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Mariah Jones  Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Journey into the inner world

Mariah Jones, beautiful young Puerto Rican hottie with the perkiest breasts, has exactly the kind of zest for life, adventure and fun that makes her a great subject. Full of energy and willing to explore her boundaries, Mariah is the kind of girl that could drive any red blooded man crazy. Like every woman who knows she is sexy and beautiful, Mariah can be a hand full at times and it did not take me long to figure out that she loves to find out how far she can push it, only to find out how sweet it is to lose and to subsequently surrender. I just love it when they are a bit spunky at first. Mariah's beautiful big eyes, (which we will see rolling) her sweet smile together with her fun loving attitude in combination with her raw, hot Latin sexuality made this another afternoon I will never forget. As for Mariah, she left with a big smile on her face, taking home an experience she never even dreamed of.

The first part of our session went despite her initial nervousness very well. The raising arm test seemed to have taken her under already and when I saw her body almost lifting up, I knew she was close to letting herself go. Mariah's eyelids started to flicker her eyes rolled back, her breathing became relaxed and rhythmic and I knew she was heading down.

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Mariah Jones  Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Please make me let go

Orgasm control is a very important part of every female training session. Mariah is learning that no matter how much she wants to cum, she has to wait until I either allow her to orgasm and or order her to cum at any given moment. The idea of not being allowed to orgasm whenever they are ready is foreign to most people and Mariah is no exception. Of course the training becomes a lot more effective when the subject is horny beyond their control and ready to pop at any second. Mariah is slowly driven up the wall, her horny young body is uncontrollably quivering and shaking and the repetition of: �please make me let go�, is intensifying her feelings of lust even more. Each and every fiber in her body is sensitized in deep trance. I can feel that the intensity of having lost control over her body and mind is turning her on unlike anything she has ever experienced before. Everything has its price and Mariah knows by now that in order to cum she has to let go of herself. On the count of three....



Mariah Jones  Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Please command me to orgasm

Mind reduction, mantras and having no choice leads to first "OH MY GOD" Mariah's beautiful perky breast are jiggling and swaying in her sexy little bra while her body is slithering all over the couch. The next step in successful female training is to make the subject beg to not only orgasm for you but to also make her give herself up while doing so. What better way than mind reduction is there to achieve just that? I slowly drain Mariah's thoughts and mind and her feeling of lust seem to increase even more. Her eyes seem empty and dull while her young silky body is going into lustful convulsions. Time for the "please take my mind�, mantra. I could feel her giving up and repeating: �I have no choice�, turned her on and her fingers started to slam into her wet pussy and I can feel that all she wants is to cum for me. Female training at its best...



Mariah Jones  Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Command me Master, I give you all my will

Short and very intense. It is now time for the open eyed surrender. The eyes are the only part of our bodies which can not hide our real feelings and emotions. The reason why we close our eyes during an orgasm is to hide our vulnerability during this most private and weakening moment, a moment of complete openness and surrender. Mariah's eyes are fixated on the blue crystal I am holding up in front of her eyes. Her lust is intensifying and her eyes are staring into the distance while her mind is drifting into the crystal. Completely absorbed and horny beyond her control, Mariah keeps repeating, I give you my mind and will. Her naked body writhers and shakes during her intense orgasms, leaving her exhausted and empty. Intense close ups of her staring eyes and jiggling breasts during her screaming hard orgasms.



Mariah Jones  Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Take all of me

This one is not only for our eye rolling, white eyed lovers. Part of all female training is the standing up orgasm which is a lot harder and a whole lot less comfortable than the sitting or lying down ones. To get your subject to the point where it absolutely does not matter whether they are standing or sitting is the key. Consumed by her lust, Mariah finger fucks the hell out of her swooshing wet pussy. Again, repeating over and over, "take all of me� or �I am mindless for you," seems to drive her nuts. I am a good girl, master. Mariah's firm breast sway and bounce all over her heaving chest and her orgasms are screaming loud. Of course that is all just the warm up for what comes next. Put on her knees, Mariah is now taken even deeper. Her eyes seem to be rolling in the back of her head and she sinks deeper with every orgasm. Her body is nearly exhausted, her eyes role even further back and her silky skin is glistening with sweat. Very intense.



