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MandyK Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip
You changed my life

Mandy K, beautiful hard body MILF already back for more fun. Usually the girls have to wait a bit longer before they can come back for a second session but in Mandy's case, I was more than willing to make an exception. Who could ever forget her first session? Mandy is an unbelievably good subject and we hit it off right away when she first came in and as you remember, her session was just extraordinary. In fact the first thing Mandy mentioned when she came back was that the session had changed her life.

Usually I don't have the girls say too much about their private life's on camera but here again, Mandy is certainly an exception and her comments on the first session and the impact it had on her life is quite amazing. Sounds like there is another hot session in the making, doesn't it. You bet, in fact I don't even know how to describe the intensity of the session but I am sure you know what the power of the mind is capable of when you watch her clips. I promise you whether Mandy is your type or not, you will be amazed and turned on, no matter which clip you watch and when you watch all of them, you might have to split it up into a few days to catch your breath or what ever else you might have to catch.

I had planed on doing a regular induction in order to get her back slowly but as soon as I felt her excitement during the locking hands test, I just knew she was ready to be trained. Mandy's body is starting to shake the more I suggest the feeling of helplessness. Just like last time, she is encouraged to fight it and the more she does the more aroused she feels. Years of repressed feelings and missed orgasms need to be brought out. Mandy gives up her initial fight to stay in control and drifts into the bitter sweet feeling of defeat and surrender. I am cumming, I have no choice. To watch her lustful body quivering and shaking under my control was exactly what I was waiting for and it happened sooner than I thought. How much more can you ask for?



MandyK Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Please take advantage of me

In the last segment, I made her believe that her hands and knees are tied up. This time I force her legs open and freeze them thus exposing her pussy. Her hands are frozen behind her head. Mandy loves the feeling of helplessness. Her sexy had body is shivering and trembling under my voice. Repeating," please make me helpless," intensifies the sensitivity of her body ten and then twenty times. I make her feel her clit and pussy with an intensity she never though was even possible. Mandy's eye make up is starting to run that's how hot she feels. All she feels though is her lust and all she wants me to do is take advantage of her. The touch of the magic wand drives her up the wall and I induce a series of very deep orgasms. I make her open her eyes because I want her to see and feel who makes her cum. Showing me the intensity of her orgasms with her eyes wide open, drives her even more insane for lust. What I describe her is just the tip of the ice berg.


MandyK Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
I cum just because you say so master

I am deeply entranced master

In this short but hot segment Mandy is driven into another series of orgasms which are so powerful that she goes out with the last one. I can feel her helplessness when she repeats, I am deeply entranced or I cum just because you say so. It is amazing what can happen when people who thought they had to be in control for most of their lives finally let go and surrender. Watch and you will know what I mean. Mandy's body is shivering and shaking while she is drifting into deep sleep. Now is the time to program her a bit more and set her up for the next round.


MandyK Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Seductive stripper

Mandy believes to be a stripper in a room surrounded by mirrors. Behind the mirrors are her high paying customers who are watching every one of her seductive moves. Mandy feels sexier and more seductive than ever and she slowly starts to dance. Her clothes come off and her glistening, muscular naked body seductively goes down on her knees. Mandy's hands wander between her legs and I can hear how she is caressing her wet pussy. The idea of being watch by a bunch of mysterious men seems to turn her on. Her eyes are wide open and I suggest that all she sees is this grey haze in front of her eyes. The feeling of being helplessly blind makes her feel even more aroused. I can see the nerve endings twitching in her entire body. Mandy shakes like a leave and it is obvious how badly she wants to cum but she has to wait for the snap of her masters fingers.


MandyK Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
I am helpless and immobilized

I surrender all control is one of the mantras that makes her cum

Frozen, tied up, carried and swayed around while orgasmed, denied to orgasm, forced to orgasm on the count of three, mindless surrender of all control over mind and body, mantras and more.

There is so much going on in this segment that I have a hard time deciding where to start. Mandy is maid to feel tied up, frozen stiff and absolutely helpless. Her shivering body is covered in sweat and her excitement is indescribable. I keep programming her through mantras while her body stiffens up even more. She keeps cumming in my arms and I can feel her quivering wet and very excited body in my hands. Very hot and again absolutely amazing. Mantras like I surrender all control or take all control are starting to take her over the edge. Denying her to cum makes her feel even more helpless and very willing to let go of herself. Waving my hand in front of her eyes shows how mindless and empty she is by now and I decide its time for one more final and exhausting orgasm burst.


MandyK Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
The Sunday orgasm

Frozen, carried and orgasmed, rapid orgasms and loss of control, first breast orgasm and a whole new meaning of the word Sunday.

