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Mandy Haze Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Mesmerizing eyes

Mandy Haze, beautiful, tall and very sexy brunet with the most amazingly well rounded set of tits, did not have an easy time to get to us, thanks to some car problems, power outages at the hotel and so on but luckily for all of us, it all worked out at the end. Needless to say, it took me a little while to calm her down and to take her to that deep place I wanted her to go to. Mandy admits to being a perfectionist and we all know what that means. Well, perfectionist like to do everything perfect and in order to do that, they believe that they have to be in control of whatever they are doing.

 I hope this all makes sense. Anyway, Mandy was about to find out that not being in control actually makes live a whole lot more fun and exciting. Besides all that, everything we do from the subconscious comes much better than all the premeditated plans we might have. To make a long story short, Mandy shaped up to be a great subject and playing with her was fun and very exciting.

I decided to start off with a mirror induction which I had not done for a while. Mandy's eyes are just perfect for it and it hot to watch her lose herself in her own eyes. Slow close ups of her body, legs neck and face as well as eye checks towards the end.

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Mandy Haze Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I lost all control

Mandy's hands feel slowly drawn between her legs without her having any control over it. Her legs open up and before long, she is close to orgasm without being allowed to cum though, after all, she has to learn to obey first. Her beautiful young body quivers and shakes in the chair while her moaning and groaning turns into lustful screams. Time to take her a bit deeper. Her big eyes are clued to my new fast rotating light as she drops into mindless lala land. Mandy ends up mindless staring into nothingness while being in the sleepwalker position. I wave my hand in front of her empty eyes and then order her to slowly walk to the bed.



Mandy Haze Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Please allow me to be your slave

Mandy, still placed on her knees on top of the bed, is ordered to expose herself and to masturbate herself to orgasm for me. It is time for her to learn that good and obedient slaves have to mindlessly follow and that masturbation is one way to let her master feel that she wants to be a good little girl for him. Of course, crawling in circles while repeating, my body is yours master, is yet another way for her to show that whatever her master does is arousing and it also makes her a better slave. Suddenly her arms feel pulled up in the air while she is made to feel penetrated and helplessly fucked. Finally we get to see her beautiful tits bounce all over her chest. Let's find out how much deeper we can take her. Mandy's repetitions of, I am sinking into deep trance for you master, become slower and slower until she is gone. Finally she is just sitting there, a beautiful shell of herself, while I pose her body and arms, open her mouth and wave my hand across her dim eyes. Still there is more to come. Mandy ends up masturbating herself to orgasm while staring at me. I always love to see their surrender whenever they orgasm for me, in those big wide open eyes. Yes masters, mantra, orgasm training and so much more.



Mandy Haze Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am here to be trained by my master

As I always say, finding the trigger, the one thing that drives them absolutely nuts, is the key to every session. This next segment shows our little girl go absolutely crazy over her feet as well as her tits and the idea of offering them to me, is what drives her over the edge. Yeap, some girls have more than one trigger and Mandy is sure one of them. First though we have her pleasure herself while her repetitions of, I am here to be trained, drive her to orgasm. Finally our little girl starts to get hot and sweaty as she bursts into another orgasm. Now it is time to "sensitize" her soft feet.

 Mandy slowly takes off her boots as her arousal grows. I can feel that my suggestions have hit some deep seated fantasies of hers. Showing me her feet as a sign of her surrender is starting to drive her nuts. What really does it though, is when her feet slowly move closer towards each other.

 The suggestion that she will orgasm whenever her feet are allowed to touch each other, gets her wet and makes her beg. She keeps screaming, I am your mindless slave master, please touch my feet. Now let's see what happens when sensitize her tits. Mandy's beautiful body goes into lustful convulsions as soon as I allow her to touch her breasts. Very intense and way too much to describe all the details of this great female training segment. Yes Sir as well as yes masters.




