Martini Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Malloy clip two Pretty girls like me need to be trained

Malloy's big, trusting eyes are wide open when I take her even deeper. I let her feel the intensity of the sexual charge which is pulsating through her body, with an incredible strength and without any fore play or warning for that matter, she is suddenly hit by a very powerful orgasm. Suggesting that everything is possible in deep trance, I now start to strip away every bit of inhibition she might still feel. My voice becomes the touch of hundreds of hands. Malloy quickly learns to instantaneously orgasm, for no apparent reason. Her voice is slow and monotone when she repeats: "Pretty girls like me need to be trained" or "I am letting go of myself." By suggesting that her own thoughts cease, I slowly get her to go blank and with that she becomes even more willing and obedient. Very intense and different.




Malloy Martini Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Helpless Party Play Toy

First I ask her whether she can imagine an even deeper layer of trance and then take her there. Malloy willingly strips out of her top. Her eyes are wide open and empty. Drained of all strength in her body, Malloy now experiences and feels the party which is going on around her. I make her realize that she is the helpless entertainment for the night. Touched and played with by whoever wants her, my deeply entranced yet very blissful party toy, is orgasmed whenever I see fit. Malloy's lustful surrender is very hot to watch.



Malloy Martini Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Use me as you wish

Malloy's hands move up to her perfectly rounded firm breasts and she starts to massage them with an incredible intensity. To her it feels just as intensely stimulating as if she was touching her clit. I can feel her growing arousal and it seems to be the perfect time to drain the rest of her thoughts and mind out of her. The more aroused she gets the more her mind goes empty. Her big eyes stay wide open when I wave my hands in front of them. Empty, exhausted and willing, Malloy raises her arms and hands straight in front of her and she now learns how it feels to completely surrender. "Pretty girls like me need to be controlled, please master use me as you wish."



Malloy Martini Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
How did I get on here?

The fucking machine

Believing that there is a fucking machine in front of her, Malloy who always wanted to ride one, jumps right on. Thinking that she is all by herself, the girl takes it in deep and hard. How did I know she always wanted to ride one of these? Simple, because I suggested it. After a brief deepening, Malloy wakes up and now feels tied to the fucking machine and not only that, she also thinks she is in a bar and watched by a bunch of guys. The machine starts to move and while she is taking it in deep again her curvy body bounces around. Wait until you see her perfect tits jiggle. Malloy desperately tries not to be orgasmed in front of everybody. What do you think, is her fight futile or will she manage to get off without sharing her most private moment?



Malloy Martini Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
First freeze and confusion - I don't think I am a good subject.

Did I touch something weird?

That is pretty much the first thing Malloy asks me when she wakes up with her hands and arms not only frozen but also stuck to her head. She desperately tries to remove her hands from her head but as I mentioned they seem to be stuck and frozen. Being the nice guy that I am, I of course try to help her but now one of her legs is frozen and stuck to the couch as well. Sorry about that. Oh no, the other leg is all of a sudden frozen as well. Malloy does not seem to be able to piece it all together and she still believes to be a poor subject who can not really be affected by what I do. Let's see what happens when the rest of her body freezes up.



Malloy Martini Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen mind removal and mindless masturbation.

I am cumming for you master.

Still frozen, Malloy now has every ounce of her mind drained out of her. Empty minded and willing she now learns to orgasm with her eyes wide open. Some of you might ask why I like the open eyed orgasms? The eyes are the only part of the body that can not hide emotions, meaning the pupils always give it away. No faking here. Plus, we all try to hide this very private moment of the orgasm by closing our eyes. No privacy here. Malloy is learning all this after her mindless masturbation on her knees and mantras like "please master control me" or "yes master as you wish" only make it so much sweeter for her to surrender.


Malloy Martini Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Can I come back tomorrow?

Another short and intense one. Malloy, out cold is played with and orgasmed. After playing with her limp and helpless body, I decide to do some eye checks open her mouth and orgasm her in her sleep with the help of the magic wand. There is something hot about a sleepy girl's body going off into lustful convulsions, I am sure you all agree with me on that one. After I wake her up, Malloy suddenly remembers all of what just happened and her comments are certainly sweet and somewhat funny. Great almost full body shots of her limp body while being played with.



Malloy Martini Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Things you find at a garage sales

It is quite amazing what people throw away and try to get rid of! I mean, who would have ever thought that someone would try to get rid of a slightly older A300 sex/household fembot? Oh well, you know what they say: one man's trash another man's treasure. She even comes with the original owners manual, how much more do you want? To make a long story short, I take her home and turn her on and believe it or not, it works. Just like I remembered, the A300 is sexy yet a bit mechanical but certainly likes any kind of sex. In fact the first thing that comes out of her mouth is: "Hi I am Malloy I am programmed to be your love slave." Makes you wonder why anyone would want to get rid of her so badly? Well, shortly after some dancing and stripping, things start to get tricky and I start to get the idea of why. Don't get me wrong, my new sex toy is certainly hot and the way she plays with herself and pretty much does everything I want is great except for all the glitches that follow. At first, she seems to be able to overcome her problems, through self diagnostics, but that only goes so far. Steamy and sexual malfunction. Shot on a tripod which makes for nice full body shots during the repair scenes.