Mandy frozen again experiences her first "Breast" orgasm. Her titts are sensitizes and directly connected to her clit. I make her feel her breasts and the rest of her body like she has never felt herself before. Mandy's entire body and her breasts in particular become one giant erogenous zone and the slightest touch of the magic wand on her breasts make her explode. Of course she has to beg me to touch her first. Frozen again, this time with her arms stretched out side ways, Mandy is picked up and orgasmed again. Another mantra, I have no control and a series of rapid orgasm prepare her for what comes next.

The Sunday orgasm is a great example of p. h. trigger planting while the subject is in bliss and thus very responsive. I don't think Mandy will ever think of Sunday the same way she used to.


MandyK Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen, Suspendet and orgasmed out

What would a Mandy session be without the orgasmic suspension. This time it is even more dramatic than the first time. Mandy's legs are spread far apart, making it even more impossible to hold herself. She is frozen stiff when I pick her up and suspend her lustful body between 3 chairs. I can feel her crowing excitement and I suggest that she will orgasm as soon as she feels the slightest touch anywhere on her body. Mandy's body is shivering and shaking for lust, her screaming gets louder with every word I say. Helplessly frozen and suspended between the chairs, Mandy as no choice but to surrender her mind and body.

MandyK Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen, orgasmed and rendered mindless

Back on her feet, Mandy is still frozen and I continue to orgasm her in any way I please. Her mind is removed and her body shakes like a leave when she repeats, "Thank you master for taking my mind and will." I have no more control over my mind and body. The last couple of clips are better watched together. Unbelievably hot clips and I promise you, it is something you have never seen before. Clip seven and eight are split up for everybody with a slower connection.



MandyK Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Amore or the Italian Love potion

Many of you asked me to make more love potion segments. Well here we go. Mandy believes to be part of a nationally televised Wine tasting event. Today's wines are all from Italy and as we all know, Italians know about amore, meaning love. Our senior wine taster, Mandy laughs her head of when I tell her that the wines she is about to taste are produced in a small village in Italy and that they might have a certain effect on women. She just can not seem to believe that drinking the wine could make her fall in love with the male closest to her at the time she is drinking it. Of course not, those are just old wife's tails, right? Back to the wine tasting. Our wine taster Mandy takes a couple of small sips and it seems like she likes it. No reaction of course. Before long though her behavior starts to change and she invites me to sit with her. Has nothing to do with the wine of course. Soon there after, her behavior becomes increasingly flirtatious. Still no reaction to the wine.

Her flirtatiousness turns into more of a promiscuous and somewhat horny attempt to hit on me. Of course all that has nothing to do with the wine. Her sensual play with the banana which might give me the idea that she wants to blow me, again have nothing to do with the wine. Her talking about love and how perfect I am could also not be related to the effect of the wine. The fact that she is starting to expose her body has nothing to do with the wine either. Do you want to switch to another wine? Oh no, that's fine. Hot and slow transformation and what Mandy can do with a banana is certainly worth watching.

MandyK Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Amore or the empty minded wine taster

More talk about amore/love and my horny and obviously love struck little wine taster is now willing to do pretty much anything I want. Mandy seductively removes more of her clothing because she wants me to watch her masturbate and orgasm for me. Love, love, love is in the air and it has absolutely nothing to do with the wine, of course. As we all know love makes blind and in Mandy's case even mindless. Orgasmed at my will, her little mind runs out and Mandy drifts into the unknown bliss of love and lust. Very sensual with a dramatic ending.

MandyK Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Bend over and trained Robo boss

Mandy, made to believe that she is my boss, is quite furious and upset with me and it seems like she has absolutely no tolerance for me using the work computer to look at some of these female training sites on the Internet. The fact that these sites are all about turning women into obedient robots makes it even worse and despite my promise to not do it again, she fires me.

Well, so she thinks. Mandy suddenly stands up, her eyes straighten out and all she seems to know how to say is," I am a robot." Let's have her strip down to her pantyhose first and then start her programming and training. I am just a robot and I am sorry for wanting to fire you." Ass out and bend over, my new toy learns to please and obey on my command and my command only. Bent over masturbation, denied and or forced orgasms and being put into maintenance mode are just the beginning of her training.

MandyK Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen, orgasmed and deactivated Robo boss

If you like to see the pure white in her rolled up eyes, you will like this one.

I don't even know how and where to start with this one. Mandy, still in the obedient robot mode, is activated again. Bend over on the bed, she is now programmed to repeat mantras like, you are my master, while she is orgasmed at the same time. After this warm up, she learns what it feels like when her sexy robo body freezes up. With her legs spread and frozen up in the air, my sexy (ex)boss is now orgasmed or denied to orgasm in many different ways. Mandy is getting very hot again and by the end of the segment, she seems completely exhausted and ready to be deactivated. This is a very intense segment in which Mandy experiences some of her most powerful orgasms and it is quite obvious how much she loves to be trained. The eye checks towards the end show how deep she is and all you see is the white in her eyes, particularly hot when both eyes are opened at the same time.