Mandy Haze Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Trained to perfection

This next one is just as intense as the last one. Mandy is still focused on her feet and she desperately tries to let them touch each other which will make her cum again for us. Our little girl has to learn that everything her master does to her is exciting and arousing. She keeps screaming that she has never been this obedient and that she surrenders to my will. Finally her feet are allowed to touch and her beautiful body immediately goes into lustful convulsions under the impact of the orgasm. Of course that is all just warm up. Placed on all four with her ass pushed out at me, our little girl is now taken on another rollercoaster ride of lustful arousal and mindless surrender. Still, all just warm up. Now we discover that our little girl responds incredibly intense to the "breath controlled" orgasm training.

 Mandy is about to feel and experience her ultimate surrender to her master. Most girls go nuts during the breath controlled orgasm training and Mandy sure is no exception. Her face turns red, her eyes widen, her body trembles and I can feel that she is ready to succumb to being completely controlled. Now it is time to take her deep down again, pose her body, open her mouth, slowly pan over her sexy body while she just sits there, mindlessly dim and absent. Yes masters, sleepy orgasm while I am holding her eyes open and... too much to list.



Mandy Haze Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
There is always the microwave oven

Mandy, who believes to be my wife, has, thanks to her new women's group, decided that she is not going to cook for me anymore. What makes things worse though, is the fact that she wants to go to yet another meeting tonight, which means no Wednesday sex for me. I think we cannot let that happen, I mean no dinner, no sex and the wife being out spending money, no way, no how. Anyway, I decide to give her the new handheld fan, she always wanted. You know the one with the fast rotating lights. Sure enough, despite her brief struggle, my unruly wife goes down into a state obedient bliss, if you know what I mean. I am your horny mindless slave master, please teach me to be obedient. Now she has to learn what it means to be a good little girl. Self spanking, masturbation without happy ending, lots of mindless yes masters and other repetitions, zombie pose, dim stares and more. I am nothing without my master.



Mandy Haze Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Call my mom

I can do with you whatever I want, after all, you are a fantastic subject.

Mandy, who still believes to be my wife, does not really agree with what I mentioned above, about her being a good subject and all but she learns through being frozen and played with (several times), being rendered mindless, orgasmed at will (with and without the light sword) forced to masturbate without being able to stop it and so on, that I might be right. Why does she end up with one of her fingers stuck in her mouth and why does she wants to happily cook and even more importantly fuck at the end of this segment? Is she so desperate for help that she wants to call her mom, my least favorite person? Fun clip with lots of fun stuff going on.




Mandy Haze Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I have ears on my head

What is a brain scram.....

Mandy, who believes to be a cocktail waitress at a strip club, bitches and complaints about the new waitress costume she is supposed to wear. The girl swears up and down that she would never wear anything like this in public, after all, she is not a stripper, which btw, I think to be very unfortunate and a waste of a beautiful body. Anyway, to make a long story short, there is only one way to make her wear the costume, strip and masturbate for me, dance, orgasm on command, repeat my orders, say yes master and walk around stiffly with her hands and arms stretched out in front of her body. You might have guessed it, she is turned into an obedient robot and with that, her mind and will are removed in the process of being objectified. Of course there is a lot more going on but I don't want to sill it all here. Mandy ends up desperately wishing to be transformed back into being my obedient robot forever. How did I do that? Go and find out.




Mandy Haze Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I do anything

Upon awakening, Mandy now believes to apply for a job as a cocktail waitress at the strip club. In fact, she really, really wants the job but the problem is that she laughs her ass off every time I say something which is very annoying. Needless to say, she is very apologetic and even more confused about all this but that does not make me feel any better. Could she be laughing at me while telling me that she really, really needs the job. Things get worse when she suddenly freezes up which, btw, does not stop her from laughing at me. Looks like we have to help her out of those (few) remaining clothes. You would think that after all this she would happily orgasm for me but no, I have to count to three first before that happens (under protest and despite struggle) Looks like she is better off being mindlessly entranced by the light.




