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Marie McCray Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Doesn't it feel good to be back?

Marie McCray, young, beautiful girl with the most amazing green eyes, natural red hair and most importantly, the perkiest natural breasts had been trained before and I was sure back then that I just had to have her back. Well, over two and a half years later, we finally got back together for another very intense and absolutely amazing training session. Most of our long time viewers remember her from her two girl session with Eden.

Yes, you are reading this right, it is Marie from the all-time classic Eden and Marie session and yes, many of you asked me to get her back for a solo session and here she is. Marie is, if that is at all possible, even more beautiful and radiant as I remembered her and as I expected and she could not wait for the session to start. Marie is just the way I like my girls to be; young, beautiful, willing yet not too easy. Enjoy another wonderful session.

Given the fact that it had been a while, I decided to start her off slowly and to take my time with the induction. Her hands went up a bit too fast at first during the floating hands test which happens when the subject is a bit nervous and or too eager. The best way to deal with that is to keep going and to repeat the up and down movement until the subject opens her gazing eyes. We all know what that means, right?

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Marie McCray Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Forced orgasm training and freeze

Marie's sexy young body starts to first rhythmically thrust up and down and then quivers and shakes as soon as she is made to feel helpless and mercilessly fucked. Her arms feel tied up and her body is helplessly immobilized as she feels the most intense tongue lashing. I make her feel and know that she has been taken and orgasmed at will. Her curvy thighs are spread apart and the suggestion that the harder she resists the harder she will cum, drive her up the wall. As I always say, it often helps to use the subject’s sexual preferences in order to get them to surrender and Marie definitely has a thing for bondage as well as forced orgasms. Of course she has to wait until I order her to cum for me which drives her even further up the wall. The more she feels that she has no more control over her body and mind, the more she lets herself go. Unexpectedly I decide to freeze her legs up in the air and keep her cumming and cumming and... “I have no control, I have no control, I have no”....



Marie McCray Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Your slave for as long as you want me to

Empty minded slow repetitions, blank, entranced stares and slow repetitions, rolling eyes, zombie/sleep walking and pose, frozen and muted orgasms, slow mind reduction followed by convulsive orgasms, entranced mantras and repetitions leave our beautiful subject a mindless, oversexed and completely empty shell of herself or in other words, a perfectly trained slave “I was born to be your slave master”.

The above mentioned does not even begin to describe all of what is going on in this segment. We start off with some slow mind reduction and intense stares. Marie’s beautiful eyes are looking back at me as she slowly repeats the words "empty minded." I can feel her mind going blank and it is time to make her show me that she is a good little girl with only one goal and that is to please her master “I am your slave, master”, I have no more will of my own." I wave my hand in front of her unblinking eyes and as expected there is nobody home. The mantra, "no more will" takes her even further down into the abyss and mindless bliss.

Of course there is still a lot more to come. Marie's beautiful body freezes up, her eyes role all the way back and she now learns how it feels to get fucked by her master without so much as being touched (Not easy to describe but very hot). Again, her body starts to go into lustful convulsions until I freeze and mute her in the middle of the orgasm “There is only one master”, “I am your slave for as long as you want me to”.



Marie McCray Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a horny mindless slave

Initiation into slave-hood

This segment is a bit longer but well worth it. Marie follows me with her arms stretched out in front of her. She is lead to and placed an altar, her arms and hands are pulled behind her back while the rest of her body is immobilized. Her beautiful eyes seem empty and dim as I remove the rest of her will.

The ritual has begun and she feels helplessly touched and caressed. Of course she can not see who is using her body and again I can feel her getting extremely aroused. Marie's helplessly immobilized body quivers and shakes and the skin around her neck turns red. All of a sudden she feels penetrated and slowly orgasmed. The bitter sweet pain of the hot candle wax dripping on her breast increase her lust even more and she pleads to be a good girl from now on.

Of course that is all just the warm up. After her body is being released, I order her to sit up and to feel how her hands are magically drawn between her legs. Watched by a room full of men and unable to stop her hands from pleasuring her wet pussy, Marie is eventually brought to orgasm. Marie is now placed on her back and she is learning about the power of the breath control orgasm. Just feeling my hand on her neck drives her up the wall and once her breathing stops, Marie can't help but orgasm harder than ever before. Many mantras, waving hands, eye checks, rolling eyes galore, sensual neck play, slow sleep after futile fight and unconditional surrender.