MandyK Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen, tickled, orgasmed and obsessed

This is a bit of everything kind of clip. Mandy is deactivated in the middle of her orgasm and then programmed. Her sexy little body is tickled and orgasmed at the same time while she is repeating that being senselessly tickled makes her cum. All of a sudden she is obsessed with her own feet.

Sucking and kissing her own feet makes her cum again. Switched to feeling the tickling again, Mandy seems to be going out of her mind. I think what made it even worse is the fact that she is frozen again. There is nothing she can do about the orgasms, the tickling or her feet driving her nuts. The training intensifies and Mandy is now frozen with her back and legs arched up in the air and again her body is shaking under the orgasms. Mandy is screaming, begging and repeating a lot in this one and her subsequent and complete surrender is not only intense but also real and powerful.



MandyK Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
The Bride and the Mirror of Lust

Her dress is as white as the white in her eyes.

Mandy seems quite disturbed when I barge in on her while she is getting ready to try on her wedding dress. Who could blame her, all brides are a bit on the edge the night before the big day. She is even more disturbed about my proposal to have some, let call it, extra curricular fun, during her last night of freedom. Ready to kick me out, she all of a sudden seems to lose herself in the mirror in front of her. Mandy's big eyes are widening and my sexy bride to be sinks deeper and deeper. Did I warn her about the mirror. Of course I did, let's not forget, I am a nice guy. A little bit more of my gentle guidance and Mandy is not only entranced but also incredibly aroused. It gets very intense quickly, the way Mandy loses herself in the mirror is hot.

The suggestion that her mind is sucked out by the mirror and that she has no choice over any of this makes her sexy little body tremble. After she orgasms all of her energy into the mirror, I decide to put her on her knees and drive her even more crazy for lust. Mandy's body goes into lustful convulsions when I let her feel the power of the breath controlled orgasm. It is amazing how intense it feels when the energy released during the orgasm is kept in. Watch Mandy and I am sure you will want to try it. Exhausted and sweaty, Mandy goes out with her last orgasm. The eye check at the end of this segment is amazing, all you will see is the white in her eyes and believe me, it is absolutely real.



MandyK Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip
Bridle training and the white in her eyes

Mandy was just taken out by her last orgasm and is now trained to orgasm on command in her sleep. I switch her from cumming hard to going right back out and every time she is out, I perform one of my eye checks and of course play with her little body. Mandy is out cold and every time I lift her eyelid, all you see is white. Almost creepy particularly when I open both eyes at the same time but it is also very hot and certainly show that my girl is out cold. Of course there is more. I had practiced the Sunday orgasm with Mandy in one of the earlier clips and now I plant the suggestion deep into her subconscious. Deeply asleep Mandy is trained to think about Sunday and her body starts to quiver and shake almost immediately and believe me, she will never forget that one. Great example of how to plant and reinforce P.H triggers and that way make them unforgettable.


MandyK Clip XVI Members - Click here to view this clip
No pain no gain

The day my new personal trainer showed up for our first training session, the dam air conditioner had to go out. How about that for Murphy's law? Anyway, I am not about to give up on my resolution to lose those extra pounds and I figure at $65 an hour, she should be able to handle a little bit of heat as well, right? Besides, as we all know, no pain no gain and sweating during exercise is just part of the whole experience. Everything seems to be fine and although she complains about being hot, my sexy trainer, agrees to show me some really tough exercise. Boy, am I out of shape or what but then again no pain no gain which is exactly what she keeps telling me while she shows me all those back breaking exercises. All of a sudden I catch her miscounting the reps and it almost seems like she has to catch her breath or something. can not really put my finger on it but something is not quite right with her.

She still gives me the no pain no gain lecture but it seems like she is not really with it and it sounds like she is just repeating programmed words. Could it be that I hired a fembot trainer? No way, no how. It does not take long and she goes down and malfunctions. I guess you don't believe me when I tell you that I must have accidentally activated her sex program during my rather clumsy attempt to repair her. Accidentally or not, I love the new and very sexual version of my personal trainer much better and the fact that she thinks I am sexy makes it even more exciting. She even wants me to watch her play with herself. Ready for insertion.








MandyK Clip XVII Members - Click here to view this clip
No pain no malfunction

Do you feel the burn?

Fembot Mandy states that she is ready for me and again I drive her to her limits. I have switched her to being voice controlled and the her body is now going into lustful convulsions while she is moaning and groaning. Maybe it is the heat or maybe she just reaches the limits of her programming or design but all of a sudden she starts to talk gibberish again. No pain no gain, do you want to fuck, it is way to hot. Does that sound like gibberish to you or what. OK, I have to admit, my hopes are up and so is my sperm count, in other words, this is no time to give up. My hopes go up even higher when she suddenly asks me how she can possibly please me. I get her to function again after anther attempt to fix her and it gets hot again, maybe even a bit too hot. Just when things seem like they could not get any worse the unforeseeable happens and this time, I certainly do feel the burn.


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