Mariah Jones  Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
I will follow and obey

Please let me cum, please, please, please

Mariah seems increasingly exhausted, which is a great time to intensify the training even more. Remember the more the conscious mind is distracted the better the training works. Still shivering and shaking from the last segment, Mariah is now put on all four and orgasmed at will. Her breasts are swaying during these completely "hands free" orgasms. Her eyes open, close and role and I can feel her drifting deeper and deeper under my control. I have her lay down in front of me and again she is not allowed to touch herself. Her eyes are wide open while she stares at my finger on her forehead. She keeps screaming and begging me, over and over, to please allow her to cum. Her brain seems to stop working, her eyes role and she keeps cumming as long as I want her to, when I finally let her that is.



Mariah Jones  Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
The harder you freeze the harder you cum

Mariah's sexy, naked little body is shaking like a leaf while she is standing in front of me. Her arms are straight out in front of her and I start to freeze her into a beautiful orgasmic statue. I keep suggesting that the harder she freezes the harder she orgasms and the harder she orgasms the harder she freezes. I guess she can not really win this one. At any rate it works and before long my sexy Puerto Rican beauty is turned into an orgasmic, mindless and perfectly frozen statue. We are not quite done yet though. After unfreezing her I decide to put her back on the couch. I tell her that I will now put her to sleep, during her next orgasm. One, two and three, Mariah screaming orgasm comes to an abrupt end and she goes out like a light.




Mariah Jones  Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I want to drink your cum

This is another segment which was suggested by our viewers. Mariah is made to believe that she has just called me into her office to believe it or not, fire me for sexual harassment. Hard to believe, I know. Anyway, she goes on and on about all the complaints from my coworkers and that she does not see any other way than to let me go. I try to explain to her that I am only complimenting them with no ill intentions, of course but she does not see it that way and so will you, once you watch this one. Looks like I don't have much of a choice here, oh well. Luckily though she does agree to read my last report which I assured her could be very important for her and the company.

Thinking that she is all by herself, Mariah starts reading the "special" report and before she even knows what hit her, my nasty little boss is in deep trance and ready to be used: "I am a mindless fuck toy." Let's have her strip first and see what's under all those unnecessary clothes of hers? Dressed only in her red, hot fishnet pantyhose, my (ex) boss is forced to masturbate and to pinch her nipples until I finally allow her to cum all over her own hands. Of course there is more, Mariah is ordered to do before the phone rings. She picks it up: "This is Mariah Jones, I want to drink your cum." Want to know who is at the other end of the line?




Mariah Jones  Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
I want to drink your cum, oh my god what...

Still in training, my entranced and very promiscuous (ex) boss is forced to climb up on the desk and bring herself to orgasm with a vibrator. Naturally she is not allowed to enjoy her orgasm. Stopped in the middle of it and kept very horny, I have her bend over, push out her tight ass and cum on my command: "I am cumming for you master". Put to sleep during another spoiled orgasm, she is briefed for the next round of fun. Mariah wakes up, confused and baffled. Thinking she is all by herself, she is tries to put herself back together when the phone rings again: "Oh my god, I am sooooooooo



Mariah Jones  Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
We finally found you

"I am programmed to your specifications, I am your obedient robot, master"

Mariah believes to have finally found me, a spy she was hunting down for a long time. Triumphant and quite full of herself, she seriously believes that she can put me into deep trance. Out of the blue she snaps out a crystal from her bra and holds it up in my face. We all know where that goes right? Mariah drops like a rock: "I am a Robot" I am programmed to your specifications. Well let see what my sexy robot can do.

How about some breast jiggling and swaying or maybe some bottomless masturbation with some not so happy endings. Mariah literally obeys at the snap of my fingers and there are lots of yes masters in this one. I have her sit on the couch, pull up her legs and order her to masturbate using the vibrator while I zap the rest of her mind out of her, thus turning her into an even better programmed machine. Lots of hot action, orders and brainwashing.




Mariah Jones  Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
No way, that is not going to make me orgasm

Mariah believes to have no experience with what I do and it seems like she is more than skeptical. This just can not work. The poor thing has no idea that her tities are hanging out and that she is in for a very confusing and quite embarrassing round of fun. In the middle of our conversation, the little girl all of a sudden starts to laughing her head off and jumps all over the place as if she was tickled all over her body and feet.