Marie McCray Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
It feels kind of weird!

Want a free pair of shoes?

It is quite amazing to see what a young girl does for a free pair of very expensive shoes. Marie believes to be trying on the most beautiful shoes in an exclusive shoe store. The only problem with all that is that she simply can not afford to buy them which make her very sad. Luckily for her though, the salesman seems to have a thing for young girl’s feet and being the nice guy that he is, he offers her a free pair of shoes and all she has to do, is to play with her feet for him.

At first she feels quite awkward about the whole idea but after reluctantly playing with her feet, showing them off and wiggling her toes for a while, she seems to get increasingly turned on as well. The idea of the sales guy going nuts over her feet starts to arouse her and she can not help but to get wet. Of course at some point during this segment, our sexy and by now very horny little girl drops into mindless bliss and now she has no control over what the sales guy makes her do in order to turn him on. Really hot, great transformation, slow close ups of her feet in all kinds of positions and again suggested by one of our foot fetish fans.



Marie McCray Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
They keep talking to me?!

Do you know what post hypnotic triggers are?

Marie wakes up feeling confused and embarrassed which is understandable, given the fact that her dress seemed to have slipped down which caused her breasts to be out in the open. Of course, she does not remember what has happened so far in the session which makes this even more awkward. Anyway she gets dressed and we start talking about what she can expect from her "first" session and I can not help but notice that Marie does not seem focused.

Well, it turns out that she is distracted by her talking pussy and to make it even worse, her tits chime into the conversation as well. Poor girl has to listen to all the demands from her pussy insisting to come out for air. Of course that makes the tits want to come out as well, after all, it is hot and sticky in that bra. What can I say; the pussy and tit chatter does not end there, suddenly her pussy wants to be rubbed and her tits want to be..... Lots of fun with our very confused Marie who believes this to be....



Marie McCray Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Your hand is mine!

Marie again does not seem to remember the prior segment and upon awakening, she gets dressed without a second thought. We start talking about the upcoming session and she does not really seem to believe that I can just take over control of her body. OK, how about I take over control of only one hand? No, she does not seem to believe that this would be possible either but why does her hand suddenly go up, pinch her nose, close her mouth (finally quiet) expose her breasts and masturbate her wet juicy little pussy? Believe me it is a lot of fun to watch her struggle and fight her out of control hand while being confused and helpless.




Marie McCray Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Why would I pass out?

Marie, still quite clueless of what is happening to her reassures me that she is fresh and ready for the session, despite the long drive in the morning. Strange, the second she mentions that, she goes out like a light! Let’s try this again, shall we? Up and fresh again, she now takes off her clothes without noticing it and if that was not strange enough, the second she is undressed, she goes out again. Of course, I try to wake her up by playing with her limp body as well as playing with her long neck. Finally up again, she stands up and what do you know, she falls back into the couch and is out yet again! Could it be the shoe I put in her hand that made her sleepy? Next time around, she wakes up with a very intense orgasm that does not want to seem to end. Poor thing begs me to make it stop. Maybe if I hand her the red boot it will make her…?!



Marie McCray Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a horny fuck bimbo

You must be working out, you are so cute. Any girl who says that about me must be and out of her mind!

Bimbofication, IQ reduction, oversexed yet silly female and a whole lot of water! I am sure you have all noticed by now how adorable and sweet our little girl is and this segment shows her go from being completely normal, funny, intelligent and self assured to becoming absolutely silly, bimboish (I know it is not really a word) oversexed, intensely horny, overly cute and definitely . It all starts with our new TV show which has its contestants try to out drink each other and the host BTW under the table, so to speak.

Of course that is not all; the contestants must have uncommon professions and Marie happens to be a prostitute. To keep it fun, not all the glasses are filled with liquor (actually, non of them are but Marie does not know that) and the spin of the wheel decides which glass has to be emptied by the contestants and yes, they are all warned that it is a new liquor made from the Agavé plant which is as we all know... You will find out when you watch the clip.

Our sexy young contestant gets so that she begins to stumble around, giggles no stop, hits on me as if I was the sexiest man alive as she loses her IQ down to maybe four points and eventually gets so horny and oversexed that she...




Marie McCray Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I thought this was my friend’s house?

You have already punished me, can I please go now?