Malloy Martini Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Things you find at a junk yard

Looks like I am making progress after all. My sexy bot seems quite improved after a little bit of tinkering on my part. There is no comparison to the way she moved earlier and the best part is she keeps talking about wanting to get fucked. She even reports back after every orgasm, letting me know that it is completed. Although she is a household unit as well, she does not seem to be too interested in that at all. Well, that's fine by me as long as the sex program works. I sill don't know what is hotter, the way she malfunctions while pleasuring herself or the way she sucks on the glass dildo as if she was giving head. You be the judge, for me, I am pretty sure I will get at least some of my money back.





Malloy Martini Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Love potions do not work

Thinking it is her first workday at he local science lab, Malloy certainly does not seem impressed with what we do here. In her opinion, the love potions we develop and test here, just can not work, in fact, she tells me who could actually believe in that crap anyways? There is something else, she is not impressed with and that would be me. When I ask her out, she almost laughs at me and comes up with some lame excuses, like having to meet friends after work and whatever.

Being the nice guy that I am, I still decide to warn her about not touching the love potions anyways but then again do women ever listen? Of course not, the second I leave the room her nose is all over the colorful sample lotion bottles. Slowly but surely, Malloy's attitude changes and all of a sudden she thinks I am sexy and the fact that I am married suddenly turns her on. She even starts to talk about love. Will she become loving, promiscuous, oversexed, obedient and willing? Will her newly developed feelings for me drive her over the edge. Do love potions work? Too many questions to answer, go find out for yourself.






Malloy Martini Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Love potions do not work "master"

Master you own me, do with me as you please

After having offered herself to me, striped and masturbated and promised to love me, Malloy is now at the point where she is willing to do almost anything I want. I make her breath in more and more of the potion. Still there are many questions to be answered. Will she become my mindless, obedient love slave? Will she masturbate herself out of her mind and willingly succumb to me? Will she scream and beg for it? Will muted and breath controlled orgasms help her to let go of herself? Will she end up open-eyed and empty. Do love potions really work?




Malloy Martini Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
The perfect Secretary

The reluctant reprogramming

Another one of our non malfunctioning yet very obedient and perfectly programmed robot segments.

Malloy, believing she is on her first day at her new job, does not seem to particularly like what we do here at the lab. "What do you mean, reprogramming women to become the perfect Robot wife?" We all know that a lot of men are not too happy with the way their wives are and we take care of that with a little, let's say, reprogramming. Malloy reluctant but greatly enticed by the impressive salary plus benefits, accepts the position and continues to work at the lab.

As she begins to learn more about her new job, the last thing she feels is a jolt which seems to be coming through her ear piece. Her eyes widen for a split second and then go dim. Her sexy body stiffens and her transformation is completed. "I am just a robot, please command me master." A little bit more programming and Malloy is turned into the perfect sexbot with no personality of her own.

Unexpectedly and without any hesitation, she stands at attention, strips, orgasms and walks with her arms stretched out in front of her. Very hot training segment with lots of' "as you programmed master". I used the ear piece secretaries usually wear as Malloy's trigger to transform. Don't you love post h suggestions.







Malloy Martini Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen Flasher

After a brief deepening, Malloy wakes up thinking that she is a very interested yet more than skeptical student, who is trying to figure out whether what I do works or not. To her it all seems to be mambo jumbo, to say the least. Strangely enough though the second I snap my fingers, my doubtful little angel jumps up, flashes her ass and orgasms. Even stranger than that is the fact that the second she sits down she is struck by amnesia and does not remember what just happened. Now, if you think that all this is strange how about her freezing up every time I mention the word cold. Whenever I mention the word hot, Malloy, still completely unaware, flashes her sexy round ass again.

Of course, after every time she is frozen, Malloy wakes up realizing that her clothes are, let's say, slightly rearranged and or removed. Does that confuse her? Oh yes. Does she figure out what is going on? Oh no. Finally she tries to leave and that was probably not her best idea. Slowly but surely, her entire body freezes up, starting with her feet. It takes a while before her lips finally freeze up but it is a hell of a lot of fun to watch and listen to her while she is slowly immobilized. Helplessly stiff, my little girl is now sent into a state of blissful mindlessness, aka blank, and orgasmed by the magic wand. Great stares and freezes.




Malloy Martini Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip
Yes master I hear and obey

Bikini model Malloy seems to be quite a bore. Neither does she want to take off her top nor does she respond to my advances. When I ask her out to dinner, she gives me the: "I am a real model" kind of attitude and as we all know real models do not take off their clothes. What changes her mind about all this and what makes her eventually crawl and beg? Will she blankly masturbate for me or orgasm on command? Will she say I hear and obey master, over and over? What could possibly turn her into an empty minded, oversexed and very obedient love slave?




Malloy Martini Clip XVI Members - Click here to view this clip
Oh yes, I can work long hours

Thinking she is in an interview for a high paying job, Malloy tries her best to impress me. Particularly when I ask her whether she is used to working long hours, she vehemently insures me that this would not be a problem for her. About three seconds later, my eager little girl falls asleep. Up again, she naturally apologizes for what just happened but before long she goes out again. Malloy is getting frantic and her excuses become quite desperate and silly.

Nervous tiredness, come on who has ever heard about something like that? After another one of her sleeping "accidents," Malloy wakes up and starts to finger her wet pussy. More excuses are coming while she is trying to bring herself to orgasm. Believe it or not but right before the "happy ending" Malloy goes out again, under protest that is. It is fun to watch her go to sleep for no apparent reason what so ever!


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