Now, that just can not be? To make matters even worse, Mariah is, seemingly out of the blue, hit by a powerful orgasm. You should listen to her trying to first deny and then attempt to explain that one. Of course we are not done yet. Mariah's feet suddenly seem incredibly sensitive and she can not resist touching them which leads to another reluctant yet unstoppable orgasm. Now my little girl seems utterly confused and embarrassed. More tickling and unexplainable feelings of arousal still do not seem to make a believer out of her. Let's see what happens when I tell her that she will cum for me very soon again.




Mariah Jones  Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Are you trying to hide your orgasm my little sleepy?

Frozen, mindless, aware, orgasmed, put out and played with a few times and still a non- believer!

Still suffering from short term amnesia, Mariah believes to be a poor subject. What do you think, does being frozen while being helplessly tickled, help her piece things together? Of course not! Maybe an orgasm caused by the sheer sound of the vibrator will make her understand. No, that does not work either but watching her trying to prevent that orgasm from tearing through her body, is certainly a lot of fun. Let's try something else.




Mariah Jones  Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Photo shoot with lots of complications

Mariah believes to be a high paid and very professional lingerie model. The shoot starts right away with complications. The second I ask her to stand up so I can take some pictures of her, my �oh so professional� model seems stuck to the chair. To make matters worse, she accuses me of putting glue or something on the chair. I wonder where she gets that idea from. Finally able to get up, she starts to laugh her head off as soon as I mention the word "pose." Now that is so not professional.

Eventually, I get her to stop laughing but now she begins to orgasm. Of course, she denies that one and excuses it as some type of fluke. Very professional, I can see that. As if all this was not bad enough, the second she touches her hair she freezes up. Mindlessly frozen my professional model does not even realize that I am moving her around, open her top and set those perky breast free.

That changes quickly though when she wakes up and realizes that she is half naked. Being the professional that she is, my clueless model apologizes for having slipped out of her dress. I would be OK with that but now the laughing starts again, followed by more freezing in place. Maybe changing into a different sexy little outfit changes her attitude. No, I guess not.


Mariah Jones  Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
The attack of the red bear!

Short and sweet. Mariah still at the photo shoot goes through more of her "professional" laughing attacks, uncontrollable freezes and she also finds out about the stinging power of the Red Bear. Fun finale...



Mariah Jones  Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
No one has ever sent me ba...ck..b.ack...back

That was probably the most bizarre thing that has ever happened to me. Suddenly the doorbell rang and there she was the most beautiful creature I have seen in a long time. "Hi, I am your escort for tonight." Imagine a young, beautiful woman at your door step, ready to fulfill your wildest dreams, what could possibly be wrong with that? You might ask. Well, for one, I never ordered an escort and two, my wife had just stepped out to get some groceries, and I would not be crazy enough to have her come to my house, ever.

There she was and to get rid of her should prove to be almost impossible. She just kept going on and on about having never gone to the wrong house and that the reason for me trying to send her back is the fact that I don not like her looks. Believe me, I tried my best to explain to her that my wife was coming back any minute and that I certainly loved her looks and her dress and whatever else she thought was the reason for me to get rid of her. It was just like talking to deaf ears. I remember, her getting increasingly distressed and out of the blue flirtatious and sexy. I still feel the sweat running down my back when she pulled out those perky breasts.

What can I say, the flesh is weak. Maybe it was the rejection or the confusion over having gone to the wrong place but all of a sudden, she goes ballistic and malfunctions. If I had just paid attention to the signs, I could have figured it out much sooner, but hey, the flesh is weak. More twist and turns glitches and a very sensual transformation.





Mariah Jones  Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Don't you like my looks...looks...looks...

Did I mention the flesh is weak? I guess I did. She got me all excited and horny before her malfunction and I figured, my wife was still not back and I would probably have time for a "Quickie." A quick repair, some programming and my super hot fembot seemed like new again, I figured it's now or never. Watching her strip and play with herself was just the beginning of my forbidden adventure. What do you think, did I get a divorce, did my wife keep the house and do the k i d s don't even come near me? Find out for yourselves... This is a Hot clip with lots of glitches, malfunction, repairs, sensual play, twists and turns.




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