Marie, our sexy young burglar has no idea what she is getting herself into when she believes to have found the most beautiful diamond, right there under my bed. Her facial expressions go from exhilaration to total disbelief are priceless when she realizes that by holding the diamond her body is instantly immobilized and her mind slowly stops working.

Well honey that is what you get for breaking into my house and trying to steal from me. Of course that is all just the beginning of her problems. Frozen stiff and helpless, she has no choice but to let me explore her beautiful body. You should hear her lame yet funny excuses and her begging and pleading, the second her mind returns to function properly. Of course, just because she can think and speak does not mean she can move.

Being fair and all, I do have to let her know that she has to be punished which is something she does not readily agree with but then again, who cares? You might not think that having a vibrator wedged into her panties which eventually does make her orgasm, is punishment enough for a bad girl like her and I can certainly agree with that which is why it is only the beginning of her troubles. See what she thinks about becoming a mindless and very obedient slave and enjoy her futile attempt to resist the waving hand. Many freezes, lots of lies and confused responses, begging and...



Marie McCray Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a horny slut, I need to be punished, master

After having rendered our sexy burglar mindless and willing to obey, it is now time to teach her that bad little girls not only need to be punished but that they also have to become obedient slaves. First she has to prove that she can fuck well enough to be taken and used by her master at a later time. Watching her feeling fucked and licked while she is riding the pillow between her legs only begins to show how desperately she wants to feel her master taking her. Of course that is still all just warm up. Next comes the whipping, denied orgasms, many, many slow yes masters and her surrender to being put to sleep. Well yes, I do play with her limp body, neck and so on after she goes out and yes, there are eye checks at the end of the segment.



Marie McCray Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
You really think that this is a laughing matter

Marie wakes up fully remembering her slave training as well as her, lets call it, freeze episodes, and she now tries to sweet talk her way out of more training. She keeps apologizing and promises to be a good girl from now on but it all does not sound sincere enough. Why doesn't it sound sincere? Well for one, she keeps laugh while trying to convince me that she really means it. The poor thing can not seem to sit still. In fact it almost seems like she is tickled by an invisible force. Strange, don't you think. Things get even more weird when I see no other way than to freeze her again but still, the tickling still seems to bug her even after that. Maybe we let her orgasm after putting her frozen body on her back with her legs up in the air. (nice view of her quivering young body) Let's listen to her begging and pleading for a while and the put her back to sleep just when she..... More eye checks and sensual...


Marie McCray Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Females need to be programmed

Marie, my beautiful yet inconsiderate up-stairs neighbor is paying her music, as usual, way too loud and on top of that she dances all over her apartment. Enough is enough. It looks like the young lady needs to learn about proper behavior and after talking to her for a few minutes it becomes clear that she needs and attitude adjustment more than anything else. The second I turn off the music and complain about her constant noise making, she gives me this, I am young and hip and you are not speech and to top it all of, she insist on having a right to do what ever she wants. Well, lets see about that.

Of course my idea to turn her into an obedient robot with no mind and will, turns her off and it looks like she thinks that I am nuts. Two seconds and a very loud whistle blow later, she stands at attention, ready to be programmed. Women do not need a brain, master. Females need to be programmed. Lots of yes masters, slow repetition of my orders, robotic movements, standing up masturbation, deactivation of her orgasm program just when it feels good, salutations and more... Of course at some point I have to deactivate her robot program and let her snap out of it, just so I can turn her right back into being a robot after the bitching becomes too much.


Marie McCray Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Welcome to the future...

. ..unable to find response... my programming is flawless...

This week's robot story is about a beautiful sales girl who worked in one of those new age kind of futuristic stores and her shoplifting customer, a man who knows a lot yet not enough about fixing and reprogramming Fembots. I think we will never know whether or not he really took anything without paying for it but we do know that she accused him of it and that he tried to weasel his way out of it by hitting on her. Of course that seemed to have failed miserably and it might have led to some confused responses from our sexy young sales lady but the reason for her malfunction must have been the strange object he made her pick up and hold.

As I mentioned, we can only guess from what we saw on the surveillance cameras but it does appear that the device sent out some type of frequency which obviously interfered with her programming. What comes next can only be described as very sexual and certainly not for the weak minded. Imagine a stranger having his way with a young and helpless, mal programmed young woman who, thanks to his "fixing" desperately tries to please him by stripping, pleasuring herself, dancing and doing "things" I can not describe without getting too graphic. See what he made her do to the mannequin in the store and you will get a good idea of what I mean.


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