Mandy Haze Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
That's just not me

Mandy, who now believes to be auditioning for our shoot, does not seem to believe that she might be up for the job but then, all of a sudden, she starts to squirm in her chair. It is almost like she is sitting on a giant vibrator. Needless to say, she tries to cover up what is happening but the fact that she cannot seem to be able to get off the dam chair, does not make it any easier for her to explain what is going on. Of course she believes to have a hard time orgasming in front of strangers which makes the impending orgasm she is about to feel, even more fun to watch. Looks like we need to put her to sleep for a bit, expose her tits and do some eye checks before she comes back for another round of fun:)



Mandy Haze Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Of course we are superior

The next segment is all about personality switches. Mandy goes back and forth between thinking and believing that she is a female rights activist who loves bashing men to being a horny stripper who tries to seduce me with her erotic strip dance. Of course there are lots of embarrassing and even more confused moments whenever I switch her at the snap of my fingers. Needless to say, the idea that she might have been entranced before seems absurd, after all, she is a very strong willed young woman who would never fall for anything like this.



Mandy Haze Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Let them be free

There is a lot going on in this one. First after Mandy wakes up again, still believing that she is a female rights activist, she has the need to take off her bra because that is, as we all know, a sign of women's liberation. We keep talking about those terrible men out there who hypno women into becoming their slaves which, of course, could never happen to her. Oops, there she goes. Mindlessly entranced with her arms up in front of her body, she now has nothing more to say then, I am your horny slave master. Imagine her embarrassment when I snap her out in the middle of her masturbating for me. Next comes the part where she tells and shows us what all the men out there cannot have, which is, her beautiful body. Poor thing freezes up mindlessly and does not even realize that I now remove all those unnecessary clothes.

The next time I snap her out of it, she does not even realize that she is quite naked and she goes on showing us what we all cannot have, which would be her naked body. Time to freeze her again and to play with her some more. Now she comes back from lala land and her panties are gone as well. Watch her sit down for us with her pussy wide open as this seems to be the way not to show us men what we cannot have. Of course no man has ever made her orgasm, ever. Oops, I guess there is a first time for everything


Mandy Haze Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
No morals, no power

Mandy, who believes to be applying for the job of a kinder garden teacher, has no clue that she is butt naked while talking about her high standards and moral values. Of course the fact that she is masturbating does not seem to bother her as this seems the most normal thing to do in front of a stranger. What makes it a bit weird though, is the fact that she seems to get very tiered while trying to bring herself to orgasm. Still, her morals and standards are high. I think it is time to make her aware of what she is doing. Poor thing, now she is aware but she cannot stop masturbating. Is that embarrassing or what. I am so very sorry, Sir. Well, looks like we need to put her to sleep to prevent her from having an unwanted orgasm. Mandy cannot seem to win this one.

The second she wakes up, she has her own finger stuck in her mouth and there seems to be now way for her to get it out. Things get worse when that same finger suddenly goes down into her vagina, without her having any control and or choice over it. Very embarrassing, I know. Still, she does not believe that she will drop into mindless bliss the second I wave my hand in front of her eyes but then, in mid sentence, she...



Mandy Haze Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not what I seem to be

Most of my internal components are made in Japan and China I always like to impress my new girl friends by inviting them to my house for dinner and Mandy was no exception. Come to think of it now, it did seem a bit strange that we had never gone out for dinner before but everything about this relationship seemed different right from the start. Mandy seemed somewhat off that night and no matter what I did, it was not right. She did not want to eat or drink and the idea to jump into my new Jacuzzi with me seemed to almost terrify her. Looked like the whole evening was a complete bust until something very interesting happened.

 All of a sudden, she changes the subject and tells me that she is not what she appears to be, meaning she is not a real woman. It took me a while to understand what she was trying to tell me, after all, who would have ever thought that something as beautiful as her was actually a fembot. I have to admit, a dream seemed to have become true. Yes, I am one of those guys who always wanted to have his own personal fembot, you know the kind that can be programmed the way I want to and who loves to serve me. All she had to do was tell me and to let me look at her circuits and so on. Turned out, I was randomly chosen to, unknowingly, test her abilities and to find out how lifelike she really was. Dam, what a night that was, despite all the malfunctions, twitches, unnecessary repetitions and repair work, of course.


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